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  1. NP Friday Sep 7, 2018

    Susan's transformation could be Kitty's doing, but Tedd is a male fox here, and (unless I'm forgetting something) as far as we know Kitty can only transform people into (and is only interested in transforming people into) catgirls. As far as we know, sure. But if she transformed several hundreds of people, she obviously got other spells as well. Alternatively, Kitty is still running around, so Tedd is free to transform to male fox, because between all those catgirls noone is going to pay attention to fox - except us, who KNOW that Kitty doesn't have such spell.
  2. Story Friday September 14, 2018

    I understood that. I'm just not so sure it's such case and presenting alternative explanation.
  3. Story Wednesday September 12, 2018

    There wasn't any mention of boys buying them anything else than food (and paying for the movies etc) ... was it? And it's quite possible Diane started with skimpier clothes just because she was feeling comfortable in them. Of course, feedback was positive, so ...
  4. NP Friday Sep 7, 2018

    I recognized them just fine, but reading this, I'm not sure how ... It IS possible this is so soon after Goonmanji that the transformations didn't timed out yet. That, or Kitty is STILL running around transforming people as noone was able to stop her. (Also, there wasn't any mention of how long Catalina can keep the wand ...) Definitely lifeguard trait. Also, while the offense is hammer-worthy, it would be the AUTHORS of the game who should be hammered, not people playing it. For people playing it, hearing the rant should be enough.
  5. NP September 10, 2018

    Also, "the opinion that art should have nothing to do with politics is itself a political attitude." (Orwell) Doesn't look like superhero comics. Oh, wait, he didn't specified "super" ... ... damn. And I'm here for the magic and aliens. There are plenty of cultures based on uniting against common enemy, real or perceived. Of course, cultured person will NOT be killing people from his own culture - but people outside it? Fair game. I tie your shoe, you tie my shoe is supposed to sound Japanese ... There may be some point in that talk about being from minority replacing qualification ... however, alternative point is being white cis male replacing qualification. Recognizing qualification is hard ; recognizing gender or color is easy (not sure about sexual orientation ; but seems some people are able to recognize sexual orientation quite fast). Internet might help. It's harder to recognize gender and color online I would agree that the main reason comic sale goes down is that the "you can't please everyone" is manifesting more now ; people have more alternatives (including webcomics) meaning less motivation reading something which they don't like so much. Buying, even less so.
  6. NP, Wednesday September 12, 2018

    The one pair of teens or near teens in this comic we have documented evidence of having had sex is the elder Dunkels. ... yeah ... regarding age, they definitely lead, as Adrian was in twenties when he had Susan's ancestor. Adrian might be oldest character but we can't be sure he had more sex than Dunkels. People who just want to see boobs don't complain about rating. They complain about not enough sex. Oh, I wasn't saying Patreon had a problem with LGBTQ+ elements, it was the people making complaints about the site that I meant. Patreon may just have an automated system, where if x number of people flag the site as inappropriate for children, then they'll designate it as such and it's up to the artist to dispute the designation or to accept it. Most big sites don't go checking up on what people post unless someone complains. Certain groups of people will make vociferous complaints about two men kissing, lips only, but won't say a peep about a heterosexual couple french kissing and groping each other. Art with cis straight couples are thus less likely to be labeled as "adults only" because fewer people are complaining about them. Also, Patreon might be big enough to actually have experience with lawsuits ; even if not, their motivation is likely to be more based on what can cause problem for their company than their personal preferences. Definitely Just as everyone else. I mean, both Patreon and voting sites like TopWeb usually contains stuff which is more risqué than the comic they belong to.
  7. Story Friday September 14, 2018

    I dunno, I think they're both the same, Grace was going through who she knows to be either gay or bi and it's not fitting with Justin's statement. She might also have the "at least a little bi" opinion base on observations of others. Who knows how many students at school has set her relationship senses off, though it raises the question of if Rhoda's told her anything about Diane or if Grace has seen how Lucy behaves around Diane and if Grace got any vibes from them? ... are her relationship senses just attention to detail and reading body language, or does she ACTUALLY has some sense helping her? Even without antenae showing? But even in reality, it's quite likely number of heterosexuals is considerably lower than number of people identifying as one. It IS sort of default "didn't-think-about-it" option. In comics, it can be even bigger difference. And we can always blame magic. She marked Rhoda, and that's how she started to awake. The shock was with how fast she awakened. Yes. While her awakening would be expected, how fast she awakened was surprising. I think he sensed magic in both of them. When he said those two have excellent potential, he certainly wasn't talking about being good in history. Note that Nanase is special case: he KNOWS her mother and what she's capable of and wouldn't dare to approach Nanase without her permission. Considering the likehood of him arranging Rhoda as Grace's teacher, yes ... but his motivation might be just to keep her in class. I mean, when someone has problems in history AND has magic potential, he arranges tutoring, while the people without magic potential, well, he just let them fail the exams. Rhoda seem to not be as good at hiding her relationship as she thinks to be. Although I wonder if it's really just "so Diane is free for me" or if she sees her as someone deserving support now when she knows she's not straight.
  8. She IS FV5. Nanase's hair is red, Justin's orange. Very different colors. Nanase: No problem.
  9. Story Friday August 31, 2018

    An Angst Induced Awakening perhaps? She STILL didn't done any training.
  10. NP Friday Aug 31, 2018

    The one-off comics likely will.
  11. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Remember that DGB had ZERO problems creating Ellen's identity. They seem to have quite lot of power. It is possible there is no way to arrange things so their attack would be recorded AND get to public without looking like paranoiac, which, again, isn't how you want to look if your goal is to convince public about something. Also, the Aberrations MUST kill. Becoming famous and always observed is dangerous for them. Except body snatchers - for THOSE, there would definitely be option to became so famous noone dares to attack them. Especially considering the Aberrations left would be likely those who were good at hiding already and this event won't convince them to try becoming more public.
  12. Story Friday August 31, 2018

    She definitely cares about Rhoda. You can care about someone and still not get along with him, especially if you don't understand her ... I'm also surprised by how relatively nice Lucy is being. It is contrast to what we saw before, on the other hand if it isn't first time it explains why are they still together. She's distracted. Also, she doesn't EXPECT Diane needs support, although if she was paying attention she might realize it. Well, she's still dealing with her emotions from discovering her family tree, up to and including learning a male adult she already knew beforehand was her biological father. I'd say she could cry, but she's still dealing with a lot of other conflicting emotions. Also, Diane doesn't WANT to cry in front of Lucy. ... or in public, yes.
  13. Story Friday August 31, 2018

    Yeah, Lucy is surprised Diane is surprised. No surprise. ... also, noone noticed how much that hurt Diane. No surprise either. And no, Rhoda. It's not the collar. It's the eyes. You have puppy eyes. I suppose if anyone try to claim something about Nanase, others would hide behind corner, just to be sure. If that ever happened. Someone might even say stuff like "don't mention her name when talking like that, didn't you see her flying? She's totally witch and may hear you." (And, considering she has spell which tells her how many people are watching ... she didn't get the "hearing what people say about her in whole school" spell only because she never cared.)
  14. NP Wednesday August 29, 2018

    I wasn't aware something changed in this regard. Everything in TV is interrupted by advertisement, why should commercials be exception?
  15. NP Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Hey, there are people who are just this enthusiastic about recommending something ... (maybe he just gets discount for advertisement).
  16. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    That's the prosecutor's job. In that situation I would rather shoot the attacker and accept the consequences than let a child get killed. Me too. If I had a gun. But I mentioned it because while noone is likely to prosecute Susan, what she did is unlikely to be called selfdefense. ... I wonder what's DGB official stance on this ; did case like this never appeared, was it dismissed because no body or lack of proof some human was killed, do they somehow arrange the court won't happen or do they arrange legal defense? Because I doubt they would actually allow declaring someone guilty for killing vampire, but they can't officially said in court it's because the victim wasn't human.
  17. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Someone attacking a child with lethal intent and you stepping in to stop them? I think it would, or some variation thereof. Someone attacking a child with lethal intent and you shooting him in head from behind. The prosecutor will be talking about how you should've warn the person first, or aim to injure ... and maybe even leave the situation to professionals, despite them not being on place yet.
  18. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Ah, that explains why I misunderstood it. In the sense I have normally seen it used, 'pre-emptive' is more used in the sense of "We know they are going to attack someday so we are going to attack now in order to get in the first punch." I am not sure if it is the best word for it, but 'voluntarily' seems close in the sense that she chose to attack now of her own free will rather than flee and be forced to defend herself later. 'Counterattack' covers it better but I have never seen it used as an adjective or adverb. *scratches head* Pre-emptive is normally used for COUNTRIES, which tend to be hard to hide and there is relatively few of them. (Or in business, for companies traded on stock exchange, which also makes them hard to hide.) People can hide quite well, and it doesn't seem killing those specific vampires would lower chance of future vampire encounters for Susan ... unless you count the possibility she became famous for her effectiveness in killing vampires, which is double-edged at best. In similar situation in real-world europe non-magic version, I would be afraid the self-defense claim would not hold. However, besides the "saving others" angle and "angry at vampires" angle, there is additional, logical angle why her attack was correct action: she needs the XP. Besides her magic likely working very similar to videogames and needing XP literally, she needs some training to find out how to defend herself later (pre-emptively or not). Which reminds me: I hope she will finally start fencing lessons. Seriously, she needs them almost as much as Grace counselling - or Elliot learning to fight while flying.
  19. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Hence why I used the term 'might', as I agree with your reasoning here. Mind you, I would question whether it may really be called 'pre-emptive' when the monster is already attacking people in the area openly and would unquestionably get around to attacking Susan and Diane sooner or later if not stopped. It could if you take into account that they didn't seem ready to pursue. If Susan and Diane jumped into car and drive away, they would likely get far enough for someone else to take care of them. I mean, obviously they would as Pandora would destroy them, but even based on what she knew at that point AND not counting Jerry Zeus was implying someone will take care about the vampires it was safe to assume there is SOMEONE in Moperville capable of take care of them besides Susan ... and rest of main eight. Granted, it did seem it would be after some innocent bystanders would be killed (which might or might not happen depending on if the vampires would actually honor the contract) but she was not FORCED to fight. Hence, pre-emptive (I knew there is better word for that). Considering vampires used magic to turn themselves into aberrations in first place, using magic to wear a sandwich board doesn't seem that farfetched. Also, Adrian directly said one of them is wizard.
  20. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Do unto others before they can do unto you? Yes. Also, Don't be afraid to be the first to resort to violence.
  21. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    .... aaaaand they might actually be happy to hang out with her on start. Or with stuff not counting as sex, like kissing and hugging. I mean, how long her gold-digging phase lasted? The expectation of sex could appear later and she might sort of missed it. Sure, it may be naive, but it will match her missing what happened with her reputation. She may be detective, but have a blind spot around this, possibly supported by overconfidence in her detective abilities. "All we have to do is find four girls who agree with our cause, four in a school of, what, two thousand?" doesn't sound like a smaller school to me. Also to keep in mind, if MNHS is based on the school Dan went to, it's probably safe to say he'd know how roughly many students there were. While one of the original members returned, they did manage to get a new one to join. Just because we only saw the 2 and they needed 4 doesn't mean they didn't get them later, yeah it sounded like they were going to count Elliot and Tedd as members but it's possible they could have recruited more off panel. The again, in the commentary of the first link, Dan states that the club had the bare minimum to begin with, so it's possible they were lucky to have the members they did, and there's the factor of how many clubs might exist in a school of 2000 and Susan's feminist club might have been competing with a gossip club or something. They are TALKING about school of two thousand, but it doesn't FEEL like it's that big. Conflicting clues. Yes, it can be explained by big competition, but school of two thousands should be diverse enough ... Dan is likely basing it on his experiences with his school, which was that big, BUT his experiences were limited because HIS own actions were not as far-reaching as actions of EGS characters. Security might be evacuating people, other bystanders might have also stepped up to get people out safely. maybe forced is too strong here but either way it would have kept people from staying in to watch event unfold.. I think that unlike the fire monster and Dame Tara, the vampires just were scary enough people weren't motivated to watch. I think you mean this page, but yes people seem to be too busy running and not gawking like when Tara was chasing Cheerleadra around. Ups. Yes, thats the page I meant. Tara apparently shown enough that she's only after Cheerleadra and won't be likely to hunt bystanders. The vampires were deliberately trying to cause distracting scene. We know there was at least three people standing nearby when Adrian dropped the old man form and they seemed like they should have been close enough to hear him call Pandora "Mother". I guess they didn't stick around to be interviewed. Well ... another point is that Carol arrived on scene right after Dame Tara left. It's possible that in THIS case, she was distracted by the lightshow generated by immortals, so arrived later and eyewitnesses disappeared meanwhile. Especially the ones standing close on start, as they had headstart in running. I dunno, they might have got distracted by things happening at the PTTwhatever facility. There isn't much they can cover up really, I don't see them being all "well there's no way we can create a cover for monsters running around or the lights in the sky, but hey there's a conversation about someone being related to someone else, we can totally keep that under wraps!" The availability of magic is the real secret. They might expected the conversation revealed dangerously much about that. Hmmm ... or, alternatively, the vampires destroyed the cameras as part of property damage. Like I said before, if the exes didn't want people to know they got used then they'll of course say they slept with her, and after a few of them have perpetuated that claim then it becomes a matter of everyone else that would date Diane to make the same claim or else be considered a chump. ... yes. It is possible it started just with assumptions and unclear statements, but it's more likely someone lied about it quite explicitly. True, but her action might justly be described as selfless in this case. Maybe. She seem determined to not hide. On the other hand, she doesn't like vampires and she's aware she's quite high on their list of targets in normal circumstances. It can be argued it was preventive self-defense.
  22. NP Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Seems Gracemander regenerates quite well. It's supposed to be up in the air. His pose is probably similar to his Grace's. But yes I would expect at least a bit of it would be visible ...
  23. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    People, who are not as polite as Nanase and Ellen who apparently didn't told her. We technically didn't SAW her because it was her avatar but she had quite a lot of lines in Family Tree. That there is more to her than is generally known, yes. Mind you, I feel that 'selfless and cool' is setting the bar rather high -- it is possible to not be selfless and still be a quite decent person. I note this because Diane is not selfless and in fact can be rather selfish -- but this is not the same as being solely focused on oneself, as Diane also showed. I also note that if you have had bad experiences trusting others, it becomes easier to be selfish. I am not ready to condemn Diane on that basis though I do note she has room for some improvement. I wouldn't describe Susan as selfless and she DID actually killed that vampire. You forgot Charlotte. Yes, I was mentioning that in makes sense for her to be virgin. Yes, it makes sense if you go over them one by one. But it feels weird together. I wouldn't be surprised if most people who didn't lost virginity in high school remained virgins in college too. It's not like going to college changes that much - most reasons to remain virgin will still be valid. ADD/ADHD can have similar problems, due to being too distracted to pay attention to social cues. Interrupting is a classic example. If you don't notice that people look annoyed when you interupt them, then you're not likely to learn not to interrupt. And then it's a mystery why people don't want to let you in on their conversations, and it feels like they just exclude you for no good reason. (And if that makes you all the more determined to be in on the conversation....) I don't think I need professional diagnose to tell me I'm terrible with social cues. That was what I was thinking. Well, either that or Rhoda was just a bit shy and she's learning to overcome that, particularly around Catalina, but what are the chances of that? Catalina was shown as sub when with Rhoda, but it seem in contrast with her normal personality. Sure, there is some "dominant outside, sub inside" cliche, but them taking turns makes more sense ... How could they NOT? This is not kind of experience you can get in any other way than live through it ... I think that despite Dan's attempts to make the schools big they're not. Remember how Susan had hard time filling her feminist club ... it shouldn't be that hard in that big school. And it definitely isn't only case where events in comics makes more sense if you assume the schools are smaller. Similarly, there are conflicting clues about the size of DGB. Partially it may be that Dan is not able to create enough background characters, but I think he has problems writing about bigger groups of people in general. ... didn't think about it before, but yes ... either they did or his attempts for it was what made her realize what he is. Like, maybe he pushed too much. Forced? By whom? There may be not as many bystanders to start with (compared to, say, when Cheerleadra was playing catch with Dame Tara) and it's possible they decided to evacuate on their own, because, well, vampires. Multiple scary vampires. We see quite a lot of people running away when Adrian is borrowing the sword. People not recognizing Mr. Raven might be superman effect - they don't EXPECT that old teacher who wears cane sometimes would be young elf - but still seems weird noone mentioned him so far. Also, apparently DGB confiscated all camera records. She wasn't up front about it? I don't think she ever lied to them. Granted, she likely wasn't explaining it in detail either, but most of the boys could notice the pattern ... unless the previous dates lied ... hmmm ... I don't think her general reputation is recoverable. She can explain to people who care about her, but no way to majority of school. Despite her "dress like a nun" comment I don't think she means to be cruel. Of course that doesn't mean she isn't. Rhoda specifically was certainly hurt multiple times, but Diane ... well ... Diane should resist that normally, but now when she lost confidence ... hard to say. I would actually expect her first reaction would be to try to keep Diane on her place. But failing that, yes she would probably try for the crown herself.
  24. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Or it could be symbolic. It is quite possible to be all alone in a crowd. Yes. There may be people just outside the panel. Adrian Raven is unlikely to be ready and would probably avoid her in situation like this. Better not say she's her grant-grant-niece. Sister might be suspicious. Cousin sounds like best option. Susan has watches with blonde hair. They can make some photos or even arrange personal meeting if there would be non-believers. Yes. During New Year she revealed something noone in school likely saw. Well, I'm not sure if it's best time FOR Diane. She already has lots on her mind. However, it's definitely the opportunity when it's most logical to happen.
  25. Just because it needs 1,093 °C in laboratory doesn't mean it needs as much in body. Remember that alcohol generally burns at 1,920 °C, yet our body is able to oxidise it without any significant temperature change. Instead of relying on random collisions at high temperatures, we will have enzymes grabbing the components and then smacking them together at correct angle. It would still consume the same amount of ENERGY, but without raising the temperature. Now, creating those enzymes would be challenge. Then we need to program them into DNA. But hey, blue hair!