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  1. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Surely you didn't miss the question to Tom Sewell, "Are you counting Lucy as the third ?" Not sure about Sewell but I'm counting Justin, Luke, Sarah and Sam. The thing is that while she was floating in front of basically everyone, not everyone was likely to notice. We didn't see ANY memory wipe or alterations in EGS. While MiB is using it massively, in reality altering memory would be hard to do properly and safely. I can totally see that they implied it as a threat but are only using it sparely if ever BECAUSE it's not so easy as in MiB. Note what happened after the new year incident: they were talking if they should or shouldn't tell those people what happened to them, and it was mentioned they are unlikely to remember it ... but nothing was said about altering their memory if they do. Yes. Also note Dan's motivation for "no time travel": he doesn't want any undo buttons. Memory erasers, while not as strong as time travel, can be seen as undo buttons. That would be the safe and sane way to go, but this is EGS, so I wouldn't bet any cookies on it. Maybe the most low-key factor to bring magic into the date is Luke's spell. Luke hasn't met Diane yet. Even if Diane doesn't have a mark, she might have a powerful aura. Remember, Luke was blinded by Tedd's aura before Pandora marked them. But Tedd is a SEER. I don't think Diane's aura is so exceptional. He might see SOME difference, but ... As far as I can tell Luke's spell only tells him whether someone's marked with a spell, or has awakened, even Tedd described it as a Magic Prowess Detection spell, and so far he hasn't learned how to tell the difference between someone marked and someone freshly awakened so there's an obvious gradient involved. I would guess though that with repeated use and awakening on Luke's part, he'd eventually get an upgrade to that spell that let's him detect Magic Potential like Tara used on Diane. The difference being "I can see that you can use magic right now" versus "I can see what kind of magic you'd get should you start learning. ... he's unlikely to understand what those differences means without some spell upgrade. Wolf and Cranium still work for Arthur, they're just willing to come to Edward's aid if possible, I doubt Wolf and Cranium would have been forbidden from doing so, but they certainly count as "Magic Police" I'm pretty sure Edward, even in different department, still counts as part of "Magic Police". But yes, Wolf and Cranium works for Arthur now. And while they are willing to come to Edward's aid, I would note that they likely CAN say it was official action based on report of magic use. The effect is that he now lack the authority to cover up if main eight does something stupid. Luckily, they didn't yet. Being attacked by NotTengu is not their fault.
  2. Story Monday, May 27, 2019

    Mama Kitsune can ACT like that's what she wants Nanase to be, but not really want that though. Of course that's also possible. I'm not sure what could they planned but yes, I agree that Edward is keeping her in loop, and not just Edward. I actually suspect she has access to Nanase DGB file, although I'm not sure how. As I said, even if she's aware of the options (I consider quite likely she knows at least some, although she may not know about Uryuom eggs for example), she may not realize that yes, those can be used to have kids and that Ellen already though about it. Note that Nanase herself knows as much as Ellen but didn't realized it. It might been made up by Edward, but it can also easily be her official occupation. Meanwhile, the "accountant" was guess, but likely based on something their dad said sometime, or possibly based on fact he's busy around the time taxes are being done, or something like that. I would assume he's working in office somewhere ... but that office may easily be some three letter agency headquarters where he's preparing tactical analysis for people in field. Probably. Including the part that she's really surprised how honest she became and starts to worry either what that means and if it's going to be problem in her future job ... or if it means she's not actually honest but got very good at faking it. I believe that too. This is not first time we talk about Mrs. Kitsune. That's not really true ... EXCEPT for Nanase. For most people, getting magic is hard ... but Nanase has exceptional talent ("royal" level as Andrea said) and therefore for her it's easy to get very powerful. I don't think there is any "authorized use only" in EGS. Seems that government employee or not, you are free to use your magic for personal purposes as long as it doesn't endanger the secrecy. But that doesn't change the fact that yes, for strong magic users like Nanase would be hard to lead mundane life. I don't think it would help her to get off ... but it makes sense it will make the journey safer, by delaying her until she's ready. On the other hand, Mrs. Kitsune managed to get off. Mostly. If we don't count she's still having connections inside DGB and may be on several lists of agents to activate in case of unexpected problems.
  3. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    ... what has this to do with bottles? I don't think anyone who actually UNDERSTANDS the physics thinks LHC is dangerous. Or maybe most civilizations came to conclusion that experiments with creating a black hole on their home planet are safer than broadcasting their presence to universe. Hell of a long drive to wipe out our planet. I hope they have a damn good reason. Sure. They watched our TV. Note that it's long drive either way ; I mean, conquering planet with intelligent life doesn't seem to be worth the effort for any rational reason, leaving just less rational reasons like preferring slaves to machines. It's much simpler to mine stuff on asteroids, and if you want habitable planet, it's better to choose one which is not already damaged even BEFORE you start the war to conquer it. ... hmmm ... yeah, she might know that they DO have a nuke, unlike any others more advanced anti-planetary weapons.
  4. Monday, June 3, 2019

    Well, that's not just about sex. Like, sure, there are soap operas, but I would say most people wants much more excitement in what they are watching than in their life.
  5. Story Monday, May 27, 2019

    Yes. That's very complicated question indeed. Or rather, the question is simple, the answer is hard. I think that you see it too simply. I think we should divide the question: First, what Mrs. Kitsune WANTS Nanase to be? I think this may easily be the homemaker. It's even possible she considers it more serious than others and really thinks martial arts and excellence in all fields of study are necessary. But that's not all. Second question is what Mrs. Kitsune EXPECTS Nanase to be. And that may be the key question. Mrs. Kitsune might fear that no matter what she will do, Nanase WILL became monster hunter, either because it's simply "in her blood", due to the relatives and friends she has, or because she finds out about Noriko and/or family history. And all those preparations could easily be for this. Like, she won't do anything which could make Nanase became monster hunter, but she wants to prepare her so when she decides she will do it regardless, she will be GOOD monster hunter and not dead one. Third question is ... hmmm, hard to put into words, let's say what Mrs. Kitsune will be satisfied with, or how angry would she be at Nanase's decisions. She definitely don't agree with Noriko puting her career first, and I get a feeling she would be VERY disappointed if Nanase wouldn't have any children or abandons them as Noriko Tedd. I think that's her motivation for not accepting Ellen actually - she's not realizing Ellen and Nanase have several options how to have kids (despite probably technically knowing about them). On the other hand, I think she's glad that Nanase have someone she loves, because it hints at monster hunting not becaming her sole motivation. On the other hand, I think she would be at least little disappointed if Nanase really turns into just homemaker. It would mean her effort was needless, it would also mean end of the tradition that she likely still considers hers. But it would also mean Nanase is safe. She would probably not admit it even to herself, but she wants her plan with homemaking to fail at least little. I think that Mrs. Kitsune would be most satisfied if Nanase would get monster hunting as daily job and returns home to her children every day. Which may sound paradoxical - but dreams often are ... Well ... I think that if Mrs. Kitsune would hear Nanase decided to work in fast food industry, she would be worried Nanase got so good at lying and hiding she actually managed to keep her true career secret from her. I mean, Noriko is a travel agent right? ... and Mr. Dunkel is accountant? And she's staying at home right? (... but hey, at least it means her teaching Nanase how to hide stuff was success. I mean, she surely teaches that as well as possible.)
  6. NP, Wednesday July 10, 2019

    Well I heard it first here. But I'm learning fast
  7. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    If you mean science fiction tropes, yes. IRL, not so much. I think there was several people who though nuclear weapon tests would ignite whole atmosphere and still tried. And there are definitely people who, faced with defeat of their side, would opt for complete destruction of enemy even knowing they wouldn't survive either. Also, we talked about aliens on lunar orbit. THEY might not want to use the planet. Actually, her statement means what it says on the tin, but she's not a weapons expert. ... so option B is confirmed then. Ok.
  8. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    That doesn't answer the question "which assumptions". Well, yes, she probably will, because the crew is becoming bigger. Luckily, he IS Cheerleadra and the party would be loaded with people with magical abilities. He just barely managed to avoid saying that. Justin has magic, Luke knows this, Luke sees auras, Justin knows this. Sarah has magic, Sam doesn't know this. Sam has magic, Sarah doesn't know this. There's two. Diane is a potential vampire hunter, but we've not seen any magic on her part, yet, although she's witnessed quite a bit, and is now aware of her heritage, although probably not so much what that means. Lucy doesn't know any of this. As far as we know, Lucy has no magic, yet. Not much for Diane to know. Yes, they will be four people with magic in that group plus Diane knowing ABOUT magic but not having any herself yet. But regarding information ... like, Diane got lot of information from Nanase and Ellen, and she saw Susan, but does Justin and Sarah KNOW that? Or will they assume she doesn't know about magic?
  9. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    Yes. I'm glad Dan mentioned we will eventually see that discussion in flashback ... Ok, the "evil twin" part came out of the unique circumstance of being created as Elliot's "twin", but we could rephrase the motive as "lashing out in a desire for revenge against the person who has 'stolen her identity'". At that point in time, Ellen was basically an Elliot-copy who was told that she could never be Elliot again, because there was another Elliot present. ... yeah, it would likely be "trying to take revenge by doing something Elliot will get consequences of". However, she literally said evil twin, and it's not entirely impossible she was motivated by something based on some evil twin in some movie. I just said it wasn't enough time for PTSD. It was the less popular Acute one. You can't be diagnosed with PTSD unless it was at least month from the stress.
  10. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    You don't use even a moderate sized asteroid as a projectile if you plan on using the planet afterward. That's a big IF. When Ripley said "Nuke the entire site from orbit--it's the only way to be sure" she either didn't meant the word "nuke" literally or showed she's not weapon expert. Granted, if you want to terraform Venus, blowing off much of the atmosphere might be a good move, unless you had the means to bottle it, and use it elsewhere. Bottle it? You mean like using it to carbonate mineral water?
  11. Story Monday, May 27, 2019

    Hence, "wouldn't object much". Shouldn't they leave that decison to Nanase? They should. However, I think it's not only decision which Mrs. Kitsune SHOULD leave to Nanase ... and didn't. The Dunkels were given some sort of lottery windfall to pay for the extra expense of having Ellen. I suspect that would have included a college fund. Unless Arthur decides it was enough. The roommates I'd like most to see is Sarah and the college-student-persona Pandora. :-) I repeat that I find very unlikely Pandora would go through all the bureaucracy to became real official college student. Now, living with Sarah and take part in all college activities except the actual teaching? Totally.
  12. NP Friday July 12, 2019

    Actually, it reminded me what Pratchett said: AFPer: Terry, what the heck was going on at the end of Strata? I've just re-read the ending again and come up with another possible explanation which takes the total number into double figures. TP: See? Other people would just have given you one or two. Amazing value, I think. -- (Terry Pratchett, alt.fan.pratchett)
  13. NP, Wednesday July 10, 2019

    Ashley would be type of person interpreting even the "Netflix and chill" literally ... even if it wouldn't be 2014 in comix, meaning the sexual connotations were just appearing.
  14. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Doesn't need to be specifically Grace, although Grace likely has lot of experience. I'm sure hug from Ashley would work as well. Or Catalina. Or Susan ... ok, that one is not likely to happen, although for someone who dislikes physical contact she has quite lot of on-panel hugs ... I'm sure those flames, being illusions, are even less capable to ignite something than the fire dudes. Not speaking about fact that Elliot wouldn't even consider getting something alcoholic. Also, I suspect that in his state, alcohol wouldn't be likely to calm him down, cool visual effects or not. But it's definitely funny image. He does make her think. It's subtle, but he's shaking her assumptions. Which ones? (Definitely not the assumption he's cheerleadra.) He's not in this kind of distress often ... but yes, I'm sure Sensei Greg would be disappointed. ... on second though, maybe Sensei Greg wouldn't be completely disappointed. Like, disappointed by struggling to control, but he would likely approve of the supersayan effect.
  15. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    You make a good point, she thought she was going to die soon. I would take issue with, you don't have to be skilled at being crazy to be crazy. You don't need experience to be crazy, but you can still show different levels of craziness. Not counting the first few moments, she didn't show any visible craziness at all, actually - it looked like she's trying to be evil twin quite deliberately. Tedd doesn't need transformations to look similar to Nanase, they just naturally look like cousins, which they are. Edward could very well be aware, but isn't saying anything because he might be thinking Tedd isn't aware and that saying something might remind Tedd of the divorce cause a withdrawal, we know Edward's been keeping Noriko's whereabouts and career secret from Tedd believing it's for his own good, he could have gone all out and be avoiding any mention of Noriko including "you look like your mother". Tedd though, we know has thought about his mom on at least 2 occasions, and he's acknowledged that he might have issues about it so I would expect that he's partially avoiding the subject with Edward because he doesn't want Edward to be reminded of her, I'm pretty sure there was a period shortly after the divorce where Tedd kept asking where his mom went and Edward kept making excuses for her not coming by even on Christmas, and it might have wore on both of them to the point where Edward just stopped talking about it thinking that Tedd might forget eventually, and Tedd stopped asking about her because he assumed it was hurting his dad. Even if that feeling became a subconscious one, I would still think he'd at least know what his mother looks like based on how he views Nanase's appearance and on the chance that even that's a subconscious feeling, I'd still expect Tedd to be like "I shouldn't use this form around dad." They may be aware and STILL have subconscious issues. Like, just because Edward knows that Tedd reminded him Noriko at some cases doesn't mean he realizes it's main reason why he doesn't like Tedd being female. Similarly, they might be aware that it's not good topic to talk about with the other one and STILL have own difficulties with it. At THIS point, yes ... like, he handled it quite well when talking with Pandora, and I would assume this bomb is defused now. However, this is quite recent, and there is this bit about angst ... so Tedd being capable of handling talking about Noriko might be VERY recent and only thanks to events Edward doesn't really know about (well ... he technically know Tedd is seer, but may not realize how significant it is). We have no idea how well he would handle it BEFORE realizing he's seer. I mean before this moment, not when he found out how it's called.
  16. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    All true, but "Rods from God" AKA Project Thor is Earth orbital kinetic weapons. True, and are supposed to be fired down. While true, moving that asteroid to hit Earth directly would cause bigger damage. So depends what are you aiming for. Single big target or multiple smaller ones? That reminds me we still don't know how this ended. Although considering Magus is originally girl, he may not like girls ...
  17. NP, Wednesday July 10, 2019

    I don't like garlic bread. Now, potato pancake ... still, I don't think anything with garlic is good for chilling. There are other ways to know that it's bad to smoke, like having parents that smoked, second hand smoke is like if Mr Largepizza force fed Kitty pizza, she would have a very understandable reason to not like pizza then. Smoking is PRIME example of something you can evaluate purely by smell ... from second-hand smoke. Also, it's proven to be bad for health. Most people would agree that it's not necessary to try how having knife in hearth feels either. Internet? Of course, it's possible Ashley has experience from helping her parents quit smoking.
  18. Story Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    And with his illusion powers it's visible to anyone. Ellen's brought it up to Edward, but if he ever followed up on that it wasn't shown to us. Also, half of forum was recommending it multiple times. He's not in this kind of distress often ... but yes, I'm sure Sensei Greg would be disappointed. Apparently he didn't, and his father reading newspapers all the time might actually be the reason. A bit, but also totally in-character for him.
  19. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    I think it comes from Tedd knowing that Nanase is attractive, but not wanting to acknowledge it for fear that people might assume he had the hots for his own cousin. I know there have been reader theories in that regard, but personally I think he's overemphasizing it which gives that impression. Actually, it wouldn't be surprising if Tedd wished he was like Nanase including being as attractive as her. I actually think that Tedd DOES considers Nanase attractive and is trying to convince HIMSELF she's not. However, note that she's looking like his mom. Yes exactly. ... probably the closest ones. ... could also be part of it. There could've been multiple reasons why they apparently didn't see each other for some time. (I mean, besides Dan not thinking it through.) Feh, like Ellen would know. She's lived in another universe, everyone is a relative stick in the mud compared to her. Seriously, though, Elliot has befriended people on his own, mostly while standing up for them. Ellen just has a more selfish approach to the same thing. It's not so much "wrong" as she knows herself better. She was dysfunctional to the point of being mentally ill when she was first created. "Stick in the mud" also says "stable". Ellen also had Elliot's memories. And note that she was actually quite bad at being "dysfunctional" even when she tried to be Elliot's evil twin. I wouldn't call her mentally ill, I would consider it temporary stress-induced condition. Like ... there is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but also Acute Stress Disorder, and she didn't stayed crazy long enough for it to be PTSD. (There is discussion about it on Grrl Power now ... well, the link is few days ago but it still continues)
  20. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    The problem with orbital speed is that they orbit. You need to change that speed, which means, launch them. Time considerations and aiming requirements say that while you could perhaps launch a projectile from orbit with a parachute, it would take too long, and you'd best just chuck that sucker. The thing is WHAT they orbit. Earth is orbiting the Sun. Quite fast. However, something else can orbit the Sun in opposite direction or completely different trajectory. For example, see any meteor. Those are hitting Earth quite fast, with most of that speed actually being Earth's orbital speed. Of course, if you want to aim, you would need some course correction, but it doesn't need to be big if you make them in advance. I meant that "usual method" is dropping them from bomber, not necessary specifically B-52. Good point ... bio and toxic weapons don't need that big bombers. I would still say that dropping them from bomber while flying over city would be quite effective - although not all at once and in bombs designed to disperse them in some attitude in air. I think they WOULD take some time to get some of those people from forums well done. Where do you live? I want to avoid visiting. Do you have sirens, like Magus's universe? We don't have sirens and I'm not aware of any dragons living in our mountains (although they may be hiding). However, we DO have bad cellphone coverage and general problems with internet connection in mountains. The note about dragons mostly living in mountains and having enough money was not from my personal experience, I must admit. Seems like overkill. On single vampire, yes. For groups, however ... That's obvious. They don't have the technology to develop it and wasn't able to find any in shops. ... although, I actually already saw (in TV, not personally) some vampire using lot of SPF to talk with Blade in daylight. Biological clocks? Note that vampires generally need to go outside at night to get something to eat.
  21. NP, Wednesday July 10, 2019

    Nah, that's Ashley talking now, and technically Bridgette was able to help settle the situation by pointing out Kitty's character had never tried pizza before so it reinforces naive optimism. Not only Bridgette didn't get cured, seems Ashley would need it too
  22. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    She does find his female forms attractive though. Of course she does. Nothing surprising about it. True, but then Dan was still figuring things out, for both himself and how he writes stories, in the early years, he might have originally been thinking "how much can I hint at them having sex", especially when earlier, he had Edward mentioning that Grace's squirrel form was safe, and the commentary for that page doesn't really help in Dan's favor, like seriously, all he did there was come up with a reason why Edward would say that, rather than come up with a reason for having this page at all. He knew this was going to be relevant later though he doesn't admit it. Yes. And I'm not sure if he finished with figuring things out yet. Wouldn't comment about himself, but about the stories, seems he's in "let's try to be as vague as possible" phase. I just hope it's not because he things there are readers who would be angered by someone in this comics having sex before marriage. I mean, sure, people like that exists, but I don't believe they read EGS.
  23. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    I think is does help that Ellen has Elliot's memories of dating Nanase so their relationship isn't as rocky as say if they were just meeting, of course there was the issue with the hair, but that might have been due to Ellen misfiring with her newfound impulsiveness and well, the pony tail gave her good memories, I don't think Elliot would have said anything, and if we're going to be technical, it was also about 2 and a half months from Ellen's "birth" to when her and Nanase officially became a couple. Yes ; despite Nanase being the first to do that "Ellen is new person", in some ways their relationship continued the relationship Elliot and Nanase had before. From hindsight, Nanase's only problem with Elliot was that he was man. I think Tedd's development from verbal pervert is partially autobiographical However, so is Susan's "probably ace" sexual preference. Meaning, Dan might not be the most reliable person to say how much sex Tedd and Grace had. She told him everything, he just wasn't paying attention But yes, it's not just about the indecisions. Also, it's possible he's indecisive in relationship with her BECAUSE they have different goals, he's aware of it and it's hard to choose something working for both.
  24. Story Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

    As my answer depended on the question being asked, I cannot logically disagree with that. I meant it was unexpectedly verbose. Well yeah, if you have the energy and platform to hurl rocks from space, that's a game changer. For start, you don't need to hurl them. Earth hitting them with orbital speed is enough. But, yes, hurling is more effective. Remember that it you throw a bomb fast enough, any payload, including antimatter, is insignificant to the kinetic energy. The vulnerability of the B-52 was key to the story. You don't get that with rocks from space. Biological and toxic weapons would be more difficult to detect, different story, really. This really required a big boom from a vulnerable craft. Magic could go either way, I suppose. Biological and toxic weapons would still work if they would be dropped from that B-52. Which is usual method of deployment. You need very advanced biotechnology OR magic before your preferred method of deploying biological weapons would became "just infect some tourists, OUR people won't die from it" ... Sshh, the dragon might hear you. You don't want him trying to prove the point. Dragons capable of reading internet are too busy with higher-priority targets to bother with this comment. The rest of them probably eaten all salesman from ISPs brave enough to visit them, so they don't have the connection yet. (Actually, with dragons mostly living in mountains, it's hard for them to get internet connection. Even cellphone coverage is often bad in mountains. On the other hand, most dragons would have enough money for own fiber optic cable if they really wanted.) They would need a really high SPF. (You can't read it in the picture, but the bottle of sunscreen in the box art for Nuclear War is SPF-5000 ). Waaaaait ... while you can't really make a sunscreen with so high SPF using chemistry alone, there are no such limits with magic. Giving Dracula magical high-SPF sunscreen MAY count as doomsday weapon. Using nuclear weapons against vampires? Collateral damage, I suppose.
  25. Story Monday, July 8, 2019

    On the other hand, he's 18. At that age, people are much more impulsive. Some even commit suicide over love! So totally realistic. Lord Tedd will be back in the story any day now... Probably not, but it's not really ignored, Dan just underestimated how long it will take for him to appear. By factor of 10 at minimum. To be fair, the moment he realized she's like sister to him it made zero sense to continue the relationship. And note that similarly as this moment, it was triggered by someone else making him talk. Considering Susan is aware she shouldn't ever wear Troi's costume when near Elliot, SHE wouldn't be surprised either. ... actually, it can be said he's STILL doing everything for others. It's just that Sarah only triggered his "help the others" when it was about breaking up with her (and freeing her for Sam, indirectly). I think it should be "tackle-kissed". Actually, writing ™ is not enough. You also need to register the name and pay for it. And actively use it.