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  1. NP Monday February 11, 2019

    Well if you look at the necktie Elliot is wearing and then on her breasts ... ... uh, where was I? Sorry, something distracted me.
  2. Story Monday February 4, 2019

    Why would I do anything so moronic as that? Death is not being irresponsible. He is performing a necessary and even vital service. Or possibly a post-vital one. Well, he's supposed to, but in some universes ... or there is the one so irresponsible he didn't give his replacement all necessary abilities ... anyway, I'm pretty sure no matter how irresponsible current Wotch is, the universe would be in problems without her.
  3. Story Monday February 4, 2019

    They need to get hold of that Wotch woman and get her behind bars. What she does is just plain reckless and abusive. While true, she's also a force of "nature" and I don't think DGB would be powerful enough to hold her (you may be sending DGB after Death next). AND transformations done by her can't be undone by anyone else. Luckily, she's in different universe.
  4. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    We see most of... I'm pretty certain...her father. ... while technically true, we saw more from Noriko than from him. ... but yes, I should probably reread EGS soon, I'm starting to forget
  5. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    We have met her dad. Right. He's also on next page. It's Ashley's parent who was just heard. (I would guess mom.)
  6. NP Monday February 11, 2019

    The slide button was an interesting mechanic because Nanase would have easily fit through that hole the size that she was when she first entered the doggy door, and it would have been boring if she was just able to walk to the next opening and figure out what form to be. Even though these "puzzles" have been easy, that aren't predictable. ... just now noticed the slide button. Ok that is precedent ... That's what I figure too, with the way it's trending, next appearance would leave bra and boxers, then after that...well the tie could stay. There could be one more point with just boxers (and tie), but that would already require some censorship by Dan's last standards ... unless the tie will be tied over the breasts, which shouldn't be normally possible (I mean it would be too short) but ...
  7. NP Monday February 4, 2019

    If it's about Ashley and her first entry into Tedd's basement/lab, then it'll probably involve Ashley finally meeting Grace and we recently saw Grace's thoughts about wishing she could have certain people live/have sleep overs with her. Having Ashley and Grace get along really well would probably introduce shipping potential between them. I think only way to STOP shipping Ashley and Grace would be if Grace draw a weapon at her, which would be very uncharacteristic for her. Right. Good point.
  8. Story Monday February 4, 2019

    For much of human history (and pre-history), it was possible to move somewhere far away and start over in a new place where nobody knew you. Prior to reliable delivery of mail you could even drop out of contact with those you left behind without it seeming strange. However, starting over was always a lot of work (and it didn't always work out), and many who did it to run away from their problems found they brought their problems with them. In this day and age, you can move away from a physical location, but the internet will still be there wherever you go; to make a proper break you'd need to change your online habits/identity as well. More importantly, a lot of things these days require ID (including most legal jobs, getting a loan, driving a car, etc.) so if an official ID is going to reveal your secret there's really no way you can live an approximation of an "ordinary" middle class life while maintaining that secret. This is particularly relevant for Sam, as any government-issued IDs for him are likely to list him as "female". I'm not sure if changing your online habits is easier than changing the official IDs ... you can change your nick, but unless you stop reading comics you like, discussing things you care about and generally being yourself, people will still be able to recognize you by how you comment. Well, DGB did take care of Ellen's legality. Presumably, they could do something similar with someone permanently changed. I'm not entirely sure if that particular spell would be reversible like Tedd's is, the note described it as a spell that lets him transform into his true self and back at will, but if his true self became permanent, would the spell become unusable? I don't think the note was technical description of spell. I think the spell allows him to change sex and "true self" is just Pandora explaining it in way acknowledging his gender. No, his problem is that society can't accept a discrepancy between gender-assigned-at-birth and actual gender. Or, using language defined here, the discrepancy between biological sex at birth and gender. And changing biological sex with technically temporary transformation is going to make the language even more confusing ... ... however, yes ; the problem is in society, not with any labels. ... interesting idea. I'm not sure about noone attempting to find a magical means to "fix" that, but hopefully most people who will wouldn't have success in it. ... ... damn. With how magic works in EGS, it's totally possible a homophobe or transphobe will get spell which will "fix" people not conforming to his view of world ... (It's also totally possible someone crazy will get spell changing people's sex. Like, Ellen was responsible so far and her spell probably only lasts month ... but there are definitely people who would permanently transform others at random.) Hopefully, DGB handles cases like this.
  9. Story Wednesday February 6, 2019

    He wasn't on television as high ranking FBI officer. He was there as consultant, renowned author and skeptic. Nevertheless, recent events probably changed peoples opinion from "did he go crazy since he stopped working for FBI?" to "soo, he learned that stuff when he was consultant to FBI, so FBI must know, right?" She DID made some attempts later. But, yes, she didn't cared at first. Both likely has some built-in "do not notice how weird this is" component. I don't think they will be faster than Tedd. Having magic is not the same as "I will be using my magic to change my sex to match my gender". Unless Pandora was better at finding transgender people than shown, it will be "race" between Tedd, Felix and Sam. I don't think THIS will ruin it ...
  10. Story Friday February 8, 2019

    I would expect he doesn't have enough power to stay transformed all the time yet, on the other hand, it's apparently easy and he wants the transformation to continue, so maybe ... (that's assuming it's temporary transformation, not permanent like Tedd's). If he awakens from using his spell a lot, it will probably be proper awakening, yes. In fact, I would assume being marked greatly reduces chance for improper awakening because you start training casting and not-casting spells in advance. Actually, they will be looking at every kind of back problem after adolescence even if they stop before that. It's not that adolescent are immune to back problems. It's just they only start FEELING those problems some years later. So, unless Tedd will be able to develop a medical use of TF gun, they better skip the bean bag. I'm not sure GRACE will be completely immune to back problems, in fact. (On the other hand, how hard it could be? There is already spine reinforcement component in FV5 form ...)
  11. Story Monday February 11, 2019

    Of course, often people go directly from "not being sure if I want relationship" to "I want romance with this person why they are so slow". There may not be any ideal time to tell. In fact, he's not sure himself what he wants yet. Doesn't change the fact he should definitely tell this to Sarah because she IS sure already and more delay will only make it worse. Didn't we saw her father? ... wait, no. We HEARD her father. None of things you mentioned should be relevant to Sam's relationship. Although it's definitely cool. Not as cool as Nanase, maybe ...
  12. NP Friday February 1, 2019

    I dunno. A multiverse? Only things which can be directly inside multiverse are universes and other multiverses. (Hmmm ... or maybe not just "other"?) What makes you think this is specific to fictional universes? Every story needs to be happening in some universe. We just tend to call other universes we only know from stories we hear/read fictional. From their point of view, OUR universe is fictional. (For example, see "The Science of Discworld" from Pratchett.) I'd thought of that, but so far he's only brought it out for stuff in the main universe. He might have thought it too confusing to bring it out for an alternate universe that isn't likely to be seen in the main story until some grand alternate-universe-crossover story that we won't be seeing for many years (if ever). (That said, I do still think it more likely it isn't canon - I'm just saying the lack of the canon isn't proof.) And he would be RIGHT about it being too confusing. Canon cannon is reserved for canon-in-main-universe ... even Q&A are not canon-cannon worthy. It doesn't matter how they are INTENDED. Those two are not in conflict. If it's "actors playing roles", the magic is definitely NOT part of role. Which raises question what IS part of role? Wait ... maybe nothing. Maybe the character is real and the story is real ... Consider this: non-canon Rhoda is playing her younger self in documentary about the return of magic into their world. (Just like others, except some extras like Damien who obviously can't play himself, being dead ...) She can do that sequence because she has years and years of additional practice compared to canon Rhoda. Note that there is no issue with actors looking older than characters because even the ones who don't have transformation spell themselves can be transformed by TF gun. The real test is if those two will be able to keep cooperating. It doesn't matter if she will or won't be willing to give it back ; what matters is that if Nanase would suspect she won't and wouldn't want to accept that, they will start to fight and stop cooperating.
  13. NP Monday February 4, 2019

    ... ok. Ashley and Elliot wouldn't be noteworthy, so who else? ... ... is it that common between cartoonists or do I subconsciously seek the ones who like that? Which Q&A crew will we get? Personally, I'm thinking Hecka Who? Standard Q&A crew are Amanda and Lisa. I don't see any reason we should get anyone else.
  14. NP Wednesday February 06, 2019

    Soooo ... Nanase wanted her curves back enough to risk messing with the correct transformations for rest of steps?
  15. NP Monday February 11, 2019

    I don't think the button will transform Nanase ... on the other hand, it would definitely make it more interesting. Well ... there might still be one more appearance before nudity?
  16. NP Friday February 1, 2019

    I dunno. Is a noncanon story even in any universe at all? If it were, then it would definitionally be canon in that universe. Unless it is a noncanon universe... It must be universe. What else would it be if not universe?
  17. Story Friday February 1, 2019

    Yes ; The problem isn't breaking things into categories, it's forgetting that those categories are just approximations and will not fully describe the issue.
  18. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Sarah, on the other hand, seems to feel that becoming a bisexual boy frequently has moved her further along the Kinsey Scale. And I'm not so sure that Elliot hasn't evolved in his gender and orientation thanks to his frequent transformations. Maybe everyone is really bi and fluid, and transforming helps them to realize this, but I hate absolutes and applying generalizations broadly. Or, maybe they were both very different from their initial self-image all along, and transforming just helped them realize it....although come to think of it I'm not sure how different those two positions are. People in general are closer to bi and more fluid than they think they are and transformation may help them realize it, yes. And yes, Sarah's reaction on transformations is weirder than Tedd's or Elliot. Note that in Elliot's case, we have control "group". Ellen started as copy of Elliot and she didn't felt dysphoria from start. ... well, her daughter is already so good she may not need saving ... which would only make it better, if Mamase revealed she knows magic and Nanase would already solve the situation. ... I will repeat myself: no matter if true, his worry is less stupid than those other people. The shape of heart is not THAT much different from the symbol, if you realize that it was drawn based on several centuries old (at that time) descriptions. Of course, just the heart, without aorta.
  19. NP Friday February 1, 2019

    It seems kind of unnecessary when it would probably take Tedd like five minutes to make a wand that could do the same thing. *scratches head* Maybe slightly longer if it were intended to be a general cosmetic adjustment wand meant to have a permanent effect. While true, Tedd is in different universe. Or at least our Tedd and we have no idea if their Tedd is Seer. IS there artifact at the end of the dungeon?
  20. Story Friday February 1, 2019

    ... which suggest that "gay", "heterosexual", "homosexual" etc are NOT sexual preferences. At least not major ones. Gynosexual and androsexuals are. Surprisingly, there is serious shortage of cisgender men coming out and saying "I'm not heterosexual, I'm gynosexual". I mean, they are obviously in denial. ... or, maybe they don't care, proving that labels are not as important as we pretend to be.
  21. Story Friday February 1, 2019

    Monday already? Not only it makes sense, it must happened lot of times, as gays have better PR and generally more people know about their existence ... AND you are likely to notice who you like at different time than who you feel as. Not sure if the fact he noticed liking girls before feeling as man doesn't mean he's closer to genderfluid than "average" trans ... It's actually quite likely you don't get it correct on first try. Just ... most people can get more than one try before coming out, because they are not sure at first. Also this. Most labels are based on idea that there is limited number of categories (two or three on any axis). In reality, those axes are continuous and hardly anyone is on the most extreme point. And that's still missing the fact that there are additional differences NOT part of any axis ...
  22. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Based on what Pandora left on the note to Rhoda, it would seem she marked Rhoda just moments before the boar charged at her if not while the boar was chasing. That note only indicate that Pandora marked her when she already knew she will be attacked by the boar. That might easily be hour before - clairvoyant, remember? But, yes, almost certainly the same day, as otherwise she would likely use the spell earlier. If you're implying that Edward would bring in the FBI to force Tedd to comply, I fearfully expect all hell to break loose. I don't think those friends would help him with THAT. I was implying that he may not be completely alone when old, but at the same time that having some friends wouldn't really be as good as being on speaking terms with his daugher. Son. Whatever. That said, I would expect if he DID tried to force Tedd to comply, the resulting collateral damage would be quite massive. After all, look at Lord Tedd.
  23. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Rhoda wasn't marked until after she was assigned to Grace as a tutor, I think it was just that their personalities were similar. Pandora also assumed Rhoda was a weak talent, I'd find it hard to believe her son would determine otherwise. Rhoda was probably marked in May and used her power first in Death Sentence. Her being Grace's history tutor is ALSO first mentioned in Death Sentence, IMHO. ... but yes, it seems likely they know each other longer. And that's not counting in the fact she is target for anyone wanting to take revenge on Noriko, like Not-Tengu. ... on the other hand ... ... is it normal Japanese housewife knows martial arts? I think Mamase approves that. The trilingual part might also not be exactly necessary for housewife. Or that 4.0 GPA, whatever that is. So, either that homemaker thing was not entirely true, or Mamase has weird idea about what that means. ... it's entirely possible she's training her according to family tradition except the magic, completely missing the fact that that training WAS related to becoming monster hunter. Or, she would prefer her to NOT become monster hunter, but if she happens to became one anyway, she must be the best monster hunter .... (also, raises her chance surviving it). Agree. Tedd's got friends who will help him survive if it comes to that. Edward also has friends ... important friends ... but somehow I don't think it will be enough.
  24. NP Monday January 28, 2019

    Humility? From players? BWAHAHAHAHA! "Enough humility to ask" might not be THAT much.
  25. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    True. Hinted at this. ... wait. I was thinking about Adrian protecting the students, but never though about protecting them FROM EACH OTHER. You may have point. On the other hand, I suspect he tries to put all magic users in school together so they can protect each other. I mean, it MIGHT've been coincidence he put Rhoda and Grace together ... or he knew Rhoda has magic. I dislike the notion that she doesn't take it seriously. I personally think that she does and that this is precisely why she has refused to practice magic. She either fears or distrusts magic so strongly that she has refused to take it up, and she does not strike me as a very fearful woman. I think she was studying just as Noriko in past - in fact, Adrian might not been her teacher just in history - but stopped if not practicing at least training when Noriko left. Meaning, she might already be awakened, but she has much less spells than Noriko. Pandora said could have been equally powerful, that doesn't mean she isn't awakened, just that she's less powerful. Yeah. Also that it took him a while. Note that he specifically changed mind earlier due to Grace's connection to Tedd, but Nanase also has connection to Tedd so that would apply as well.