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  1. Sketchbook Oct 29 2018

    That's something already mentioned and taken care for (see comments).
  2. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-035 Definitely hard to recognize.
  3. NP Friday November 2, 2018

    She's not blue.
  4. http://egscomics.com/comic/tlod-031 ... I still think it would make sense if Rhoda make HERSELF bigger, to tower properly over them. Also, what has Diane's opinion on Justin to do with this? ... yeah, it's unfair, but I can totally imagine someone being ok with girls liking girls and still consider boys liking boys incorrect.
  5. NP Wednesday October 31, 2018

    No, that's "this" page Isn't the normal number of pins 9? Oh, right ... Europe versus US. Anyway, I expected 16, that would be really too much.
  6. Story Friday November 02, 2018

    Tempted? Maybe. But I think his shock would be enough. Diane: "Shut up" Justin: "I didn't said anything" I don't remember ever catching myself with it. Now ... does it mean I never mangled it? Or ... (Meanwhile, I regularly need to look how many d's Tedd has.)
  7. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Kitsune is Japanese for Fox, Nanase named her decoy summon "Fox" and Not_Tengu referred to Nanase as "Fox Niece" so I would guess there's significance to it being either Noriko's maiden name, in which case Nanase's parents might have taken the wife's name rather than husband's name. or Noriko maybe ran off with Papa Kitsune's brother. Kitsune sounds like name which actually goes back to the elf who started Nanase's "royal" line of magic users - or to the IMMORTAL who started it. And look at Mr. Kitsune ... does he LOOK as someone who would complain when Mrs. Kitsune informs him that she's keeping her name due to tradition?
  8. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Well, she has choice of looking forward to it or not ; obviously, she has NO way to find and contact immortal, even young one, and neither a way to prevent Pandora tackle-glomping her from any direction she chooses (you think from behind is bad? What about from above? Or from BELOW?) The "she never told" seems even more telling. It might even imply they talked afterwards. Also, he does not REMEMBER her full name. That means she TOLD him. And, presumably, he told her his name.
  9. NP Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Isn't the usual number of skittles lower? Also, unless the perspective is wrong, there is not enough space. Unless ... they are looking at the skittles from the OTHER side. However, I find more likely they are supposed to push those skittles to the holes in front of them.
  10. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    How would you scale confronting her grandmother, who sort of died? Obviously, she doesn't have the OPTION to contact her currently, but I don't think she's looking forward to it either ... No, she just repeated her original assumption. Of course, this assumption seems to be wrong: Adrian wouldn't wonder why she never told him if she didn't have means to contact him.
  11. NP Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Well it definitely doesn't make sense as content of actual crypt. There is no MOTIVATION for builders of crypt to make something open if the one opening it is CLEVER. It may make sense if it works as password lock, but then it's not something you can break just by thinking in general - you need the same kind of thinking people cracking passwords are doing, and you need to know a lot about people who build the crypt. But, if the crypt is actually constructed by immortal with the goal of making fun of the people entering it and trying to solve the puzzles ... or some sort of test to determine if you are worth entering ...
  12. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Wasn't it revealed that the J stood for "Just" as in Arthur, Just Arthur? That's not "relevation", it's just how Dan imagines it.
  13. Diane: "You mean you didn't noticed Nanase floating around the school?" While true that Diane knows more about magic than Rhoda assumes, it would be hard to pinpoint what exactly would warrant this reaction, because the existence of magic itself is something which can't be considered secret on their school. (Also ... Raven was back teaching way too quickly, what is he, a wizard?)
  14. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    IF it stands for something. Remember B.J. Hunnicutt? But doesn't matter: We know both first name and last name. Middle name doesn't count
  15. Sketchbook Oct 29 2018

    Looking over list of awakened teenagers (besides Tedd) - Nanase, Elliot, Ellen, Susan, Justin, Rhoda - I think if anybody would be wizard in technical sense we would know it. The same would be true for Sarah or Catalina, because Pandora would say that. Meaning, unless Diane turns out to be wizard instead of "just" having summoning talent, we would need to manage with Tedd and Ashley. ... well, Akiko would be another candidate, but she's not teenager nor dreaming yet.
  16. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Last names are a precious resource in EGS. I think the only characters who have first and last names besides the Main Eight are Matthew Cohen, Carol Brown, Akiko Kitsune, Adrian Raven, and Catalina Bobcat. You'd think Diane would have a last name by now; maybe by the end of this entire arc which is named after her. I'm rooting for "Holmes". I don't care what name her adoptive parents gave her ; she's Diane Raven for me. And Noriko Verres, unless you don't count her assuming she no longer has that name after divorce. And Andy Debtman. Jim Tolkiberry. John Troutman. Also Mr and Mrs Dunkel, Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Pompoms ... and Dr. Germahn, Mr. Tensaided, Mr. Guyur ... principals and some teachers ...
  17. Sketchbook Oct 29 2018

    Hmmm ... I think it's better than wizard Sarah ... ... now we need Ashley to complete the set. Ashley, hurry, you need to learn how to fly or at least hover and get into costume.
  18. A hairpin might be usable for aiming ... Makes sense. She NEVER needed to. ... nevertheless, she may pretend if she would think it would make Diane more likely to accept it. (I mean, she doesn't KNOW that Diane already saw lot of magic from Nanase and therefore realizes neither books nor speaking is necessary)
  19. Actually, just dreaming is sufficient. Sarah is not awakened yet and could use wands even before being marked. The material also has influence ; presumably, smaller catalyst from better material could have bigger capacity than larger from worse But generally, yes, exactly. The definition of wand doesn't include anything about object's shape, which must be confusing and sometimes funny to people learning about it.
  20. Spell books have not expanded. They have contracted. Also, spell books won't actually allow you to cast the spell, they just describe it. Apparently, this is not spell book, but books with actual spells It can be magic catalysts or artifact created by immortal. .... Charlotte: "It's a book. With spells in it." Tedd: "Well, yes, but technically it's a wand."
  21. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    Yes she probably used to Yes she could - and should. It's another case of her being less observant than she things she is ; sure, she correctly realized they are dating, but failed to realize WHY is Rhoda trying to hide it. She used to be guppy. I think it was her experience with magic - and possibly with Catalina - which enhanced her confidence allowing her to do this.
  22. NP Monday October 29, 2018

    Then there's the games that are like those movies where everything is supposed to be pitch darkness, but is mysteriously lit up by imaginary moonlight. Note that reason for both is simple: you CANT show realistic lighting on monitor. LCD monitor can have dynamic range about 1000:1, but human eye is capable of seeing contrast of 1,000,000,000:1. ... not speaking about the little issue with there only being 256 levels of gray available in most games. (Also, there is the fog of war issue ...) I suspect some sort of cheat is involved.
  23. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-07 Not sure which game protagonists guide was eaten by wolves, but it reminds me several RPG campaigns, including all I ever tried to DM. Thinking a proper way how to pack all the monsters into dungeon is hard and doesn't feel necessary if you are just eager to play and don't have any experience ... so yeah, wolves behind locked doors with nothing to eat except the bear in next room which they didn't and neither he tried to eat them. Also, the bear totally ignored the adventurers killing the wolves and waited until they came in his room. Yeah. There must've been powerful magic in play.
  24. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    It's the fact that Rhoda not only got a "but she's a girl!" reaction when she asked Diane if she liked Nanase. She also saw how Diane treated Justin being gay. It's like Diane was always being nice to Rhoda and protecting her, but there was that layer of intolerance that kept Rhoda afraid of losing Diane if she found out Rhoda liked girls. There is a lot of assumptions in work here, I was just pointing out one of them. Rhoda assumed that she may lose Diane if she found Rhoda likes girls. That's was obviously unfounded, although most likely it COULD'VE happened if Diane would found out sooner ... when she wasn't over Rick yet. But another assumption was that Diane treats homosexual men and homosexual women the same. As I tried to say, it's just assumption ; it would be possible that Diane hates homosexual men - due to what Rick did - but sees homosexual women as something completely different. Although it seems that this assumption is true and she really changed her opinion on Justin and Rick based on seeing Nanase and Ellen.
  25. Yes, that's what I meant. In that case the tights would likely fit both of them. The uneven clothing swap itself doesn't count as hairbands are pretty universal , but the fantasy sequence shows Nanase wearing Ellen's shirt so unless them being same size is part of that fantasy ...