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  1. np

    Depends on how much alternate the reality is. The reality of game IS alternate to the reality where you play it (from). Not close alternate, but still ...
  2. np

    Right. That's why it could be Grace. I wasn't sure about her, as it would make more sense with Susan and Charlotte Edit: Elliot though she's robot.
  3. Oh. Didn't noticed. Thanks. Is youtube-dl blocked as well? EDIT: probably yes. The girl is Filia Ul Copt if not even that can be found from that video.
  4. np

    Going back to the ECO game I mentioned before, it kinda has a Majora's Mask twist in that there's a meteor that will hit the world you're in after 30 real days (game time passes more like minecraft so a game day is 20 minutes or so) So basically the goal of the game is to manage resources while learn new skills and technologies and try progress as far as possible before the end of the world. Some people I've seen play mention trying to build a bunker underground to try to survive the impact, but I dunno if it's actually possible. Bunker? What about technology to divert the meteor or colonize other planets? EDIT: Actually, the wiki for ECO mentions meteor is supposed to be prevented by technology.
  5. Not sure if that's an actual cape, it appears to be part of that person's body. Exactly. But it LOOKS like one ... There is similar girl here (14:08 ... how can you make those links which send you in middle of video?) Ups. Fixed.
  6. np

    Even in non-open world, the urgent quests rarely end up being as urgent as presented. Game designers rarely dare to actually put player on timeout. Although ... maybe it would be nice idea to have a game where the main goal is to defeat the force of Winter and you could spend lot of time farming and developing but after several years of game time you would notice that the winters are colder and colder ... Board games are usually considerably less open than computer games, yes ...
  7. I think I read about some herbivorous monster using this tactic before, but maybe I'm just mixing it with the fact that hippos, herbivorous, are the most dangerous animal in Africa (well, large animal. I suppose malaria is worse).
  8. My own favorite outfit for a standard "flying brick" needs a cape -- and a clunky, clumsily-draped, full-length one at that. It converts into a stretcher by way of poles in the lining and a handle for use in flight. This reminds me another reason why to have a cape ... although I'm not sure it can be described as wearing one.
  9. 1) Are you sure? 2) Are you sure the manufacturer realized it before creating it?
  10. Sorry if I'm mistaken, but it looks like original shading to me. Like, same image, just some filter applied at colors. The yellow cape will actually be sideefect.
  11. I'm pretty sure the term "real time" is direct opposite of "turn-based" and existence of pause doesn't have anything to do with it.
  12. You can still have armor that looks good on females, but it's when they give a woman in a game what amounts to a chainmail bikini and call them a tank is where it gets ridiculous. You can make armor that looks good on females, but not exactly sexy, or at least not in the "easy-sexy" way. Yes. And with "uniboob" - there is no way how to justify design which divert damage into middle of chest, which is what any design with two separate boobs does. Well, they behave like robots because they ARE (controlled by computer). You can't expect game designer put actual AI into the game just so NPC can complain if you try to order them something stupid. Making the OPPONENT not completely predictable is hard enough.
  13. Well, I think that Elliot tried to make the skirt longer, while Tedd tried to make it shorter Not only full length, they actually looked long enough to touch ground AND pretty elastic AND very firm. Not only would short capes be safer, you can also make it so if the villain attach it to something it will simply get torn. You can use the same material which is used for girl clothes in manga Also ... Tedd is not going to do so much actual superhero stuff in it, she's only posing. I must admit this looks much more like magical girl.
  14. He could learn how difficult it would be, and then what? It's not like if the comics books provide ways how to make more convincing fake sightings. Quite the contrary, they prove that making the fake sightings completely reliable is impossible. Even TRUE sighting of Elliot as Cheerleadra might be easily labelled fake. Also, the fake Elliot at school might be shapeshifting superhero. Wait. Actually he is While possible, I would expect him to orchestrate one actually played sighting AND multiple tweet-only sightings. Of course, that might still mean THIS sighting is tweet rumour.
  15. Right. "Micro"transactions. Forgot about this incentive for game developers to include something sexy even if it makes no sense for the game story ... and Slave Leia outfit even DOES make sense in game story, at least a little. Also, content which needs to be bought separately doesn't influence rating of game, right? Meanwhile, existence of fan mods on this topic doesn't surprise me at all. I though there are characters in game which are NOT supposed to be armored. Sure, it's rarely case for PLAYER characters ... I don't like mixing sexy and armor either. It tends to get against each other. If the woman is supposed be dressed sexy, don't pretend it's armor ... or at least make it magical armor, that might work. (Case in point, WitchBlade is very good armor AND also sexy, but it's also shapeshifting symbiont with supernatural origins.)
  16. I would be surprised if the Fallout 4 would actually let you strip someone naked either. At least without mods. Looking at this probably NSFW video (including Dan Shive in comments) they keep their underwear. Not only this makes easier to avoid R rating, also I doubt any graphics designer would be bothering with drawing the "naughty bits" if they are never supposed to show. Underwear is simpler. Also, actual sexy outfits would be more fun than naked anyway ... except they would need to be in the game.
  17. I think this qualifies best. That would be third person, IMHO. Unless you are shooting them.
  18. Flying, enhanced strength, disguise ... yes, that sounds like something they would even have ON THE SAME WAND. Standard, issued to all agents. While Nanase can do it, I think Edward used some actual agent instead of someone from main eight. Unless it was him. Depending on WHERE it is, people might reject the theory even if they see Elliot few minutes later than the incident (of course, SUPERMAN would manage that, but most superheroes aren't that fast). Note that apparently while noone dared to confront him lot of people did suspected him ... of course, Dan is not likely to now draw hundred of people looking at Elliot while entering class and rejecting the theory he would be able to get here so fast.
  19. People have complained about games that try to be realistic not being realistic. On the points that they were more realistic then other games. Wouldn't be only case when people complained about something stating different reason that the true one. Yup. Well, "don't mind" might be overstatement, but we can take it much better. (I already complained in one game that the enemy is too weak. I probably wouldn't if I didn't expected it will be easy to beat even after fix.)
  20. In some games, realistic carrying capacity would force you to do lot of boring walks just to carry stuff. In many, however, you CAN'T actually return, meaning if you don't put everything into inventory you will lose the items forever. Well, most games feel repetitive simply because if everything would only appear once you will have the game finished in two hours. And I though building something worthy in minecraft needs patience. Compared to this ... why those people don't do something less boring instead of playing this, like factory work?
  21. homo Goonicus? Considering we are Bunnies, Homo Oryctolagus?
  22. Of course. But the leveling produces very unrealistic range of carry capacity, doesn't it? I'm not surprised. Most players prefer games which are fun before games which are realistic. I wasn't complaining.
  23. I'm sure it will. It doesn't seem it will happen soon, of course, but the universe is still young. Actually, maybe it already happened and just not in this remote corner of galaxy. (Well ... ok, not really corner, the spiral arms are round ...) The question if it will happen on EARTH is harder, as Sun is close to half of it's life. And hardest is question if WE will do it (I mean humans, not EGS readers, although why not, perhaps popularity of EGS will go up in next centuries ...).
  24. In the game both you and the dinos can level up and get points that can be spent in various attributes. I imagine those examples I gave were of dinos whom the player had leveled up pretty high and put all the points into stamina and carry capacity, because game logic. Oh, leveling and game logic, of course. I'm pretty sure the inventory I'm carrying in various RPGs wouldn't be possible to carry either. Not speaking about minecraft-type (sandbox construction) games
  25. story

    Maybe? "I think he MIGHT be using some calming spell" implies that you believe he is using a calming spell. If that's not what you mean then replacing "using" with "needing" would be enough to imply that he needs a calming spell to use on himself. I didn't meant right now. I meant that if he would have some calming spell, he would use it from time to time. Like ... "Q: What sports are you doing? A: Swimming and skiing" doesn't imply you are just swimming and skiing just now, both at the same time, does it? Of course then I realized that using it right now would actually be good idea, leading to the second sentence, "Actually, it would be useful right now." Hmmm ... yes, it fits better into her list of spell than Elliots. However, I think if she had it and knew about it she would already use it. Unless ... she's really just reading her book and will get to that soon and decides to try it ...