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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2461 Arthur: "Isn't that just what we've been saying"? ... yes, it is. It's just translation. (As we were already talking about in forum for previous comic.) Arthur's "What" on end is also good, although I predicted facepalm. (Commentary:) Shark's sensing magnetism is relatively normal kind of sense. Let's look at something harder: Imagine AI which only perceives world through the changes of frequency of specific words in news. (Unless you work in Google, then you don't need to imagine.) Magic might be more similar to this, having most information about world from what spells will people desire and how are they using them ... like, if there is epidemic, it doesn't see lot of sick people. It senses lot of people suddenly wanting healing spells.
  2. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    It also helped that Stormtrooper armor was purely decorative... ... and that they have trouble hitting the correct side of planet, yes. To be fair, you can't really defend against orbital bombardment. The siege was likely so Empire can take captives and intelligence ; if the base would prove to be too well defended against that, they could always let the star destroyer fire at it from orbit or put some asteroid on collision course. Hmmm ... apparently the shields CAN protect against orbital bombardment, but maybe can't be hold too long, at least when under attack. Surface attack could've been used as a quicker, not necessary only way to break them.
  3. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    Nice theory, but we were SEEING how Pandora have trouble staying in focus. The "seeing humans as insignificant" may play some role, but not major one, and not in all cases. Jerry was getting MORE empathy, not less, and I repeat that main reason Helena and Demetrius didn't accounted for how it will traumatise Susan was that based on what was normal in time they were fifty, they already considered her adult. Also tunnel-vision, yes. It is possible, of course. But Magic still cared enough to tell Tedd that Pandora had reset so as to remember him as family. Though this might just have been relating what it saw as 'possibly pertinent information', or some similar clinical reason. It's more other way around: magic DO see humans as worth caring about, but doesn't know HOW (or more exactly, has trouble with the caring itself). Although it's true it's attempt to care are more for humans as species than individuals ... I still think that the idea behind telling Tedd Pandora will remember him was more like "I'm not sure why are you angry, but you have incomplete information ; if you will still be angry after having complete information, it would at least be for correct reason". Yes. Magic was clever enough to realize that the conditions WILL change at some point, but logically needed convincing it already happened. Yes. It was obvious he wants Pandora to do something stupid, but it wasn't clear why ; there was option he simply didn't liked her, or that it was just because it was surest way to cause the magic reset. But seems he EXPECTED she will do something eminent enough to trigger "Constitutional Convention".
  4. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Meanwhile, our brains have LOT of processing power on image recognition and trajectory calculation. We can do image recognition MUCH more reliable than computers, and while targeting software can predict trajectory better than people, it requires radar ; the task of identifying unknown moving object from video alone and predicting it's trajectory is hard for computers. Yet we are not getting percentages from those. It's not NATURAL for humans to think that way, that's why math is considered hard. That is true. We also have almost no control of our bowels (except their ends), yet they do lot of moving. The horrible thing is, I feel the Gungans in general (not including Jar-Jar) are just so much better than the Ewoks. Yes, they are comparatively primitive but their weaponry makes sense. Instead of using stone age weaponry it is more like a late 19th century army (with an extremely tough defensive position) facing a WW2 army. However, Ewoks had BIG element of surprise on their side, and I suspect numerical advantage. It's interesting how their technology is superior to ours but the way they are using it is extremely ineffective. Robot-based infantry requires very advanced technology but yes it's still tactic of first world war, and their starfighters, while obviously able to fly in atmosphere, are so sparely used ... ... but yes, it might be because they haven't got that style of war for centuries, if not thousand years. Pacification of primitive natives, yes. Space battles, yes. But war between armored units, no.
  5. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    It's only enchantments based on Uryuom magic, such as the TFG and Ellen's beams, that never enchant Grace. Non-Uryuom magic should be able to enchant her just fine. Yeah I did realized it later. It CAN still mean that transformation enchantments don't work on her, but we don't know it. Enchantments NOT based on transformations, however ... I still think the game will be unable to prevent her from transforming because it wouldn't be able to affect Uryuom power. Tedd, yes. Pandora? She might've failed to realize WHY Tedd tries to make such spell. We rarely see those in comics, but there ARE other enchantments than transformations. ... actually, we never saw them in comics. Even Not-tengu spell, which's main point was to make people obey him, had transformation component. However, it must be possible to make that spell without transformation. Also, it's probably possible to make someone fly without transforming him to have wings (considering the wings are too small to really help anyway ; BTW Nanase's flying likely isn't enchantment, but ability to fly IS part of Cheerleadra spell, which is enchantment.) Anyway: I think that Uryuom power is not able to affect clothes (that's why they developed special stretchy fabric as their work clothes instead) and that no spell will be able to teach Grace how to overcame this limitation.
  6. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    a.) Voltaire actually knows some gods and don't want to annoy them ... or is aware of some disadvantage of the "god" package he's not interested in. b.) Dan thinks this will annoy Catholics less. c.) Voltaire is thinking in different language than English and this is mistranslation. Voltaire being realistic doesn't seem likely.
  7. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    I suspect that division of fairies to seelie and unseelie was prank one of fairies did in past. There is obviously just one group of fairies and the most "seelie" one we saw created hammers to encourage inappropriate comments from men by providing women with a tangible but ultimately harmless counterattack. While Van didn't say much during the meeting to convince the WoM, without his presence Tedd might have been unable to focus. Even with the knowledge of Pandora's "refresh" Tedd might still have been too emotional to be able focus on what she needed to say. Whether or not Tedd recognized Van as family, there was probably still something about Van that gave Tedd the strength to keep going. That's possible, but it was still Tedd who did it. Somehow I don't think he will be speaking about toys on the meeting. Equal? Unlikely. I think Zeus might argue about immortals actually CHOOSING if they do or don't support the forced reset. Quite likely. Also the reply mentioning that he might've been risking Pandora's revenge over that might be true, but note that Voltaire previously mentioned the option that he will befriend Tedd ... hmmm ... note that maybe the second purpose is not as easy to invalidate and it wouldn't count if Voltaire just TOLD it to Tedd and Tedd wouldn't believe him - which he likely wouldn't, after trying to kill Elliot. But him simply not knowing seems most likely. I still think we would get back to the "serious discussion", except it would be like Tedd or even more likely Arthur having more questions and magic simply saying "the decision was made, dismissed" without answering any. This comics was here simply to underscore that the change - specifically, the minimal change - already happened. Also, note that it might became harder for people to became magic users, but it's possible existing magic users are safe, that nothing changed for THEM. (Of course, Sarah and Catalina who didn't awakened yet may be in problem.) I think that Voltaire disappears now because the immortal council and the change of immortal rules will be something happening later, in different storyline. And all those other options, like Voltaire being de-fanged or ripped apart, will wait for that. ... talking cat? Why? (Also, I don't think Pandora fingered Voltaire before reset, however main eight KNOW about Voltaire being the one trying to kill Elliot and it doesn't require hundreds of years of experience to realize he's the most likely suspect for this as well.)
  8. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    Yes, this is not first time we speak about it. Was it you who had the additional assumption of Arthur being aware he has contact with Voltaire?
  9. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    Would require the law change taking longer than I would expect, but otherwise I like that idea. Although I like the idea that Voltaire just completely misjudges other immortals more - I mean, that even without Pandora's argumentation those new rules will be something Voltaire wouldn't like.
  10. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    He also didn't know about Van, but he assumes that Tedd wasn't the one that convinced the WoM. To be fair, without Tedd Van would be unlikely to change decision of Will of Magic. Voltaire's assumption is simply wrong. (Hmmm ... he also seem to not know about those two seers which found about their second purpose ... so he likely wasn't the one who told them.) Not mine. I know at least one worse ... wait. Two. Maybe three? Not sure ... Charlie is definitely more dangerous, but might not be more evil. (Hmmm ... Charlie is rule lawyer. With Voltaire's power, he would rule the world - WITHOUT breaking "empower and guide". Snadhya, meanwhile, is more crazy than fairy of her age would be, and quite delusional ... she would avoid the reset by being convinced she's not doing anything wrong. Yeah, compared to them, Voltaire is lame, which is fitting considering he's just starter enemy for Tedd to train on before moving to actual thread.) Plan CM seems working for now. Pandora did something which is big enough Immortals may decide to change their laws.
  11. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    ... which makes more likely he was secretly "guiding" him to informations about reset. And we have confirmation that he wanted magic reset, that it was to make it LESS public ... and that he underestimated number of seers even more than Arthur. Meaning, plan CM was not THAT complicated. Also, not only he didn't predicted Pandora making Tedd feeling better, he didn't even NOTICED.
  12. NP Monday Feb 19, 2017

    Uhhh ... how exactly was Rhoda sitting? Wait. That's probably what the "Rhoda's position makes less sense" refers to. Unless it refers to fact that you can't really be in this position without having the legs broken. Also, yes, this "acting without thinking" would match Ditzy more ... on the other hand, acting too fast and leaving thinking behind MIGHT match the energize card.
  13. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    There is also chance that you would spontaneously be lifted feet above the ground and hold there ten minutes by Brownian motion. The chance is small, very small, but not zero. (EDIT: Wait, it probably wasn't Brownian motion ... it must've been something quantum-based ...) Maybe noone left but Noriko was not careful and he heard how she complains about his lack of magic powers? Ok, this doesn't fit with the "Nanase is the seer" theory, but otherwise it could work. Obviously. But I tried the more interesting possibilities. Hmmm ... no. She was only able to make such stunt because of how old and powerful she was. She wouldn't be able to do it several hundred years earlier. I meant that Pandora doing it in different city delayed it for about a year so it happens after Ellen's graduation. I doubt that's the case since the second life universe had Kaoli rather that Nioi, Nioi had to search for an AU that had both Ellen and a version of her duplicate in it for her plan to work. Also, there is little causality problem with that. But ... note that she likely searched for the universe starting from HER universe, not ours. In that way, it's possible that Lord Tedd universe is more similar to the second life one than to the main one ... wait. Not likely. Uryuom being in open makes unlikely General Shade Tail will be created. Unless Nioi is NOT from Lord Tedd universe ... Very likely.
  14. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Actually, Second Life Tedd was never as low as our Tedd seemed too, and presumably that was WITHOUT TF-gun. Maybe his mother didn't leave? Maybe it was her sister who left? And NANASE is the withdrawn misdetected seer? Or maybe she wasn't misdetected and left with her mother? The fun think is that with how little informations we have about that universe, we can speculate almost limitless. Or she did, but Adrian Raven was not teaching in Moperville. Maybe Arthur Arthur SUCCEED in deporting him to Russia, or at least annoyed him enough he decided to not stay in US. While it was Pandora who caused most of incidents which caused the magic reset, truth is that the situation was getting more and more volatile. It wouldn't be weird if the event with Pandora eradicating most of Aberrations happened in second life universe just few months after Ellen's second life ended.
  15. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    That's what I meant by "indirectly". You might've noticed that I agreed with that part of your theory. Just remember that just because it's programmed doesn't mean it's computer. Note that without Grace (with Uryuom in open it's unlikely she would seek Tedd), Nanase and Susan and with Ellen spending time singing in band instead of in ASMA and never touching a dewitchery diamond, there is not exactly reason for Tedd to ever start researching magic. It's possible the meddling is simply happening in other part of that world with different people. Or, well, maybe Nanase is still taking part in it Note that he started shorter and wound up taller than "their" Tedd. There seem to be differences, and realistically speaking, Uryuoms fighting in revolutionary war by itself would cause so many differences anyone being similar would be more likely coincidence.
  16. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    I would say that a clothing-only card would (as it would be an enchantment on the clothing), but a clothing-and-something card probably would not, or at most would function as a clothing-only card (the entirety of the card's effect would count as a single enchantment, so it would have to affect Grace and she's immune to enchantment). ANY card is actually complex enchantment combining changing the look of target person, changing the look of their player piece AND additional effects on game. How THAT would work on Grace is hard to predict without actually seeing the "source code", in other words we would need seer to look at it. Unlikely. The card will PROBABLY still work on her player piece. If it wouldn't, then the initial enchantment would fail as well, meaning Grace can't take part in the game at all. Hmmmm ... Come to think about it, it says Grace is not enchanted by TF gun and Ellen's magic. There is still possibility that other kind of enchantment can work on her, although Tedd's failure to make any suggests that all enchantments transforming her are going to be intercepted by her Uryuom power ... ... I remember reading something more about the mechanism but not sure where ...
  17. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    I am informed that my conception of a mistranslation in this instance may itself have been shaped by a political argument. Thus I fear that this postulate of mine is suspect given that this was something I read years ago in sources no longer readily available to me. Given that it most certainly has also been affected by erosion of my memories and how I wanted the argument to be, I am afraid I have to retract it. Hard to be sure if it was or wasn't shaped by political argument, but google returns lot of instance of that ... for example this one. It also returns article about how it's correct translation, although this one ends with "God has seen to it that we have a clear translation in His preserved words in English, the King James Bible" which doesn't exactly sound convincing. I also found a third one, which is not clear in if it's about herbal medicine or sorcery, but it IS clear that the word was gender neutral - and that "live" was "live among you" - so it wasn't supposed to call for killing them. The third source also mentions that the verse was used in 373 to accuse Gnostics, which definitely supports my suspicion that no matter what it originally said, it's was misused politically so long ago we don't have reliable sources of what it said before that.
  18. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Just because it seems more similar to computer system than to human intelligence doesn't necessary means it's an computer system itself. In fact, as a humans, we are quite good at recognizing when something is not thinking as humans. We are worse at recognizing when something is not thinking as computer. In fact, flair for drama? Not something computers usually have, even indirectly. I don't think it's running on a physical computer system in any reality. On the other hand ... you may have point that it was programmed, as opposed to naturally evolving that way. Those objectives seems to be at least partially forced to it from outside. The incident she was praying about didn't. With the immortals wiping out aberrations everywhere, it's possible that Moperville will NOT be considered "source" of the problems, in fact. It's also possible the seer in question was on the path of that horde and was acting out of self-defense. In past, "magic going public" was always going to be "one group of people will get magic and will use it against others". People were much more patriotic in past, and even if they wouldn't, there simply wasn't way for magic to spread over whole world without group of magic users actively spreading it ... and such group would likely be CONQUERING the places it spreads the magic to, simply because in past when big group of people travelled long way it was almost always army marching to war. There might still be war. But for first time, it is actually possible for magic to spread peacefully at least to SOME places. I agree that Tedd isn't so much better than seers in past. Tedd is the first seer who has circumstance on her side. Well ... he, Arthur and Van. Those two are only seers we can compare her to, and Tedd is winning that comparison ... but being better at argumentation than two people, one of whom is child, is not exactly "impossible". I would suspect this mistranslation was one of the deliberate ones. I wonder if the Paranormal Division is even the group responsible for Uryuom relations and hiding their existence? Wolf and Cranium are out of the loop when it comes to Uryuoms, and Wolf has been outright told there are no such thing as aliens (even if he doesn't believe it). This suggests there are actually two Masquerades - the Masquerade hiding magic and the Masquerade hiding aliens - and that Mr. Verres and his superiors (as well as the Main 8) are unusual for being in on both Masquerades. I suspect the Paranormal Division only handles magical and Inderdimensional threats, while some other group which Mr. Verres is also a part of is responsible for the alien Masquerade. Considering Lavender works with them, I think someone was making fun of agent Wolf ... or his need to know changed. It can easily be the same ORGANIZATION taking care for both - which is supported by Mr. Verres being in charge of both as head of paranormal - but individual agents may STILL not know everything. Information is handled on need-to-know basis and Agent Wolf and Cranium - at least near the start of EGS - were not in need to know about Uryuom. Not really. Seers are still supposed to only teach selected few. Even if those thousand seers would be informed, it would still be too few of them to teach every person on planet - or even just as many people as is currently taught calculus, for example. (I mean differential and integral calculus if that's not exact by itself.) Seers actually wouldn't be qualified for managing, more like for research. They would certainly be in high demand from everyone knowing about them. Which practically means Arthur Arthur will attempt to convince Tedd to work for DGB. Also, I think even relatively cooperative immortals wouldn't want to pledge ironclad contract. Certainly not the ones we know about. The closest you get to immortal forced by vow to cooperate will likely be Pandora after reset working with Sarah - likely in Tedd's lab, because where else ... question is if it would be Tedd's lab in his basement or new shiny one DGB will prepare for him.
  19. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    On one hand, it can be argued that if Göring had correct intelligence, he might not be making so bad decisions. On the other, well, that pressure to deliver optimistic results didn't appeared out of nowhere, did it? I'm sure that reacting to bad news in way which doesn't make your subordinates afraid to notify you of real problems is on evil overlord list ...
  20. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    ... that doesn't sound like Churchill did it deliberately to save RAF. Is it even possible to give it to someone not in British/Commonwealth forces? Sure, Charles Wooden got it, but while German-born, he WAS in the British Army at that point.
  21. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    While possible, it would be coincidence if they would be ready to go public exactly now after the reset attempt. That's the more paperwork I speak about. Case can be made that government already regulates magic user, just in secrecy. Even if knowledge that anyone can get magic gets public, it doesn't mean that government is required to help people learn magic and add it to standard (public) education system. Firearms training is not part of standard education either, is it? Actually, even driver's education isn't, based on this article. Magus's universe have not only public magic, it also have dragons as serious danger, and magic is likely widely used there. Yet we can't be sure that magic is taught to majority of people there: the school Terra and Magus were visiting might've been special school. Also, it's not like it would be logistically POSSIBLE to teach everyone magic even if someone would decide so: not enough teachers.
  22. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    Yeah, but the way Tedd had been trying in the past was using magic that targeted Grace herself, to others the enchantment radiated outward to affect clothing which obviously doesn't work for Grace because she doesn't get enchanted. BUT what if spells had a reversed effect, like targeting clothes radiates inward to the person wearing the clothes. In theory that might work on Grace, it'd be a chain effect, zap clothing with morph spell, clothing morph gets imprinted onto Grace. Sigh. It could work in transforming her, but it still wouldn't allow her to morph something which is not part of her. At least not based on how was Dan always explaining where the problem is. Grace's morphing was always, even after being fixed with TF gun, closer to what is possible using physical laws. In fact, even the TF gun is "weaker" than spells. Case in point, Rhoda has spell which can shrink person more than TF gun can. Right. Elephant is not just animal, it's animal and physical. Elephant Ashley probably weights more than human normally does, and sitting on knees doesn't put the weight on them correctly. Also, we don't necessary talk about fracture. Can be dislocation or some ligament tear. Or just big bruise. If the transformation is fast, it's effectively impact.
  23. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    Oh yeah, and webbed hands/toes might suggest that Tedd's made aquatic (eg: mermaid) or amphibious (eg: frog) forms. ... or amphibious mermaids. Read it again. You'll need a SPELL ... I suppose it would either be a dynamic spell which is able to morph the clothing when Grace starts to morph, or, well, the reason she can't use watches is she can't power them. Maybe she would be able to use proper wand. Of course, it WOULD be technically possible for Grace to morph say her hair into clothes ... but that would be different loophole. And it wouldn't help her change the clothes she already has - those are not part of her and therefore she can't morph them. Although Grace might like the idea that she's technically naked yet appears clothed ...
  24. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Not either pursuing the Luftwaffe out of British airspace nor attempting to otherwise interfere with them in German airspace was. The decision to keep as much of the fighting as possible where Britain's own pilots could be recovered but the Germans could not recover theirs most certainly was. And a very wise one, at least until Britain went from air parity to air superiority or better yet air supremacy. Right. Possible but not done options needs to be considered part of strategy, despite that part mostly consisted of things NOT to do.
  25. NP Friday Feb 16, 2018

    We know Tedd has a lot of cat forms, but we haven't seen any fox forms, or elephant, or honey badger have we? I think we did saw fox forms ... but probably not in canon. Nevertheless, it was implied he was giving all sorts of interesting forms to her, and I think fox wouldn't be so hard to appear on list, although it wasn't mentioned. Elephant and honey badger might be little more exotic ... No. Grace can never get clothing morphs herself and normal spells which include clothing don't work on her BECAUSE she can't morph clothing. Only way Grace's clothes can be changed is if the spell directly targets clothes and JUST the clothes, no matter who is inside - it would probably need to work even on clothes on figurine. Then the CLOTHES will be enchanted, while GRACE still wouldn't. It is actually good question if the clothing cards would work on her.