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  1. http://egscomics.com/comic/party-027 ... that's Nurture? I though it's Logic. Everything she says is logical. ... yes, I know, she has round ears. Not only youthful metabolism. Based on Nanase, with some training you can learn to burn calories on spells. It would be illogical to skip this opportunity. Also, I think this dance was great. ... so, Susan will be hanging with Diane and if something happens both can arrive
  2. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-32 She's NOT naked. Granted, she's not clothed either, but saying she's naked is exaggeration. Also, I think the main reason why NPC don't reacts on other NPCs not wearing anything is that NPCs don't reacts on other NPC AT ALL. Besides avoiding colliding with them. In some games at least.
  3. NP Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    I wonder if this idea wasn't added by later, say Victorian, authors, who REALLY didn't believed someone would be ever naked. Of course, getting definitive answer is harder than it seems: we have lot of art, but we also have lot of experience in how art can't be believed to faithfully depict common reality and there is little reason to expect our ancestors were more faithful. (... not speaking about the amount of art which didn't even TRY to PRETEND it has something to do with common reality ...)
  4. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    How is there zero risk? All it would take is them bumping into Adrian in the halls at school and both Diane and Adrian suddenly acting out of character(as in not treating each other like teacher and student), Rhoda and Lucy would likely notice a change in how Diane acts around Adrian. Well ... yes, but that's in SCHOOL; that would suggest Diane should skip school, not interaction with Lucy and Rhoda. In fact, it could be even worse: most likely, they will meet in CLASS. Unless Adrian said he's ill or something. I don't think she's handling it better, but yes she has it harder. There's also this... Yes. If Sarah would start speculating out loud, Grace is likely to remember that. I'm beginning to suspect this story's title will eventually wind up being something like "Invitation to the TF Party", with the actual party as the next story. If not that, then at the very least I expect this story to be broken into multiple parts with the party being a separate part from what came before. I don't think Dan would be hiding the title if it would be just "Invitation to the TF Party". Last time Dan was hiding the story title was "Family Tree". BIG spoiler. And not something which basically became clear on fourth page.
  5. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    Probably, but I expect Diane wouldn't accept that. Diane hasn't been avoiding interactions with Lucy and Rhoda because she doesn't want to talk about Adrian being her father, she would probably find Susan avoiding her friends to be self centered. There is zero risk Diane's interaction with Lucy and Rhoda would end up with talking about Adrian being her father. Susan is not so safe. Even if she somehow avoids discussing what happened in Mall, despite everyone expecting she WILL tell them about it, Adrian (or Pandora) might end up being mentioned by Sarah or Tedd. And note that Sarah could correctly guess Adrian has descendants and that Pandora knew about them ... and the next step of those descendants including Susan wouldn't be THAT hard conclusion jump either based on Pandora AND Susan being in Mall ...
  6. Story Wednesday, Jun 19, 2019

    Someday? You mean you already forgot that Dan is being drawn by Sarah? I would expect Susan would RESPOND the same as to Nature as well - or at least indirectly point out why she doesn't want to go. Which might end up with her talking about that at least with Diane. Or with Diane backing out, as she's not exactly ready for that either.
  7. Story Monday June 17, 2019

    I quibble with "most", although I don't have the statistics to back up my feeling. My guess is the worst human monsters for the most part were able to disguise their real intentions and motivations, or they would not have had enough time to accomplish the evils that would qualify them as the worst monsters. The three worst definitely didn't hide their motivations. They made an ideologies from them which are popular even today. You probably (hopefully) don't agree with them, but they would argue that their ideologies are for good of the people and all those deaths are necessary sideefect. Also, two of them would agree on particular group of people being actually monsters who need to die. Agreeing with them on THIS point is considered criminal offence in big part of world of course. Next to them, in say top 20, you find lot of brutal military leaders like Genghis Khan, who did it for good of their nations, with most of deaths THEY are responsible for being enemies. Again, no reason to hide such motivation. Very few people consider THEMSELVES evil.
  8. Story Monday June 17, 2019

    Based on all available evidence, all the worst monsters in human history were humans. Also, most of them did it with good intentions. Therefore, humans treating humans as monsters sort of makes sense. If you are cynical enough.
  9. NP Monday June 17, 2019

    Sooo ... will someone be better at finding a specific example of this? I'm afraid games I'm playing don't allow skipping some fight by dialogue. Not that I would be likely to use such option.
  10. Story Monday June 17, 2019

    Grace has one advantage over Frankenstein's monster: she's cute. Humans are willing to be more lenient regarding cute monsters. Especially in Japan. Just look at any cat. Or at tvtropes. Or in Grace's case here. Of course, she's still lucky. Look at the several kinds of Tigers, Cheetahs, Lynx and other cats who are currently on endangered list. More lenient may not be enough.
  11. Story Friday June 14 2019

    We can't expect DGB to already have Rhoda on file, though I wouldn't be surprised if she was put on a watch list after the boar incident, like "If that boar was enchanted, there's a chance that she was the one that enchanted it" even it being by accident could make them want to keep an eye out to see if she done any more. And I'm not sure if it's trying to paint the FBI/DGB as untrustworthy, overly cautious likely, but I'd probably be more worried that Rhoda has disguise skills that could make her valuable agent material. It not just sounds creepy it IS creepy. Government shouldn't spy on yours secret unless you are terrorist, however ... how they can find out you are terrorist without spying on yours secrets? Very hard philosophical problem. Most people agree that they should spy if there is reasonable suspicion you may be one, but they don't agree on what's reasonable suspicion. It's getting pretty obvious that OUR US government idea of what's reasonable is pretty unreasonable, though ... Note however that this doesn't necessary paint FBI/DGB/EGS US government as untrustworthy. It just shows that not everyone would trust it. And, yes, Rhoda would definitely be valuable agent. Her disguise is probably not better than what lot of others can do, but do you realize how many facilities are totally unprotected against infiltration of agent who can get doll sized? Also, it's definitely real problem: if government doesn't know yet that Rhoda has powers, they will definitely find out if Grace starts talking with her about magic. And even if they wouldn't ... Grace is in position where she would either break Edward trust by not telling him or break Rhoda trust by telling him. Oh wait she's already in this problem with Sarah's spell. Actually, Elliot might complain. He didn't liked when Voltaire outed him. And even if they wouldn't mind, Grace should definitely get their approval first. Note that she CAN: unlike the problem with Sam, she already told everyone about her dream involving Rhoda and Catalina, so she totally can ask others if they would be ok with trying to get Rhoda into their group. Of course, such talk by itself MIGHT alert Edward that Rhoda has powers, if he didn't heard about the dream yet, but she SHOULD ask Edward too anyway. No matter how creepy government spying is, trying to hide something only makes sense if you actually spend effort on hiding it. Yes. Note that I'm sure Edward would complain as well, but there are just so many panels and Arthur is better to showing that Tedd's lab might be endangered. Yes, it seems she's ok with herself now, but she's still aware that not everyone may be. And, frankly, while Rhoda is PROBABLY too nice for it, there would be lot of people who would be scared of her just because she's not human. ... also, we already know Luke is. I, for one, am glad she had what amounts to second thoughts about just broadcasting about magic, aliens, TF guns and the like. Grace is intelligent. She would need to be in hard denial not realizing all of the possible problems ...
  12. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-30 Sooo, Grace is inside the city. Now what? She needs the amulet. Does she plan to persuade them to let her get the amulet as well? Most likely, the game probably expects she will now be working on other bounties, but those are going to be harder than the skunk. Unless some of them are generally harder but better suited for solving with charm magic.
  13. Story Wednesday June 12, 2019

    Ashley already knows about the TF-gun thanks to Magus, but they can still pass it off as something Tedd built or something received through Edward's career, without mentioning aliens. She HEARD about the TF-gun. She may not remember it (or remember to ask). And she definitely doesn't know any detail so yes, they should pass it off as something Tedd built without mentioning aliens. Also, he might though Elliot knows about aliens already. As far as we know, Tedd indeed already told Elliot everything ... he used to mumble a lot so it might not be understandable. Also, while he tried to explain Grace without mentioning aliens, remember that Elliot was helping him finding something to help Grace.
  14. NP Wednesday June 12, 2019

    Even if it isn't. It seems it's first boss Grace is supposed to fight, it can't be that hard. Oh, definitely. Although in the case of conversation with NPC, you are also going to check what effect your choices had, as it can be very hard to find if you screw something up ... recognizing you are dead is easy (usually. There are few games which are exceptions.)
  15. NP Wednesday June 12, 2019

    Dead? Why? Doesn't seem the skunk noticed them. Now it's good time to quietly go back to levelling. Because the skunk should stop training now, right? ... of course, this being game, the size and look of the skunk says very little about how dangerous it is. Maybe he dies after two scratches? So saving and trying to attack it WOULD make sense.
  16. NP Monday, Jun 10, 2019

    Well, yeah, but these are dangerous times. Can't be THAT dangerous if the villagers are still alive.
  17. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-28 Considering this is beginning quest which probably didn't required them to go too far away, I would find more logical if the skunk stopped levelling when they GOT the quest. But, maybe they expect the player will get lost on way to first quest? It sounds like cheating on first hearing it, but it's actually no more cheating than how the levels are set in game which is NOT open world. And obviously necessary. And as long it's done in way people won't notice - which they WOULD if every boss required first seeing him, be defeated by him and then leveling - then I guess everything is ok. But I wouldn't like to be the one who is tuning the parameters ... Hmmm ... did I played any game with this effect? ... did I played any open-world game? ... well, the minecraft clone, but that's TOO open and when I played it there were no enemies yet.
  18. Story Wednesday June 12, 2019

    Yes, her lack of enthusiasm in first panel and then too much of it in other panels is definitely suspicious. Yeah. When you hear something surprising you don't immediately reply with your related secret. Grace being part-alien is definitely more serious secret now than the magic, especially if she's talking to someone who also have magic (although so far she can't prove that, despite being sure). We can directly see it when Edward determines the severity of what Grace said: he was glad that the more serious secret of Grace being part-alien didn't get out and just berated Grace for speaking about magic. ... and, I actually think Ashley will NOT learn of Grace's heritage OR the TF-gun at the party. Or maybe hope. She's not in need to know about that and I'm sure Edward would immediately pointed that out.
  19. NP Monday, Jun 10, 2019

    ... that's quite depressing. I'm sure the villages would prefer if they would not have anyone causing trouble around for longer than few days.
  20. NP Monday, Jun 10, 2019

    Exactly. If you want the enemies to always be roughly the same strength relative to you (other than your weapons/armor/magic/etc. and other stat boosts not directly linked to experience points), why use a leveling system at all? Plenty of games do without one. The key word here is ALWAYS. If the game scales enemy levels so they are ALWAYS roughly the same strength relative to you, it means big part of the levelling system was done needlessly ... or wrong. There may still be "interesting" parts like getting new abilities/spells at certain levels, but if your stats get bigger and stats of your enemies as well, it's pointless. However, the example provided in comics and the commentary talks about enemies only "training" until you encounter them. That makes sense: even if you don't know about it, if the enemy will beat you, you can go level up, then return and have advantage due to levelling. As I mentioned, it would work even better (but be more complicated) if it tracked your progress and stopped levelling the boss when you took the quest, BUT restarted it if you "get lost" and took too long to make any progress in it. Or, alternatively, instead of scaling to your level the bosses could scale based on other quests you do. Basically, if, due to the open nature of the word, you can do quests A, B, C and D in any order you want, then doing quest C would make enemies in A,B and D stronger, based on assumption you either levelled doing C or you were so strong you didn't needed it. On the other hand, there is even simpler way: scale the enemies to your level, but not 1:1. Say, specific boss will have level X + half your level. You are EXPECTED to take him out on level 2X ; if you get to him sooner, he will be stronger than you but not so much as if his level was fixed on 2X ; if you get to him later or do lot of levelling, he will be weaker than you but not so much as if his level was fixed on 2X. See? Lot of options where levelling system and enemy scaling still makes sense together. It's just FF8 did it wrong.
  21. Story Monday, June 10, 2018

    I'm pretty sure in past, poor people burned much more calories working than walking. Now, not so much: lot of them work in office doing paperwork, which burns even less calories than being waiter. If it's government agency doing it, it's usually not called kidnapping. I don't think so. Maybe Elliot OR magic, but dropping both? She's having second thoughts about magic now, but it's obvious she will think differently after the party. Dan said multiple times that Lord Tedd WILL return, that he just underestimated how long it will take. Sure, there is danger that he won't be able to actually get to this storyline due to outside events (his death, sun going nova, thermal dead of universe etc) but it's definitely still on plan. (And, I still think he will finish Lord Tedd storyline before J.R.R. Tolkien finishes Silmarillion, despite JRRT's headstart.) I was shipping Elliot and Susan as well, but face it: Susan is unlikely to be ready for such relationship anytime soon if ever, and throwing Ashley away before that would be invalidation of why she appeared in story at all. And Dan works hard to show how ideal Elliot and Ashley are for each other. And the way she is being introduced into main 8 is making very unlikely she will disappear even if she DOES decide to drop Elliot, ESPECIALLY considering Liz likely does have a magic mark of her own. Training with Tedd, Dragon sisters with Ellen ... AND she's group only "normal" wizard, I suspect she will be used to show how normal (non-wand-maker) wizards works, how they learn spells etc.
  22. Story Monday, June 10, 2018

    She got cause and effect reversed--being rich makes you likely to get fat. That's no longer true. Since the McDonald was founded, even poor people could get fat ... and it's costing more and more to eat healthy. But it's true that historically only rich people could get fat.
  23. Story Monday, June 10, 2018

    If Ashley doesn't tell Liz, then the only way it would risk losing her friendship is if Liz found out, and then it still really depends on how Liz would react to this knew knowledge about Ashley, she could either understand why Ashley would keep that secret, or be scared of what Ashley's gotten herself into. No. Liz doesn't need to find out what SPECIFICALLY is Ashley keeping secret to find out she's keeping secret SOMETHING, and that could hurt the friendship more. Right now it seems that Liz's assumptions are not THAT far off, so it can work. Her PREVIOUS assumptions were that there is some problem with Elliot. While technically true, it was a dangerous assumption for their friendship. I still don't see how their friendship is strained .... she seems satisfied that she got what she did out of Ashley and was able to give some advice on it, I think that's what matters. Well because so far the danger is just potential. Liz feels the danger and tries to solve it. As long as she's trying, it's good. The friendship will get strained when she starts to feel her attempts are not just futile but unwelcomed. Yes. Hypocrisy is very widespread fault and can endanger friendships. Note however that so far it's still possible she doesn't know she's marked. There was also this cover story that Elliot and Ashley decided on, of course then there'd be the question of "who brought you home?" ... cheerleadra? Alternatively, Diane. I mean, it would require some inventiveness to explain not just the logistics but also how it made sense, but Diane's car was involved in what actually happened so it may be used in the coverup as well. If Ashley got home at a decent time, then there'd be no reason to expect she was involved in what happened at the mall that time. Well, she wasn't. Not directly at least. Of course. I just suspect that she didn't get home at a decent time. PTTAOLUTASF is "a three hour trip by car" away from Moperville. While they MIGHT've partially moved by teleports, I still find unlikely it took less than six hours. (Rereading ...) ... right. No reason to get to Tedd's house. And leaving it with Elliot makes less sense. No matter how cool it sounds, acting like inanimate wand would be better way to hide than being invisible. Or, maybe masking himself as more common object ... pen, for example. Toy wand would be safe enough to keep at Ashey's home. Not so much to take to school with her - I mean, better like talking wand, but anybody noticing it could still consider it weird enough to remember. Now, pen would be safe enough to take to school. (Unfortunately, Kevin is considerably bigger than normal pens ...) ... that doesn't sound like something you can spend half day doing. Sure, it's lot to think about, but half day in one piece? Not being able to focus on anything for whole day, sure. Sitting whole day on couch with wand in hand, no. I think this must be when either when she wake up, or when she had some time for herself (possibly there was something to do before) and she just looked at the wand to like confirm it wasn't dream. Few minutes later, she went to try to focus on something else.
  24. Story Monday, June 10, 2018

    I'm pretty sure Chip n' Dales Rescue Rangers were not supposed to be political cartoon. It's not opposite if there is no contraindication. Just because you think Ashley would risk losing her friendship with Liz by telling her doesn't mean she doesn't risk it by keeping the secret. There isn't any point in canon where Liz has witnessed magic. During the Return of the Goo in Sister, she was smoking on the roof. Dan could always retcon a scene where she did, but he doesn't do that too often. Judging from how she continued to sit and smoke during Goo II while other students were fleeing and screaming past her, I think Liz might not be panicked by magic. Yes, Liz isn't likely to panic. Even not taking into account she's likely marked by Pandora, I don't think she would see Ashley getting magic as problem. However ... no matter if Ashley tells her she has magic or not, as long as they can't talk freely, their friendship might still get worse. It really depends on how late they actually were, the whole incident (from Ashley arriving at Elliot's to being driven back home from the paranormal division facility after talking to Arthur) might have occurred within the time they would have spent on their date and Ashley's parents didn't know there was anything wrong. Or there was a coverstory made up to account for why she was late. Of course, if Ashley's parents watch the news, they would have heard about what happened on Ashley's first date and should have been given reason to suspect that there's something odd about Elliot. But then that must have been covered up somehow as well. I suspect that showing Cheerleadra elsewhere to clear Elliot was ONLY covering they did. First, DGB under Arthur basically gave up on covering stuff like this. Second, it would be VERY hard to cover. That means either Ashley's parents don't watch the news or they were told the official version - that Cheerleadra is not Elliot etc - and are somehow ok with Ashley being near the griffins during her supposed date with Elliot ... who was not seen around ... Now, for the second incident, there wasn't any news about it, so thinking up something would be easier. But there is good point that we don't know how long the date was expected to take. Maybe she was expected to sleep there? We saw Dunkels reactions, but not Ashley's parents reactions ... If she watches the news at all - which, granted, she may not ; she probably doesn't watch television with her attitude - she IS aware magic is real. That doesn't mean she realizes just how close to magic she is. This sort of troubles is exactly reason why she would likely NOT be taking Kevin to school. Also, we can't be sure she took him HOME. It's possible she left it with Tedd. ... also, unless she has some pocket in sleeves or something, she would likely have Kevin in backpack instead of sleeves even if she DID took it to school. You're missing out on a lot. Search for cartoons about Boss Tweed, Tammany Hall. Jay Gould, J.P. Morgan (he owned the Titanic but decided not to sail on it). I don't know much about European financial and political scandals, but I imagine they've inspired some memorable cartoons. Thinking about it, I WAS actually seeing some LOCAL political cartoons before that, the deadtree version of them. I only started following them ONLINE this millennia, and while it's supposed to be "world" ones it's produced in US. I'm probably getting most of my news by looking what's new in those cartoons and then searching for the news behind it if it looks interesting.
  25. Story Monday, June 10, 2018

    JP Morgan died in 1913, but his bank corrupts onward into the 21st century. 1913? Was not sailing on Titanic worth it for him? But yes, I do realize the cartoons were about the bank, not the person.