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  1. Story Friday May 18, 2018

    I though women are more resistant to this. Although it's questionable if that would apply to Ellen ... Yes. Also, he has more experience with her shapeshifting. AND possibly specific training for not being influenced by shapeshifters looking cute, if dragons can shapeshift OR are not only creature he is trained to fight with ... Ok this is safe to speculate about as neurosurgeons don't know either That would be one part. Other part would be that the brain at that point is not much experienced in forming EMOTIONS, and the emotion stored as part of memory is more important than any emotion you may feel when replaying that memory.
  2. Story Wednesday May 23, 2018

    Yes. As far as we know, Ellen turned out ok, but there are two scary set of questions (which I suspect we already talked about): 1) Where are the limits of this method regarding how extreme memories can you insert? Is there some failsafe which makes memories not agreeing with your personality seem more like dream, or can you be even programmed to kill yourself or others that way? Even without malice, how serious trauma can you induce? The fact that Ellen felt guild over something she would probably never do (although for reason not related to why she felt the guild) is not exactly encouraging ... (And, in fact, Nioi might've used same or similar spell which she or other Lord Tedd's subordinates DID used to program killers. And, who knows, maybe it was even FOR GOOD, if their world is sufficiently messed up.) 2) Did Ellen turned ok because Nioi is that good and thoroughly checked the memories and/or the second life Ellen ... or was she just lucky? (Well, both of them actually.) I like her, but in similar way I like several other girls I wouldn't want to be on same continent with without very good shields. Lina Inverse comes to mind, for example ...
  3. Story Friday May 18, 2018

    *scratches head* I admit, I don't quite understand your point here. As I see it, Ellen resents the trauma itself, not just the fact that it happened. It is an entirely instinctual reaction well below the level of rational thought. Are you saying that Ellen would resent Magus less were she compelled to consider how few options he had? Considering how hard is to "fix" your emotion with logic, probably not much less, but more confused, as with Tedd ... well, probably not THAT much ... Compare with how Sarah dealt with being scared by Jerry. "I didn't and she's fine" - "I'm still upset". She has no LOGICAL reason to be upset, and based on her not denying it she's perfectly aware of that. And still upset. ...and who is also dead now. *scratches head* She is a new person now. She may still have the emotional connections if she succeeded in bringing them with her, but we still do not know what that is going to mean. Of course, all that is only likely to frustrate and anger Ellen even more. Yes ... she may not be entirely new person, but the plan to help magus was likely heavily influenced by how long she was without reset ... IF she's going to remember that, she will probably apologize. Which MIGHT help. At least little. But in both cases, its based on loss of something you consider completely granted and is base of your life. It's not close analogy but I think I saw more stretched ones. This is obviously the most important point. Even people with hyperthymesia / eidetic memory doesn't seem to complain about that event, so it must be very hard to remember ... and therefore unable to provide any long-term trauma. Of course, Leia claims to remember her mother who died when giving birth to her, but she's force-sensitive and also George Lucas is known for making mistakes and then denying it. Note that I wasn't suggesting being 'emo' is ONLY reason why someone might resents the fact that they exist. Just one of very hard to miss examples. I still think it would be better to hold HIS coat. With hands still partially inside, I mean. ... wait, no. That would make easier for her to explain it but would be worse long-term. Ok. I recommend moment of surprise. Or more training.
  4. Story Wednesday May 23, 2018

    Hrm. What is your reasoning behind that? I am genuinely curious. I think you may be right but I am not sure how you arrive at that conclusion. Compared to her reaction to FIRST batch of memories, she seem to enjoy the singing and specifically said she doesn't know about the evil part. Note that those memories felt more real than Elliot's to her and felt valid as her own (with that one exception). It feels like the memory transplant was VERY good and included convincing the target to like it. Which feels even more evil, but it's probably healthier for Ellen AND it means she's unlikely to resent those dreams. On the other hand, Ellen is deliberately trying to differ from Elliot. Maybe she wouldn't need magical convincing to jump at this opportunity. I had it in mind that Arthur would actually say "son/daughter" because he himself would still be confused about it. Depends in how good is Arthur with pronouncing punctuation. Evidence of teleportation, granted, it could have limited range, but... Good point, that did looked as teleportation. And when combined with hiding in clothes, he wouldn't NEED long range.
  5. Story Wednesday May 23, 2018

    I could think of a number of reasons why Ellen might resent that event as well, chief of which was that Nioi pulled that one on her without her informed consent. It wouldn't surprise me if Ellen might resent that "nosebeep". However, I don't think she would resent the dreams itself. Maybe Commander Jaguar came along for some extra muscle? That's who I was thinking about, yes ... personally, I don't think he will be called in situations involving magic. But that depends on how many agents DGB has ... Totally expects Arthur saying "daughter" and Edward being confused. But yes, while Edward is probably one of best wizards they have, he is not officially expected to work with them AND explaining him the situation might be too awkward. Unless ... hey, maybe they may call him if they have some reason to suspect diplomacy will be needed. If they are confident that none of the kids are capable of learning how to do magic portals just by going through one once, then they don't need to put them back to sleep. They can open a portal back to the parking lot, out in the hallway (out of sight of the kids) then lead them out and through it. Even if one or more of the trio DO figure out how to make portals, that won't necessarily be sufficient for them to make a portal back to this facility. They may need to know where it is, or have special information to get past a magical shield, or... Just putting bag over their heads might suffice , question is what regulations call for. They may have internal rules requiring making them sleep again, no matter how superfluous would that be. (Hmmm ... Tedd probably WOULD be able to learn how to make portals just by seeing creating one. It's unlikely to tell him where he is, however. Meanwhile, if Elliot still has his phone, he can transform to Cheerleadra and test how magically enhanced GPS works there ...) I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin would be able to teleport to Ashley at any given moment if DGB hasn't returned him to an inert form or something. I'm pretty sure Kevin can't be affected by spells working on PEOPLE. So, yes, I expect him being hidden in Ashley's clothing. Although that option of him being able to teleport to Ashley is also interesting. Or both. I mean, he did hide in Ashley's clothes. They searched her, found him and put him on table. When they wanted to analyse what happened with him, he wasn't on the table anymore ... was hidden in Ashley's clothes again.
  6. Story Friday May 18, 2018

    Only? Did you ever heard about "emo"? On emotional level, definitely. Logically, I don't see any way it could be less traumatic ... ok, except the option of Magus somehow explaining everything to Elliot despite not being able to talk to him and Elliot going along with the plan. ... wait. First, Ellen was angry at Tedd, who didn't deserved it. Now, Ellen is angry at Magus, who sort of does deserve it but didn't had any other option which would include her existence. However, after she will talk it over with Magus, she may become angry at Pandora, who TOTALLY deserves it. SHE did had the option of telling Elliot. Actually, most people came on this world with similarly traumatic experience ... but they don't REMEMBER it. Their crying confirms it, however.
  7. NP Wednesday 23 May 2018

    Yes, seems Ashley forgot to mention one disadvantage - that the transformation will also make him girl. (Still doesn't explain his height.) Still, compared to average genie, I think he ended up well. (Disclaimer: Average Genie based on stories about Genies. I'm not talking about real life Genies nor canon EGS Genies. Although ... based on existing canon it seems likely all genies in EGS were actually fairies alias immortals and the effect of the wishes they fulfilled was exactly what you would expect from fairies ...) (Hmmm ... can you imagine a genie story where nothing will go wrong with the wishes? Main Hero: "I want to become a classical Mary Sue" Genie: "So be it. ... you have two more wishes but I see you don't need them now.")
  8. Story Wednesday May 23, 2018

    Maybe more like the havoc she would cause while looking. My take: He is AFRAID of Noriko ... which makes him not take the havoc her niece might cause lightly. There must be pretty powerful magic on that building ... but probably worth it. And if they have some with remote connection ability, they might even noticed the crater before agent Wolf felt into it. BTW, we didn't SAW it but seems I was right with agent Cranium and agent Wolf still being on short list of people who can respond to situation like this. Hmmm ... we saw three doors on parking lot ... does it mean three people (in addition to Arthur)? Or did we missed some door? Or multiple people used same door? He would be rather stupid not to, to paraphrase what The Old Hack said about cameras Ellen and Nanase "meddling teenagers" probably got quite famous, they were involved in several accidents just recently ... and their personal connection to former head of paranormal made him former head of paranormal. And how much havoc Nanase managed to cause already? I'm sure the answer is "yes". Note the lack of windows. Hmmmm ... why would second life be related to Ellen hating sleep magic? It turned out well, didn't it?
  9. Story Monday May 21 2018

    It was obviously foreshadowing. I was just commenting that it's apparently more longer-term foreshadowing that I expected. ... also, if Kevin was faking being old, my theory about HIM teaching such spells to Ashley would also be disproved. ... meanwhile, hard to say when Magus will return. Presumably he will return, with the way Dan was talking about long term consequences, but it may take long time ... ... on the other hand, Dan is sometimes making VERY long term foreshadowings. Especially when he underestimates how long will it take to get to that event
  10. Story Monday May 21 2018

    I realize this. I was pointing to "why" not to question that Magus would know a F->M spell but to suggest there might be a practical reason. *His* gender change spell might have a time limit also. I didn't really make my point clear, sorry.... Hmmm ... maybe it DID had ... like, maybe noone else was willing to use permanent F->M spell on teenager, arguing that temporary one is more than enough for his stated purpose. So to get the permanent change he totally wanted just because of that upper body strength ( ) he needed to learn it himself. ... also good point. Just because it didn't used to be possible in EGS main universe doesn't mean Magus wouldn't be able to use spell like that ... ... BTW, he didn't left any spell on anyone, and noone was enchanted while in the facility. So, the question of why the ticking clock spells were mentioned is still open ...
  11. Story Monday May 21 2018

    I wasn't just talking about research on what he is able to do, I was also referring to him looking for records of others who had his quirks, if he did that he would have been likely to learn about Seers, that he is one and even potentially learning about their purposes. Yes, that would be the historical research I'm speaking about. Tedd obviously doesn't have access to such books, but Arthur certainly did. In fact, he DID find about magic reset somewhere. But apparently didn't spend SO much time researching it ... Magus was barely able to amplify Ellen's emotions, he wasn't able to get her to zap Elliot which means she did resist that part, but she couldn't keep herself from zapping at all. That was before Ellen awakened though and she's had a good part of a year to build up more resistance. It's more noteworthy he was able to influence Tedd. Why would Magus need to know a F->M spell if he were permanently male after one casting? Aside from story convenience of course... It's two credits and much more useful than several other spells he learned to get enough credits to pass to next year. Alternatively: It's only permanent until someone casts M->F spell on you. And teachers secretly supports bullying with magic because it helps students build up magic resistance. Yes, the question why he knows such spell may interesting, but he clearly implied he knows it.
  12. Story Monday May 21 2018

    Not necessary, this is completely different kind of research. No amount of researching magic itself can disqualify you for second purpose ... researching history, on the other hand, can. At least I don't see any other way how to get the second purpose than finding some description of the meeting in historical books. Simple answer: sometimes he wants to be conspicuously a wizard (e.g. when he went on TV with the complete stereotypical outfit including staff) and sometimes he doesn't - but still wants spellcasting ability, just in case. So he probably ALWAYS has the ring with him, even when he isn't wearing it. I said wand, not staff. But good point, the ring would certainly be less conspicuous. On the other hand, there are other totally not conspicuous ways to hide wand ... like umbrella. Even high-power spellcasters may not have their spells on hair trigger. On the other hand, there may be magic users with problem like that ... Get to the queue. Let's see who is sad with that ... Magus. Ellen. Arthur, as it would allowed to catch him .... That could have resulted in Ellen returning the favor... Which could be funny but not fair. Magus's spell would be permanent, while Ellen's ... well, FV5 is designed to last month so it would probably take him some time to get rid of it, but still. He might also have some long-term enchantment raising his resistance on him, it might even be sideefect of the stoning spell. Just to add another option. On the other hand, I suspect that Magus's amplifying wasn't that strong to begin with. Considering we was out cold before Abraham cast the spell ... and ended up in hospital ...
  13. Story Monday May 21 2018

    No, but Arthur must have done some experimentation with his "quirk", even if it wasn't exactly the same way Tedd did, the results may have been similar. Hence the "it's possible Tedd reminded him his attempts at research despite him never getting anywhere with that research". Or in other words, not every experimentation is research ; for example, when Sarah was trying to find out what her spell is, it was experimentation, but she didn't get anywhere. Her later experimentation with her spell were also more for fun than for research ; and she got distracted in big way when she was supposed to focus on showing her spell to Tedd, and then didn't reported what she was doing truthfully ... luckily it didn't matter. (If it doesn't make sense I'll try again after sleeping ...)
  14. Story Monday May 21 2018

    But Arthur, as a Seer, is a "well of power". So while that ring may be a very small catalyst, Arthur should be able to use it anywhere, while other wizards might only be able to use it in high ambient energy areas or drain their own energy reserves. Dan tweeted as such: So maybe Arthur's "wizard with a quirk" was refering to the fact that he also figured out how to make catalysts that let him cast spells, but they either only worked for him or they ended up having very limited use by other wizards. Yes, I was copying what I wrote on tumblr before someone reminded seers being a well of power here. So I am aware that Arthur is able to do that. The question why he is using the ring instead of wand still remains ; even with plenty of power to spare, wouldn't wand be easier? Note his "Wizard with a quirk" is probably "Wizard except not being able to cast the spells directly and needing to put them to wand instead". This is obviously speculation, but Arthur doesn't look like researcher to me, AND his evaluation of Tedd was missing the option of him doing it; he basically said Tedd is the best researcher available, although it's just best from the three seers he knows of. Of course, it's possible Tedd reminded him his attempts at research despite him never getting anywhere with that research ; while Tedd found out how to make watches by himself, I think Arthur learned how to make wands by someone telling him how to do it or possibly reading about it. (Or by watching someone making wand, that would presumably also work.)
  15. NP Monday May 21 2018

    I'm comparing to NP, so out of canon as well. And Dan himself is calling it "Rhoda height and figure" ... Yes, but proportionally, so it shouldn't make her sexier.
  16. Story Monday May 21 2018

    Even if same rules would be in effect (which may not be true), their resistance would be higher due to higher exposure. Still, higher than ELLEN? I agree in general but regarding the specific case of Mr. Raven, I think the reason Abraham was unconvinced he can put him to sleep was related to his age and experience, not species. Note he said "The elf", not just elf. That's a great observation, thank you for sharing it! ... I though the ring being wand was given. Wasn't I talking about it being small wand? Oh, wait, that was on tumblr, seems I forgot to copy it here ... https://honza137.tumblr.com/post/174105734843/egscomics-door-time-story-swings-and-misses ... weird. I though the think expands tumblr. Or was it just twitter? Well ok: Considering Arthur as a seer doesn’t have any spells, he must be casting that AoE sleep from spell catalyst … and only thing visible which could be spell catalyst is his ring. So, quite small spell catalyst. Must be hard to cast from that … (I must admit I didn't remembered if he was wearing it before, though ... so, thanks for additional argument.) About as long as it will take him to check out the hidden cameras they will unquestionably have in a place like that. He may have seemed hair trigger but this had morphed from routine to major emergency; taking out everybody in sight by putting them to sleep and sorting them out later was actually by far not his worst possible move. 1) I think the cameras don't even need to be hidden. Although maybe they are to make the warehouse look even more abandoned. 2) If he was paying attention when reading their files, he may not even need to wait that long. As I already speculated. Although considering the situation, he's likely to look at the cameras anyway. Only problem is it would be too late to catch Magus, but I suspect it would be too late if they told him as well. The reason I suggested hiding in her clothes was that women generally complain their clothes lack pockets, they don't LOOK as having pockets and Kevin is pretty long for normal pockets anyway. He WOULD however fit into sleeve or just under jacket. He might claim to, but would they believe him? Hmmm ... even if Kevin wouldn't specifically talk about Ashley being wizard, almost anything he can say is likely to prompt scanning Ashley. Not speaking about the possibility they will scan all of them as part of verifying what happened. Which means I'm wondering more about if WE will find out the result than if they do it.
  17. NP Monday May 21 2018

    Maybe she just wants to look as herself ... until the final frame. In final frame, she is thinking it may be worth it. (Nanase is plenty of sexy in her own form. I agree that she looks sexy with "Rhoda" figure, but not that much more it would be worth not being herself.) (... also, is that really Rhoda figure? I don't think Rhoda is this sexy. Although maybe it's just the clothes. Because looking here, she's not so sexy after reset but before reset ... and pet kitty might not modify figure ... maybe ...)
  18. NP Monday May 21 2018

    ... stopped being mini. Almost turned to coat. Nah, it's little higher, look at the background.
  19. Story Monday May 21 2018

    ... that would be better, yes. Although I'm not sure if I notice where it's heading in advance. (It's obvious from hindsight ...) Also, I should really go to sleep already.
  20. Story Monday May 21 2018

    Yes, it is based on the assumption that your fantasies are superior to everybody else's. There was a reason I used the word 'playpen.' Your arguments belong there. This is what I refuse to do. I refuse to stop posting my "fantasies" just because whenever I do, you will accuse me of making them superior to others. You don't need to agree with them. If you make some argument I overlook, I may even change mind - or, if not that convincing, at least tone it down. I'm not likely to change mind if you ridicule it, in fact, I'm probably going to harden. With the "real dragon", you convinced me I said it incorrectly. Not this time. In fact, I'm second-guessing if it really was incorrect that time or if you were only one who understood it incorrectly. If you really want to teach me how to post speculations correctly, do it differently, this is not working. Not fair using words I don't know.
  21. Story Monday May 21 2018

    And I still refuse to submit to yours. You responded to my statement that I could perfectly understand why Ellen would want to hit Magus with a playpen-esque claim of "BUT MAGUS FLATTEN ELLEN WITHOUT TROUBLE NAAA NAAA MY DADDY CAN BEAT YOURS". If you don't like me giving you shit back, DON'T GIVE ME SHIT TO START WITH. In that case, Magus had good idea to not getting near her. Because I suspect if she would started with that, Magus would do something he would then regret and feel need to atone for. ... wait. Maybe not. Maybe he would be able to cast the "calm" spell quickly. Which might actually help Ellen in sorting out the emotions. And in not attacking person who have worse angry issues than her AND is actually trained to use magic in fight. You know, that "suspect" and "maybe" was there for a reason. But if you don't see the difference between that and "BUT MAGUS FLATTEN ELLEN WITHOUT TROUBLE NAAA NAAA MY DADDY CAN BEAT YOURS" ... Also, Ellen is even better example of being self-taught than Nanase, AND she doesn't even have hereditary talent, although being created by magic may supply one. Sure, my comparison of their power is speculation, but it is based on something. Magus doesn't need to be that powerful to flatten Ellen because Ellen is not that great. (Despite looking half-dragon for a moment and me liking dragons.)
  22. Story Monday May 21 2018

    Before he knew Seers were a thing, he thought he was a "wizard with a quirk". I think it's safe to say that he long ago decked himself out in all sorts of wand-like devices to enable him to cast an arsenal of spells. I don't think what Arthur can do is of any meaningful use in assessing what Magus might be able to do. Arthur is a seer. One established trait of seers is that they have enormous amounts of magic energy that they can put into the spells they cast (via wands), to the point that it had Pandora going on about Tedd having the power to bend worlds - plural - to his will. A seer being able to overwhelm someone's magic resistance doesn't really say anything about how anyone other than a seer might do. Good point. If Arthur is using that "power to bend worlds" here he would be definitely more powerful than Magus ... also, it might explain why is Terra usually beating Magus. Assuming she's also seer of course. ... unlike just age, which may not prove that much, giving that Magus can easily have better training. Yes, after junior high BATTLE MAGIC school. Or not, of course ... we don't know much about what training Arthur got. It was just speculation that he was jealous of Edward and Noriko being trained by Adrian. Unlike liberal art schools in our universe, battle magic school is teaching something which can be measured and I'm sure they wouldn't bother with school which is worse than being self-taught. So, Magus's claim of being better than Nanase is believable and he may even be better than older magic users with worse training in EGS universe. Hawk to mice, as Pandora said, comparing Magus to Edward and agent Wolf ... You really like to accuse me of stuff like this. However, I refuse to submit to your trick and I repeat that it's obvious he doesn't need to be demigod. Nor the seers are demigods - at least, they were not described that way, although you can say that any son of Zeus (formerly known as Jerry) could claim the title of demigod ...
  23. NP Monday May 21 2018

    And is beefy Nanase Susan's height? What's NORMAL Nanase height again? ... and the hair is even longer. Still not the longest Nanase had, so ... At this point, I would wonder if Rhoda is just playing or if she really forgot how Nanase looks. Although they DO visit same school ...
  24. Story Monday May 21 2018

    And surprising, considering he's both not field operative AND seer (therefore not having own spells). I suppose he used that ring to cast it. And yes, he managed to put Elliot and Ellen into sleep. Who were predicting Magus wouldn't be able to use his calm spell on Ellen? At this point, I would consider canon that Magus doesn't need to be an unbeatable demigod to flatten Ellen. Wait ... what was Ellen going to say? Elliot was going to say it's Arthur, he knows him from TV, but what Ellen? Magic resistance could render Sleep spells ineffective. I though Ellen has quite high magic resistance. Maybe they COULD put even Magus into sleep if he wouldn't be out of range already. Of course, no surprise Ashley is sleeping again. She will have problems sleeping in night after sleeping so much over the day ... I don't think they would be suspect. They have detailed files on them AND they didn't even raised the alarm obviously. He doesn't need them awake for that. "Is that Elliot? And Ellen. Of course. Where is the dewitchery diamond? Right. Quick, there must be another copy of those two getting away!" I wonder if THEY ever find out. It's also possible that will be information just for us (and Arthur). I wonder if the real reason he entered casting sleep wasn't exactly to disable any human present so they can safely start shooting anything which is still standing. Still wonder how will Kevin manage to stay with Ashley. Not saying anything might be big part of that. That and quickly hiding inside her clothes, they may forgot to search her.
  25. Story Wednesday May 16, 2018

    He is definitely Snoke. He has all these involved plans and they keep going exactly wrong. Palpatine's plans worked. At least until that goldarn Jedi returned. Voltaire assumed the total number of seers is close to total number of eligible seers. He was wrong by three orders of magnitude. Palpatine's only mistake was missing TWO Jedis out of thousands. Imagine if Palpatine executed order 66 and only few dozens Jedis were killed, with the rest arresting him and taking control of the Empire. That's how bad Voltaire is.