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  1. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    Let us all pray sincerely to whatever powers we believe in that Jack Snyder will never be pegged to direct a Pokémon movie. Darkness beyond twilight Crimson beyond blood that flows Buried in the flow of time .... ... on second though, maybe this wouldn't be the best deity to pray for LOW amount of property damage. Were you aware they've been pumping out at least one a year for the past twenty years? I don't think they're going to stop anytime soon. (Not that I've seen them all - the last one my sister bothered getting a copy of was the fourth one, and if it wasn't for watching them with her I probably would have stopped with the first or second.) Wikipedie says 21. Unbelievable that they still have something new to film about - oh wait no they don't.
  2. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    In the anime characters have been seen to resort to other means of violence--for example, in a scene deleted in the English-language version, James (the male out of the usual Team Rocket group) brandishes a handgun during a confrontation with the protagonists. ONCE. Also, you know, James is supposed to be small fish. Giovanni the team leader is the evil mastermind behind creating of Mewtwo. He never seem to use anything else than pokemons in his evil ways ... AND he uses Mewtwo for BATTLES in gym. He could easily use him for world domination. Ash doesn't seem to be only one who can survive deadly-looking pokemon attacks. The gun was supposed to be more effective, although I also question why. There is also unexpectedly low amount of property damage.
  3. Yes, this is more like the facial expressions and body language I would expect from specifically the "Pet Kitties" mental effect. I mean, sure, Susan and Diane were also cute, but not so much "pet". (Granted, real cats are rarely this much pet either, but ...) Hmm, I'm betting a major factor was finding a green that would complement rather than clash with Nanase's red. Actually, isn't Nanase's red also darker than usually? (Rhetorical question: of course it is)
  4. NP Monday August 13, 2018

    Oh, believable motivation for Diane. I thought all the fighting in this game was done through Grace-a-Monsters? *scratches head* Which, BTW, is pretty convincing proof that the "bad guys" don't mean it seriously. I mean, real bad guys don't play by rules, and the game battles are FULL of rules, so unless they are enforced by physical laws as in other RPGs ... ... it's the anime which doesn't make sense, because in anime physical laws seem to work normally. Relatively. Yes. Sarah totally missed the clue. Justin is ready for fight, Gracemander is ready for fight and she doesn't even have Grace out - who do she think they would attack? Obviously her.
  5. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    Oh god, I wonder if, when Gracesaur reaches her final metamorphose, anytime she uses those abilities(or whatever equivalent Dan gives her) she makes a "Breaking Bad" reference. Maybe. Anyway, I'm certain she doesn't need any outside chemical help to get into her state ... but that doesn't mean she isn't stoned. Similarly how Hypnograce can hypnotise herself.
  6. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    I am no huge Pokémon buff so I am not sure. Are they going to be some sort of Team Rocket parody? Obviously. We've seen that the Grace are able to form complete sentences, they may act kinda childish (their second tier forms seem a bit more mature compared to their starting form though) but it seems like you could hold a conversation with them. It's true that this wouldn't be that hard conversation topics. Yeah, don't make any drugs ... no poison powder, no sleep powder, no sweet scent ...
  7. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    So ... Justing talking to Gracemander is something like talking to cat, right? I mean, this sounds like something Gracemander might not really react to, although Graces seems more intelligent than pokemons (not counting Alakazam, who has IQ 5000 ... allegedly). Wasn't the point that even without poses allowing to easily compare their chest we would still be able to recognize them? Also, why Sarah wants to cause trouble? And why would Diane be horribly inefficient in it as we can expect based on what they are parodying?
  8. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    No. This is certainly Rhoda. Susan wouldn't smirk like this even if looking at Elliot. Also, Susan and earrings? She didn't care about Nanase "taking peeks" as Susan because Nanase got an eyeful of Susan when she first made the doll. Also Susan was uncomfortable with Nanase prodding herself, despite her blushing, she's still finds it awkward enough to protest, so I file that as evidence supporting my statement. ... right. She might not be entirely honest when saying she barely cares. It's seeing someone that looks like her doing "things" that would be the issue, like "that's my body in physical contact with stuff" even though it's not actually her. As I said, anxieties are not logical, yes. My whole point was that it's hard to say. In fact, Susan herself might not know until it happens ... hence the need for experiments. Though experiments, at least. Right. Got that backward. And I said almost identical and most obvious difference is from the growth spurt and hair color Susan get when awakening. But you know she would totally use it as a controlled environment for getting over her anxieties though. It's safe, private, and she can bail out if things get too much for her without having to worry about getting anyone else involved. I didn't said she wouldn't. Even if she would consider it risky, the temptation would be too much.
  9. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    On the other hand, she barely cares about Nanase looking at herself looking as Susan ... remember that her anxieties are not logical. But not DURING being used ... although ... ... ok. Obviously, Susan is doing solo "things" in shower. Which opens another angle of what she had issues with Little Nase seeing ... On one hand, why should it bother her what someone else is doing? On other hand, her reaction on Diane touching the wall ... which MIGHT've been worse because it was Diane, who is her grant ... niece and looks almost identical to her ... Susan is jealous of Sarah's "holodeck" because as Star Trek fan she knows what can be done with holodeck, nothing else necessary. You mean Rhoda in Susan's form, don't you? Big difference in behaviour.
  10. It's safe to say she wants to participate. There MIGHT be some reason why others wouldn't like her here ... although yes it's more likely it's her POV. Yeah, you can probably be certain that if Ashley is at the party, Elliot probably is as well, Susan and Justin are probably off reminiscing or something. ... right. Even if it should be "just girl party", Elliot has as much right to be there as Ellen - he even has dedicated party form And, obviously, Susan IS girl. Woman. Although regarding the reminiscing, well, Justin is not attracted to females and Susan is not attracted to anyone unless transformed ... and I'm not sure just girl form would be enough for that, it would probably needed FV5.
  11. Patreon Aug 7 2018 - Rhoda-Susan

    There may be other people having this fantasy but Catalina would certainly win by being first to imagine it, imagining it most often and being most red imagining it. Definitely though experiment worth doing. However, not sure if Susan will think about doing though experiments like this without someone talking about it. I mean, it took Diane's asking about her sexuality to do the first though experiment ... so, either someone will ask something related, or she would get some watching and then think about what else she would like to watch. Another line of though experiments - and possibly not only though ones - would involve her fairy. Fairies. Also, not sure if it would be warm-up for anything (although it may warm her up if the results are positive) but that doesn't matter. She doesn't need that much preparation for what to say. She would mostly need to get ready to listen ... and you can't really train that. Adrian Raven needs to think about what to say and what better not say.
  12. It definitely works here. Question is if its working OUTSIDE opportunities like this. Hmmm ... not counting Sarah, I'm not sure if they would really need to be enchanted for this - makeup and hairstyling might suffice. On the other hand, haircuts cost money, enchantment is free , and there might be invisible mental effect. Is this Grace's next birthday, or is that still scheduled to be "everyone FV5"?
  13. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    So, those are all transformed trainers? And noone is stopping for battle? I know, this could just be a callback to that, and I think there were a few time after that when Justin still had thoughts about Elliot. You mean there were a few times it was being shown ; because I suspect Justin is crushing on Elliot since he met him and didn't finished yet.
  14. Susan seems almost too serious for "fully embracing the mental effect" ... but hey, it's Susan, points for trying.
  15. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    Because while it LOOKS like fish's tail, the shape and mobility seem to be more similar to nagas. You know, the ones with serpent bottom half. Presumably "to be a very best like no one ever was, to catch them is his real test to train them is his cause". Seriously, this is still first generation, he won't be unbeatable before third.
  16. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    ... compared to this, the shrinking made sense. Ok, riding on back of small water pokemon WOULD be problematic due to waves, but still, why the technique you taught to Grace is transforming YOU? And regarding commentary: I though the reason Justin had always-on abs was, well, magic. I think that was just Misty's one who had that problem. As another exception it can't swim.
  17. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    Did Tedd do that? I don't recall the WoM stating that no one will be notified, Voltaire was notified and I think the same mechanic was used, yes Immortals are probably more sensitive to magic changing. Although judging by Pandora's recalled memoirs, it was just a feeling that something happened and didn't know why, Seers seemed like they'd be more sensitive to it. Technically, Tedd talked out WoM from doing reset, which would include telling everyone as mandatory sideefect. Not-a-reset doesn't include any requirements of notifications and it's likely WoM didn't WANTED to warn anyone it didn't NEEDED to. However, Voltaire wasn't notified. He was WAITING FOR IT and paid attention. While possible that others would notice something happened (especially immortals), I find unlikely seers who don't know about magic would realize what it was. ... something probably did caused the Uryuom to check the wand. I mean, it's unlikely he was testing it just to be sure every day for centuries. But it might've been some artifact suddenly activating.
  18. NP Friday 03 August, 2018

    Hmmmmm .... Most things are more comfortable than flying coach. I include the bench seats on a C-130 transport in that. I'm not sure how a bench seat on C-130 looks like, but I suspect there are few methods of torture actually used in middle ages more comfortable than flying coach. I don't think this is decidable. There were lot of shrinking without scale provided. For example, what is the scale here? Those "Wind Waker's rules" apparently involve shapeshifting, but that would be easy to explain even with pokemons, not speaking about Graces. However, why not try to just put fingers on wings where they SHOULD be? I mean ... ... unlike bat, who is using most of fingers to keep the wing shape, bird (or pterodactyl) could easily have several normal-shaped usable-for-plaing-games fingers somewhere in middle of wing. I think I even saw some anthropomorphic bird characters like that, but this kind of stuff is hard to search for ...
  19. https://egscomics.com/comic/sister3-309 So, Plan CM went much better than expected. On the other hand, I suspect plan A would also get much better than expected if the goal was to convince others laws need to be changed ... thousand seers would make sure about that. They would also make sure Voltaire would regret plan A but technically it would work. ... aaand, we finally see Helena and Demetrius, although still no answer to what they were doing during the attack on Adrian. We also see Hanma and two other immortals which certainly wouldn't be important later And I hope those are not supposed to be all immortals. Hmmm ... Pandora realized Susan and Diane are her descendants the moment she realized it's possible. Could other immortals also find their forgotten descendants or it's usually not so obvious?
  20. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    That reminds me of one of my favourite Peanuts strips ever. Isn't it part of the same test where the Physics question was "Describe universe ; give three examples"? EDIT: Wait, it clearly says "History test", as in "standalone history test". Sorry, my bad.
  21. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    Adrian was trying subdue Abraham, killing was a last resort, his yelling and then just tapping Abraham's shield was meant purely as a distraction tactic as was evident by Abraham forgetting that there were crows flying at him at that moment. Exactly. If you don't want to kill your opponent, you are not giving everything into the fight. Prepared? In what way? It's not like he'd have to meditate for a few hours to make sure his spells are ready at a moments notice. Susan has had a chest in her room for over 2 years, she didn't know she'd be fighting vampires when she went to meet with Diane and yet she had no problem summoning anything. Adrian had MSHS set up with wards well before Abraham showed up, if anything Adrian should be ready of anything at any time. It in general strikes me as odd that we've only seen his use illusions, crows and barriers despite him being a centuries old wizard. ... true. The wards definitely needed more maintenance than sword in chest. (Obviously HIS weapon summoning spell might work differently, but it's unlikely to need more maintenance.) Yes. He should have more magic. Considering Seers would be made aware of a system changes before, and told of the risk of letting magic be known, I understand how they might have tried to keep their identities secret. Semi-secret. I would assume every seer seek small trustworthy group of people he taught magic to. Oh yes THAT changed. Any seer who realize the secrecy around magic is going to end soon might consider ending it little sooner on his terms acceptable risk. Luckily, Tedd convinced magic to not tell them, so there are only two candidates for that (assuming Van won't decide for such career). If, however, all thousand seers will be activated and shortly after another reset happened with WoM giving up the secrecy ... I think Dan failed horribly in that "deliberately leaving open if the magic reset wouldn't be better alternative". Are you sure? It sure doesn't seem like he could have missed this, and he's not objecting, either. In my headcannon, until proven otherwise, they got together during the six month timeskip, after a lot of flirting/shiptease. ;-) With the commentary below the comics (ANYWAY, panel one of this comic is what ultimately made me decide to officially declare this storyline canon. For reasons.), this is either suggesting she's mind-controlling him or that the progress of their relationship is something Dan wanted to show.
  22. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    While learning the spell is likely, I'm not really sure Adrian would have taught her. Sure, the ability to summon weapons is an innate ability for anyone in Pandora's bloodline, but have we actually seen Adrian summon anything besides a flock of birds*? His fight with Abraham had him using a physical sword that was made to be concealed as a cane which Adrian probably bought from a legitimate shop at some point in his life. And when the vampires attacked the mall, he borrowed Susan's sword. If Adrian could summon weapons, why didn't he do so? I don't believe for a moment that he wouldn't have his own chest of various weapons and tools just in case if he was capable of summoning them. Adrian was raised to be as powerful as he could possibly be. However, he is also limited by being elf. Also, look as this attack with sword. He's not giving everything into his fight with Abraham and possibly even can't due to Abraham being human. It is possible that due to limited opportunity to use such spell he doesn't have it prepared. Or he may be borrowing Susan's sword to keep her from harm. Seems he has experience with such kind of swords. I must admit I would expect better fighting abilities from him, including more spells. But lack of training might explain that. Or, well, there is the meta explanation. It's also possible Adrian taught Noriko some basic spell and then she got upgrades by using it. Actually, even Susan already got upgrade to her sword. Adrian likely don't because of limited training opportunities, which makes sword he can summon weaker than Susans. At least Wizards can learn spells modified by Seers, that might make Seers even more dangerous, and a hot commodity if people learned about that aspect. might make -> makes ; if -> when Seers being hot commodity when they actually teach spells to wizard is nothing new. It's USUALLY happening just for limited time after reset - and possibly BEFORE reset as well, assuming at least one reset was caused by seer exploiting his abilities. However, being hot commodity is not exactly compatible with secrecy, and most seers are not aware they can do that.
  23. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    Having a mix of Immortal ancestry (due to wizards mating with wizards over generations) it's possible that there's a big roulette wheel of innate talents that Nanase would have spun when she was conceived, genetic traits can be random, innate talents could be as well. Also Nanase's spells have been based on the type of person she is, she may still get the ability to summon weapons at some point, but the magic she got was first base on what her martial arts training gave her, and everything since was a mix of her desire to hide certain aspects of her life (which she doesn't do as much anymore) and protecting people, it's possible that Nanase either hasn't tapped into her innate talent yet, or her talent is other summoning like the Fairy Doll and Fox and possibly the Guardian Form. Hmmmm ... I would say it's possible to have multiple innate talents, but you have point that you can only have ONE first spell. It's entirely possible Nanase has weapon summoning talent and it just isn't strong enough to actually give her some spell because the other stuff had priority. Also, yes, it IS possible that Noriko has the talent and just Nanase doesn't. It is however also possible - and even likely - that she learned that spell as a wizard FROM ADRIAN WHO WAS TEACHING HER. Remember that seers are a rare type of wizard that don't get inmate spells. Conversely, most wizards should have inmate spells. Yes. ... well, ok, innate spells. Susan's acquisition of fairy spell was mixup of her own spell with Nanase's. Noone mentioned is supposed to be wizard and their spells look quite different. Even if there would be some subconscious element of copying, it would be something else than wizards who are able to learn spell exactly and deliberately. In fact, we still don't know if wizards CAN modify spell. We know that SEERS can, but that can be part of their dangerous rarity. Maybe ordinary wizards are LIMITED to copying spell exactly.
  24. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    That would no longer be just fratricide. More like genocide. ... World War I,II and several other wars explained.
  25. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    What if there's something special about Noriko specifically? It's a pretty big coincidence that she was able to give birth to two Seers with different fathers, what if her genetics are such that she really only needed someone with any amount of Immortal ancestry to produce a Seer? Edward, Susan's father, heck even Sarah's father (purely hypothetical of course) But that ties in to there being more to her ancestry than we know. Even if that's true, it could still be pure chance. (Yes, it is possible that Noriko alone has like 90% of necessary genes ... would explain while genetics is so reliable in her family.) It's not likely THIS would be what Will of Magic was explaining to Van. Adrian Raven fathered his first kid a long time ago, so it is quite possible that our Grace got some of her DNA from that same kid (like Susan) through the original Grace. ... not just possible, the chance is quite big IMHO. "Blessed", right. I think Noriko's family is old enough for the legend to actually mention the ancestor BEING a god or rather 神, Kami. Possibly also having a form of nine-tailed fox. Looking at mythology, the idea of someone being child of god seems much older that the idea that gods might help someone just because they like them without any sex being involved. However, monster hunters notwithstanding, Nanase doesn't show any signs of weapon summoning talent, which would suggest the immortal who founded that family wasn't Pandora. Unless Nanase is exception and Noriko totally have that talent.