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  1. Yes. I didn't meant it as complete list but I failed to indicate it.
  2. I wouldn't be so sure she meant it literally. Nioi knows him well and thinks this is not the case ... of course, she may be naive. Prometheus was Titan, not mortal. And Adam ended much better than Lilith, his first wife. But otherwise yes., the concept of gods fearing humans will surpass them is very old.
  3. Maybe Voltaire is meant to be manifestation of Order? (He doesn't necessary be GOOD in it. Pandora is nowhere near as chaotic as she claims.)
  4. Sigh ... you still didn't get it? Are you Christian? Then it must be Christian God, obviously. Are you Jew? The it must be יהוה, obviously. Are you Muslim? Then it must be Allah, obviously. Are you Hinduist? Then ... ok, actually I'm not sure about this one. Are you atheist? Will of Magic and her flair for the dramatic, obviously. Are you agnostics? We will never know. DAN WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING CLOSER OUT OF FEAR OF ANGERING PART OF READERS. PS: Of course, in your case it will be Horus. Unless it's obviously Ra.
  5. Considering she normally CANT copy abilities it must differ at least little.
  6. I would hope we will see what's the idea with the wand but yes it does feel like there will be scene change. Not yet. I don't think he can copy Grace's ability to talk with animals and noone else does. Funny her son doesn't take it that way. I suppose you mean "Challenge rating 5?!" as that's hard to forget. But there were more cases for sure.
  7. That's not how it could work. But I agree that it seemed like she's copying her normal form at start ... except the guardian form don't really change how you look, it only raises brightness and that may already count as ability.
  8. No, aberrations don't count as people and everyone wants them dead.
  9. Forgot about that. Seconding that.
  10. On hindsight, making Copy and Scan work differently is easiest way to close the infinity repeat loophole. And with magic trolling Ellen with white hair, it's completely possible this is the in-story reason why it doesn't work as well, despite the similarities of those two spells. Would be interesting if Tedd can look at those two spells and make Scan which doesn't have this limit. I mean, Tedd is supposed to be able to modify spells, it would be very hard to explain why he can't do this ... BTW, WHY did Dan spend time drawing the wings in new style just for this expla - wait. We will see more guardian form Nanase in main story soon, right? Also, WHO in story will be hiding who they are under transformation? Rhoda again?
  11. np

    He said he INTEND four more comics and that was BEFORE the edit about retcon. With correct questions, we can keep this storyline forever My question got answered as well, I mean I also asked about that but I formulated it differently so it probably wasn't the one Dan was answering.
  12. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=644 Wait ... HOW did Ellen copied Cheerleadra then? (Not talking about guardian form, as THAT was obviously exception.) Still ... I sort of expected this. It's easier way to get out of the problems than the alternative.
  13. This is what I suspected until Hecka's most recent revelation. Upon the reset of an Immortal, the not-fully immortal children of said immortal would become mortalish. They would have less magic, but the ability to reproduce. Heka revealed the reproduction is not the case, but their lifespan might STILL be limited by their parent resetting. Susan and Diane are not Adrians daughters but at least granddaughters. If you don't count werewolves as people, at least. "Restraining bolt" isn't how I would call it, but yes, he is certainly important ... Pandora clearly said he's Tedds-- ... But was he weirdness magnet from birth or only from becoming friend with Tedd?
  14. She might not actually require any reason to behave inconsistently. The conflicting feelings are very similar, but she has losing sanity on top of it. As others have said, they don't get the continually growing power, sharpening memory, and near-clairvoyance, but I think there's more to it than that. An elf is still living life one day at a time, like anyone else, meeting new friends as they loose touch with old ones, perhaps raising children even if they (think they) can't have them themselves, seeing them grow up and leave to make their own lives. Working and having colleagues and friends. No traveling to the other side of the planet on a whim, no weeks-long naps, no disappearing into other planes of existence. Elves stay grounded, they stay a part of society, they stay close to other people. Technically, we don't know if (young) Jerry can travel to the other side of the planet easily OR if Adrian doesn't have spell allowing him to do that. The other planes of existence would be more important, but even with such abilities one can remain grounded. I think it's actually the restrictions of immortal law which makes so hard for immortals to stay close to other people and become part of society. Still, even with those restrictions, Pandora got pretty close to that when with Blaike. So ... maybe it's more about choice and what you consider normal? I think that even elves who decide to stay out of society won't get insane as fast as full immortals, but on the other hand they likely won't remain stable as long as Adrian Raven. And one additional point: even if elves go insane, their limited power makes them less dangerous. Immortals going insane can ignore immortal law and make lot of damage before they will be forcibly reset. Again, we've only seen one elf, unless there are others who don't know they're elves. I can think of two candidates. We saw at least ten people descendent from fairies, but only one is known to be in first generation and I find very unlikely we have candidates for more. Susan and Diane being possibly related to Adrian specifically instead of some unknown immortal won't make them more elvish.
  15. You don't have any kids, do you? No. I still think her problems with focusing are bigger than mortal parents's.
  16. Actually, she may not realize that normal (mortal) parents don't have that much problem with staying focused ... Pandora has unique strategy for therapy: she's so obviously unstable that the people in need of therapy would feel more stable in comparison. One doesn't negate the other. I'm sure Tedd still needs hugs, but Pandora needs them more. Hmmm ... I think this reason was already mentioned, but not recently ... Well, her profession WOULD draw dangerous attention to Tedd. Actually it already did. Only codswallop bit is the idea that leaving will help with this. Tedd will be target because he's important for her - that will NOT change by her being on different continent. It is also possible that she had this reason, mentioned it to Edward, they started to argue and then it went downhill from that ... Yup, sounds like better strategy if you think about it logically. Of course, logical thinking is scarce when feelings are involved ... I dunno, it might be easier to let go if you could see your descendants spreading out across the world, than it would be to say goodbye to your only child, knowing your love for him would be forgotten....and especially if there were hard feelings and misunderstandings between you! ... again, logical thinking is scarce when feelings are involved. Lying to their future incarnation might SEEM like good idea under the mental and emotional strain ... But, that assumes he knows he's fated to fail no matter what he tries. He reasonably took actions to remove himself from the prophecy. Now, short of suicide, since that seems like the last report, how about taking vows to nevery marry and never kill; chastity and pacifism seem more reasonable than suicide and would have been stronger ways to avoid his fate. Granted, even being a pacifist, it's possible he might have been responsible for killing someone, but accidentally marrying? That would take some serious manipulation on the part of the Fates. The point of the story is that you can't avoid fate. Maybe the harder you are trying the harder fate responds. Being forced to marriage CAN happen ; also, no vow would help you if you lose memory later. Maybe not even suicide would help him. We are used to not being able to change the past, but fated future might be just as hard to change as past. From Jerry, it appears to be that with perfect memories and increasing intelligence, Immortals become almost clairvoyant, able to predict the actions of others, leading to boredom that seems to lead to insanity. Combined with increasing power, that becomes dangerous. I would hazard to guess that elves don't have perfect memories and/or the continually ramping up of intelligence and power. They might get more powerful with age, but not more intelligent and the speed of power increase would be much lower, because it would be just based on experience and training, while for Immortals it seems like their power automatically keeps growing even without them doing anything. ... that might help too.
  17. We have a special exception in law saying that pedestrians on crossing have NOT precedence over streetcars/trams. It's because unlike cars, which can hit the brakes and stop on several meters, streetcars would by able to stop so quickly only by hitting another streetcar positioned perpendicularly. For some reasons, lot of people have problems remembering that part of the law. Although the numbers of such people are declining.
  18. np

    The "Copy" spell ALWAYS targets Ellen - unlike the "Paste" one.
  19. Considering his (lack of) abilities to solve the problem, it might be best reaction.
  20. np

    Actually rethought things, it wouldn't be a trio of Graces, it'd be FV5'd Grace with a pair of FV5'd Gracelyns. Spells don't ALWAYS merge and there was no "Gracelyn" or "Ellen" spell. If the Guardian form is now in Ellen's spellbook, Dan should be covering that before the end of this arc, but I'm not expecting it. Hmmm, he totally should mention it, yes ...
  21. Not even because of school project? Also, they might be living close. (Although I must say that the general idea of not being able to get anywhere without car is hard for me to understand, especially combined with people too young to drive or not having own car.) I repeat: if Sarah's parent knew, it would be SIMPLE and LOGICAL for them to call school and reported her as sick. Only explanation why they didn't is that they didn't know, or at least didn't know soon enough. So, either Sarah and Tedd met on morning, or the sleepover was arranged before the accident.
  22. np

    Unlikely. Hmmmm .... didn't Dan somewhere compared it to Susan's mixing her magic and Nanase's fairy? Or was it just us comparing it? Anyway, "this time" ... it is possible the spell was actually being added in Ellen's spellbook, so she can now cast it even WITHOUT copying Nanase. That she actually obtained the spell similarly as Nanase obtained it in dramatic way. Definitely sounds OP, yes. Or it could be some actual god. Heka, for example. ... ok, Will of Magic sounds more likely, but it is a possibility.
  23. That's a good question, I would think that since the incident obviously took place at Tedd's, it would have to happen after school rather than in the morning. I'm guessing Sarah had to stay overnight and Edward may have had to call her parents with an excuse for Sarah staying overnight... Again, they could excuse her from school then. While normal people go to school immediately after waking up, it's possible Tedd and Sarah were supposed to go to school together with Sarah picking up Tedd (because Tedd lives closer) and they had enough time before school Tedd could transformed her. She technically also got paid by Pandora for being Tedd's friend. Tedd and Sarah certainly became closer after she started helping him with his experiments, and I'm pretty certain Pandora noticed. That's bonus she had no idea of when started working with him ... but yes, it's possible Pandora noticed Sarah more because of the assistant job ...
  24. They insisted on someone who is over 18 ... what that indicates? ... if they noticed, why didn't they excused her from school? We don't know how long the incident took ; maybe they didn't noticed. Nanase's mom both knows much more and hides much more. (Although, she might not lie in this case ; seriously, paranormal diplomacy? That's not easy-to-understand job description ... )
  25. First time meeting an immortal... I think walking through the table wasn't helping. Apart from the "space whale" this is the first supernatural being he has met, and having her walk though the table probably had him thinking about ghosts and spirits, maybe even vampires rather than immortals at first. Tedd likely knows about vampires from Susan's description and walking through stuff was not included. Very good question. She is being paid in unimaginable power. She already got multiple watches from it. Of course, they have limited resell value ... His allowance MIGHT been classified as salary in DGB's records