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  1. NP Wednesday November 22, 2017

    The sentence was likely "But Rhoda always acts like this when part animal".
  2. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=696 So Susan IS under influence of Ditzy effect, she just resists it very well. Also, Playtesting is getting to be answer for everything. "It will be installed in Tuesday".
  3. Story: Wed Nov 22 2017

    You're ascribing Ashley with Susan/Diane levels of deductive ability here.... Also very good memory. She may not remember what Tara said exactly now ... in fact, her comment about "Princess power" might be more "not remembering exactly" than "telling it in funny way". That means he must have manipulated Grace since she was the one that did the searching and found out about the diamond. As I said: Maybe he didn't and was just lucky Grace did what he suggested. On the other hand ... More like a side effect. Mood-altering drugs come with them, so why not mood-altering spells? Extreme honesty has been a feature of Ashley's from the beginning, and also courage. Remember, she was running toward the center of the mall, exactly the opposite from what Elliot told her to do so she would be safe. Telling Magus and especially Sirleck the Vampire she hoped they would die horrible deaths if they didn't leave Elliot and Ellen safe fits both of those qualities. And I don't think it's an accident Dan didn't have Ashley say anything about her own safety. There is also that bit that Ashley is not mind controlled in traditional sense. Magus did specific alteration on her and has no additional control - it could easily make Ashley more dangerous to him. It's the situation which makes calm person "safer" - namely the fact that calm person is unlikely to do something which has low chance of success. Susan is explaining that the pheromones stop being given off after a while; Ellen might never have had any because Elliot might have stopped giving them off before he touched the Dewitchery Diamond. This doesn't mean that Elliot never had them. Exactly. My thinking as well. In fact I began to suspect that when Sirleck/Ellen avoided the racoon in the road. Sirleck may have blamed Ellen's muscle memory, but unless Ellen has had to dodge a lot of things in the road I wouldn't expect her body to react to something in the road through muscle memory alone; I would think that some part of her mind (maybe conscious, maybe subconscious) would have to make the judgment "this is a thing I do not want to run into/over" first (even if that judgment is made in a split second). I was already commenting that Sirleck must be using more of Ellen's brain than just muscle memory. One possibility: Ellen is magically created. It gives her an advantage with energy buildups; it might also give her an edge when it comes to magic resistance. What Mr. Verres says in the second panel on this page seems to support that. Sirleck had many hosts, but we don't know if ANY of them was awakened. Elliot's magic resistance was better than average person even back when he was "just" trained ASMA. So, Ellen is awakened AND created by magic. ... also, Sirleck might felt his hosts having some reactions before and might just be confused because he doesn't realise what Magus is saying would make Ellen angry. Let's not assume that in a universe with magic, magic isn't part of every human. We've never seen Sirleck use anything like a spell yet, so it seems reasonable to assume he's never had a host with usable magic Such assumption would be provably false as Tedd specifically said normal person has next to none spell resistance. I would however not suppose this would mean trouble to Magus ; Magus is using entirely different method of control AND has more experience with magic. And unlike Sirleck, we got NO hint that his control might be slipping. Also, no matter how funny could Heidi taking over be, she's NOT ACTIVE now. Unless Magus casts the secret identity form spell, we won't have chance to see what their modified personalities do to him. (I would however assume that they wouldn't allow Elliot to take over - they will simply affect Magus the same way they affect Elliot.) Finally, note that there is possibility Elliot wouldn't resist because he agrees with Magus plan.
  4. NP Wednesday November 22, 2017

    Except Susan is NOT resisting consciously. She's resisting subconsciously just fine. I would add that Hanma said she had trouble with the effect, which can mean she was unable to actually implement the increase. Calling it "complicated effects" also mean that other effects are simpler and likely don't increase at all. However ... it is possible that her original idea was EXACTLY the insidious mind control Pharaoh RutinTutin is suggesting ... for balance, of course.
  5. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    I find more likely that Lord Tedd is doing the selecting in very nonrandom way, leaving just Magus and Terra as truly random ... and maybe not even that, as there may be some reason why Magus ended on world where his alternate exists. Note however, that there may be some correlations - like, universe with recognizable Tedd may have high probability of Elliot's existence. Or maybe all universes with Tedd and no Elliot have Tedd so withdrawn he doesn't need to be targeted (Lord Tedd universe is exception because Elliot WAS there).
  6. Story: Wed Nov 22 2017

    Let's just assume that Elliot told Ashley at some point that the boy--or at any rate the person--with the purple hair who was sitting with Susan and Sarah was Tedd and that Tedd was a good friend. It is also possible that Ashley actually knew who Tedd was before her first appearance since Elliot hangs around Tedd at the school they all go to. ... right, Ashley might not even know TEDDs name ... On the other hand, explaining who he is wouldn't really help here, would it? That was due to Elliot's pheromones. Which were even stronger originally (THAT was retconned) ...
  7. Story: Wed Nov 22 2017

    I'm starting to like calmed Ashley. Funny like Magus is saying "Tedd's father" because he correctly guessed Ashley would not know him by name but id didn't occurred to him Ashley has no idea what TF gun is ... Aaand confirmation that Dan didn't had Magus planned at time of writing the story. And obviously neither Sirleck, so that bribing of that guard was later idea as well. Also note that while Magus is taking responsibility for influencing "people" when planning going for dewitchery diamond, with what we saw about his efficiency it might've happened anyway. Oh, and about Pandora's plan: actually, I think it was pretty good plan. I mean, sure, it was optimized for being interesting, not for success, but given the possibility of multiple tries the chance of failure wasn't THAT big ... if Elliot wouldn't be protected by Helena and Demetrius or Magus got better idea how to distract them than using Sirleck. That's VERY good question. And Adrian's intercession might not exactly help. Still, there is fair chance Edward would allow that anyway.
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2424 This was VERY rich on answers: 1) Sirleck can't drive. Ellen is driving. (Very funny how surprised he was to avoid a raccoon.) 2) Ellen will sleep after he releases her ... ok, this isn't really new. 3) Even Sirleck prefers leaving Ellen (and others) alive, not because of ethic or something but out of fear. 4) Nanase wasn't send somewhere specific. They only wanted to have her far away. (Totally predicted that.) 5) Ashley remembers what griffins said about Nanase being royalty. 6) Magus things he's better than Guardian form ... 7) Rules for magic are universe-specific, but you can take your rules with you ... somehow. BTW, to answer Dan's question, cars for on principle of lot of small explosions pushing some gears which move the wheels. No horses are involved. Also, I'm not sure how big raccoons are (I don't believe Woo is reliable example) but generally you don't want to hit animals because they can damage your car. At least European cars are not build to ram animals, although American SUVs might be different ...
  9. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    In finite multiverse, no way. Problem with alternates is that divergences multiply itself. Butterfly effect and stuff. Your birth depends not only on your parents, but on ALL your ancestors having sex together, despite lot of them having lot of other options. And even in infinite universe, unless you specifically SEARCH for those alternates, you are much more likely to NOT find them. Of course, lord Tedd WAS searching ... It's even worse in those "evil duplicate" universes. In universe where good people are evil and evil people are good, completely different people will die and the universes diverges very quickly. True. On the other hand, there was specifically said there are more laws than mentioned, and we don't know about such law NOT existing either. 1) They were not "officially" paired. This was like homework - related to school (and on school facility), but done after school. 2) Terra's abilities in creating artefacts wouldn't influence her combat abilities. They may be comparable in combat. Or 3) Terra's SHOULD be better but isn't because she's not using all her potential. No, I wasn't saying it doesn't make sense. For example, it just occurs to me that there may be other conditions for reset in Magus' universe such that a seer is required to rediscover the rules. Perhaps if the usage of Magic becomes too unbalanced in some other way? ... isn't this what I said? Anyway, yes. Maybe we (I mean, EGS) just don't have anything they want and can't get closer. Not even enlightenment. And travelling between universes might be harder than Nioi make it look. Or when the level of ambient magic drops, he may find his own spell-casting ability affected.....guess I'm curious now how far out of town they're headed! He will definitely be affected. Question is how much he expects this and how much energy he has "stored". Huh. I and my friends did not use that interpretation. Partly it was because of the dramatically increasing amount of time it took to memorise spells, I think. If one of our level 12 wizards had expended all their spells it took them eighteen hours of effort to memorise them all anew. According to the rules, you could only spend eight hours a day on memorising spells before you tired too much to maintain the effort. Thus, at that point, it took us three days to go from empty to full. Losing everything overnight would have made that impossible, obviously. It got worse at higher levels. I can not remember precisely how long it took him but there was this 30th level NPC wizard in the campaign. We worked out that if he fired off everything he had, it would take him around half a month to recover everything he had spent. Even if you wouldn't get tired of that, it seems crazy to spend so long time memorising spells just for them to vanish over night. If that's how it's supposed to be played someone didn't really though about it or didn't playtested it. (On the other hand, I'm that person who thinks that magic SHOULD be powerful and that trying to balance non-magic fighter and wizards makes the game less fun if not completely unplayable. Like, wizards have more fun with more magic, fighters have more fun with subconsciously magic based abilities similar to what people do in anime like jumping ten meters high. Well ... anime and StarWars )
  10. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Otto von Bismarck said that one is better off not knowing how two things are actually made: sausages, and laws. Obviously he had no experience with programming of critical systems (like airplane or nuclear power plant).
  11. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Hmmm ... it's true that I was speculating on this topic in past ... While true, EGS can hardly avoid that when it already shown beta Tedd and Lord Tedd. At that point, alternate universe NOT having alternates of know characters would be the less expected option, no matter how unlikely it is in general. I just hope Dan doesn't have some alternate hidden on the other half of EGS universe at least. I do. Immortal law. It would make sense if deliberately impersonating other immortal would be prohibited because most immortals would hate if someone did it to them. Also, while Pandora changes form without any effort, other immortals seems limited. It doesn't make sense considering their body is not from real matter, but we can't be sure immortals are ABLE to impersonate each other without lot of experience. (Of course, Voltaire MIGHT have this level of experience.) Really? Send me a copy of your revised Overwatch program which allows you to summon a million-carat flawless purple diamond shaped like Napoleon's hat that gives you unlimited shots against orcs wearing clown noses, propeller beanies, and swim fins, or at least a screen shot. Sorry, already have full-time job. But if I get fired, we can talk about that idea and how much it would cost you. Sure, getting people to agree on something is usually easier than explaining (meaning: programming) something to computer. It's even harder when game is not supposed to have support for modding and you need to hack it in. But it is possible and it was already done multiple times. And if you try to get congress to agree on something logical, you may realize that programming is not that difficult. (For nice example, look at https://www.ttdpatch.net/: that's binary patch making extensive modifications of game which was not supposed to be modded.) Interesting thought. I presume that Magus' universe might have Immortals, but they might be constrained by their set of non-interference rules. Still, Voltaire or AU-Voltaire could have manipulated an enemy of Magus to commit the sabotage. Still, if Terra were like Tedd and was a seer, then removing Magus might traumatize Terra, but to what purpose? In Elliot's universe, Magic wants to be scarce and is threatening to reset. Voltaire wants Tedd unable to perform some function of being a seer so he impose his own rules. There may be other reasons for magic wanting to reset in Magus's universe ; we have no idea what objectives that universe magic has. And the rules Voltaire wants to impose are likely not something any sane seer would define. Alternatively, maybe A.U. Voltaire wants Terra destabilized just as revenge on A.U. Pandora for something ... Ok, maybe it doesn't make as much sense as I though, but the idea our universe Pandora did it is not so sound either.
  12. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    No magic that Magus knows about, no magic that she knows about... but no magic? Do you think even Pele could kick something into an angry airborne griffin? Perhaps we should keep in mind that Pandora wanted to give Ashley a mark more than two months before the encounter with said griffin, and six days post-griffin to think that maybe there is an excuse to give Ashley a mark. Pandora was quite busy during those six days. Even if she did marked her, it's still too early for Ashley to build up any magic resistance. No. Alternates are not identical - note that Terra is girl and Nanase might be completely missing. Also, Magus might be wizard because of different rules. And, maybe he's not using the word wizard in "correct" sense anyway. Based on the way Pandora was "helping" him, it's entirely possible she caught him, warned Edward and then waited some time before finally showing herself to Magus. As Tedd said, there is so much magic around them they would likely already learned some spell. But ... yes, that makes it unlikely but not impossible. ... he didn't really had any opportunity to TEST his magic did he? Wait. How would the prepared spells survive all those years on astral plane and change of body? Did you consider the possibility that others might simply consider the little we know about magic in EGS too little to build any set of rules on that? If that's possible at all ; remember that in EGS, magic's flair of drama is real thing influencing spells. The rules might be deliberately constructed in way making RPG hard to create. What Ellen is saying about her spells tells more about what ELLEN knows about magic than about the real rules. And cool down times are TYPICAL for computer games. Also, cool down times makes obvious Ellen is not using Vancian magic, although obviously that doesn't mean Magus doesn't; after all, he's using different rules. You only need to get the computer players agree on that. Obviously, you can't explain it to him in English, but assembler might work. (Also, you CAN do that in Doom ... or Fallout 3, or Minecraft ...)
  13. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Did he command Ashley not to run? Or even to stay put? No and I even commented how not running from running car is pretty calm thing to do. You think he would be more hawk if he did? What are you complaining about? My angle was that so far he seems powerful, capable of playing with other humans. Granted, Ashley is only human he's playing with now, and she doesn't have any magic, so no wonder she can't resist. Well you somehow missed the bit where Magus needed Ellen to hit specifically Elliot. Might not be BIG foreshadowing but it is another argument (in addition of their similarity) for the connection and I'm sure it was mentioned in those discussions on forum.
  14. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    OF COURSE everything we saw in "T-Minus, A Demon Ally" happened on the same day. What I'm saying is that the scene depicted here is NOT scene where Sirleck is taking over the rich old man. HE WAS ALREADY POSSESSING HIM BEFORE THAT. We only see him in last frame because that's only frame which is from astral plane.
  15. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Magus doesn't seem very much like a hawk to the human mice, does he, particularly to the human mouse in the back seat now. You mean to the mouse he enchanted to be calm and not try to run? You mean she will get sooo much unexpected consequences just when being surprised stopped being her top priority?
  16. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Except that "meanwhile" doesn't show the point where Sirleck took over the dying old man ; it was the point where the old man died. He had him possessed before ... how do you think Magus found him? Wait. That still makes possible Sirleck took over the guard ; if the old man only died at this point, Sirleck had option to leave him before that.
  17. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Also confirmed lot of other things, like Terra being A.U. Tedd, Magus being A.U. Elliot (ok, that was expected already), Magus and Terra being in school, Magus's artefact not being cheating, Voltaire being jerk (at least that example immortal LOOKS like Voltaire) ... Wait. If Terra is A.U. Tedd and Magus A.U. Elliot, does this makes Terra dangerously unstable the way Tedd would be without Elliot? Forget Pandora: Voltaire - or A.U. Voltaire - is top suspect for the sabotage ... Hmmm ... so mermaids are dangerous predators ... and dragons are apparently considered monsters and not just enemies, suggesting negotiations failed ... Jerry was too experienced to be seen at that point. Nanase would be man in his universe. If there is, she's nowhere near as good at killing dragons as Lucy's game character is. If dragons are compared to tornadoes, it means they are capable of doing heavy damage to CITY, and that's before team capable of killing them or at least drive them away arrives ... or DURING the fight. With the team consisting of battle mages throwing fireballs. I don't think such dragons are soloable. Maybe by legendary monster hunter with long family history ... It IS Magus and it refers to the powers he has NOW when he has body. Voltaire wasn't egg before, he hardly changed since then.
  18. NP Monday November 20, 2017

    Soo, Susan is less ok with someone who looks like her acts out of character than Dan is? Explains lot about her meeting with Diane Also, considering Susan wanted to make sure the game is about consent and the relevancy of consent ditzified person gives ... we shouldn't be surprised so much.
  19. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    The guard told them when he let them out his superiors told him to. Whether or not he was telling the truth is an unanswered question. Perhaps after thinking it over he thought it was better to let them go than to report Elliot got in despite the guard's vigilance. Or maybe "his superiors" were really Sirleck. Whatever, they were let go; maybe Dan will explain further someday. It also set up the joke Elliot made about Ellen finding her way because, since she isn't a man, she can ask for directions. Already edited my comment, it WAS Edward: However ... on second though ... Sirleck didn't NEEDED them free. Especially if the plan was that Ellen will end up in holding cell as well - or that she will put Magus into Elliot immediately and Magus will quickly touch the diamond again and escape. It is entirely possible the guard accepted the bribe for letting the kids get inside and let them spend some time alone with diamond on the condition he can arrest them afterwards and make sure they are not taking anything out. Sirleck would accept that condition. The guard might not understand why but if the bribe was big enough he may not care.
  20. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    A good point as far as it goes, but I wasn't suggesting that Sirleck should have possessed him back then. Now is another matter, though, isn't it? Of course NOW it's another matter. Especially considering he no longer has access to his money, unless he has it as cash. The important question is what exactly he bribed the guard for. It PROBABLY was something making the already minimal security even smaller, but was it PRESENTED that way? The most weird thing happening was the diamond being presented on second floor instead of somewhere in box, although Tedd being allowed inside is definitely second. Maybe the bribe was for allowing someone to come look on the diamond, but with supervision of that guard, so what Tedd and Elliot did was still not allowed. Or, yes, maybe the guard accepted the bribe but didn't wanted to actually commit to the terms. Also, third weird thing? Them being let out. While this might've already be done by Edward, perhaps it wasn't. Maybe it wasn't ONE bribe, or perhaps Sirleck actually called with "some details" which made the guard change mind and let Elliot go. EDIT: Wait ... Edward said it was him. Nevermind. To put it more generally: Sirleck bribed the guard based on assumption of what will Elliot do. Guard putting Elliot and Tedd in holding cell might be result of them not behaving according to those assumptions. From my end, I got the notification of your post after I posted. I assume my post went on a different stack than yours. I think what happened was that my post WAS earlier but the notification about it got delayed so you only saw it afterwards. If that happens, I will be very disappointed if Dan doesn't have GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! in the comic or at least in his commentary. Wouldn't really fit in the comic. Commentary, though, really should include it.
  21. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Nyerguds suggested "Pretty Useless". If you suggest he possessed him, remember that possessing him would mean the old rich man would die meanwhile. Tour. It was definitely tour. There is no enchantment at work. Would be against everything we know about the diamond. But neither is likely to happen before Magus touches the diamond. Also, it would be part of battle, so not so disappointing. Ashley kicking the diamond on Sirleck and killing him (and possibly destroying the diamond) while everybody else is busy fighting would actually be funny enough I would consider possible it will happen. Are you sure? According to server times, I made it 320 seconds before you. Not sure how could the system make that big difference. More likely, my post was already on server and you just didn't saw it because you didn't reloaded ... ... unless you mean there was glitch in that automatic notification system which usually warns you if other post was made in forum you have open. That wouldn't surprised me.
  22. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    The only significant aspect of vampire hunters is that they can summon weapons that are effective against aberrations, that doesn't mean that non-vampire hunters can't kill aberrations, they'd just have more difficulty. Although we can note that Tara and Andrea were very capable of killing aberrations as well and they didn't claim to be vampire hunters. Noriko and her family in general are classed as monster hunters which likely include aberrations but their affinities might not have been specifically geared toward killing aberrations, could have been something else and then branched to include spells for killing aberrations later. Abraham could summon a sword and shield, he probably had to learn how to do that in order to fight the monsters created by the diamond, no telling if one of those monsters was an aberration but I'm willing to bet his summoned sword can still be effective against them. I would say that "vampire hunter" is not about ability but just job description. Summoning talent like Susan's one is useful for such job, but not necessary - and Noriko and her family are likely wizards who learned the necessary spells, as well as lot of others, making them even more qualified than Susan. The same would be true for Tara and Andrea - they have the qualification, but neither actually does the job long-term. And, yes, one can likely kill vampire even without summoned weapons or other anti-aberration spells, so with enough determination they can be vampire hunter too ... it's just not case of anyone we saw so far. As I speculated earlier, he might split into the (miserable excuse for the) human he was before giving up (what little) empathy he had and a body thief who could create more body thieves. All in all, not that funny. OR: The unprecedented situation destroys both Sirleck and the diamond. If this happens before Magus-Elliot touches the diamond... I repeat that Sirleck CANT touch diamond unless he let Ellen go and goes to material plane. Specifically, Ellen controlled by Sirleck touching the diamond doesn't count as Sirleck counting the diamond. No, Sirleck is his name and we already know that gender flipping magic doesn't affect names. I can't even remember seeing that premise done decently. It is too often done for laughs in situations that are not really funny. I suppose it can be funny if it's temporary (although can't remember where/if it was anywhere either) but definitely no way can that be decent permanently. Also, we got ELLEN as separate character because it gets funnier than Elliot switching to Ellen sometimes (well ... he still switches to female, but not single female). I don't think Dan would suddenly want to explore inverse condition. Also, I think destroying Sirleck so suddenly would miss lot of opportunities. It's more likely someone would actually need to spend some effort destroying him.
  23. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Thinking Voters. "Governor, you have the vote of every thinking person!" Spectator to Adlai Stevenson To which Stevenson supposedly replied: "That's not enough, madam, we need a majority!" Exactly what I wanted to imply.
  24. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Unlikely. Sirleck's plan isn't to keep main 8 occupied ; it's to keep the immortals (Helena and Demetrius) occupied, and maybe DGB. Of course Dan's plan still may be to show how everyone deals with vampires while scattered. Frankly, Sarah's best strategy for dealing with vampires is to run and call for help. She doesn't have any fighting capabilities. EGS is not Buffy. Susan is only awakened weapon summoner we know of, sure. Edward and Wolf don't have specific summoning talent, but they are wizard and likely do have some anti-vampire spell learned. Adrian CERTAINLY does, if the Murder shroud wasn't it (summoned crows might be superefective against vampires). And there is nothing SPECIFIC about slaying vampires except the method used. Technically, he MIGHT've been present when Susan told the story to Grace and Sarah - no immortals around. However, Elliot or Ellen also not around so what would he be doing there? This sounds a line from the Politics thread. Noah has no future in politics. Too open and honest. Also, his way of dealing with anger is to speak formally. What kind of voters he can get with such strategy?
  25. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Can you tell me where Dan said that? He set up that not-date for this Friday night back in Squirrel Prophet and had Sarah talk about it in Sister III already. I guess that means he doesn't have to show the not-date itself in Sister III, any more than Dan had to bring Ashley in to provide a witness for Magus. I'm speaking about what he said exactly in the comics where Sarah talks about the (not-)date. Although there are more ways to interpret "As much as people might throw things at me for this, we're not suddenly shifting focus to Sarah and Sam's date, as that's not the focus of this story." I got the feeling the story might be Sister III and that it means we won't see the (not-)date until AFTER it.