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  1. I would agree in theory. Both ought to crib notes from each other. But in practice I don't remember anything in Babylon 5 that looks like it came from Deep Space 9 (which is not to say there was nothing). Either B5 hid their influences better or they didn't steal much. DS9 may not have stolen anything else besides the Shadow War. (I am intentionally setting aside B5 fan accusations that DS9's concept came from B5 creator JMS' pitching B5 to Paramount. Not opening that can of worms) There are some format differences too. B5 was always intended as a massive 5-year story arc whereas all of the Trek Franchise shows were much more as episodic TV. Well we already found one example, so I would guess B5 was hiding better. The fact B5 looked very consistent and was always planned for 5 years except one moment when it was supposed to be shortened to four and then they changed mind again certainly helped. There's blame enough for both Berman and Braga. But Berman was the boss. The captain's always responsible. Ok, can agree with this. Wesley Crusher was Gene Roddenberry's Marty Stu. Jake Sisko was spared that at least. But I would say the only worse example of useful idiocy I've seen, was Jar-Jar Binks introducing Galactic Senate Legislation to make Palpatine an Emperor. But that was only one-time and Jar Jar wasn't only one who was played by Palpatine. Case in point, Anakin Skywalker. Meanwhile, Jake Sisko got into it himself. Seriously, son of commander of the station, how could he hoped they overlook him?
  2. Story, September 20, 2017

    Exactly. Or he might say "misinformed would call them superheroes". Superheroes are at least as popular as wizards. As a bonus, the statement would be clear: any serious fan of superheroes is aware that powers alone don't make superheroes. He might be trying to deceive his boss and hope that after magic reset the DGB would have other things to do that pointing fingers. Which is naive, as finger pointing would be first which would happen. While technically true, note that Edward is likely powerful wizard. Arthur might have magic and STILL feel powerless compared to Edward, especially if his spells are something with dubious usefulness and he is advancing very slowly. Yes, we do suspect him of having negative personal traits like being petty Of course there is no logical way he should feel that way.
  3. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    True. Still closest to changed mark spell we ever saw. We don't know if Dex' fairydoll is as impressive as Nanase's. It probably isn't. He could probably summon it without aid. Even if he doesn't have the power, he could probably spend physical energy to finish the spell off. Dex's fairy is not actually doll, has no persistence and generally nothing which could make it impressive. She may even lack the exploding option of Susan's fairy (unless that counts like disadvantage). Therefore, yes I think he would be able to summon her even without the magic anomaly from being marked. Well, for start this rule is certainly part of the set which will change on reset. You mean the ability to merge with electronics. I don't think it's specifically about phone. Unless the phone is from DGB, is actually magic and what we saw was case of mixing magic together. I'm not entirely sure of that. I imagine he's still been summoning his little friend, but he made friends with Greg and became apart of his social circle. In a later comic, we saw Dex bummed out that the regular game had been cancelled because Greg had a new girlfriend. With a regular social group, he might not be lonely enough to warrant regularly summoning his fairy friend. Though, to be clear, I imagine he still regularly summons her. He did say he liked her, and I doubt many gaming groups would object to having a fairy summon flit around during the game, especially when one of the group members is literally an anime-style martial artist. Susan is much less lonely and still keeps her fairy on almost all the time. Well, for something to be twice the size of one fairy, he would need to be able to summon 4, for 3 times 9, etc. The square/cube law bites. Volume is likely just estimate, the abilities will play role. On the other hand fairy is pretty lean. Although she may not actually be his limit - especially with the magic anomaly. With his interests, he will be able to summon other creatures with similar or little bigger size - wait. That regular game. Maybe Dex is actually using summoned creatures instead of miniatures. Would make the game very interesting. Now, is there something common and standard in the "little bigger than fairy" size? Most toys came in various sizes (extreme example, teddy bears range from 4" to 72"). The medallion might contain protection for this purpose. I think Voltaire couldn't claim "guide and empower" if he actually burned Dex to a crisp, so he certainly made sure that can't happen.
  4. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    You mean Midi-chlorians. Yes. And it surprises me when it needs to be mentioned on EGS forum given EGS itself mentioned it. That's true. However, I'm sure the issue was already addressed and answered in other content. Can someone experienced in catholic doctrine confirm what would happen to priest who helps save lot of people and then later kills someone and commits suicide?
  5. NP Wednesday September 20, 2017

    Transform other people besides herself not counting mixing with Rhoda's magic? Apparently (as otherwise Dan would comment it), also possibly Pandora deliberately used variants of spell which can affect others if possible and we know Kitty can. Very broadly, especially if she actually MAKES Mrs. Kitsune younger and not just looking that way. She DOES also have quite versatile disguise spell, though ... Dan TRIED to blurry it with TF gun, but seems that he can't deny magic can make someone permanently young, or at least young much longer than natural. Even without becoming aberration. And, regarding ramification, look at elves. The cases where author doesn't chicken out and shorten their lifespan or when he doesn't obviously ignore the differences. Or look at some sci-fi where it was technology which prolonged human life. Definitely no shortage of those, although Dan might never read any. ... also, yes we should definitely ask those questions. Better have some answer before we need them. The average lifespan did already changed a lot and more discoveries are coming.
  6. Story, September 20, 2017

    While it might lead to more incidents, Arthur might be relying on the DGB having more and better organized resources than your average magical criminal. They theoretically have access to any resources that the FBI would have, and maybe more from cross-department assistance. And they might have their own seer on standby (assuming Arthur knows about seers. He knows about the magic resets, but seers are very rare and knowing about one doesn't necessitate knowing about the other) I'm SURE that if DGB knew enough about seers to actually have one on standby they would at least consider the possibility Tedd is one. Also, Pandora's talk about "forgotten seers" suggests that everyone forgot - she WOULD be likely to notice if it would be "common knowledge" in DGB. I find more likely Arthur is misinformed regarding what exactly will happen on reset. Exactly: hiding it wouldn't really help, but he could always blame technology or possibly suggest something like mutants from X-men appears. Instead, he was talking about wizards, which hints a lot about how it may work despite not saying anything directly about magic. He also strongly hinted he has such powers himself. X-Men scenario would send lot of people on incorrect track. Totally missed opportunity. What makes you think the physics teacher never questioned it? This obviously wasn't first time he caught Nanase floating. I find more likely he asked, although she probably didn't told him much and made clear she won't tell him more. Note that Carol mentioned weird stuff happens in Moperville. Although Pandora's appearance on TV was likely first even people from outside the city believed. I think he would go with it anyway. Pandora doesn't seem to be particularly effective in marking people ...
  7. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    *googles* Hmm, you can get an airplane for $15,000, and a trip to France with Road Scholar is about $5000. If her mom could send her to France on a whim, then I'd say that if Susan really wanted to get a plane, and the flying lessons to go with it, then her mom could manage it. Might mean that that would be the only thing she'd get for Christmas and birthday for a few years....or it might not. Hmmmm ... ok. Apparently, you can even get jet for $15,000 (probably used, but still). And I though airplanes cost more than cars ... I should've look. Not sure what is the price for flying lessons but yes this seems in range Susan might get for Christmas or two. Agree ... starting from zero is overrated. Of course, it wouldn't be for everyone until we get to post-scarcity society, but we are getting closer. I doubt Susan was able to bring back a sword in her luggage. She probably had to start over filling a new chest after she got home. Based on the "they would hide away" the possibility of getting those weapons was never on table. Helena and Demetrius likely kept them so they have something for NEXT person with summoning talent they want to send against vampires, just like Susan likely wasn't first one they marked with this or similar spell. That's a good question. Do we have any evidence of a Mark-based spell changing before the caster Awoke and lost the Mark? Technically, Dex, but that was really exception. In carry-on luggage, probably not. In checked luggage, probably no big deal. (We once forgot that there was a meat cleaver left in a suitcase from a road trip. At the airport we were randomly picked for luggage search. The guy pulled out the cleaver, looked at it, and said "Good thing you're checking this suitcase.") It's possible that size of the sword will be bigger problem than the fact it's sword.
  8. Story, September 20, 2017

    The appearance of the fake Cheerleadra. More like Cheerleadra in general, people already knew she existed so more sightings wouldn't have much of an effect on the overall knowledge of magic as say, the existence of magical intelligent griffins, Immortals and soon Vampires. Actually, people already know about griffins and Immortals too But yes, "known quantity" refers to the fake Cheerleadra sighting not revealing anything new. I don't think he has ANY Immortal contact. I think his informations are from indirect sources (he read some book about it). Of course, Voltaire might lead him to the book but in a way so Arthur doesn't noticed he's led somewhere. So far it seems magic reset will happen ; in such case he would be fired, so yes there would be a job vacancy. If there would be any Paranormal department left. Adrian is not hiding himself so well ; I don't think anyone needed to rat him out to Voltaire. Voltaire only PRETENDED he just found about him - in fact, he knew about him probably BEFORE he (Adrian) arrived in Moperville.
  9. Story, September 20, 2017

    You mean she would be the big bad they will fight after finishing less powerful bosses like Voltaire and general Shade Tail? Am i the only one that was disapointed Dan did not link to that in the comments? No. Although I think this wasn't the worst apocalyptic scenario Edward prevented. I think Arthur is talking about the Will of Magic. Certainly. Comparing immortal to god wouldn't surprise anyone.
  10. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    On one hand, if he couldn't tell he's incompetent and should be fired from DGB. On the other, he never shown he knows. I suspect that Edward generally considered good idea for Tedd to have more friends, magic capacity or not. Because she would completely forget about it next day? I believe even without the talk with Susan, Nanase would realize it sooner or later. Sure, she didn't considered Susan ideal choice but she was one of the few who knew about the pheromones not being permanent part of FV5 ... on the other hand, if Nanase suspected the FV5 hormones, she WOULD be forced to talk to someone from main eight about it, so options are Susan, Tedd or Grace - and I think Grace also knew. This is more interesting: even if Nanase realized next day, without Susan panicking Ellen might never found ... meaning, Nanase would need to make the step herself without being pushed. I still think she would do it, but it might be lot later ... like ... maybe she would only realize she loves Ellen and needs to tell her after saving her from Abraham. Because I think she would definitely try her best to save her even without being in relationship.
  11. Story, September 20, 2017

    So not only confirmed what we suspected about him (well, some of it, we suspected a lot) but his secretary / assistant also knows ... But we still don't know why he assumes magic changing will be good way to prevent more incidents. Because it can also end up with MORE incidents and them being less able to interfere. (I mean, there may even be specifically incidents related to magic users failing with casting spells they currently use.) Yeah ... actually, even not interfering might be something the Will of Magic could notice. She may be asking just because she wants to understand why he is not doing something which would help his stated objectives. But the option of her having own agenda is also here, yes.
  12. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    ... didn't remembered that. Hmmm, was it because Grace already mentioned off-panel she consider her friend? Or did he just listed all people allowed to visit Tedd's house? (Also yes totally got the background check already.) In any case, it wasn't Ellen suggesting her and likely happened totally without any relation to Night Out.
  13. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Yes ... he started good, but got much worse with age ... or success. I read somewhere than at time of filming Phantom Menace, there was noone around who could say "that's stupid" to any of his ideas, no matter how stupid they were - and they were LOT of stupid due to that. So, upgrade "cost in time of B5" to moderate and "now" to big? Hmmm ... I think it depends on something I forgot to mention - scale: with single ship's fly-by, it's cheap - not simple, but those people have experience with it, and you can move camera instead of ship (or let person with blue/green clothing move the model manually instead of tracks). But with even just two ships we get to "moderate" for small models and "big" for big models. And more ships can make it very big ... or impossible. Meanwhile, CGI scales optimally ; ten ships might even cost less to render when together on scene than separately.
  14. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    While it's true that Panel 4 seems to be a convincing argument for Nanase getting Ellen to think of going somewhere else, there was no alternate location suggested so it's not garanteed. Nanase's statement in Panel 5 though might make Ellen want to stay home and get to know Ashley more. Remember it was Ellen that invited Susan along for their night out when Nanase and Susan didn't get along very well at the time, and now look at them. Ellen has a way of getting people together. Hmmm ... Ellen trying to prove something to Nanase ... yes that would be emotion Magus might be able to amplify Unless another scene change, we will likely see the answer tomorrow (or today if you live east from Paris). I guess it's either "Ellen will be close to Elliot" or "Ellen will be close to Sam", and it's true Sam is not supposed to be featured in this arc ... And regarding Night Out: I don't think it's just Ellen. Sure, she invited Susan on Night out, but GRACE wanted her on party. The getting together seem to be group effort and Susan's opinion on Nanase might even be influenced by Nase, subconsciously. PS: Forgot to mention it earlier: I might have similar reaction to not returning book in due time; but not because of any concern about other people, just because I don't like paying late fees.
  15. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    It did seem true to me as well. She probably wasn't able to contact any of those almost-mythical sword makers who makes swords capable of breaking other swords. Ignoring those, there is sort of "standard quality", meaning the more expensive swords are not better in fight but only prettier or more historically accurate - and Susan doesn't need either (and is unlikely to pay for it when she doesn't need it). I suspect she wouldn't be able to get airplane even if she really wanted but otherwise yes on both. And given her working in video rental store, she seem to also trying to get independent. Her own wealth is probably not so big, but if she needs something more expensive she can always ask mom. ... I don't think so, although they might empowered and guide someone to make them. I would think those are OLD weapons. Possibly original Damascus steel, even. The "only good for 1 good hit" is definitely limit of the summoning spell, yes. IMHO unlike sword, it would need special "talent" to make a mace which wouldn't be able to make more than one hit. She MIGHT re-summon it. In fact she probably did, as I don't think the mark spell COULD change (or the goo was so gooish/mushy it didn't counted as hit). However, I agree that after awakening, she could easily get durability upgrade. Note the aura thing: depending on how confusingly the spellbook was written, enhanced durability may be sideeffect or even main effect of the aura.
  16. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Buuut ... wouldn't this be reason to send LUCAS to hell, instead of Jar Jar? In both cases, the cost of models is 1) constructing 2) storing 3) using. Small physical models have very big constructing cost but small storing and using cost. Big physical models (say bigger than one meter) have very big constructing cost and big storing cost but small using cost. CGI models in time of B5 had small constructing cost, moderate storing cost and very big using cost. CGI models now have moderate constructing cost (they are much more detailed usually), small storing cost and small using cost.
  17. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    It already WAS. Bad Tom took advantage of it. But yes she's heading into another case where it will be used against her certainly. I liked it. It does sound interesting ... Especially considering they are more interested in each other than what will they be watching. The difference is that they apparently have crush on Grace. They don't on Ashley. Did you saw Nanase's reaction to Grace watches? Only if you assume she will actually proceed with this plan - personally, I interpret this comics as Nanase being quite successful in talking her out of it. Hmmm ... maybe Magus will intervene to make that happen?
  18. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    The summoned replica might break even DURING the first hit. And her life might literally depend on it, so not good moment to risk. (Although it's true that IF she had no other option, it would affect fight with summoned weapon less than with physical replicas, so would be worth the try. But as we said, Susan CAN afford to buy real sword and considering she STILL has PTSD from her experience in France she's very likely to not be sloppy with such decision.)
  19. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Yes...but. It's not that simple. Crusade was made in two sets of episodes. The first episodes to be made occured canonically later while the second run of episodes occur first in the lives of the characters. JMS originally intended to "hit the ground running" and cover the early stuff as he needed it in flashback. He changed his mind and used the second run to cover that early ground. Production wasn't intended to be broken into two groups, but relations broke down between JMS and Turner halting production at the 13 episode mark (the minimum number for a "season") while everybody fought their battles. Turner wanted more "f***ing and fighting" and had some really awful ideas on how to do it. They also had genuine criticisms. JMS had a long list of stuff he wanted changed. They eventually figured it all out and production resumed. That second run of episodes were, in my personal opinion, far better than the first. But they occur earlier according to the lives of the characters. If you watch the show in canonical order, Crusade starts out pretty good, then gets worse. It's pretty obvious obvious because the jump occurs from the last of the second group where people most know what they're doing to the very first episode made. JMS also gets a few digs in at Turner execs in the closing moments of that last of the second group of shows. Hmmm ... it's true that I first saw crusade and later read about the correct order and stuff. I might need to rewatch paying attention to it to form opinion. But I though the more "f***ing and fighting" didn't made the show better ... also, isn't Galen mostly missing from the second run? I wouldn't. He is annoying but I don't think he does it deliberately. It would need to be REALLY good disguise. I think he does deserve it. Maybe not constantly, though. Really? They could actually enjoy each other's companion! Wait. Which prequel? Maybe the episode 3 one could work. Ok, I don't have this kind of experience. ... and actually didn't saw either of those two. I think silver spaceships would be possible But yes, good point: unlike physical models, CGI payed per minute ; at that time, you got hardly any savings from using same models repeately. Apparently, even later. The transition to CGI was completed in 1997, during DS9's sixth season and VOY's fourth season. The scene you were posting might've been exception but maybe was actually shot with models. Sacrifice of Angels' was actually the first real major digital undertaking; not only was it a huge amount of digital shots for Star Trek, it was about 40 shots per house. It was a huge space battle. Up until then, the largest battle they'd [had] was, I think, a Borg battle, Wolf 359, back in Next Generation, where you saw at most three or four ships, on the screen at any given moment. EDIT: Wait: Hutzel ... made virtually no use of CGI for any of the episodes ... save for ... in the earlier episode "Call to Arms". So probably exception.
  20. NP Sept 18, 2017

    And we have confirmation how much was Rhoda's action previous comics canon. Great. I'd run from a immortal/fairy cosplayer as well while I'm still not a catgirl. Well, ok, maybe depending on what they are cosplaying, but from cosplayer dressed like this totally. True. Well yes but only because it's not canon. I'm not sure Hanma would be able to convince her in canon. On the other hand, she would likely fail to convince Susan as well.
  21. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Found site which promises real swords for $150+. Well, and 'tactical' style blades under $50 but those really don't look like historical swords. The $250+ prices would be more likely, though. This $245 without sharpening $263 with looks real. (EDIT: $150 here.) Most importantly, we already SAW how Susan's sword looks. Well, not exactly clearly but we know it's not rapier.
  22. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Who? YES. And she is also likely to already have experience with cheap stuff being more expensive in long run.
  23. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Skallagrim might call them replica but both the name and starting shot refers to Albion Swords, who specifically directly on homepage says They are not look-alikes or replicas -- we call them re-creations because they not only look like period originals, but feel and perform like them as well, just as on the day that they were newly forged. On the other hand I'm not insisting on the "replica" label. I'm just saying that anything which is bootload of just after major show with swords appears is more likely to be cheap mass-produced wall-hanger. (Cheap to make, not necessary to buy.) Of course, real sword will cost more even without the "exactly like in movie X™ ©" label, until you count it per number of swings.
  24. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    You could make it with like ten models filmed repeatedly - not like all of them are unique - and the budget for that might be justifiable if you would use those ten models for all those three seasons. Unfortunately, you would need another ten models for dominion fleet and what's worse, you need to destroy some of those to show battle damage. In short, yes it would be too much money and even back then it was certainly cheaper to use CGI. (It's funny that today, similar style of CGI shots are affordable for fan movies .)
  25. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Dull things can be sharpened. All you need is a good whetstone and some time. Look at how many ways prisoners have found to create shivs. I tried. I think that it depends on quality of the metal. Or I didn't "sharpen" through the paint yet. You don't need a lot of money to get a sword, just a credit card number or paypal account and the internet. When Highlander was at its peak, I remember there were a boatload of replica swords available from the official catalog. Current TV shows and movies probably do the same, and there's also eBay and such for the ones not for sale any more. I've even seen them show up in thrift shops from time to time! Those replica swords would be prime case of something which is unlikely to be actually usable as weapon and I would expect Susan to know better - I mean, I know better and I'm not that experienced in weapon making. Wikipedia talks about materials, weight and balance and hilt construction. Also note that I actually think Susan not only owns a sword, but was actually doing some training with swords, at least basics. Some fencing club or how it's called if they use real swords instead of foils. Right. Forgot we have internet and webshops rarely have "WTF are you needing this for" field on order form. Note that those with replaceable blades wouldn't be good in traditional fight, but with the one-hit limit that shouldn't matter. Wait. Actually the model builder is fantastic excuse. The only difference between professional and amateur is how much money they are willing to use. I mean, Susan only needs one youtube video where scalpels are recommended for building models and fake interest in making one and even her mother is unlikely to find it weird, especially if it would be startrek models. (She's also unlikely to find weird if Susan fails to actually make the model. "Didn't expected it would be that hard.") Based on meta, I would say yes. I mean, there must be some story reason why her fairies are exploding, and being usable against vampires is great one.