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  1. Story Wednesday, February 25, 2020

    I accept this proof of your nerdiness. Can't be, he is still alive after the great aberration kill off. I still find weird that noone noticed he awakened, but overlooking he became aberration would be really irresponsible. And, like, when would that be? Because it's just few weeks since Pandora was standing over him and SHE would definitely notice. There are people talking about how good the main actors are. Then there are people talking about how good someone who had three sentences to say is and compare his performance with three other movies he had three sentences in. There are people who talk about how great the special effects are. Then there are people talking about which of the special effect was prop and which CGI and how they should find someone else to do motion capture. There are people ... ok, I wouldn't comment specifically about music, but I'm sure there are movie music nerds as well. There are people who complain that the stuns were not realistic and that main hero wouldn't survive it. And then there are people who talk about HOW could someone survive an explosion or drop from 30 feet ... like, with supporting arguments based on difference in physical laws between universes or claiming that they found a vampire and/or superhero in action movie which wasn't supposed to have either. And, obviously, sound shouldn't be hear in vacuum, unless you use laser microphones, and most movies gets inertia in space totally wrong and their spaceships turn like planes in air, and that character's wings were too small to fly without magic, ... wait, I think I lost my point ... ... oh. Right. The point is that it's not the TOPIC making the discussion nerdy. It's the DEPTH. Also, there are people who enjoy movies. Then there are people who enjoy discussion about movies.
  2. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    Yeah. And with her legs.
  3. Sketchbook 25 Feb 2020

    I thought that was the case but didn't recall the details. Neither did I. I just remembered that scene was on end of some arc in Sister 3. Nah, it was just few weeks ... in EGS time. Remember that Griffins promised to return in month, which still didn't happened. Month since the date Ashley was preparing for in March 2015. Which was the same day Susan started by realizing her fairy watched her taking shower ... in August 2014. And the Friday before took almost year of our time ...
  4. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    We can appreciate it, but definitely not JUST that. For example, I wonder what it even means - ... hmmm ... Volunteer work probably counts, though if you're expecting to get paid, then probably not. If it's kind of work where you are paid by hour or by amount of work you did, why not? I can imagine all sorts of part-time jobs where you can decide how long would you work given day ... although I guess not showing at all without warning for weeks would still be weird. And it definitely wouldn't work in inn, as the management needs to ensure number of employees matches number of customers (not 1:1 of course).
  5. Sketchbook 25 Feb 2020

    I suspect he meant no gym machines and like that, but I could be wrong. Definitely. Exact quote from this strip commentary is
  6. Story, Mon 24 Feb 2020

    Apparently, Charlotte was NOT the one who helped her define it. Today's page was supposed to explain that. Oh, and the self taught mad scientist IS working for a secret government operation, Arthur Arthur officially hired her. While it's possible that Rich and Larry are nerds, they didn't actually SHOWN it in comics, not counting the fact they were present at comic shop multiple times.
  7. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    It all depends on your definition of junk food, and how the pizza is made. Personally, I only use the term to refer to unhealthy food that is eaten as a snack or otherwise not as part of a meal; if it is usually eaten as a meal (or as part of a meal) I don't count it as junk food. Also, at it's simplest, pizza is bread, tomato sauce, and cheese: not inherently unhealthy, if not exactly a complete nutritionally balanced meal (the right toppings can correct for that). On the other hand, pizzas often have so much salt and fat that they don't count as healthy, so I can see why someone might call them junk food. Pizza is, similarly to sandwich, a category of food and not a specific food. Even "burger" may be seen as category, although generally when you say just burger you mean hamburger, meaning burger with beef. The actual healthiness depends on quality of ingredients (you can lower quality of pizza a lot simply by replacing tomato sauce with ketchup for example ; one pizza like that convinced me that pizzas are not good for at least 10 years) and, as you said, toppings, or in case of sandwich what you put inside it. So, while pizza doesn't NEED to be junk food, it's quite likely the teenagers will order a junk food version of it.
  8. NP, Monday Feb 24 2020

    Sooo, I suppose this is DIFFERENT pub? And yes: I can totally see that Susan never officially quit the job because the game doesn't actually provide an option for it.
  9. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    If it didn't started years ago, the vibrators makers are sleeping.
  10. NP Friday, Feb 21, 2020

    Don't worry. We already are.
  11. https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/parable-071 Yes, later. No reason to interrupt them now. Except, well, Susan has no idea it ended so well.
  12. Story Friday, February 21, 2020

    I'm not sure that Ellen doesn't have some nerd about her, but I can't think of what she might be a nerd of. Maybe, but I don't think she FEELS like nerd. She seem she would take care of her if she didn't had Ellen to handle her to.
  13. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    You're saying, he breeds like .. himself?
  14. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    Switch? (I remember some toys which did not have any switch and only way to stop them was to remove batteries. Would be fitting for toy like this.)
  15. Story Friday, February 21, 2020

    Seriously Diane? I mean, sure, there are several debatable cases here, but how can you NOT count Tedd as nerd? (... of course the next page likely reveals that everyone except Ellen feels like nerd.)
  16. https://egscomics.com/egsnp/parable-069 And that's BEER. Whiskey would be worse. When I first drank strong alcohol (about 40%), I compared the experience to hexetidine-based medicine against strep throat. I still didn't drink enough alcohol to like it, although it's true I didn't tried that many kinds of alcoholic drinks. The one I like most is mix of wine with grape-flavored carbonated drink (turning it technically into sparkling wine), but there is not that much alcohol in it
  17. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    I think Sarah wouldn't like it either. Now, Diane on the other hand ... (Note that I'm sure Nanase and Fox kissing Ellen happened already. Both with Ellen looking as herself and Ellen looking as Grace.) I wanted to see mini-Elliot and mini-Ashley cuddling on the couch tooooo! Who didn't? However, Dan promised that he will draw it later, so I'm not lighting my torch yet.
  18. NP Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

    There were 3 potential hoodlums planning on taking advantage of Rhoda, up until they overheard her mention her proficiency with large hammers. So she can still be a deterrent without realizing it. That was good luck, I wouldn't rely on that. She could easily meet someone who would notice she is inexperienced and has money without hearing that bit about hammer.
  19. https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/parable-070 Rhoda should also explain she's new to dating as well, as I'm not sure Catalina realized that. Although maybe she did, she IS observant. Carriage-wrecks definitely would be a thing, just in different sense. In case of cars, most accidents are caused by cars either crashing into each other or crashing to somewhere else due to avoiding crashing into other car. In case of carriages, I would assume most accidents would be due to bad quality of roads ; stuff like broken wheel would be quite common, or sliding down from road.Or, failing to brake when riding downhill (which would be likely the example most matching this situation). Note also that while the speeds involved wouldn't be as big as with cars, carriages likely didn't need that much to turn into wreck.
  20. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    This is what you're looking for, and the other Grace (or rather Claire) in this was Ellen. ... that explain why I didn't found it. Was skipping parts without Sarah. But hkmaly specifically said "two-Graces-kissing-Tedd", there's only one Grace kissing Tedd in that link. Or rather, Tedd's kissing 'Grace'. Yes, and the reason for that was that THIS kiss was pretty clearly accident. Sarah didn't wanted to kiss Tedd and Tedd didn't wanted to kiss Sarah. (But existence of this likely made me miss-remember that it was Sarah on that two-Grace-kissing-Tedd image.) Not just the shirts would be little too much at this point, they would also need to change PANTS. And if the male would be Tedd, it wouldn't explain the expression on his face. So yes, that seems like Ellen being male and her reaction to it might be why they decided she shouldn't transform for the party.
  21. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    I'm not sure they got to non-accidental kissing yet. (Well, except that one case with two Graces kissing Tedd at once.) Sure, with spells like FV5 the potential for accidental kissing is quite big, but I don't see how could they get to cuffs and chains that way ... Hmmm ... ... unless they decided to try some spell which would they consider safer to try handcuffed to something. EDIT: I can't find WHERE that two-Graces-kissing-Tedd is, but I did find something which MAY lead to Nanase and Ellen getting to cuffs and chains.
  22. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    Just to be clear, SS&C is for, ah Kinky, adult things. Ropes and chains sort of things in the main. Not something that we have seen any of them use so far... Keyword being "seen". I have some suspicion about Rhoda and Catalina ... and there was this sketchbook ... ... unless you mean specifically Tedd and Sarah.
  23. NP Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

    Yeah. She's lucky she met Catalina, her ability to use hammer notwithstanding. Note that hero of the story not only encouraged Rhoda to disregard him, but also gave Rhoda enough money she would be attractive target for thieves and bandits (if there are any left).
  24. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    Good point. I think Sarah and Tedd came to an agreement that might be called Safe, Sane and Consensual. And yeah, that comes from a different context, but applies as much to what they are doing as it does to some one in the more adult version does. . To be fair, the spells they work with include FV5, which increases libido, amplifies feelings of lust and enhance person's pheromones ... and might not be the most "adult" spell Tedd would be able to develop. So the context is not THAT different. And related to Elliot trusting Tedd ... Elliot likely doesn't KNOW about this agreement. Problem is that using real hammer is sort of last resort measure.
  25. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    I was figuring in terms of Sarah being able to handle Tedd, which we've seen before as well albeit out of canon, but it makes the threat of using a real hammer have more impact. And yes, hammer, impact, I wasn't trying. Note that she was taught how to use hammers, but they no longer work for her. I would say that the link about Elliot believing Tedd would be most relevant: they are friends, it's not likely they would really use physical violence against each other ... and if Tedd would really want to do something inappropriate to Sarah, he would be likely to use magic. It seems that we will have pause from transformations, which makes likely it will be time for eating. (Of junk food, of course: they are teenagers.) Not sure what else could be topic of this party, so I guess they will return to transformation fun later, after they recover from seeing Grace.