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  1. story

    How? The one who is grabbing him may stay on astral plane. He doesn't need to scream: he only need to imply he could wake up Susan if the grabber would follow him to material plane. I think she killed that vampire quite thoroughly, but yes it could be his brother ... or friend. I mean not literal brother but someone who considers him his brother. Abner was just lucky. I think we need to call professionals. Charlotte's Angels.
  2. story

    Pandora doesn't have more reasons to grab him than Helena and Demetrius. And Voltaire? Being black is not his style. Maybe Magus? But he doesn't have reason to BE there, much less grabbing immortal. Mrs. Pompoms? She would be likely to have long nails, but she's NOT likely to be able to see astral plane. Not-Tengu got out of jail faster than expected and somehow found Jerry helped defeating him? Ok, that might be even less logical than Mrs. Pompoms. I would ask if his reason for following Nanase and Diane instead of Susan on New Year was because Nanase might've been in danger OR that Nanase might've been on party, but I think the answer is clear. Hmmm ... does he mean that if he finds out the Diane connection he will consider the vow fulfilled or that he will consider it reason enough for pause? And who we have no idea where he is and who might not remember all women he slept with 18 years ago. And Jerry can't even actually ask him. His idea is to stalk him and hope to find something randomly. I don't think it has high chance for success ... on the other hand, it's true that we don't exactly have that many better ideas. Wait: what about spying on him, find where is he hiding his journal and then look into journal? He MIGHT be keeping journal, right? ... ok probably not.
  3. story

    Important to whom? I suspect important according to the local tourism office. The buildings in city with most historical research papers written about them and so on.
  4. story

    Reminds me some tourists who asked me where they are on (city) map. I looked for a while and then pointed ten centimetres from the north edge. They bought too small map, apparently.
  5. I have strong suspicion that the three black belts Greg already had helped shape his awakening more than the specific anime he was watching. IF that even was single anime - I suspect it was multiple different series.
  6. Well, he had just lost a girlfriend so it is not an entire impossibility. I would guess sadness or bitterness would be more likely. I suspect I don't have anything to binge-watch on such opportunity ... I guess I would be more likely to read webcomics. Although I do have X-Men Animated and X-Men Evolution ... hmmmm ...
  7. I had always assumed that to be the case. Well angst plus vision quest, a rather powerful combo in many esoteric traditions. I didn't though it was ANGST-induced. But yes, it's obviously description of awakening. Since Alita is from the future, maybe there's a reason Alita looks like your roommate... Well considering Alita lost memory ...
  8. story

    I meant that the computer navigation is useless outside car. You do have the option of just looking at the maps on a GPSr, you know. You don't have to go to the Get Directions item and tell it where you're going, if you have more faith in your own navigating skills than the computer's. ;-) Exactly. Also, as I said, outside car I do. The computer navigation / Get Directions is usually usable for car, but not when you go by foot. Unless you want to go on roads, which you usually don't.
  9. So, it wasn't because US didn't cared about North Germany but DID care about Frankfurt am Main, Rhein-Main Air Base and Frankfurt Airport as wikipedia says? It's what supercomputers are nowadays (albeit one could argue a bit about "normal" - the individual processing engines do tend to be rather high-powered). According to top500, the ten fastest supercomputers (as of last November) range from 200,000 to over 10 million processing cores. I don't think they put those on one chip. Obviously ; but they are not constructing them from 10 million CPUs on 10 million motherboards with 10 million ethernet network cards either. Look at that list: TH Express-2, Cray Gemini interconnect, Aries interconnect, Intel Omni-Path ... those are not personal computers technologies. From the description of Blue Gene: Each Blue Gene/L Compute or I/O node was a single ASIC with associated DRAM memory chips. The ASIC integrated two 700 MHz PowerPC 440 embedded processors, each with a double-pipeline-double-precision Floating Point Unit (FPU), a cache sub-system with built-in DRAM controller and the logic to support multiple communication sub-systems. The dual FPUs gave each Blue Gene/L node a theoretical peak performance of 5.6 GFLOPS (gigaFLOPS). The two CPUs were not cache coherent with one another. Compute nodes were packaged two per compute card, with 16 compute cards plus up to 2 I/O nodes per node board. There were 32 node boards per cabinet/rack.[17] By the integration of all essential sub-systems on a single chip, and the use of low-power logic, each Compute or I/O node dissipated low power (about 17 watts, including DRAMs). This allowed aggressive packaging of up to 1024 compute nodes, plus additional I/O nodes, in a standard 19-inch rack, within reasonable limits of electrical power supply and air cooling. So, that's 4 CPUs on compute card, 4 x 16 = 64 CPUs on one board. "Normal" (personal) computers contain ONE CPU on one board. Normal servers four. Obviously; I was arguing only about what they are likely to have on stock directly in the shop. Ordering is the way to go. ... half of those on first page are sold out
  10. story

    You mean by sextant and compass? While usually GPS systems are accompanied by computer navigation, note that you can use GPS without it - and outside car, you USUALLY need to. (Also, sometimes the person who programmed map for the navigation had 4x4 car or didn't actually looked at state of road.)
  11. Almost all "modern" supercomputers are in fact clusters. Even the Cray-1 was a cluster, of a sort. Honking big all one block machines have problems that if one part dies, they all die. Clusters, not so much. Yes, but not clusters of normal computers. Even single node of supercomputer has multiple CPUs. And those nodes are connected by special high speed network, not ethernet. And even Beowulf clusters are usually set using identical rackable servers, although nowadays the difference between high-end gaming computer and low-end server is often just in case. (The case for server is rackable, while the case of gaming computer is prettier and have more LEDs ; also, servers have noisier fans, gaming computer have bigger quieter fans pointing in all directions.)
  12. story

    Hmmm ... I don't think we know if Susan has geography as a class.
  13. story

    But why would they target Elliot? Unless ... their real target was the Seer - Tedd. Either they assumed Tedd himself will be protected but predicted Elliot will be targeted as way to indirectly hurt Tedd (they might know Voltaire) or they formed whole plan to surround Tedd with allies and just by random only remembered Elliot after reset. Forget Voltaire and Pandora. The real puppetmasters of all those catspaws are Helena and Demetrius.
  14. Not necessarily. I was thinking of something like a Beowulf cluster. It can be built on, well, pretty much anything, although it's helpful if the instruction set is reasonably consistent across processors. Ok, I wouldn't call cluster of normal computers supercomputer, but it's true it has power like one. (Studying google images to see how big store Fry's Electronic seem to be ...) I wouldn't rely on most of those laptops being able to run 24/7. But yes, while I find unlikely they have hundred of specific motherboard or even CPU, they likely do have hundred of amd64-compatible CPUs and motherboards capable of being used in such cluster. Wouldn't help, I'm sure only opportunity store has hundred game consoles is when it's new so they expect it will disappear quickly. The mob would lynch Tedd if he would attempt to buy hundred of them in such case.
  15. Well sure, but that was because Greg is total failure at marketing. Even with zero idea about how well would the training work, someone whose favourite anime is more mainstream and get idea how to use it for marketing (and choose better place for the gym) could get hundred people first year. Now, from those hundred, let's assume still only one Nanase (people with that strong talent are rare), but 33 people like Elliot and 33 people like Justin ... I'm sure DGB would be planing intervention.
  16. story

    I find weirder they told her GPS coordinates but didn't mentioned it's on park trail ... unless the park trail was new. Maybe the artifact was falling often? Helena and Demetrius behaviour before reset seems more and more suspicious the more we think about it, yes ... ... is it possible they INTENTIONALLY lured Jerry into vowing to help them? His reaction might've been predictable.
  17. story

    We knew she could get feedback from the fairies right from the start though, huh, I wonder how that worked actually, Susan used the fairy to scout ahead, was she literally able to see what the fairy was seeing? Or was there some other sense that was being used that let Susan know that the artifact hadn't been knocked over? Might not be sense in traditional sense of word. She might just KNOW the artefact is there ... something like remembering it. That said, she WOULD literally be able to see what the fairy is seeing, question is if she knows how to raise the feedback to such levels (it's part of going first person, after all).
  18. Nonsense! Every world has a BtVS, even the ones with no TV. In the Moperverse version, Buffy looks like Susan. Buffy as Susan? Seriously? She looks like Diane. Magic has, at least, two conflicting major objectives. It wants to be secret and mysterious and it wants to be used dramatically. So it has to balance those two objectives. It's also a massive troll, so it'll also do something if it thinks it's funny. Well actually secrecy and mystery DO raise drama. The "flair for dramatic" is just conflicting by itself - you need to hit precise spot for maximal drama. Note that as we can see on Greg's case, ANYONE who starts teaching magic to others may be issue. Exactly. It is little easier for people with name based affinities to get magic by being marked by immortal, but that's not way to make magic public - I mean, Pandora was TRYING to mark as many people as possible and didn't marked that many. Probably. Unless Dan is hiding few thousand marked people ... It would certainly be good idea. Still waiting for characters to speak about the alternate universe hypothesis. (Note that dewitchery diamond was already mentioned, although it wasn't taken seriously.) ... wait. Elliot already mentioned "mirror universe Susan". Susan's fairies are serving her as court jesters. Reacting with exaggerated emotions to everything so that she, like a dignified monarch, can maintain the veneer of detached stoicism. IMHO they do bad job on the last three pages. But yes, I'm not surprised Dan doesn't want to spend so much time on them. Isn't he still on vacation? Also, I think he gave up on that distracting for now.
  19. No way. Common stores don't have that kind of stock, they rely on external warehouses OR prompt delivery by supplier. Also, you probably need custom board for such supercomputer. That said, yes, common store will have more hardware Tedd could buy for his allowance.
  20. story

    Well she felt what it was like holding Fairy Nanase in her hands, it's only a matter of time before she has someone holding her in theirs. Well she didn't get FULL first person feedback, but she did felt something ... ... and yes, considering she can regulate the feedback she is getting, I totally expect she would experiment with this as way to get "used" to touching.
  21. There is positive effect of your soldiers morale if they don't see that they didn't hit target. If one in the line will hit, multiple soldiers may think they did. I repeat my suspicion that rapier would be only able to cause light injury to Klingon. Remember that if you stick your sword into someone, the sword is blocked and you can't parry with it AND your own movement is also limited unless you drop the sword. Klingon will survive the stab, you won't survive when he beheads you with the bat'leth meanwhile.
  22. np

    No, they switched age and position Good catch.
  23. Meh. I still think the horses would like these odds better than running straight into the machinegun meat grinder. Obviously. But if the comparison is to the pre-machinegun fight ...
  24. Well she didn't really come across as particularly trustworthy(or sane) the first time she talked to Sarah. The second time talking to Sarah was a completely different experience. The "Do you want to save all magic" didn't looked that much saner than the first time she talked with her . More trustworthy, maybe. But even her first talk was much more trustworthy than any of her other talks ... as she mentioned herself. The vows should be enough to prevent her from harming Sarah or making Sarah do anything bad, but that doesn't really prevent her from searching for ways to alleviate her boredom and possibly causing harm to others. A proper reset would prevent that. It would be enough to not "do any mistakes training Sarah". She would obviously be free to make mistakes on other opportunities, but then the reset wouldn't be because of Sarah. It's not about knowledge. It's about predicting outcomes. Before reset, she may do mistakes because being bored ... after reset, she may make mistakes because she wouldn't be able to predict what will happen. The "learning alongside Sarah" sounds more like something which would happen in case of IMPROPER reset. Which is why I have strong suspicion that something ("plot") will make Pandora reset improperly - meaning, she will be FORCED to reset.
  25. Well we know some of that material not only went into fixing the original TFG, but Tedd did build a backup gun for Grace's birthday party. I imagine some of the remaining materials went into creating the gauntlet, the gem might have been intended as a focusing crystal for the TFG beam. So enough materials to make 10 TFGs = 10 crystals, assuming one went into fixing the original TFG, one into making the backup TFG, one into the gauntlet and one into the glove he uses to program the watches, then Tedd should have 6 leftover for other stuff or to keep as replacement parts. I actually consider 6 minimum. Unless they break often. Unlikely. I mean, even if true, I don't consider likely it would mean he wouldn't be able to obtain more. Meanwhile, THIS is possible. His position of head of investigations certainly could provide better access to stuff like this than his position as paranormal diplomacy. I'd say Tedd has processed it. IMHO still processing. At least in the sense he's not ready to seriously think about something else.