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  1. story

    I hope not. Being careful even for what you wish for seems like very sad and frightened kind of life.
  2. story

    They didn't seemed to believe anything like that. Also, Jerry don't consider them nice. Right. Important distinction. There may be other reasons while their reset was improper. As if being Seer wouldn't be enough.
  3. I never realized it, but apparently I do You mean something like what would happen if William the Conqueror conquered England and make most of nobility Norman oh wait that happened (Fletcher Pratt actually described it as "second Norman conquest" ; I don't think it would result in complete absorption, just like the first one didn't. Obviously, there WOULD be consequences, but hard to say how big - maybe most of them would be reverted after Napoleon.)
  4. story

    Dan's commentary suggests we will have at least one another page with Ellen mentioning some of those problems. We might still get scene change before Elliot decides what he will do. Aaaand another page would give Dan another opportunity to get Helena and Demetrius (IF they are watching Elliot now) to make some comments. I think Dan repeatedly stated that his planing is not precise enough to allow having the "friday-ish" comics on Friday more often than randomly. Although maybe he got better in time ... They certainly remember so little because of improper reset. But I don't think it was because of Susan and Nanase - at least not directly ; while what they did wasn't nice, it wasn't against immortal rules. EDIT: Improper ; we don't know if forced.
  5. I am amazed that Dunkirk did not appear on either list. Ah well. Maybe because the battle was not important and the evacuation was not battle?
  6. You mean like Battle of Trafalgar? Oh wait that's bad example. Sure, I don't know much about what battles makes English identity, but google search for british most important battles produces list like this or this, which don't seem to be dominated by hundred years war.
  7. story

    Ellen should admit that for marking all transgender people, immortal who is already marking people without permission would be ideal. What they (presumably) don't know is that Pandora - I mean Box already ended with it BECAUSE the risk of magic reset. Sure, speaking them about the need of secrecy COULD be safer, but I don't think it would be safe enough. Definitely. I already said yesterday: their FIRST spell will be gender change. Their SECOND spell, on the other hand, may be ANYTHING. ... I hope Ellen will talk him out of it. He DIDN'T tried to show next to Cheerleadra with Grace's help, right? So there ARE ways how to talk him out of terrible plans. Meanwhile, if they proposed this to Tedd ... that would be bad.
  8. np

    You forgot that FV5 includes increased libido and pheromones. Well ... the limits for TF gun are half the volume, or 79.37% height ... Greg is 6'6" ... 79.37% x (6 ' 6 ") = 5'2" so still smaller. Must be different kind of limit. Or Dan computed with original Greg, 7'6", which TF gun can't make smaller than 5'12" ...
  9. np

    Ellen and Elliot are not the same person. Just like Noah and Archie are not the same person. ... I think the difference between Noah and Archie is bigger. But yes, I agree they are not same person, I was just presenting why my link was noteworthy.
  10. Quite a diplomatic feat, getting all the warring parties to agree on a specific date to end the war a century in advance just so they could call it The Hundred Years War. He should definitely get points for trying, although the war actually took 116 years (from 1337 to 17 July 1453), with two pauses (9 and 26 years) and additional 20 years of technically continuing without any battles.
  11. np

    Or alternately you could click on the link I had provided in my post to see the page where Ellen is reading Elliot's spellbook Or that, yes. Although it COULD be argued that Elliot-Ellen are exception, with them being almost same person , so better have counterargument for that ready. PS: Found the link.
  12. Larry's hips might be the same size, but she's shorter so they proportionally look bigger. But yeah, Rich is thinner overall so her shirt is probably all that's covering her now. Rich is as thin as Larry now, but much thinner than normally ... I wanted to say that depending how he is standing and unless weighted by belt and/or things in pockets, he might still have the pants and underwear, although they will definitely go down if he moves and he must feel it ... ... but based on Ellen watching his ass, they probably already slid, yes.
  13. np

    It's The Ecology of Anteaters (Not a Spellbook) and A Perfectly Normal Book. No, Nanase was hiding her by ordinary means (under pillow) when mom surprised her.
  14. The meaning I understood from that declaration was that Pandora would replace "the world where magic users must hide" with "a world where magic is used openly", thereby lifting the restrictions on what Raven is allowed to do. That idea is completely unrelated to a magic reset. That's the canon meaning NOW. I was speculation that it could have different meaning when written, and them being retconned. So, Henry of Bolingbroke got his first cousin once removed?
  15. That would assume Sirleck would say Abner's name REALLY QUICK. I don't think he would be able to talk after Pandora starts shredding him to pieces. I would guess vampires. Even with vampires instructed to lay low, it can be expected they kill more people ... also, all vampires are likely to be killed, but not sure if he counts them. The "he's allowed to defend himself" suggests that Sirleck wouldn't personally go near Adrian because Adrian might be able to kill him. That's why he's sending expendable vampires against him. Magus will likely be much more vulnerable. He likely use money as a means, not as goal. Possessing wizard might give him something even better than money. Wouldn't an even more sensible Aberration do its best to run quietly? If you are so close Pandora can hear you screaming, you are dead anyway. If you are Aberration I mean. Unless ... the key may be in WHAT you are screaming. Sirleck DID survived meeting Pandora once. So, perhaps screaming "I do whatever you want from me just don't kill me" might help.
  16. Well, probably because in canon she didn't dare to start transforming people. If she decided to do that, she would certainly enjoy it more, as visible here. Considering the smirk on Nanase's face, she knew Ellen was about to pounce. Also note that Ellen is glancing at Rich's behind in the last panel. And yes, Dan confirmed on Patreon that is what she's doing, though he admits that some might easily think she's checking out Rick's chest instead. I guess she could be doing both? Not really. In actual 3D, she is either in angle to look at Rich's behind, or at his chest, depending on how far she's standing from "camera". In flat image, the correct angle is not so easy to determine, so she may be doing one or the other. And yes Nanase was totally bait. Although I wouldn't say "acting" as bait, as no acting was needed. (Although she MIGHT be wearing more clothes to comics shop normally ...) Might be just illusion caused by fact that Rich had much manlier face before so his face changed more. ... personally I suspect Rich looks hotter due to bigger cleavage. Considering FV5 makes everyone having same figure, face and clothes are only things which may make one sexier than the other.
  17. And according to Pandora, other Immortals wouldn't be able to mark people without their permission either. She could probably come up with some convincing reason to say to changing someone's default form would be considered guiding or empowering. Well if anyone could, then Pandora is most likely, true. PPS: While talking about possible retcons ... we recently learnt two surprising facts: 1) Pandora didn't know about magic resets 2) Voltaire was framing Pandora for Dex's attack What if those are retcons? I will destroy the world as it is now known and replace it with another sounds VERY much like description of magic reset. Maybe she was supposed to cause one deliberately, but then Dan changed mind. And maybe she WAS supposed to be "big bad", as she would be slipping into insanity ... but then Dan changed mind and made her almost seem more sane than when she was talking with Magus. Or it was planned and Dan was enjoying surprising us. (If those WOULD be retcons, Pandora's monologue about egg falling from nest might be where it's showing.)
  18. You sure? Jerry cast a serenity spell on Susan, Voltaire channeled loads of magic into Dex, why couldn't Pandora permanently change a person's default form without marking them? 1) How is changing person's default form "empower and guide"? The serenity spell is IMHO guiding, and Dex being empowered and guided was explained in comic. 2) Permanently changing their form without preparation would mean they would need to prove it's still them and people would wonder how that happened. PS: Two more points: 1) Dan retconned Elliot's inner demons completely in open, including George shouting it. 2) And he explicitly said illusion powers are canon when asked. So, it doesn't seem like he would construct huge storyline just to get rid of illusion powers. If he wouldn't like them, he could just said they are not canon, considering most cases where they were used could be re-labelled artistic license instead. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they would become causalities of reset. (I mean, if they would recover most other spells except illusions.)
  19. We also don't know what happened to Jerry, I want to believe that he's fine and that it was Pandora that grabbed him believing that he's the one that was meddling with Elliot's life, maybe they'll team up to find Voltaire? But as it is, we don't know for sure who it was that grabbed him and if they're friendly or not. Even if they are NOT friendly, it may only be temporary problem and he would be likely to return afterwards. Based on Helena and Demetrius, there is high chance he will return even if reset improperly ... If Pandora based on "Tedd would never forgive" started marking ALL transgender people, Sam's problem would already be solved. I think it was more like Tedd never forgiving her she didn't do it when she had such perfect opportunity, considering she was JUST marking people and such. He would forgive her if she had good reason not to. And no, I don't think she can help him in any other way than by marking him. Or at least in any less risky way. I remember that, and it's one of the reasons for my current hypothesis. He's done it before, after all. You may also remember (if not, reread that commentary) Dan wasn't exactly jumping at that opportunity, he only did it when he realized the solution to hammers would also help with other stuff. I did mentioned that there are similarities, BUT there are also differences: the hammers happened at the start of comics and then basically disappeared until Dan realized he has way to make them fit, and they were not really connected to anything else before. While the rules of magic happened relatively late and looked pretty connected to everything from start. And Tedd's seer abilities were hinted from BEFORE the magic rules appeared. And it wouldn't be first time when Dan managed to finish something which was planned for long time (and hinted) either. Painted Black, for example, was planned since start and it wasn't some sort of retcon to explain Grace better (although some details DID changed ... and similarly, I wouldn't be surprised if Dan fixed some issues with magic during reset, I just think he planned the reset anyway).
  20. Note that while all of them are likely to stick around, "Box" is only one who they KNOW is supposed to contact them again. I believe it is older. We first knew there was something unusual about Tedd way back here when he started glowing. And since we have by now learned that Tedd's oddity is connected with possible magic resets... Sigh. I already linked when Tedd was glowing first time and it's more than year sooner. ... yes. I get the impression that this is why the Hammerchlorians arc happened. Dan directly said one of reasons he did the storyline was that hammers were huge plot hole. Elliot had already told Tedd that in the age of smartphones, it'd be very difficult to keep Magic secret, so Magic would have to compromise eventually of it wants to continue to be used by people. Elliot's statement about possibly getting Immortals involved is an extension of that. But Ellen already commented "It might never learn that lesson if it doesn't change". I agree ; there is no way to make magic accept being universally available with current set of rules. If it accepts it needs to go public, it will reset at least once to establish some stricter limits. Trying to get immortals involved is more about not getting the blame for change than about preventing the change. Unless Elliot really thinks just about helping this one person, which MIGHT be doable without forcing the reset.
  21. Also didn't Pandora say she caught him? She might have prevented Magus from going to the intended destination (or maybe the intent was for him to continually fall between universes or something, or be stuck in between universes forever). The "he had no place to land" would suggest he was stuck between universes or something like this, yes. Which would mean even if Terra would be able to find him between universes, she wouldn't find him there now ... Or that, yes. Metaphor suggesting something doesn't mean it's what happened. And the whole monologue seems inconsistent with what we know about Magus - it doesn't seem he would like to fight anyone, and also he doesn't seem to be that good. So ... maybe she was talking about something else, which Magus was only part of? Or is that another retcon?
  22. np

    So, we know how it works for greater Chimeras but our only hint about the lesser ones is that if it would worked the same for them they would PROBABLY not be excluded in that explanation. That's not exactly solid proof. Although I agree that it would make sense - I mean, them having only two forms and "hard" shapeshifting and uryuom magic enchanting them just like humans. Obviously. The question is WHY. I don't see how would Elliot knowing something influence how the diamond worked. (I don't actually expect answer, unless we ask Dan, and I suspect the answer - if he give one - would be "look, is that a daemon duck?". But it is weird.)
  23. np

    Hedge and Guineas are lesser chimeras, they have no Uryuom DNA, so they wouldn't be considered Uryuom hybrids. Enchantments applied to them will likely affect them as enchantments should. Source? They can transform. Only between those two forms they have, but still, they must have some Uryuom power. And noone TRIED to use TF gun on them. On the other hand, the bit about correcting greater chimera flaws was only about greater chimeras, so maybe lesser chimeras are stuck with imperfect morphing BECAUSE they lack Uryuom DNA ... and for the same reason anything else will enchant them. It has, but it was not used on Ellen and there is therefore no reason why she should be able to mimic it. When explaining Ellen, it is said her beam will replace different uryuom magic morphs and cancel out identical ones, but the explanation what TF gun will do was different.
  24. Huh, that's an interesting theory. Weren't parts of "this storyline" present basically at the same time as we started learning about magic? Remember, we started with aliens and their technology, magic appeared quite late, unless you count ASMA, Susan summoning sword, hammers and the diamond, which was so arbitrary he could put anything in and it would still worked. While getting huge storyline out of wanting to explain some early mistake would be typical of Dan (Hammerchlorians), I think this is more about "what I want to write doesn't really make sense unless I make it new". Presumably, if he started with the rules as they will be after reset, everyone would already know them and there wouldn't be any headstart available for main eight. And Tedd wouldn't need to be seer, which started to be hinted basically with Tedd being scarred from magic analyzing wand ... if not sooner (remember, his glowing was linked from his analyzing ability). It's hard to be sure with Dan, as he apparently plans years in advance or is very good at pretending it (probably both), but I would say "probably no" on this one. We will see what exactly will change, though ... I would be only little surprised if it would be "surprisingly little". Did they told him? Yup. This is very bad idea. I mean, sure, it's logical and I might think about it on his place as well, but giving random person magic mark and possibly cause him to awaken later ... sure, it's exactly what Pandora was doing but it's also exactly why Greg stopped with ASMA dojo. They may START with changing gender but who knows what will be their second spell. And yes, there is danger it will cause magic reset. And they will still only help ONE person out of how many, millions? ... but the good part of this idea is that Edward might never know they had something to do with it.
  25. np

    The thing is though, now that Tedd knows that enchantments can have their durations reduced by actively resisting, he would have told Elliot so Elliot should be able to get rid of an enchantment faster than that average, not instantly like Tedd can though. Hmmmm ... ok, we don't have data for this one, despite I'm sure it was Tedd's next experiment. I was assuming that Elliot is already resisting as best as he can, but thinking about it, that's not exactly obvious assumption. Yes. Question is what would be the effect on Hedge and Guineas - I think it's not obvious if they count as "Uryuom hybrids" if they are chimeras but don't have Uryuom DNA ... I don't ; I think Abraham wasn't even trying to make the Diamond specific. The goofed part was obviously the duplicating - it could've been argued that the ability to reactivate curse is still ok but creating duplicate representing the curse was definitely bug. And possibly Greg. Maybe Dan should do a more detailed origin story for Greg. Also Edward, Noriko, Cranium, Wolf, Abraham, Adrian Raven if applicable, probably Noah, probably Mrs. Kitsune ... oh, and not-Tengu. Also, I think we can safely assume Edward, Noriko, Cranium, Wolf and Adrian Raven have spellbook. I know Dan made it canon that the Diamond creates a duplicate with the ability to spread the "curse" and leaves the original with the ability to use the enchantment themself, but I'm not sure how that result could be worked into canon. I suspect that "being possessed by Magus" would be hard to replicate, yes ... but note that dis-possessing doesn't need to be on list of abilities. Ellen only has it because TF gun has - oh wait, actually, TF gun won't do anything on person already transformed with given transformation. Hmmm ... I see precedent for the Diamond not working exactly as advertised. (I'm sure the werewolf didn't had ability to un-curse anyone.)