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  1. EGS Strip Slaying

    That's brilliant, Prof_Sai. Welcome!
  2. Anniversaries

    Publicly, Ellen will celebrate her birthday with the gang by playing co-op...oh, let's say, Tamriel Unlimited. Privately, Ellen will celebrate with Nanase by engaging in Harley/Ivy roleplay. She'll be Harley; Nanase will be Ivy. Neither pen nor paper nor dice will be required. ;-)
  3. EGS Strip Slaying

    Credit for the wordplay in the final panel goes to my friend and fellow longtime EGS fan, Kamino Neko.
  4. EGS Strip Slaying

    Heh... while I was making this slay, that very passage came to mind.
  5. Story Monday June 5, 2017

    You know, Sarah, since this is all a simulation, there's no harm in turning some clones of yourself into sexy cat girls...
  6. NP, Wednesday May 24, 2017

    Speaking only for myself, it's actually because FV5 Rich's face looks more feminine than that of FV5 Larry, who still has boy-Larry's face. (I like my women the way I like my adventure duo webcomics by Josh Lesnick: girly.) But mainly it's because Larry has at least shown himself capable of learning how to be a decent person, whereas Rich is still an unrepentant jerk.
  7. NP, Wednesday May 24, 2017

    Nooo! Don't make FV5 Rich hotter than FV5 Larry! :)
  8. NP: Friday, May 19, 2017

    Yeah, 2002 is all over the place in terms of "continuity" and "canon," especially in terms of fourth wall acknowledgement or awareness. In "Introductions" there's no fourth wall whatsoever; Tedd, Elliot and Sarah are fully aware they're webcomic characters and the former two frequently talk to us directly, and no editorial distinction is made between the strips in which Dr. Germahn appears by himself (or with just Amanda) and the one in which he interacts with Tedd and Elliot. With "Goo," the fourth wall goes up and stays up, except for "Q&A #1," "April Fools Week" and the occasional filler strip Dan never got around to putting in the Sketchbook section. :-) But then we have moments like this, and the above-mentioned Rat and Matt, where the fourth wall goes down and then back up and then down and AAAUGH DIZZY ~_~ ...Where was I? Oh yeah, and that's not even including all the 2002 stuff that, while fourth-wall compliant, is still very weird in light of later characterization and plot. Like Elliot (in "Introductions") being just as much of a perv to Sarah as Tedd is, and having a noticeably erotic repartee with Nanase in "Relations, Pt. 2," in contrast to later arcs where he's so sexually inhibited he can't fantasize even about a total stranger without feeling guilty and Sarah feels starved for intimacy while dating him ("We're still virgins!"). Or Susan coming on to FV5ed Elliot in "Sister" (before Dan redrew and rewrote the last two panels). Or Greg's mania in his first appearances throughout "Relations, Pt. 2," as opposed to his calmer, more rational personality afterward. And so forth. All part of the comic's natural growing pains!
  9. EGS Strip Slaying

    Bingo. I didn't see the need to spend time trying to overwrite a title which, in that panel, was only partially visible, not to mention blurry.