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  1. Story, Friday September 16, 2016

    He has lots of guts to show up in front of the person he has tried to kill. This probably has to do with plan CM.
  2. Story Monday August 29, 2016

    LIke her father had an affair with another woman(except the one Susan caught him with) and had a child with her? Could be possible.
  3. Story: Wed, Aug 10, 2016

    Empowered him and then beat him because he refused to drive Mr Verres in killing Abraham? After what happened I don't think Magus will help her.
  4. Story: Monday, August 8, 2016

    How come the Disco Wizard doesn't know that Immortals can shapeshift? Being the ''Emisarry of Magic itself'' you'd think he knows much more.
  5. Story Friday August 5, 2016

    She better start unmarking the people who got marks from her, there's probably lots of them, besides Tedd, Sarah, good Tom etc.
  6. Story Friday July 29, 2016

    Since Pandora considers Grace part of the family, maybe she should "ask" her if she wants the world destroyed. After all, every family member opinion counts.
  7. Story: Monday July 25, 2016

    Being in Grace's mind for a longer time, the Disco Wizard may have some advantage over Pandora since he knows the surroundings and can use them against her. Though Pandora may also have something up her sleeve.
  8. Story Friday July 22, 2016

    Three dozen fire goo babies? Sheesh, that is quite the sticky situation for a parent to raise them.
  9. Story Wednesday July 20, 2016

    If there's going to be a fight inside Grace's head I hope she won't get hurt.