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  1. Monday, November 25, 2019

    Is it just me, or does evil Sarah look like Roxy Lalonde (or to a lesser extent Rose Lalonde)?
  2. Story Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019

    Reminds me of Augie and the Green Knight, with Gawain and the chipmunk. Which ties into the other story of Gawain getting married. What do women really want? Nuts!
  3. Story Friday December 07, 2018

    Seems like there's a third way: have Tedd find a procedure acceptable to his sponsors to invite Sam to be a test subject.
  4. Story Wednesday October 31, 2018

    Did she just jump from one assumption to another?
  5. Story Wednesday September 26, 2018

    Two mirrors…
  6. EGS Strip Slaying

    I wonder if this is the idea of the picture in this story. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/414737/is-this-vore (Only then Ocellus wouldn't think what she thought, so I guess not)
  7. Story Monday April 2 2018

    "We have a friendly Tedd. Ellen could be male if she wanted. Plus, I've grown." He says, as he turns into Cheerleadra.
  8. Story, Friday November 10, 2017

    Magus actually embodied? Wow, this show is really on the road!
  9. I need to vent.

    Sometimes people are having a rough time and get overly defensive. Sometimes people are in an environment where that could be expected, and carry that expectation elsewhere. Some people are just jerks.
  10. So, what did I miss?

    Who got the genderbend cutie mark magic mark? When (real life date) will the current arc end? Will Sarah and Sam agree to a (specific) date before the end of 2016? That kind of thing.
  11. So, what did I miss?

    I had a betting system set up, and a lot of people participated in one of the pools, but the forum eated it before it resolved. And I didn't keep a local backup. Oops.
  12. Greasemonkey forum scripts

    The only official forum-provided EGS emoticon is ? … okay.
  13. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Hmm. Well, the race as it was done locally, was about local issues. Trump and national issues, of course, are the reason the rest of us cared. So most people talking about the race around the country were interested because of Trump. That does not mean that the race itself was actually about Trump, and still less does it mean that Ossoff's message was at all about Trump.
  14. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    So, neither special election in GA nor SC managed to flip deeply red seats blue. No surprise there. The margins were as close as you might expect given the popularity of congress, of the president, and the amount of money poured in. Most surprising was the South Carolina race, which was quite close indeed and did not attract anywhere near the attention of the GA race. Given that these seats were chosen to be vacated, it is reasonable to suppose that they were chosen partially for their safeness. These did not look like safe-seat races.
  15. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Yikes! This is not how to express political disagreement!