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  1. And, of course, not actually being disabled, have a natural advantage in manipulating it.
  2. I had a lot of poison ivy when I moved to my new house, so I got some experience with that. Roundup is effective on poison ivy, but if you want other things to grow in that area, don't spray - instead, dip the poison ivy leaves in the concentrated liquid and smear the liquid on its hairy bark. If it's one local bush, this is surprisingly effective and will be easier than spraying enough. You can handle them easily with garden gloves over thick rubber kitchen gloves (which never come apart from each other ever again and are set aside in a special place). Bag the remains and put them in the trash - don't put them in yard waste. If there is a dead zone, you can put herbal plants like grass in the area, but woody plants will have a hard time.
  3. There's the problem, then. Lots and lots of invasive species.
  4. I got the courier one, but I don't get the elephant one.
  5. Interesting that Grace knew about that. I wonder what form of conversation that was, and what else Tedd was expressing.
  6. I was on reddit /r/samplesize and found a 'casual' (i.e. not for research or serious publication) genderbending survey. Figured people might be interested.
  7. Where do you recommend I get them?
  8. Of those I've only seen Duke Nukem, and that only a little.
  9. What have you written, Prof. Tomoe? Most of my stuff is OC Remixes of older stuff, so assuming you're writing actual game soundtracks, I probably haven't got it Here's the beginning of the top tier (153 in all, I show first 34) (unless marked as OST or another source, all are OC Remixes): Devil's Advocate - Touhou (a pretty straight remix neatening up U.N. Owen was Her) Thanks for Dinner - Uru FML (If I Could Drift Away) - Gitaroo Man The Shredder - TMNT 4 Mute Radiology - F-Zero Trauermarsch (Last Dungeon) - Balance and Ruin album - FF6 <- hilarious if you know your Mahler Livin' Large! - the imaginary game Cheetahmen II Magnet Man Goes West - Mega Man 3 Lavos Battle dnBoss - Chrono Trigger Planet Red Alert - The Precursors Remix Pack for The Ur-Quan Masters Fierce Battle - FF6 OST Orbit 1 - The Precursors Remix Pack for The Ur-Quan Masters Voices Broken - F-Zero GAUNTLET!! - (one guess) House Leaves - Crystalis Pharoah Land - Lifeforce The Unbroken - Cave Story Spoiled R0TT3N - Super Meat Boy When All Hope Has Faded - Chrono Trigger Dancing Madly (First Form) - FF6 Cleansing Required - The Precursors Remix Pack for The Ur-Quan Masters Dancing Madly (Second Form) - FF6 Nirvana - Earthbound Team Making - FFT OST Space Grind - Delta Thin Glow - Stunt Race FX Reich Lake - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Oppression - Cave Story OST Epitaph - FF6 OST
  10. I'm going through my video game music list and trying to demote things from the second tier, which is a bit fat; and also categorize them a bit by putting them into secondary themed playlists, and also break up runs of songs from the same game, and otherwise pair things up in a sensible fashion.
  11. Well, that was when they received the report. If it actually happened while he was in class, that would be pretty conclusive.
  12. This sounds like it has a tragic tale behind it…
  13. > TA transwoman who is 6' 2" and has a five o'clock shadow and an Adam's apple is not going to be able to use the women's room in peace. Such a person is in a pickle either way, it seems.
  14. Good luck. Just don't mention the Conversion Bureau, and if someone else mentions it, don't get involved.
  15. I don't see what's SO amusing about it. I mean, we have a possible quasi-time-travel incident, so people are confused.