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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2326
  2. Let's start with the sheer joy of being able to be back after the forums were down.
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2315 I wonder if Tedd is now ready to talk to his dad about this?
  4. *Get "Meet the Robinsons" flashbacks*
  5. story

    I sometimes get that way with Internet comments.
  6. Today, I have learned some alarming news, I asked my parents about their health insurance since the health funds were increasing their premiums, and they mentioned that they took me of the policy because my income was above the threshold. This surprised me, as while I planned to have my own health insurance policy, I didn't think it would be so soon and now I'm researching the various health funds in Australia to see which is suitable for me. I read enough personal finance sites to know that having adequate insurance is essential.
  7. Elliot! Don't get involved in internet comments!
  8. story

    Is the coverup Edward planned still necessary?
  9. Huh, wasn't expecting this outcome.
  10. Thank's to HarJIT, who found an archive with The Old Hack's courtesy rules, I was reminded that we had a specific place to quarantine all discussion regarding the pacing, scheduling and fan service in general of EGS. So I'm making that thread now. Note: Discussion regarding fan service on specific pages (like the Patreon Pinups) should be limited to the threads for those pages unless it results in a necro. Here's the link for anyone interested, make sure to read the rules: I'll start us off with this one: How do you guys feel about the general pacing of the MV5 storyline in NP? Sure we have some development on the character and plot front, but I felt that there were times where it dragged on a bit.
  11. Looks like Diane had a particular image of Susan in her head, that wasn't quite accurate.
  12. Reminds me of when Lisa and Lisa were together.
  13. np

    How to go from Just Friends to more in just six panels, with MAGIC!
  14. I didn't include that, but yeah. That just makes it more likely for something to happen. Plan CM is likely still in operation. And then there's Sirleck wanting to bring hell to Moperville.
  15. Another Mall arc? Oh dear. Last one involved griffins. What's going to happen this time?
  16. np

    Plus, before seeing Catalina, Pandora was noting that things weren't going as well as she hoped, and it fell completely within her pessimistic expectations. To have those pessimistic expectations, I'm sure she had to have been disappointed beforehand.
  17. np

    Why? No, she's just upset this didn't happen earlier.
  18. ALL the curse words in ALL the languages, EVER!
  19. Felix the Cat was my first thought too.
  20. But would they have access to those records? ... Actually, thinking about it, it's perfectly plausible they had records. Colonisers could have brought copies with them.
  21. While that's true, I don't think the US government was in existence during the last time Magic changed.
  22. Why is Arthur aware while Pandora isn't?
  23. np

    And now hijinks have gone way over 11.
  24. The poster by smjb is relevant.