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  1. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Proof the world is not flat: if it were, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.
  2. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    The state of Washington used to have open primaries. All candidates for party nomination (and all candidates running non-partisan) appeared on a single primary ballot. You could vote for candidates from eight different parties, if you wanted to. In order to also appear on the general-election ballot, a candidate had to (a) be the top vote-getter in their specific party and (b) get a certain minimum percentage of the total number of votes for that office. And, again, every candidate went on a single ballot. It was nothing unusual to see a general-election ballot with four or five parties having candidates for the same office, even for statewide offices. Occasionally three for state legislature and local-government positions. Then the issue of hostile voting, to cause a party one dislikes to nominate a less-suitable candidate, was raised. By the Libertarian Party. WHY?????? Who would bother to spoil a minor party that way? The courts actually declared the existing system unconstitutional. The replacement system basically made it impossible for a third party to appear on the general-election ballot.
  3. New Music Release Thread

    I'm stumbling over the thought of a french horn in a woodwind quintet. ...there was a poster here advertising a performance by a (presumably vocal) quartet, and the picture of the group had 5 guys. Apparently either they can't count, or I can't.
  4. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Kudos on having not progressed. Please continue to underachieve in this regard.
  5. Comic for Sunday, Aug 13, 2023

    I would say that I know, but that's in a different universe.
  6. NP Comic for Tuesday, Aug 15, 2023

    The Librarian of Congress funded publication of a Braille edition of Playboy from 1970 through 1985 when Congress tried a back-door ban on it (because all those lurid photos that weren't in the Braille edition obviously were encouraging the blind people who didn't receive them and couldn't see them anyway to become promiscuous), and then from mid-1986 (including picking up the missed issues) to at least 2018 after the courts lambasted Congress for violating the 1st Amendment in a way that targeted handicapped people. The Librarian of Congress currently funds the publication in Braille of over 100 magazine titles; Playboy (no longer among them, as it is now online-only) was at one time the 6th most popular. I am not finding any references to a Braille edition of Hustler.
  7. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Ah, I specifically said Trump was *impeached* on charges that Biden boasted of. Specifically, he was accused of using his position as President to manipulate a foreign government (Ukraine, if I remember correctly) into doing something for his personal benefit. The stuff about his election shenanigans (including where he incited a riot by explicitly calling for peaceful protests) is separate, and not what he was impeached over. (Aside: if you hear "dog whistles" you might want to reconsider the question of who is the dog.) Biden boasted of threatening, as Vice President, to withhold US aid from another country if they didn't fire a prosecutor who was investigating possible corruption relating to the employment of his son Hunter Biden at a very high salary in a position he had no qualifications for. ... oh, and if you're wondering about my political positions, I figure that anyone who actually wants to be President is either too corrupt, too power-hungry, or too insane to be permitted anywhere near the White House. Which applies to any particular such person is open for discussion but not really important. I'm not notably happier with people who want to be in Congress.
  8. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    The power of the Russian Army is much more clearly and accurately established than was formerly the case. (Also at a rather lower level.)
  9. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    I still think that if Trump is guilty - which he probably is - an argument of selective prosecution could be very helpful for him. After all, he was impeached on allegations of doing things that Vice President Biden publicly boasted of having done, and is now being prosecuted for offenses that were not a problem worth prosecuting when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed them on a much larger scale (in spite of the fact that there were and are people in prison on convictions of having done the same thing on a minuscule scale as compared to either Trump or Clinton).
  10. NP Comic for Tuesday, Aug 8, 2023

    Aside from sex, Elliot and Ellen really look like identical twins. Which is weird. Yeah it could happen naturally... each child would have to inherit the *same* chromosome from each of the mother's 23 pairs, and from 22 of the father's (the other one being the sex chromosome pair, where they obviously have to *not* inherit the same one). So it would happen once per 2^45 (approximately 32 trillion) sets of twins. (And that's an overestimate, because it doesn't take recombination - where the two chromosomes in a pair swap parts between them - into account. But I'm going to ignore that.) The total number of humans who have ever lived is (estimated) only 117 billion, and most of them weren't twins. Even if all of them were twins, there'd be only about 1 chance in 550 that a pair of so-close-to-identical twins has ever yet existed; and if one had, there'd only be about a 7% chance they'd be alive now.
  11. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    Well, if Putin really believes that Ukraine is part of Russia (even though his logic better supports the notion that Russia is part of Ukraine), then in his mind it's improper for Ukraine to defend itself from Russia. Not that many people care that much about what's in his mind, given that he himself apparently isn't.
  12. NP Comic for Thursday, Aug 3, 2023

    Pharoah, that explanation is really cheesy.
  13. Comic for Monday July 3 2023

    Is anyone keeping track of the awards /me hands out?
  14. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Impossible." -- sorry, can't remember which comic-strip youngster I first heard that one from.
  15. Comic for Monday, Jul 17, 2023

    More than most people his age, Tedd has been hiding things from most people for years.
  16. Comic for Friday, Jul 14, 2023

    DGB doesn't necessarily need all of Tedd's data (e.g. his friends' clone forms), and there has been no statement by anyone which strongly implies that they got all of it. Yes, they got Tedd's notes - but even a single clone form is likely to be vastly more data than a human can put into notes in one lifetime. Particularly if that lifetime is, to date, about 18 years. If DGB got a set of devices - a scanner and a TFG - and any necessary software, they can build their own collection of data.
  17. Comic Wednesday July 12, 2023

    It's explicit that he CAN see through the illusion, but Lavender is currently using a clone form - not an illusion. Can't definitely comment on that, because Lavender would have privileged access to it - considering she works for MIB and is dating Tedd's dad. But we know that Tedd has built several TF guns, and it's reasonably likely that MIB took one or more and replicated them. So I'm guessing that quite a lot of Uryuom - at a minimum, the ones near Moperville - have access to it. Also, I'm guessing that the ability to see through the illusions comes automatically with being a seer (but may or may not be limited to them).
  18. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    While others are a loaf.
  19. Comic for Wednesday July 5 2023

    I've read a story where that plan was actually taken out and used. (Not on Earth though. And with extensive adjustments - no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy - because the zombies weren't human even before they were zombified.)
  20. NP Comic for Thursday July 6, 2023

    (Recheck thread title, you misspelled "Thursday". )
  21. Comic for Wednesday July 5 2023

    At least it isn't a STUPID answer, like midichlorians.
  22. The Weather.

    You'd "love" it here. Yesterday we looked out at bright sunlight while hearing thunder - then the clouds and rain rolled in - then they rolled out again and we had bright sunlight for the rest of the afternoon - then just before sunset we had another thunderstorm rolling in...
  23. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    The universe consists of cat toys, cat food, and cat beds.
  24. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    Lots of wars where one side is the comparatively good guys... Right now in eastern Europe we have one country that picked up a piece of "logic" that - if they really believed in it - would have them spontaneously and unilaterally surrendering to a certain other country, and using it as justification to invade that other country. And bragging about committing multiple war crimes in the course of that invasion.
  25. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    There is an ironic detail about that. General Lee resigned from the Union Army, went home and freed all his slaves, and then accepted command of the Confederate Army. Making his slaves among the very first to be freed as a result of the Civil War. Meanwhile, Union commander (and eventually top commander short of the President) General Grant and his wife held onto their slaves until the amendment banning slavery in the US took effect - making those among the very last to be freed. Quite a few Southerners, at the start of the war, did not think it was primarily about slavery. Instead they thought it was about whether the Constitution gave the federal government only the powers defined for it (which is what you might think if you read the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, or if you wonder why the Constitution has a list of specific powers granted, and what quite a lot of people thought before the Civil War), or gave it every power not explicitly prohibited to it (which was the Republican Party's position in the 1850s, and became the more common interpretation in the aftermath of the war - and remains so today). Granted, they were effectively applying that question and their answer in defense of slavery, which is despicable and makes them clearly not the good guys... but I can't say the Union were the good guys either.