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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Matoyak in Opinion and Suggestion About Avatars   
    Oh, I totally understand that. I tend to use avys I've made myself for that reason. For help with finding appropriate avatars, I do like how Gunnerkrigg Court's forums have an Avatar thread where people will take images from the comic and crop them into avy form. (Gunnerkrigg Forum Thread) It's nice for people to be able to pick like that.
    And yeah, I know the vast majority of people by faces, not names. I'm just really bad at remembering them. Takes months of knowing a person to really lock in their name. Forums make it even harder, so I rely on Avatars mostly. (I was constantly getting @HarJIT and @hkmaly mixed up until the former got an avatar, for instance. I believe I actively replied to one when meaning to reply to the other once, even).
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Stature in Opinion and Suggestion About Avatars   
    I think availability, preferability, and "aesthetic" holds some people back from posting an avatar.
    Though I so agree on this too. Even IRL I know people more by face so I then can call their name.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Tuxfanturnip in EGS Strip Slaying   
    Here we go. Might put this in an album if it's too much clutter...

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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from Pharaoh RutinTutin in STORY: Wednesday March 9, 2016   
    Ah, I love it when smart characters miss the obvious answers. It's always amusing to see their reactions when someone else points it out for them. 
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Scotty in STORY: Monday March 7, 2016   
    Susan's disadvantage is not just that she doesn't know she's adopted, but that her childhood is marred by catching her dad with another woman, and the divorce afterwards. Diane has long accepted the fact that she's adopted, finding out she has a biological sibling is probably something she figured could be possible so it wasn't a large shock to her. Susan finding out she has a biological sister would mean that her parents had been hiding an important part of her life from her. I don't expect her to take it well, which is sad considering how much I like Susan.
    Considering Ellen doesn't really consider her second life memories her memories, I wouldn't expect Diane and Susan to take second life memories as replacements for their own lives either.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Howitzer in STORY: Monday March 7, 2016   
    I hope not. This seems like the sort of problem that magic shouldn't have anything to do with.
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    SeriousJupiter reacted to Aura Guardian in NP, Wednesday March 9, 2016   
    Yeah. First thing I noticed.
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    SeriousJupiter got a reaction from hkmaly in NP, Wednesday March 9, 2016   
    Oh, so this storyline is finally coming to an end? That's fine with me, because I mostly considered it fanservice and- HEY WAIT A MINUTE WHERE'S TEDD?! Dan said that Tedd would show up in this storyline at some point, so now would be the time for him to come home and confirm once and for all if this storyline takes place before the card games or not. I mean, it seems quite obvious that all of this is happening before the card games, but maybe that's the point - it's too obvious. Maybe Tedd will come home with his pixie cut and casually mention having been over at Justin's with his Dad and the Magic Analysis Wand to see if he'd been Awakened. Wouldn't that be a nice twist?
    Also, did I seriously misunderstand something, or was Grace actually suggesting creating intersex forms?