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  1. NP, Friday August 5, 2016

    I wouldn't say Sarah was that much more shy in October than she is now. She had already spent her summer as Tedd's guinea pig, after all. But yeah, there's no way she would have chosen vampire over wizard. I don't think "wizard Sarah" counts as a transformation. If Sarah had been around to tell Pandora she would like a spell that turns her into a wizard, that would have been 1) redundant, because she would have to already be a wizard or a mage to be able to use any spells 2) impossible, since wizards are born, not made 3) useless, if it meant she would only get a cool wizard costume whenever she used that spell.
  2. What would you like to see in the sketchbook?

    Vampire Sarah and Werewolf Nanase wrestling, their clothes ruined. Greg and Téa drinking tea and cuddling while watching anime. Wolf and Cranium dressed as Hogwarts students. Mall Elliot surrounded by adorable little animals in a flower garden. Susan and Justin dressed as Pokémon Go Trainers with their starters.
  3. Good show. If I didn't hate ball jokes, I would totally make one right now.
  4. Pinup Wed, Aug 3rd

    It's always nice to see Mall Elliot. She's certainly not shy about showing her body and her smile sends my heart aflutter. What an angel.
  5. Susan's blushing. That alone makes her more attractive to me than Sarah. I'm glad Sarah seems to be enjoying herself, but let's just say that I'm also glad this isn't canon.
  6. I'd ask how they got those scales if this wasn't non-canon and if they weren't dressed like they're on an Indy adventure. I wonder what kind of treasure they're looking for that needs them to switch their boob sizes.
  7. Hmm, well, at least now Tedd knows what is too much. Besides, this wasn't for fun, it was FOR SCIENCE!!! See the labcoat?
  8. Pinup: August 1, 2016 (Téa Apron)

    This settles it, Téa needs to become a canon character in the comic! We've seen so much of her already that we might as well see the rest of her... character.
  9. NP, Friday August 5, 2016

    Damn! If only Sarah had been there to answer that question, her hot vampire form could have become canon! ...Except for the fact that this happened before the card games. And that Sarah doesn't really even like vampires, she just likes reading vampire smut. *sigh* Never mind...
  10. NP, Thursday August 4, 2016

    Pandora likes puppies? That's adorable. Her craziness can be good for something.
  11. Story Friday August 5, 2016

    To quote Sid the Sloth: "This is either really good or really bad." So, Pandora realized that her master plan is about to fail and has now decided to fix the damage she's done. Great, but how is she going to do that, exactly? I very much doubt that magic marks can be removed without Awakening their owners. I think all Pandora can do right now is unclog the magic drain, assuming that she's the one who clogged it in the first place, but then what? Will she finally tell Adrian what she's done and ask him to help everyone she's marked? Or will she do something incredibly stupid like try to change the mind of magic? Hmm... I was under the impression that Pandora had never reset at all, but clearly I was wrong. She had already reset at least once back when she was getting bored with her current life before she met Blaike all those centuries ago. I assume she spent her first life/lives playing with mortals for fun just like she used to do in this life. Perhaps the only truly noteworthy thing that happened during her previous life was the magic system change. Also, it seems that perhaps Tedd is a wizard after all. An unusual wizard, but a wizard nonetheless. Nice, now I can stop calling him a mutant. It's possible... Or then they are just really, really rare. Like, maybe less than one percent of all wizards are like Tedd, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are in any way tied to magic system changes. I don't think Pandora is that insane. I still consider her a villain of a sort, but I doubt she would kill everyone she's marked in the past few months just to stop magic from changing. Of course, she's not even allowed to do that and even if she were, there's no guarantee that it would work and she would definitely know that. Disco Wizard most likely knows more about immortals than we do, so perhaps immortals can only remember information from their previous incarnation. That's a pretty good theory. However, I'd like to point out that Lord Tedd, Nioi and Shade Tail are the ONLY people we've even seen from Lord Tedd's dimension. Well, there's also Kaoli, but we haven't actually seen her in person.
  12. Story Friday July 29, 2016

    I think Pandora and Disco Wizard would automatically leave her head, but I'm not sure. I certainly hope so.
  13. NP: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    This made me laugh. My sleeping patterns have been completely messed up for weeks - I actually slept through the entire Thursday plus a couple of hours more - but suddenly I feel better knowing that at least I'll never sleep for an entire week. I know it's stupid of me to stay up too long because I know that I'll just end up sleeping the same number of hours I've spent awake no matter what, but I can't help it. There are just too many good cartoons to watch, books to read and forums to write on and absolutely nothing better to do with all my time.
  14. Story Friday July 29, 2016

    Interesting... Of course, I knew Pandora didn't want to hurt Grace from the start, but now she's acting like she's the one who is right and Disco Wizard is the bad guy here. That's probably because she doesn't believe him, but it's still pretty weird how the tables have suddenly turned so completely. What's more, Disco Wizard sees her point. I'm not saying Pandora is lying, but once again she's showing off her manipulation skills. Anyway, if these two can keep things civll, perhaps this conversation will be useful to them both. I doubt Pandora will change her mind about her plan, but that's just because I think she will simply refuse to believe anything Disco Wizard tells her. Disco Wizard, on the other hand, might learn things that he can later tell Grace or someone else to help them stop Pandora, assuming that Pandora won't lie to his face about everything he asks her, of course. Yes. In short, she has put a lot of people in danger and didn't care. I can feel sorry for her because of her past, but that doesn't mean I can forgive some of her actions. If she had reset, she would have been more reasonable and warned Adrian about Abraham's attack, even though Adrian saw it coming himself. As for Noah, I still don't get what she would have gained from his death, so I must assume she just wanted entertainment. Still, surely she knew that Noah couldn't beat the dragon because she was cheating by giving Dex so much power that the dragon couldn't be unsummoned, so maybe she really did mean for Noah to die or she simply didn't care.
  15. Greg's New Girlfriend

    I suggested Téa the Magic Tea Shop Girl as a joke, but I suppose she really could be Greg's girlfriend, assuming that Dan hadn't decided who the girlfriend should be before he designed Téa. However, I have a feeling that the magic tea isn't exactly canon, so Téa would be just a regular tea shop girl in the comic if we got to see her with Greg.