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  1. EGS Strip Slaying

    It's teresting how fluenced our language is by latin.
  2. EGS Strip Slaying

    Oh yeah? I just read that cartoon as "uh, heterosexuality added to female form ... attracted to male ... awkward ... back off quick ..." in keeping with his comment two frames later (I'll stay male. It has less potential awkwardness). I thought "There's another way to make you stay female" was a forgotten piece of lore gathering dust on a shelf.
  3. EGS Strip Slaying

    Does it count as a slay if I do not alter any of the text, or any of the pictures, or the chronological order of them, but it _implies_ something different? Ugh - I should have used a vertical format - I have to click on it 3 times to make it zoom in enough to read!
  4. Crazy Counting Guy

    "When my age you were, look as good you didn't" - Stacey
  5. Which Moper Are You?

    Susan. Definitely Susan. She's like an intelligent, snarky Elliot, and ...
  6. EGS Strip Slaying

    She wanted stuffing
  7. EGS Strip Slaying

  8. EGS Strip Slaying

    And enough strength to defeat something so powerful it thought it was a god - she'd unkink your back all the way out of your chest by mistake
  9. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    On the other hand, Giant Pigs will no longer need to overeat to prevent their enchantment going away, which is a major plus for the environment!
  10. Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    All this talk of dramatic hipsters in the commentary. I now picture the will of magic as a tall man with a flowing black opera cloak, lined in red. As he ends his final pronouncement on the future of magic he spins to face the camera, the cloak swirling around behind him, revealing his tank top and jeans.
  11. unequal clothing swaps

    So, if Nanase can perform unequal clothing swaps (hair bands for shirts), and lives in a world seemingly a little overloaded with vampires, then I think if I was here I'd have a suit of armour in a wardrobe somewhere and spend my life wearing half a dozen bracelets ...
  12. NP Monday December 4, 2017

    It was used because alcohol makes you _feel_ warm, not because it actually was warm.
  13. Griffins are awesome

    I'm home and decided to have some fun with this one. It's my first drawing with Clip Studio and I would do things differently if I tried again, but it was a fun learning excercise. Feathers take sooooo long to draw!