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  1. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    Ooh, hadn't thought of that option! If it's him, I hope he's also screening everything from viewing by bystanders.... True, most of the times I've heard it, a color is specified, but which color doesn't seem to be consistent. "Don't think of a purple elephant!" or "Try not to think of a pink elephant, see what happens." I think it's more of a "has a crush on her." She's been too shy to do anything so overt as hitting on Diane.
  2. What Are You Watching?

    Just finished watching the series finale of Downton Abbey.
  3. Things That Are Just Annoying

    The animal hospital is closed on Sundays, but a client showed up knocking on the door tonight with his dog in the car wanting me to just take a look at her. That's not what's annoying, although it would be if I weren't already too far behind on Game of Thrones to be trying to get to a viewing party. It's a good client, and his daughter works for us, so I didn't mind checking their pooch. No, what's annoying is that his cell phone went off, playing just the first eight notes of Bach's Minuet in G. Anyone who has ever taken piano lessons will know this piece. And I had it stuck in my head for at least an hour, with periodic relapses since. Aren't cell phones bad enough without people putting earworms on them???
  4. Crazy Counting Guy

    What if you only included NP stories that are clearly labeled as canon, like "Question Mark"?
  5. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Locked in one room, a stranger in the house, and a really weird unpleasant smell coming under the door. Sounds like she'd justified in being less than gruntled. Despite what she thinks she wants, may I suggest keeping her in there until the smell fades, even after the floors are dry?
  6. Things You Find Amusing

    Yup, cars were kidnapped for ransom a lot by those guys. We can be glad they're finally shut down (although who knows for hiw long), or bewildered and disappointed it took this long....the song was written in 1972!
  7. Things You Find Amusing

    A thread for sharing jokes, humorous situations or comments from real life, amything you find amusing. Please try to keep it light-hearted in general -- we want to be amused here, not depressed. ;-) Went to an event last weekend where a friend of the organizer posted on Facebook that she'd be wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt she knew she'd like. Well, there must have been a couple hundred Doctor Who T-shirts at the event! Including on me. That's what you get when you tell everyone in the Facebook group what the event organizer is into, and everyone wants in on the gag! I saw a trio of ducks outside my townhouse this afternoon, two drakes and a hen. The drakes didn't appear to be fighting or trying to edge the other out, they were just walking in a triangle, the boys leading the way almost side by side, the girl following close behind. I couldn't help but think a cheery, "You go, girl!" Which reminds me....why does a chicken coop have two doors?
  8. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Puts me in mind of trying to pin or plate bird bones, which can also be rather brittle. Here's hoping you have a successful surgery and a smoothe recovery!
  9. NP, Wednesday September 12, 2018

    The sort of people I'm picturing complaining would think there was nothing wrong with people reacting with comical levels of dismay at being turned into a girl and being desperate to turn back into a boy. It's the very exploration of identity and sexuality, normalizing it and making it seem there's nothing wrong with it, that such people would object to. Oh, I wasn't saying Patreon had a problem with LGBTQ+ elements, it was the people making complaints about the site that I meant. Patreon may just have an automated system, where if x number of people flag the site as inappropriate for children, then they'll designate it as such and it's up to the artist to dispute the designation or to accept it. Most big sites don't go checking up on what people post unless someone complains. Certain groups of people will make vociferous complaints about two men kissing, lips only, but won't say a peep about a heterosexual couple french kissing and groping each other. Art with cis straight couples are thus less likely to be labeled as "adults only" because fewer people are complaining about them. Even Dan's pinups are, well, pinups, with a degree of innocence to them. I don't think anyone would consider Dan's stuff to be "porn." They'd be perfectly acceptable on page three of certain newspapers in the UK. As far as near-nudity goes, Dan's stuff is the squeaky-clean end! If you're counting having kids as "implied action" then Nanase's parents are at least equal to Adrian. And there have been several references to "sexy time" between Ellen and Nanase, too. But I think we've already had at least a couple of threads about the odds our characters are still virigns....
  10. NP, Wednesday September 12, 2018

    I don't know what the reasoning was, but I can't help but fear it was due to having gay, trans, genderfluid, etc. characters. Considering the old description of EGS as "Easily the most perverted squeaky clean comic on the net," it seems rather sad that it's being segregated by a rating. That said, things certainly have evolved to the point where the "squeaky clean" appellation may not really apply anymore....
  11. Things You Find Amusing

    It was on the news tonight -- Lincoln Towing has been shut down! (The line about a charm school is referring to the location of a state prison.) I grew up listening to this song on the radio on a regular basiis, despite being about 150 miles south of their range ;-)
  12. NP September 10, 2018

    TOH, may I ask what you think of Neil Gaimen's novel American Gods? He borrows a large number of gods from other cultures, and tries to reflect how they have been altered in American culture. Did you find such use offensive?
  13. Last Post Wins

    First post in 175 days! Does that mean I get 175 points? Or 175 quattloos?
  14. This Day In History

    15 million cases per year, 300 to 500 million deaths in the 20th century (and that's with the disease being eradicated three-quarters of the way through the century). Which would have continued if the anti-vaccination...people....had their way. Current official death toll of September 11 attacks: 2,975 (this includes rescuers, and does not include the 19 hijackers) Current official death toll of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico: 2,975 I wonder how many memorials will be built in their honor, how many Presidential visits will be made, how many fellow Americans will put up flags all over the country to show support to the victims of Maria?
  15. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    At least they know what the problem is, and thus have a good chance of fixing it! And you could have been stuck in a boot in the hottest part of summer or in the bitterest, coldest part of winter. wielding the silver lining polish again....
  16. For some reason I keep thinking of Justin as blond. Maybe because Nanase's red hair is so red?
  17. Does a better job of making them still look like themselves while transformed, and I like the implied BDSM interactions and power exchange. Went too far into unrealistic proportions for my tastes, and I just don't find cows particularly attractive, although it was pretty well-executed for what it is. Facial expressions are good, body language is eloquent!
  18. NP September 10, 2018

    The Tropeless Tale (Obligatory Warning) One of Mercedes Lackey's early books included a suspicious number of the monster's victims being the idiot jerk bosses of long-suffering computer programmers. ;-) Next time you want definitions, may I suggest onelook.com? Then you'll be able to find a more complete range of definitions, such as (bolding is mine): Oxford's "The underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group. ‘Yet one suspects that there is another agenda behind his attempt to subvert the global uniformity.’" Or Merriam-Webster's: 1: a list or outline of things to be considered or done agendas of faculty meetings 2: an underlying often ideological plan or program a political agenda Or from American Heritage: n. a·gen·da 1. A list of things to be discussed in a meeting. 2. a. A program of things to be done or considered: "King's broadening of the civil rights agenda to include issues of class, income, and employment" (James Carroll). b. Informal A usually unstated underlying motive: "Everyone has an agenda, whether he or she is honest about it or not" (Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger). 3. A datebook: bought a leather-bound agenda.
  19. NP Wednesday September 05, 2018

    You said no walking around the bases, the first thing I pictured was having to jump over the various holes rather than walk or run around them. Hmm, make the holes large enough, that might work as another variation, and solve the problem of having to basically make all hole-in-ones....
  20. Story Monday September 10, 2018

    I had a lot of those growing up, too. Olivia Newton-John was at the peak of her popularity when I was a kid, and I checked all of her old albums out from the library -- she had a lot of country classics she'd done covers of, so for years after that, I'd hear "Take Me Home, Country Roads" sung by John Denver and think it sounded wrong. ;-) Same thing still happens; I'm pretty sure there are a lot of kids out there who think of Eric Clapton's "Layla" as a slow, acoustic, bluesy number....
  21. Tedd's frame is smaller than Elliot's, so a buff Tedd should still have narrower shoulders than a buff Elliot. Just swapping the heads, so to speak, ends up looking wrong. I would like to see Tedd use his gender spell to be extra-manly someday.... Considering that catboy is a form Elliot has been able to assume since the beginning of the shapeshifting, you'd think we'd see more of it. I don't think it's painful for him anymore, like it was when he first started; he can change himself a lot more by becoming very short or tall woman, than by just giving himself cat ears and fur!
  22. Where have you been going?

    This seems like a topic which, in hindsight, should have come about sooner! Yesterday, I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is in the city quite near the lake. It's an hour's drive most days, each way, so I don't go as often as I might, but I got a membership which includes parking, and yesterday was a celebration of their 150th anniversary. (Why anniversary instead of birthday? No idea.) So, I made the drive, parked in the lot, and spent a good part of the day at the zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo is unusual in that it is free to enter and enjoy. They sell food and souveneirs and a few kid rides, like a carousel, but admission itself is to just walk in one of several gates, which they only have so they can close at the end of the day. The Great Apes are always a highlight, having both gorillas and chimpanzees. They're housed in very large enclosures with glass walls that give visitors a great view, even larger outdoor areas, and huge, complicated arrays of ropes and fake trees and shelves and fake bamboo and etc, which can to some extent be rearranged to keep things interesting. Since it was grey, cold, and drizzling outside, despite having the door open the apes chose to stay inside. For the 150th, the keepers did various "enrichment" activities, things done to make their lives less dull, such as making thin Jello-jigglers-type treats in the shape of the number 150 and sticking them to the glass at various heights, and draping blankets over the ropes in various places for the chimps, and putting cardboard boxes in with the gorillas to play with and destroy. The floors are covered in a thick layer of mulch thwt they can dig into if desired, and they tossed in popcorn, veggies, monkey biscuits, and a boatload of Romaine leaves, so they could all forage and have a nice salad. They moved a large display to reveal a big window into a behind-the-scenes area so we could watch a training session with the silverback gorilla. The keeper asked him to hold up a hand or foot, open his mouth, turn around and put his thigh or shoulder or back against the grating between them, and various other actions that might be needed to get a good look at and/or treat an injury. He got grape tomatoes as a reward, along with sips of juice. They said the juice is diluted so it's not so high calorie, and they give it so that they can hide medicines in it if needed. Since he does this routine every day, he's not suspicious when offered a drink of juice that's got a purpose behind it. Later on, I could see in a back corner of the chimp enclosure what was clearly a similar training session with one of the chimps. The chimps also had what looked like big popsicles of dilute fruit juice, with embedded fruit, frozen around a length of unbreakable fire hose material and hung about the enclosure. They were too cold and slippery to grab proper hold of and pull for long. While I was watching, one of the older female chimps picked up a blanket, wrapped it around a popsicle, and used the blanket to get traction and not freeze her fingers while she pulled until it came loose. She then carried them both up to a big concrete ledge, and with the ice wrapped in the blanket, smashed it against the concrete several times to break it into pieces without sending ice flying. She then shared bits of popsicle with her friends. Seemed like a very nice use of tools! Later on, one of the males tried pulling on ice without any insulation, but quickly gave up and just swung the chunk on its tether up onto the top of the ropes in that spot, and leaned down to suck on the popsicle until he got a big chunk of fruit out. The Dwarf Mongooses had a little structure built of cardboard and decorated with painted "150"s that had several layers and holes and tunnels. The zebra had a very large 150 with yummy hay sticking out of various holes. I could see remnants of some sort of 5 and 0 in the aardvark enclosure. There was what looked like bright blue remains of a pinata in the African Painted Dog area. It looks like all the keepers had fun coming up with enrichment ideas! I also got to see a display of stuff from the history of the zoo, most interesting of which to me was the doctor's bag the original first vet the zoo ever hired used to treat the various animals! They had a couple of rows of vials of various medications, hand labeled, some of which we still use today. There were old-style metal syringes and log books of the care creatures received from the first turn-of-the-century of the zoo and from the 1960s. Apparently, the bag wound up forgotten on a shelf in an office, and wasn't rediscovered until recently. I wish the weather had been nicer, for the zoo's sake; they were probably counting on a good turn-out for this event. It was definitely worth venturing out into the cold drizzle for!
  23. What Are You Listening To?

    Verity!, an all-women Doctor Who podcast (named in honor of the original producer of the show). They've decided on a theme of Firsts for this year, and thus are reviewing both first episodes, old series and new. It's great hearing the breadth of perspectives on "Rose" and what everyone thought of the idea of a revival of the series at the time. The sort-of-companion-podcast Radio Free Skaro (which is all guys) often makes for a good contrast to this one, but I haven't caught up yet to learn what the boys have planned for the season off. One of my favorite review quotes ever came from a Verity! episode, describing Clara's influence on the Doctor. Something along the lines of, "Donna showed how sometimes, the Doctor needs someone to tell him when to stop. Clara has taken the brakes off and is going WHEEEEE!!!!"
  24. Things That Make You Happy

    I'm with my mom at the Fox Valley Folk Music and Storytelling Festival! My dad was really into folk music, and Mom and I picked it up from him. (My sister, not so much.) The three of us used to go every year, so this really brings him to mind, in a happy way. :-D
  25. Story Wednesday August 29, 2018

    Dan did say body-snatchers wouldn't be affected by the Big Burn if they were attached to a host who'd get hurt by it. Picture an Aberration like Sirleck, on a host like the first one we saw him possessing. A host who, according to Sirleck, was brain dead and would die the rest of the way as soon as he left him. A body-snatcher could arrange things so that they had a trail of at least three verifiable brain-dead people they'd taken control of, and pretended a miraculous recovery except for amnesia, which would explain not knowing their friends and family. That Aberration could claim to have been doing that all along, only taking over bodies that "no one was using anymore." If their situation became public, with a spin of their choosing, I'd bet there would be people willing to do the equivalent of leaving their bodies to science or donating their organs, to give this poor unfortunate being a new home. Sure, it would all be fake on the part of the body-snatcher; we know they are officially completely without remorse or empathy. But they could make all sorts of trouble for DGB and get themselves some sort of legal status and rights -- which they could then abuse for years to come. And that sort of Aberration could always choose to disappear and go back to their evil ways if playing (ostensibly) by the rules didn't suit them anymore.