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  1. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Pranks don't have to be cruel. Look up MIT hacks (their term for pranking) and you can see some pretty awesome examples. It's a part of the school's code of honor as well as a point of pride, and students will go to great trouble, for example, to not only make sure that a building isn't damaged when they turn its dome into R2D2's head or the One Ring, but also to leave detailed instructions on how to safely dismantle the hack once there's been adequate time to appreciate it. They believe that a prank where no one is hurt is a much better prank, and they strive to be the best at it!
  2. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    That about seems to sum it up.
  3. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Consider it wished! Here's to this procedure helping to relieve your pain, and eventually leading to you being able to drive again!
  4. Things You Find Amusing

    A thread for sharing jokes, humorous situations or comments from real life, amything you find amusing. Please try to keep it light-hearted in general -- we want to be amused here, not depressed. ;-) Went to an event last weekend where a friend of the organizer posted on Facebook that she'd be wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt she knew she'd like. Well, there must have been a couple hundred Doctor Who T-shirts at the event! Including on me. That's what you get when you tell everyone in the Facebook group what the event organizer is into, and everyone wants in on the gag! I saw a trio of ducks outside my townhouse this afternoon, two drakes and a hen. The drakes didn't appear to be fighting or trying to edge the other out, they were just walking in a triangle, the boys leading the way almost side by side, the girl following close behind. I couldn't help but think a cheery, "You go, girl!" Which reminds me....why does a chicken coop have two doors?
  5. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    No mixed feelings about all these truck/van/car terrorist attacks; they're horrible. But what I now have mixed feelings about is realizing that maybe, just possibly, they'll lead to increased public transit and bicycle access in highly populated areas. More places blocked off from motor vehicle traffic and thus safe for walking and biking. More subways and El trains and perhaps even a return of a few trolleys, since they're all on rails and thus difficult to hijack. They say every cloud has a silver lining.....
  6. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    You weren't the only one teasing about the misspelling, TOH! As the trope shows, it's a pretty common mistake to make. :-)
  7. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Tell you what....see how things are going through the end of the year. If, by some chance, some miracle, you are doing really well, and think that you would be able to go, then try contacting the organizers. If you explain about your chronic pain and how you didn't think you'd be able to go, there is at least a chance that they'd be able to squeeze you in. And if that's not possible, tell them about your wife's connection and ask them if there's any way she could join them without you. Heck, you could ask them about that now! If you ask nicely, occasionally people can accomodate a lot more than you expect, and it doesn't hurt to ask!
  8. The Weather.

    thunderstorm =/= tornado
  9. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    Same here. We'll be crossing our fingers, sending good vibes, whatever we can do to encourage the fickle finger of fate to favor you! ;-) And hey, you've got the eclipse to look forward to afterwards, right? Even a partial is cool enough to look forward to! Got glasses or pinhole camera ready? Figured out a way to either get to the right window or maybe even go outside near the peak? Or, worst case, found a live feed from somewhere in the path of totality you can watch if you're not up to going out?
  10. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    My Patrick would generally hide under the sink in the bathroom if I wasn't home during storms or construction, but he was fine if I was there, and every other cat so far has been okay. Mary startles at particularly loud thunderclaps, but then, so do humans!
  11. Things That Are Just Annoying

    It wouldn't be quite so annoying if there were a way to catch up. When I had a friend who threw GoT parties, she'd show the previous week's episode first, for anyone who wanted to rewatch or who'd missed it. I know of a bar/club that's showing the episodes, so I could watch next week, except that there's no way to see this week's first. Unless someone at work or at Saturday's Mensa meeting loans me their access in some way, I'm stuck. (No cable at all, so I can't add HBO to it.)
  12. Things That Are Just Annoying

    The animal hospital is closed on Sundays, but a client showed up knocking on the door tonight with his dog in the car wanting me to just take a look at her. That's not what's annoying, although it would be if I weren't already too far behind on Game of Thrones to be trying to get to a viewing party. It's a good client, and his daughter works for us, so I didn't mind checking their pooch. No, what's annoying is that his cell phone went off, playing just the first eight notes of Bach's Minuet in G. Anyone who has ever taken piano lessons will know this piece. And I had it stuck in my head for at least an hour, with periodic relapses since. Aren't cell phones bad enough without people putting earworms on them???
  13. The Weather.

    Same here. Falling rain, rumbling thunder, nice siunds as long as you don't have to go out where the lightning is. Even getting wet is kinda fun if you don't have any vulnerable electronics or papers on you and it's not too cold.
  14. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I missed last week's Game of Thrones episode, so I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the mobile version of HBO. They offer a one month free trial, after all, and there's only three weeks left including this one. So, I tried to sign up. Downloaded the App, gave them my info. and then it turns out they'll only accept payment through the Apple store. I have deliberately not given the Apple Store any financial information, because I only download free apps. Okay, what about Amazon Prime? They claim you can subscribe to HBO through them. Logged in to Prime's video app, and looked everywhere but could not find a way to subscribe. Went to the Amazon web site, still no dice. I even toyed with trying to log on to my boss's HBO via her cable subscription, since I have a few shrewd ideas what her password might be, but I haven't gotten that desperate yet. (If she checks her email at work and forgets to log out, that may be more temptation than I can handle, though....) Why do businesses make it so difficult to give them your money?
  15. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    She obviously at least read it when she first reset, hence why it sounded familiar and how she knew where to look for the information. She may not have read her full memoirs since then, though, which explains the need to go back and "re-read" the passage. It does make me wonder what she was like in that previous life....
  16. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Granted my new cell phone was the cheapest I could find, bought in a hurry just before going to Orlando with my sister. But it's supposed to be a smart phone. Android type. It's not impressingme much. The phone book won't list anything as anything but "Mobile" and won't save any changes to names. I put a 64GB memory card in it, but it complains constantly that it's out of memory (came with something like 4GB system memory). I tried downloading Pokemon Go, just to see what the fuss was about, and it can't ever get me logged in. Time to go back to where I bought it and see if they can at least fix the memory problem, then see if the update it thinks it can't install fixes the problems....
  17. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    He was at least 5000, that was as far back as he could remember. Nerdy young Watcher Adam Pierce, assigned to research Methos and figure out if he was just a legend or a real immortal. Three guesses what the plot twist there was. ;-)
  18. Page size is an important factor here. A paperback novel sized book is better one column per page. An 8.5x11 or larger handbook or text is usually better either two columns, or with lots of boxes and charts and graphics that break up the monotony. If a column of text gets too wide, then it's more difficult to track back from the end of one line and find where the beginning of the next is, instead of accidentally re-reading or skipping a line. It can be done, but it slows the reader down unnecessarily.
  19. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Your vet is better suited than I am to decide that, but it sounds like it's definitely worth a phone call to see what they think!
  20. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Pandora's dilemma definitely reminds me of Ashildr, from Doctor Who, a Viking girl who became immortal sort of by accident. Infinite lifespan, finite memory. She started keeping a journal with the most important things in her life, to re-read when she had forgotten who she used to be. It filled a respectably-sized library in her home and spilled out into the halls the second time the Doctor encountered her. There were places pages were stained with tears, places where pages had been torn out because she wanted to forget what those pages held. But she only knew what was in the diary as something she had read about. One wonders whether someone like that could actually learn the important lessons in life, or whether they too would be forgotten along with the details of how they were learned. Apparently she could, though, because the person who the Doctor met at the end of the universe was very different from the girl he saved from dying. They did something visually similar with Methos's diary in Highlander, kept since writing was invented, with parts of the diary on papyrus scrolls and cuneiform tablets. In that series, however, Immortals have excellent memories so I never really got the impression Methos needed the diary. From what Pandora and the Emissary of Magic said, it sounds like an Immortal only passes along what the most recent incarnation chooses to pass along. There isn't an ever-growing library of mental tomes. Or, if there is, the older ones must be much harder to access than the most recent one. Perhaps they're nested, like a hard drive archive with files for a previous archive that contains a previous archive which contains the recovered files from a crash which contains.... Hmm, wasn't there an xkcd on that? ....yup, there sure is!
  21. More Speculation.

    I think it counts as guiding if the Immortal believes it's being done to guide. Heck, an Immortal might be able to convince themself that hurting someone to "toughen them up" would count as empowering them. Again, it would depend on why the Immortal believed they were impersonating them. If it were done to guide and/or empower then Immortal Law wouldn't apply. I read this idea in a different thread before I got to this one, but I'll repeat here, some lessons are harsh. Emotional harm which the Immortal honestly believes to be for the ultimate purpose of guiding and empowering may well pass. You seem to be limiting yourself to immediate overt harm. Voltaire impersonating Abner certainly does seem like it will ultimately bring Sirleck harm, and I would be very surprised if Voltaire wasn't fully aware of that fact, if not counting on it, not to mention the harm likely to come to Adrian, Pandora, and any other victims (likely human). Immortals are smarter than that; saying "I'm not hurting him right this minute" when the true goal is "I want do this because it will bring harm to him in a week" (or even a year), isn't going to fool the Immortal in question. They have to convince themselves that their actions truly count as empowering and/or guiding in order to take them. I do wonder about the definition of "guide" though. Strictly speaking, you can guide someone off a cliff or into traffic. Does their "guiding" have to be beneficial to everyone involved? To at least one person involved? Or can it benefit no one, as long as it's guiding? Perhaps the only way Immortals truly get more powerful as they age is that they get better at rationalizing their actions....
  22. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    My interpretation of that comic is that she's looking at other options, not that she sees it as a step along the way to recreating the hammers of thwapping.
  23. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    Worse, it's the Rouge Angles of Satin! Speak for yourself! I intend to live forever. (So far, so good!) Actually, my goal would be better described as to live indefinitely than to live forever, but not many notice these distinctions. ;-) I find quite interesting the three different forms of Pandora we see here. The "conscience" form is Pandora as she was while she was with Blaike, having found something in her life worth passing on to her next self, but still certain she would reset when Blaike died. The opposing side in this internal debate is Chaos, the form she became when she was long past her reset date, and apparently losing her true emotional connections to and empathy with those she interacts with. And the form she chose to interact with Tedd is how she looked just after Blaike died, when she still intended to reset at two hundred, but also the self which, when the time came, couldn't bear to let her love die.
  24. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    Some lessons are harsh. If Pandora believes that the harm she is inflicting is to guide someone, then there's no conflict with Immortal rules. And possessing Adrian would likely be a subset of holding him hostage. Pandora wouldn't be able to harm Sirleck without risking harm to Adrian. Most evil option would be if, once possessed, the subject cannot be forcibly separated without dying. Sirleck would have to (claim he could) let Adrian go willingly to do so without harm. That option would, I think, be the most evil all around, in several aspects of plot and character torture. >:-) Who is Tedd showing the most distrust towards right now? If we're talking a person, I'd say his father. If we're talking in broader terms, Tedd is showing contempt and distrust towards the Will of Magic and its "Bullcrap!" Or at least he was, last time Voltaire saw him. Between Elliot's acceptance of Tedd and his pep talk about how Tedd will figure out the new magic and regain the ability to transform eventually, and Pandora's show of support and love and acceptance of her goddaughter whatever form she takes, I don't think Tedd is nearly as traumatized as Voltaire thinks she is. As Tedd himself thought, the difference between Tedd and Lord Tedd may well be the lov and support of his friends.
  25. Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Again, I caution you guys not to be in too much of a hurry. If it's been helping, but you're still seeing some problems, why not wait a bit longer and see if you can get the situation truly stable? From Plumb's, the bible of pet drug dosing. So yes, tapering instead of just stopping is important! He hasn't really been on it very long, so a relatively short taper should be okay. But usually we're talking about using these drugs for several months minimum.