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What's in the Lost and Found?

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Remember this thread from the old forums?

For those that don't know, here's the backstory:

Demonhunter, me, and perhaps a few others, made jokes about telling newcomers to leave their sanity by the door, but not to forget to pick it up on the way out. 

We then added that all the unclaimed sanity made the Lost and Found alive. And it just escalated from there.


I'll start:

The data from the old servers. May they rest in peace.

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23 minutes ago, Xenophon Hendrix said:

The thing about which I have that vague feeling I'm forgetting something.

If you're in the US, are you referring to the upcoming deadline for filing your tax return?

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An assortment of different colored mod-text, from the days when the authority hadn't been properly established.

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