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Pharaoh RutinTutin

Comic Friday May 03, 2024

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Does AJ have the ability to know what cards his opponent is holding?

If this works for Poker (or other Vegas card games), then he may just be using these small town collectible card tournaments as a way to practice.  A place to learn how to use his abilities without being noticed in a relatively low steak environment.

But if his ability only works on people playing that particular game, then he may have one of the most useless magical abilities ever. 

And I couldn't be happier.  


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I wonder if the way AJ actually "sees" his opponent when using his magic; in that case it must take a lot of work to interpret what the spell is saying. Alternately he might be getting a bit more informative feedback and Dan just thought this would be a good visual for it.

Either way, I really like the look of cow-Guy.

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11 hours ago, ijuin said:

Given that he sees his opponent as a cow, this would seem to be a high steak environment.

The cattle got loose and were found feeding in a field of canabis. The steaks were high.


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