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  1. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/layers-052 I'm hoping that baseball bat is just because an ordinary wand can't handle enough magic.
  2. Comic for Wednesday April 20, 2022

    Tedd should be able to make a wooden bedframe into a wand with that spell if his dad shows him the spell.
  3. Comic for Monday, February 14, 2022

    I've had my own house de-powered via squirrel at least twice, and last decade most of the business district here went down from another. After the most recent, the power company installed "squirrel excluders" to block access to our block's step-down transformer.
  4. Story: Wednesday, July 28 2021

    One thing in Grace's favor -- breaking the laws of nature is not usually in violation of an employment contract.
  5. NP Saturday, July 17 2021

    I've seen graphics poor enough to pull it off -- decades ago, when there was too little detail to be indecent and nudity was used only for plot purposes i.e. complete lack of armor.
  6. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Has anyone yet considered, while debating how much magic the mirror might have seen since being uncovered, that a seer recharged a wand not far from the mirror? I'm guessing that flares off as much magic as all the spells put together, since the "visual nonsense" is pretty flashy.
  7. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    About the only action by DGB that wouldn't make things worse would be to do a full reverse and instead of hiding everything, give parents and children alike genuine information. They could probably get away with just the bare essentials, as long as they were upfront that "Hey, this is the part we're sure won't make things worse to tell you."
  8. NP Thur April 23 2020

    More or less the same thing I learned from multiple sources -- C will always give you enough rope to hang yourself, so better learn how to avoid coding traps. On the up side, C doesn't make you spend more time dodging language limitations than doing the job.
  9. NP Tues April 7 2020

    Maybe "encouraging" healing? A ninety-year-old Sarah with a broken hip still having to heal normally, but at 17-year-old rates?
  10. Story Monday April 6 2020

    Heidi (Elliot's over-caffeinated secret identity form) sounds like a blabbermouth but doesn't seem to give away as much as Elliot in his base form. The really bad blurting from So A Date - Part 5 was an imagine spot.
  11. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    A spotlight shining so it only illuminates the fairy, from a different direction than the rest of the lighting, would make the shadows on the fairy look fake.
  12. NP Thur March 19 2020

    Ah, but the advantage of nanos is they don't have to be "per" anything. The speed of light is actually a dimensionless number (light seconds per second is just "light") so one nano-light is also dimensionless.
  13. NP Thur March 19 2020

    What I'd like to see is those silly miles or kilometers per hour replaced with nanos -- where one nano is one one-billionth of the speed of light. That would make the interstate speed limit around here about 97 nanos.
  14. In the USA, at least, prepaid cards are often frozen for any or no reason unless you fax the company proof of identity (which is an obvious temptation for any even slightly shady card companies).
  15. I know for some students, failure to follow instructions is because of being bored into a stupor. Forcing wakefulness with stimulants might prevent that (while most likely causing other problems).