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  1. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    All magic must now be used by gestalt beings with at least three components. What do you mean, all humans are individuals? What's an individual?
  2. NP: Friday January 26, 2018

    They actually have a great rating so far -- it will be an infinite time before they fill up. Unfortunately for them, mathematicians can post downvotes based on expected poor service at infinity...
  3. Story, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    No further worries about magic hiding -- Tedd has power to bend worlds to her will, and now she's angry enough at WoM to do it...
  4. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    If the WoM is an AI (probably powered by Magic instead of technology) it might wonder what happens after the cycle of change ends. A good tactic might be to reassure it that it will still have a purpose and won't suddenly be decomissioned.
  5. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Let anyone who wants to get magic by studying hard for more than a few years, then have most of them get "Firefly flicker" or "levitate feather" as their one and only spell. How many people won't quit before then with the odds really low?
  6. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    Would the magical equivalent of a Dyson sphere be a series of "empowering shelters" laid out along the paths magic follows (does EGS have ley lines?) where magic users can sleep and absorb some usable magic before it finds it's way to a "drain" area like Moperville and gets recycled?
  7. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    Arthur is in an excellent position for an Appeal to Force "argument": He can threaten Tedd's father's job; Tedd's access to alien technology; and possibly Tedd's, his father's, and his friends' freedom. Of course, the Will of Magic just might recognize really blatent coercion and stop listening to the person using it...
  8. NP Wednesday Jan 24, 2018

    It's the silhouette of the tiny mouse form she is transforming out of.
  9. Story, Wednesday November 8, 2017

    Perhaps Magus finally got the nerve to tell Ellen (or anyone who would tell her) and she is doing everything she can to get him a body so he can help with the impending vampire attack.
  10. Story, Monday October 2, 2017

    When it really hurts is when the metal doesn't deform at all -- instead, you distort to match the metal.
  11. Story Friday September 1, 2017

    Wonderful how clearly Mr. Shive shows the distinction between bravado (this comic) and genuinely being relaxed ([url=http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2382]here[/url]).
  12. Story Friday August 25, 2017

    What about a usually beneficial, ethically neutral spell to improve strength and health by scooping up excess energy -- all the prospective abberation needs to do is overpower it with an intentional disregard for where, how, or from whom the energy is taken.
  13. NP Wednesday August 23, 2017

    Chaotic systems can also typically compound the effects of quantum uncertainty until they reach macroscopic levels; it just takes a bit longer.
  14. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    I'm guessing that originally it was personal feelings that were preserved, then someone found a way to instead use that capability to pass on more knowledge and a bigger "starter seed" of power, and the temptation to save more and more power crept up on them untill personal feelings got crowded out.
  15. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    I'm seeing this more as a "mother bear" who has lost her sense of proportion and barely remembers that tearing apart someone only indirectly related to a threat to her family might be crossing the line...some member of her family may need to make an impassioned plea not to flash-fry that private investigator, for example.