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  1. Just like the "Camera Phones" incident, the internet has dramatically changed society in an unexpected way -- everybody is so innundated with baseless rumors that no one pronouncement (from a known liar no less) is going to be believed except perhaps by a few fanatics (who wear out their own believability at an accelerated rate in the information age). I wonder what the tipping point would be for something like that? It would take more than just a few videos and "experts". Still, the evidence can only build up, from incident to incident.
  2. So when we say the human life expectancy is nearing 80, that's a shorthand expression for about 50 years plus 30 asleep? If hybernation becomes practical that could turn into 50 years plus 100 asleep in some climates where humans would rather skip the less comfortable seasons, with time spent that way putting a lot less wear and tear on body and mind...and imortals might similarly use a "lots of naps" spell to stretch out their 200 or so years of available sanity from 120 plus 80 asleep to 120 plus 500 asleep. That would still probably put someone we know well over her limit, but maybe not to the point of complete insanity...
  3. Or replied to the question "Are you a boy or a girl?" with "Which one would you like me to transform into?"
  4. Or just receives an official update to her spell book, telling her how to use the "Tedd Verres" method to re-establish her connection to magic. Having her little one's name synonymous with magic for generations could also have quite an effect.
  5. Since Ashley has a track record of guessing at details when she can't be given the information, what are the odds that she has or soon will guess that her internet friend might have really been able to transform? (Independently of whether her guess is correct?)
  6. If Tedd/Tess is worried that the watches may soon be gone for good but confident of eventually getting some form of morphing back, he might want to copy all available forms to the TFG as well as having Grace memorize them to maximize his chances of recovering them later.
  7. Fortunately, Mr. Shive is probably one of the "stable" ones that can remember which of his assistants are separate individuals and which are other facets of his personality....
  8. np

    RE-turn to the light side, rather - I get the idea that she only slowly drifted to the dark after too many centuries and never completely gave in.
  9. story

    I have always thought of Uryuom Power and Earth-type Magic as being different "shapes" or maybe "frequencies" of magic -- so that Uryuoms, for example, might not be a close "fit" for the Earth-type Magic. That would provide a way to make different rules by species.
  10. np

    Perhaps Box makes a point of rewarding any victim subject that's particularly entertaining?
  11. story

    That's with the expectation of a spherical or hemispherical area. While that does sound most likely, my next guess would be the area Sarah is wondering about, trimmed to the limit of her spell's power. She would likely wonder about things like entire rooms, buildings, or roads, so a flat "end-of-scan" might be how the spell goes down the road until it runs out of thaums. With that clue slightly blunted, Dan has done a masterful job of obfuscating the total area.
  12. Just too out of character for me. Most of the fun of these fairly innocent pinups is seeing the characters' reactions to them, and stepping this far out of character feels as if we are just seeing ( for example) Heidi's body double with a stranger who looks a little like Carol.
  13. np

    If either one of them winds up still waiting for enchantments to wear off when they absolutely have to get back to their family or trigger a panicked search, they could end up being outed to one or more parents, in a community where information about magic is rarely shared between generations.
  14. I just noticed that Rhoda was specifically thinking"I need to look different". Could this most recent spell actually be an illusion instead of a transformation?
  15. If Mrs. Pompons is actually a blond, then the "other" woman could be her non-dying parallel-world counterpart, who is the mother of parallel-world Susan AKA Diane. Now, to me, cheating with a parallel-world counterpart is still cheating, but to someone who sees them as different parts of the same person...