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  1. Story Monday May 13 2019

    If the reply is "Um, unless she's suddenly developed magic powers like five percent of Moperville", and if Pandora really did go back and mark Liz, we could get to watch multiple rounds of Ashley vs. Liz each trying to guess if the other has magic.
  2. Story Monday May 13 2019

    "My name is Ashley and I'm a magic user." "Hi Ashley." --------------- That's about how Ashley is feeling about Magic now. As a good, responsible person, the realistic downsides to Magic are piling up in her mind, displacing the lighthearted fantasies that didn't have to be thought through because they couldn't happen. That neutral look on her face suggests that a trusted friend is inviting her to her first Magic Users Anonymous meeting, and she's seriously considering that she needs to attend.
  3. Story Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019

    With twins, I would try to provide each one with at least a tiny room -- IF the twins wanted that. Opposite sex twins almost always will want that, but the Ells are closer than most identicles anyway. It might have seemed obviously better to both "sisters" that they should both be in the best room available.
  4. NP Friday Apr 5 2019

    There has only been one Bat...Computer. Programed by the first "Batman", it has as it's true primary function to train an endless succession of athletic males from Gotham City who have lost loved ones to the rampant crime there, finishing by calling in a plastic surgeon who also implants a communicator link to that same computer, adding the capabilities of a crime-solving computer. How does Batman get out of every death trap? Well, sometimes he doesn't, and Alfred leads in the next volunteer. ..
  5. NP Wednesday, Apr 3, 2019

    ....So, you want to balance less size with more speed, repeat to the limit of the scale.
  6. NP Wed March 13, 2019

    Or uses an enchanted sleep that lasts untill anything non-boring happens?
  7. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    He might be right about two of the component species, anyway....
  8. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Grace may be a little familiar with magic, but who is so used to magic that their first reaction to a see-through, vaguely-human shape that talks isn't "Ghost!" ? Sam, with practically no knowledge of weird things, is even more to react badly....
  9. Story Wednesday January 23, 2019

    Remember that therapists take some time to update about new events...thinking spy drones were watching people was still considered a symptom of paranoia long after the drone industry sales hit 100 thousand units per year. (Thinking all the drones are watching only you still does really indicate paranoia.) About five to seven years after the reveal of magic, belief in magic would finally be removed from the symptom list....
  10. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    To me, Dan seems to be telegraphing that every possible panel in next Monday's comic will be needed for the next scene, so this setup has to end exactly at the end of today's page.
  11. Story Friday, December 14, 2018

    Or, she could be preparing to use her (much weaker) abilities to levitate non-self items. This could be another case where she stumbles across a "no change" in the rules of magic.
  12. Sketchbook Thursday Nov 29, 2018

    Or else "everyone knows" that the order of changes is size first, clothing adjustment second, and so on, but you can always change the order with the dial. There used to be a little rhyme to remember the order.
  13. Sketchbook Thursday Nov 29, 2018

    A competently "blessed" item will probably have safeguards so it doesn't go off at a bad moment or, if no one knows how to use it safely, ever. An incompetently blessed item is for all practical purposes a cursed one anyway.
  14. Story, Friday Nov 23, 2018

    I particularly like this idea, which would allow Grace to use her skill at recognizing body structure despite the way that Sam has to be disguised at school.
  15. http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-03 Almost as good a source of things to talk about on a first date as a good movie. I've learned to trust Dan to make "uneventful" setup comics worthwhile later, so I'll suspend judgement.