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  1. I have no intention of unleashing Ellie onto any of you. That's just too much of a weird time. I'd bring Amotmilqart or Cedric to an RP here, though.
  2. loving language

    I was pleased when I heard about that court case. The Oxford comma has always been useful in delimiting lists. For a simple proof that it eases the ability to distinguish things, try writing a sentence that contains a list within lists, omitting both the Oxford comma and the Oxford semicolon. It's difficult to make sense of things, which is why it is proper to include it. Rule Number One of writing: if you can't understand the meaning of the sentence properly after reading it once, you broke one of the rules of grammar.
  3. At least this hasn't degenerated into roleplay yet. It took the Warframe forums a page and a half to do that - it's now a shade under thirteen thousand pages long. - Zid, currently winning
  4. I've got the last of my leftover city chicken from Easter for lunch today. Very much looking forward to that.
  5. lol Ravnican I think Sarah would take a splash of white as while she's interested in gaining power, it wasn't so much for personal gain as it was to balance her with the rest of the main cast, as she was the only one without magic (or magitech in Tedd's case) until she got her spell from Pandora.
  6. For right now I'm just attacking the grammar (since moving sections full of mistakes will just make it harder on me XP), but when I've finished that I may look into shuffling those sections around. We'll see.
  7. On the subject of doing this, I'd like to hear some of this forum's thoughts on shortening the 'history' section of the character pages to avoid putting the entire comic's story on every single character page. A character's History is what they did before they became a mainstay in the story - for example, Tedd's would be a note about William and Gillian and their CMD which he's modifying for them, a note about mad science, and a brief blurb about his most recent exploit. Elliot's would be a note about his ASMA training, a sentence about Ellen's creation, and a short recap of Cheerleadra's most recent adventure. Sarah's would be a note about how she and Tedd did a science project that had a side effect of her being temporarily stuck as a catgirl, a sentence about how she used to date Elliot, and a quick summary of her new spell and what her having magic means to her.
  8. http://elgoonishshive.wikia.com/wiki/El_Goonish_Shive_Theories#Agent_Cranium_is_the_other_person_with_Sarah.27s_spell_that_Pandora_Raven_refers_to_in_this_comic. I know! I theorized as much a while back, so I put it on the wiki. Cheers for putting that together!
  9. So back on topic to thread title, I just noticed that in Panel 2 of this comic Elliot blocks the fire thing's attack with a Wonder Woman pose. And on a completely unrelated note, his face in panel 6 of this comic makes me laugh really hard every time I see it.
  10. I don't know what the maximum range of arrows fired with period bows was, but I can tell you that using a modern wooden longbow (5' (1.5 m) tall from point to point when the bow is not drawn), the maximum range at which I can hit a target the size of a PT boat on a day with wind speeds of less than 10 mph (~16 km/h) depends on the direction of wind relative to the firing direction. Assuming my target is downwind (obviously the most favorable position to be in when firing a bow at long range), it's about 1200 m, also assuming I don't have to hit it first try. If that arrow is on fire, that range decreases to about 1100 m. So it's entirely feasible that someone who's trained their whole life to shoot long range with a bow (which I haven't - just 10 years or so) could hit the PT boat at range if they can predict where it's going to be when the arrow arrives, which would also take time to calculate. Whether or not that actually does anything is another matter entirely.
  11. To clarify the title, let me give some background. A few years ago, I took it upon myself to clean up the grammatical mistakes on the main cast's wiki pages, since they were making the pages nearly unintelligible in some places. Now that I have more time on my hands, I'd like to go back and do the same for every single page on the entire wiki. Please note that this is not a dig against any of the content creators on the wiki in any way. This is just me expressing my intent to make the wiki into something that follows a convention of style and employs proper diction and punctuation, so that errors in such will not distract someone who's just looking something up from both finding what they're looking for and/or understanding what they've found. I will also change the wording of specific parts to avoid overuse of some words (e.g., before I attacked the main cast's pages the first time, the word "revealed" was in every other sentence). If there's a page in particular anyone wants me to attack first, let me know in a comment. For anyone who's interested in the edits I've made or the reasons behind them, I've put a list of all the pages on the Wiki, and whether or not I've been through them, on my Wikia Blog. I have posted this on my Wikia blog as well, but as it may or may not get more views here, I figured I'd place it here as well. Again, this is not a comment on the contributions anyone has made, but merely an expression of my intent to make the wiki follow a semantic convention (and thus look like it has a style guide, which in turn makes it look more professional).
  12. ... ... I think I had the same reaction as you when I read that. Because, really: what?? Like, sure, not having CGI I can live with, but not including Test::Warn? What the flying frag?
  13. So, did anyone else notice Tensaided's mouth in the last panel? How it's in the shape of the Starfleet insignia?
  14. So we've now hit the point where we realize that even though this comic started out as a joke where Elliot kills a goo monster in a scene that looks like it came out of some Japanese B-Show (like JAKQ - which was AWESEOME - or the like), we have a BBEG who is both very evil and quite good at it. Well done, Dan.
  15. Okay, yeah, I like this place. XD Many shenanigans have been had on PowerBoard forums where I'm involved. I look forward to bringing some of those here.