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  1. NP Friday May 05 2017

    There are many reasons reasonable people oppose the NRA. The fact that the NRA may provide useful gun safety training does not make its other actions and stances acceptable. I respectfully request that you not add unneeded emotion to this discussion by attacks on strawman stereotypes.
  2. Story: Monday March 20, 2017

    Elliot would probably have mentioned if he had read it and found a new spell. (On side note, if Tedd's theory about Elliot's spells is correct, then Elliot's new spell will be a non-girly spell. But now Elliot will be disappointed that it's non-girly.)
  3. Story Wednesday December 14, 2016

    All cats are equal. But some cats are more equal than others.
  4. NP, Wednesday December 14, 2016

    So any minute Rhoda is going to start shouting about "jackasses"?
  5. NP, Wednesday December 14, 2016

    One thing I think is notable is that I don't think Rhoda's voice has changed. She might be so confident that she'll say "Hi, Diane!" as she walks by. (I don't think Diane and Lucy would figure out she's Rhoda -- but Rhoda might panic once she realizes her voice is the same.)
  6. NP, Friday December 9, 2016

    Her sweater/shirt has also changed color. (Specifically, inverted: dark to light and light to dark.)
  7. NP, Wednesday December 7, 2016

    Actually, I meant overcompensating "in general"; that is, when Mrs. Kitsune's not looking/not there.
  8. NP, Wednesday December 7, 2016

    Perhaps overcompensating for Mama Kitsune.
  9. NP Friday December 2, 2016

    That's a reference back to Elliot's first reaction to seeing himself in his Gracelynn form.
  10. NP, Wednesday November 30, 2016

    Yeah, I had thought that Lucy was just mean in general.
  11. Story, Friday November 25, 2016

    If Mr. Verres can access hospital records, it seems pretty likely he can access divorce records. Or it might have been (probably was) a messy, public divorce which was well known around town. Your explanation could have happened, but I don't think Mr. Verres knowing about the cheating really tells us much.
  12. Story, Wednesday November 23, 2016

    Nanase was there in France when Susan originally received the weapon-summoning spell, so Nanase would have know about it anyway. She could have told Ellen (possibly when explaining to Ellen about the first time Susan summoned Nase).
  13. Story Monday November 21, 2016

    Well, the age difference would come up eventually. It's arguably better to start with the weirdly coincidental stuff first, because that's more likely to make Susan realize that she's related to Diane.
  14. Story Monday Nov 14 2016

    "Early on" for the hammer statue would be about 125 years ago. (Jerry's statement about the statue suggested he created it when he was a "rambunctious seventy-five year old".) So it seems like there must have been very limited use of the hammers for quite a while if so few people know about magic now.
  15. NP, Wednesday November 2, 2016

    It also applies if you're not thinking about Cheerleadra 2.0.