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  1. np

    Factoring out the so-far hypothetical clone-beam, what I originally envisioned was Magus sort of riding Ellen's beam to possess Elliot's body. Then the Dewitchery Diamond should split off the possession as a "curse." However, this could result in another female version of Elliot with Magus' memories in addition to Elliot's. Or maybe the Dewitchery Diamond would separate the "curses" from each other and we'd get three Elliots: Elliot (the Original Series); Ellen Part Deux (Just Elliot's memories in a female body and beam magic, again); and Magus (body by Elliot.) So that would mean either one nose beep or two more lotteries fixed, plus maybe a bigger Dunkel home because they all can't fit in Ellen-Ellen and Elliot-Elliot's room. And as for Ellen's FV5 zappings wearing off, keep Vladia in mind.
  2. np

    Seems to work pretty good for Vladia.
  3. np

    Magus believes that if he can be right there when Ellen zaps Elliot, he'll get a new body. Someone has to have told him this, probably Pandora. But maybe not a new male body. Pandora did tell Magus that the Dewitchery Diamond was necessary for his revival. That might suggest that in his new female body he has to touch the DD to hive off a male version. Of course, that would leave him with a new sister, wouldn't it? One more nose beep...
  4. Well, if Magus is the Elliot of his universe (a theory I have subscribed to and may have even originated), yes, Terra is a good candidate for a Tedd. Too bad we don't know if she has purple hair. But... I just noticed. The pre-cursed version of Magus has hair that does not look like it could be brown. Or red. Or any colors except white or blond. Maybe Magic did an Ellen on him for dramatic effect?
  5. Has anyone thought that Magus might be from Lord Tedd's universe? From what little we've seen, Lord Tedd seems to live in a sort of dungeon/mother-of-all-bunkers/James-Bond-villain-secret-underground-base. Or maybe Gru's basement. Anyway, if they are from the same universe, Magus may not know about Lord Tedd or just doesn't recognize Tedd as the Moperverse's version of his home universe's Final Boss.
  6. np

    I'm wondering if Dan meant "All of Ellen's spells are canon even if the scenes aren't." If so, I suspect, just as I suspected Marker/Escape From the Mall, that there's a reason Dan decided to do this now, that reason being he wants to establish things to use in the main story. How about a spell that allows Ellen to clone a duplicate? That is, an independent copy of her target? Using it on herself, Ellen could get something like Nanase's Fox. Using it on someone else, she would duplicate that person. And maybe if it was a male person, Ellen would duplicate the Dewitchery Diamond's feat of creating an independent female version of that person--perhaps a permanent version, like Ellen herself. And that could lead to Sister IV: Quest for Nose Beeps.
  7. Do any of you realize that if you change one letter in "DGB" it becomes "KGB"? Yes, now we have the truth! This must be the new guise of the organization which brought one of the most terrifying monsters to our world... ...The San Diego Chicken!
  8. What is Tedd's ultimate dream? Making magic available to everyone. It's not even something he needs to think about, it's natural to him. Maybe that's the prospective second purpose he cannot find out without losing eligibility: Determining how magic will change. And it might not change just for humans; it might also change magic for aberrations, fairies, griffins, uryuom...certain part-alien part-squirrel girls...
  9. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2349
  10. Actually, pygmy chimps, maybe our closest relatives genetically speaking, are incredibly promiscuous and pansexual. So, Mother Nature seems to have a different view on human non-heterosexuality as a crime against her.
  11. I think Ellen's "tacked on" attraction to men comes from two sources: As a feature of the FV5 or "Venus" setting that turned Elliot into a girl, and as part of her memories from Second Life Ellen, who was attracted to Archie, and who lived her entire life as a girl.
  12. I have a new theory about Duck's hat: Those aren't his eyebrows. His hat is stifling a laugh.
  13. Us.
  14. Some of you seem to have missed the greatest group of species to benefit from human evolution: Grasses! Sure, trees got monkeys to eat fruit and shit seeds-with-their-own-fertilizer. But grasses turned primates against trees by bringing monkeys to the ground, giving them enough brains to make tools that could cut down trees--and also thin out grazers. All the cereal crops are grasses: Wheat, barley, oats, rice, corn, and more obscure cereals like syllium and emmer. Then they gave humans fire, so humans would cut firewood, and golf as a first step toward lawns. And, of course, booze so we'd be too drunk to see through their insidious control over our entire civilization. And MacDonalds! The Amazon rainforest is being felled to make room for pastures for cows for Big Macs! And the bacon conspiracy! How else do you explain Iowa? An entire state that's one big cornfield.
  15. As the Black Douglas once famously said, "Dinna be sure o' that!"
  16. Elliot doesn't need to copy clothes; she's already produced originals. Heck, as long as she's thinking with might and main about clothes and such, wouldn't this be the perfect time for her to discover her true calling? Fashion, of course!
  17. Is it just me, or are gender issues becoming more complicated than string theory?
  18. What the heck is "pm" supposed to mean here? If it's supposed to be "PM" as in "Post-Meridiem", that actually refers to the time after noon. Dreams are more native to the "AM" or "Ante-Meridiem" portion of our 24-hour day.
  19. Channeling Harold Pinter? Don't forget to tell us where you post your story.
  20. A week in comic time. In our time, ten months, so far. Last Friday in Moperville lasted eleven months, and it took fourteen months to get through Saturday. And Thursday isn't over yet.
  21. Intriguing. I missed Dan's tweet. I wouldn't count out The Other Woman With Susan's Face yet, especially considering the current hiatus from plot advancement for Elliot to deal with his gender issues yet again. Having Susan and Diane's real mom show up at the Mall wouldn't be even as strange as last week's griffin. But would Dan have a backstory that would justify her showing up just now? Isn't that one coinky-dinky too many? I mean, if she knew they'd be there, but how would she know that? Let's go back to the title page of Sister III. The composition of the picture has us nearest Elliot and Ellen, back-to-back, looking down and away from each other. Behind them looms Magus. Behind Magus, Susan and Diane, at the opposite edges of the picture, facing opposite but both beginning to peer back toward each other. And in back of them, the distinctive adult silhouette of Pandora, between them and the horrible true face of Sirleck. All those eyes. Except Pandora is drawn with no indication of eyes. Pandora's arms are outstretched, and her hands are drawn in a way in which we can't tell if the palms are facing us or Sirleck. If she's facing us, she looks like she's about to embrace or tackle everyone ahead of her. And if she's facing away, she looks like she might be barring Sarleck's way. The way her fingers are actually touching the edge of the frame kind of emphasizes that. Well, her eyes wouldn't be showing if she's facing away. On the other hand, the part in her hair indicates she should be facing us. Anyway, my alternative theory doesn't really depend on the title page, though I firmly believe Dan made it with foreshadowing very much in mind. What I'm really saying here is that Pandora might be The Other Woman With Susan's Face. We had a big reminder early on in this arc that "Immortals shapeshift, you dumb dummy!" and it got reinforced by Pandora's antics in Marker and Escape From the Mall. And here's the comic that established just how precisely she can shapeshift. And in the comic after that, Adrian says he hasn't seen Pandora in fourteen years. How old would Susan have been fourteen years before?
  22. I said it wasn't clear that Susan could summon magic weapons until Hammerchlorians. In fact, it wasn't really spelled out that the hammers themselves were magic until then. After all, Nanase can summon clothes, but they're not magical copies. "Summon hammer" could mean "summon my hammer" or "summon a suitable hammer" or whatever. It wasn't spelled out that the hammers didn't cause permanent harm until Hammerchlorians, and the only other thing that Susan summoned before them or talked about summoning was the sword in Sister II--which she never used. Now Susan can not only summon magical copies of her sword but they're even more effective. And they glow, so at least one person in the upcoming Brawl at the Mall is going to call her a Jedi. By the way, until the griffins return, Susan is the only person we know of in Moperville who can permanently kill a vampire. Since the spider vampire didn't live to report in, Sirleck could be completely unaware of the threat she represents.
  23. I thought all orange cats were male: Heathcliff, Garfield, Sunshine. Sunshine? Sunshine was an orange cat my grandmother kept. He was a farm cat, unfixed, and lazy--except when he wasn't. He would catch hummingbirds right out of the air, something that Grandma hated. My favorite memory is when a mama cat from across the road came trooping with her kittens behind, and one of them was a little Sunshine. And Sunshine was doing a very credible double take, like, "Who, me?"
  24. Another thing about my being so darned old is I've seen attitudes about sex, sexual preferences, and sexual expression change over my lifetime while most of you know it as history. The Kinsey scale looks pretty superficial now but it was revolutionary in the 1950s. In the Sixties males who cross-dressed could still do jail time. The love that dared not speak its name had damned good reasons not to. Anyway, the last panel on this page gets my vote for best in the whole series about this subject. Maybe best in the whole series, period.
  25. You are absolutely right. My post was more about getting to the inflatable sheep (which I've seen) than anything else. That's why I didn't get into the really icky stuff like necrophilia.