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  1. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Magus E. is obviously a very powerful wizard. But able to get back to his own universe on his own? Well, if Dan wills it, yes, but I wouldn't bet on Dan willing it. The Dan has invested a lot in M.E.'s character development. If Magus E. needs help to get back home, the go-to people to help him would be Raven, Edward, and Tedd. At least two out of three have obvious Pandora-related issues.
  2. Story Friday March 23 2018

    I don't imagine any of Tony's alternates being masterminds, but catspaws of masterminds, yes.
  3. Story Friday March 23 2018

    I think what is more relevant is are there more body thieves. I think it was Sirleck himself who revealed that Aberrations of his type were the most hated by Immortals. The fact that Sirleck survived Pandora's Apocalypse kind of indicates that his type had a better chance of survival.
  4. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Who doesn't want to be as cool as a Bond villain? They always have the best lines. "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." -- Auric Goldfinger "Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him" -- Hugo Drax I agree. In fact, who exactly sabotaged that potion in Magus E.'s home universe? Perhaps some mastermind seeing E.M. as a major obstacle to accomplishing another fiendishly clever master plan? Sounds like an excuse for a cross-multiverse adventure. M.E. just destroyed the Dewitchery Diamond. That at least ought to be good for brownie points with Abraham.
  5. Story Friday March 23 2018

    That thing on Sirleck's "tail"? Scorpion's stinger.
  6. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Probably not, at least in my headcanon. But, as always, it's up to The Dan. Seems likely for now, but while Magus E. has his own body and seems to have proved his credentials as a good guy, or at least a trying-to-be-good guy, he still faces a few other issues, such as still having no obvious way back to his own universe, and what Susan, Nanase, and Raven are going to do when they learn what M. E. did. And, of course, those crates I mentioned, and Arthur's and Edward's somewhat mysterious organization. Any or all of these issues could keep cropping up in storylines to come.
  7. I'm starting this one because I have nagging questions about Pandora's Terminator-style Judgement Day for Aberrations. Here are some roughly in order of how nagging: Why isn't Sirleck dead? How could the Immortals have killed so many Aberrations with a spell that only has a range of several miles? How much collateral damage resulted? If Adrian Raven needed Susan's sword to slay Aberrations, where do Susan and Diane get their hunter talent from? How do Helena and Demetrius find Aberrations? Why wouldn't they have detected Sirleck's presence in Moperville when he came to possess Francine and then Ellen? When and how was Sirleck sure that Helen and Demetrius wouldn't be guarding Elliot? (I'm not saying that he was necessarily right about being sure.) When did Sirleck look up at the lights in the sky?
  8. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Oh, since the title of this comic is "The Magus", Magus is probably not actually "Magus" but "Magus (unknown regular name that probably starts with 'E')".
  9. Story Friday March 23 2018

    Okay, we've learned these new things in today's comic: Magus paid attention in class at Battle Mage University (BMU). Magus qualifies as a Hunter in the Moperverse Ashley can scream at least as loud as Screaming Girl and that girl being chased by the vampire Susan killed at the mall. Some of the windows on the second floor do have glass in them (or did) Magus just knocked around a bunch of crates containing magical items that are no longer inactive. But that's probably not going to be a problem or anything, is it?
  10. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    Actually Pandora has come closer than Voltaire in terms of long-term plans fulfilled.
  11. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    Grace is very, very smart but she's not mastermind material. Masterminds think strategically; they plan for the long term. A mastermind may not have read Sun Tzu or Machiavelli, but operates on the principles the two sages set down. I wouldn't even rate Napoleon as a mastermind. Now, Cardinal Richeleu, Bismarck, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Stalin, and FDR all had chops and were probably as close to a Bond-level masterminds as the real world can produce.
  12. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    General Shade Tail is bad news, but from what little we've seen of him, he doesn't seem to be the sharpest pencil in the box. We know that our Grace was created by substituting a blood sample from the first Grace for a beefy soldier's. So Grace got the human part of her DNA from a brilliant scientist and his wife rather than from some would-be Rambo.
  13. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    It's the right quote for you, and Wyrd42 didn't quote or paraphrase it in his quote. System glitch?
  14. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    A question I've asked before. My guess was that Sirleck doesn't have to enter the physical plane between hosts, only before he "attacks" in taking a new host. That would also explain how Sirleck was able to sneak up and possess Ellen in the tight confines of a high school lavatory--remember, there would be mirrors along one wall. The final boss in this RPG is Voltaire.
  15. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Are you saying that Sirleck should not "not be capable"? Or do you mean "Sirleck should NOT--repeat, NOT--be capable of repentance." I know that Edward said Aberrations aren't capable of being cured, but Edward was either wrong, uninformed, or lying about the whales. Remorse might "cure" him by killing himself, but at least he would have killed himself for the right reason.
  16. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Interesting that Sirleck remembered his justification for taking over the old man long ago. Maybe it was Sirleck's hatred for that old man that impelled him to become an Aberration. I really don't think Dan will go that way; most likely our gang will let him go, he'll try something, and then they'll kill him. But Pandora and Magus turned out to be capable of repentance, didn't they?
  17. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    On the material plane where humans live, yes--but Sirleck spends most of his time in the spirit plane, and Immortals seem to have open season there; look what they did to Magus. When Sirleck is attached to a host, he's probably out of bounds for most Immortals. Some very old Immortals, though, might be able to chew off pieces without hurting the host until there's not enough left of Sirleck to be Sirleck any more. This is a really wild speculation, but one way of solving the Sirleck problem could be restoring his humanity. Never say never...
  18. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Possibly because Sirleck possessing Magus would be very hard to defeat. I think the reason why body thieves like Sirleck are so hard for Immortals to deal with is that that they are difficult to find and once found, it's difficult to kill them without killing their host. I still think my vision-thing theory is mostly true: once Ellen gets kicked out, Elliot/Cheerleadra will be able to see and hurt Sirleck on any plane he tries to hide in. Now, as to why Sirleck was so afraid of Pandora, Pandora could see Sirleck's true form; she probably spared him because killing his host would have broken Immortal Law.
  19. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    If you also love the Death Star, read the rest of the post.
  20. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    If anyone out there is interested, I've discovered what Dan had in mind when he set up the Spider Vampire attack on Diane in So a Date at the Mall. It's the Moser Tower, which holds the Millenium Carrilon. It has some woods nearby and is part of Riverwalk Park--very much near the center of Naperville, IL, if you search for it on Google Maps. It's also very close to Naperville Central High, probably Dan's model for Moperville South. Both are well within four miles of the Fox Valley Mall, probably Dan's model for the Moperville Mall. In fact, Moperville Central is on Aurora Avenue, which becomes New York Avenue in Aurora, and the north entrance to the mall area is on that street. The four relevant canon references: Nanase, Diane, and Charlotte figure out a good place for one of the griffins to be found. (Panel 5) Charlotte tells Dame Tara that place has a tower, fitting Tara's guess about what her wife would need to find her temporary home again after going any distance away from it. (Panel 5) First sight of the spider vampire, sitting atop the tower (Panel 5) Diane and Charlotte arrive at the tower. (Panel 1 for a change) I found these factoids fooling around with Nukemap, using a 164 kiloton surface burst to get a four-mile radius for the 1-psi ring from the center of the Fox Valley Mall. If you want to try out different radii, you'll have to guesstimate the yield of the weapon to get the outer radius you want; it took me about five tries to get to get a less than 1% margin of error.
  21. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Sadly, Viking booze technology never developed schnapps. They had to get drunk on mead, which is made from honey. And that's why newly married couples go off on honeymoons.
  22. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Well, which Magus? All we really know is that the diamond produced (at least) two bodies with different-colored clothes and hair. Should we be married to the idea that the one with brown hair is Elliot? Anyway, the one that looks more like Magus looks to be helpless on the ground now, and Ellen is probably concentrating on keeping Sirleck restrained. So Magus, whichever body he's in and how many of him there may be, should have a chance to at least start to apologize and explain before the kicking of crap begins. Elliot might also been aware while he was merged with or possessed by Magus, so he might provide some defense. Forgiveness seems to be one of Elliot's strong points, at least when its forgiving sins against himself.
  23. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    No, it doesn't look the same. It also doesn't look the same as Elliot's jacket on Friday, which is one reason why I so quickly decided my first amazing crackpot theory for the current comic was most likely wrong (and a bitter disappointment, that.) It's stated in the first panel of #2464 of Part 23: The Fate of Magic. Uryuom aren't mentioned at all in any other place in Fate. Neither is Uryuom-based magic mentioned anywhere in Pandora's conversation with the Emmisary way back in the second part of Sister III. The Will of Magic of magic in that single reference is answering Tedd's question of how long is too long to hold a transformation without it becoming permanent under the new rules for human magic. That doesn't say that there won't be any changes in Uryuom-based magic, or in the difficulty of people with Uryuom-based magic acquiring, learning, or inheriting human-based. Yes, I'm thinking that Dan might be thinking the whole entertaining but restrictive argument Dan made in Q&A #7 was a mistake like he thought Ellen not being able to resist Sirleck was a mistake--unless Dan was trolling us as the last panel in that same #2203 just might hint at. And why should you care, any of you? Well, consider what Tedd and Grace's kids will be like. If they can't inherit human magic potential, they can't be wizards or seers. Seems like ending the line that produced the most important Seer on Planet Earth for hundreds of years or even of all human history up to this day might be something that the Will of Magic would like not to happen. Ever wonder why Magic sent its Emissary to Grace?
  24. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Yes, they do. The whole of The Fate of Magic took place in a nebulous realm that was more like a dream than anything else. Any amount of time could have passed--or none at all from the viewpoint of the waking world. Remember how long Tedd's conversation with the whales actually lasted and how long it seemed to last? I don't think it took anything like three hours, though. I think it happened effectively instantly after Pandora's reset.
  25. Pandora's Aberration Apocalypse

    Makes sense to me, too. I think the previous selves of Helen and Demetrius thought Elliot was some kind of ghost looking to possess a body to live again; they said something like "your time is over," didn't they. Turned out they were sort of right, although Magus only possessed Elliot for a short time, insisting on touching the diamond to make a new body for himself and give Elliot back his own. You deserve cookies not just from me but everyone else, including maybe Dan. He might not have figured that out himself.