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  1. NP Friday August 4, 2017

    "Hanmaa" is clearly a loanword... did the Japanese not have hammers before Perry? *checks* Wiktionary is telling me it's "tsuchi," or for specifically a metal hammer, "kanazuchi."
  2. Story, Wednesday July 26, 2017

    Shouldn't they test it before they celebrate? If it's anything like what I get the first time the compiler stops barking, it'll turn people into Uryuoms...
  3. Story Monday July 24, 2017

    I'm surprised he's so bashful about "that spell"... in private, lately, he's been pretty open about his passion for TG-ness. Unless it'd be permanent? That doesn't seem like a blushing matter, though...
  4. Story, Friday July 14, 2017

    We've met him; he's white. My guess would be he took her name, which is not uncommon in Japan when the wife's a blueblood. Presumably Mamase is firstborn. Although... this means Nanase's mother is a wizard... is it possible to be a wizard, be awakened, and still not know the former?
  5. Story, Wednesday July 12, 2017

    I can't resist - "what are you talking about, precious?"
  6. NP, Friday June 30, 2017

    Jean bikini! Lives on her backside!
  7. Story, Friday June 30, 2017

    Flip phones could text, though; old cell phones couldn't text. Mine could access the Internet in theory, although we hadn't bought that service and it would've been through a Lynx-like interface I think...
  8. Story, Friday June 30, 2017

    "Immortal" and "an immortal" are two very different things, as Heka will be quick to remind you.
  9. Story, Friday June 30, 2017

    She can call him "Teddy" if she wants; she's his grandmother after all.
  10. NP Wednesday June 28, 2017

    Hooray for callbacks! Although Rhoda may have been dismembered. But in a good way.
  11. Story Monday June 26, 2017

    Again, she, he, and everyone else thought he was sterile.
  12. Story Monday June 26, 2017

    If that were the criterion, there wouldn't be any cities left. Especially with Mr. Verres's curt response, this sounds quite a lot like one might when talking around the actual issue - especially given the Doylist unlikelihood of directly addressing it. So he'd find the idea of sleeping with her loathsome, as he does, even if he didn't take her comment as a proposition, which he doesn't. I fail to see how having slept with Noriko would make him react any differently to Grace's comment than he does, girlfriend or no. Really? Grace was willing to forgive Damien; everyone forgave his minions. You think they can't forgive a tryst that ran its course in their infancy? Assuming they were half-sisters and that the will of magic were the only reason they look alike (and were born so close together), then you'd think they'd look like Raven's hypothetical daughter, the one whose resemblance to a post-perma-tf Susan inspired this whole notion. Instead, they were both born platinum blondes, which is why I don't think they're half-sisters. (Historically speaking, I expect to hear "they were born without hair" in 3... 2... 1...)
  13. Story Monday June 26, 2017

    ...worse than what? If you mean Edward and Noriko, they're divorced and on opposite sides of the world; if you mean Edward and Raven, their only interaction was a single, standoffish phone call about a business matter, on which Mr. Verres was surprised to hear from him and Adrian was of two minds about calling. He outright says their divorce was his fault. All told, their relationship seems exactly like what I'd expect from that scenario. Heck, I'd be of half a mind to think he slept with Noriko even if we could be sure he wasn't Tedd's father. (Not sure why that would exacerbate his hangups about Grace, either, since he doesn't know she knows Tedd at that point; if anything, being willing to sleep with a probably then twenty-something married woman should make him less put off by the idea of sleeping with an eighteen-year-old.) Well, sure, as much as any two random people might be born twenty minutes apart, but if two women conceived in the same bed their children probably wouldn't be born on the same day for just that reason (nor would they look all that similar), let alone two children conceived by a bed-hopping father, whoever that father might be. It could be the hand of magic made manifest, but you'd think in that case they wouldn't be blonde. It seems more likely that they're either twins or counterparts, and without some explanation why Susan's mother would give up one of two identical twins and then lie about it, counterparts seems more likely.
  14. Story Monday June 26, 2017

    All indications are that having been alive since medieval times hasn't made Pandora some mental superbeing, it's made her senile. Sure, Jerry's new incarnation might not still be "as insightful as a self-help guru," but there's a huge gap between being able to tell that Sarah and Susan have issues with repression and that Diane and Susan are whatever the heck they are. (I still think counterparts is most likely, since twins makes no sense at this point and half-sisters wouldn't explain their identical phenotypes or simultaneous births; that would suggest at most one was conceived by this Adrian Raven, and since both Susan and Diane have rigid gender identities...) Anything Pandora knows that we don't know she knows is incalculably more likely to concern Tedd than Susan. The only reason to think it might concern Susan is based on evidence we've seen and she hasn't that her conclusions might pertain to Susan. For that reason appealing to the fact that she probably knows things we don't could only bolster the notion she refers to Tedd, to the extent appealing to knowledge we know nothing of could bolster anything at all.
  15. Story Monday June 26, 2017

    Very obvious foreshadowing Pandora wasn't (obviously) there for. I don't doubt that that means something, but since there's no reason to think Pandora saw it, there's no reason to think that's what her "of course" meant. Even if she's been running a "background check," why would she have gotten as far out as Diane? Through Susan? Jerry's faux pas suggests that's not likely. Hell, how recently would she have gotten as far out as Susan, whom Tedd barely knew existed until Sister? Again, nothing we've seen through her eyes lends itself to that "of course" referring to Susan.