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  1. story

    I think you mixed Fermat up with Galois, who wrote a treatise on what would become group theory, then died in a duel before it could be vetted (probably not actually the next day, though that's the legend). It was published a decade later; the duel was among the events leading to the riots of 1832, which it is impossible to discuss without singing.
  2. A lot of dyes are natural, but they don't change your natural hair color. The point is she wouldn't look like Raven's hypothetical daughter without an external change.
  3. Hmm. His illusory daughter looking like Susan does seem like foreshadowing, doesn't it? But that leaves unanswered why he would have had sex with Susan's mother, or why Diane would be born at the same moment, or why they'd be identical. Plus the fact that Susan's not a natural indigo. Then again, everything about this arc (...by the way, any comment from Dan on how long it's going to be? We're on part 13, and it feels fairly early still...) makes it seem like it's building to something regarding Diane and Susan... Well, heredity can be strange sometimes. I hear Hamilton's first son looked exactly like a male lover from around the time of his birth...
  4. If "his" means Adrian, then my guess would be that "they" means Tedd. (Although my first thought was that she was referring to a common ancestor of all sensitives... but reading the thread, maybe not.)
  5. np

    I find the idea of an all-Greg MFF threesome more endearing than I probably should.
  6. Ellen seems to have anticipated it, though, and she's got seventeen years of memories to go on...
  7. I'm wondering if where we're going is the notion, which I've heard before (I think repeated before as well), that magical changes such as these are body and mind, and therefore wouldn't help a trans person for the same reason they don't make the Dunkels dysphoric - the only reason they help Tedd is because Tedd's mind is fluid regardless of what enchantments they're under.
  8. I still miss the TWC forum.
  9. np

    I want the name of Tensaided's personal trainer. Remember when we thought it was a mistake that Sarah's outfit had changed without explanation?
  10. np

    Wasn't switching people out for similar-looking people of the opposite gender one of the things they did in the earliest studies on change blindness? (Of course, they didn't have access to shapeshifters.)
  11. My translation has 559. I guess he lost time somewhere.
  12. A legendary classic in which a Frenchman spends 500 pages hiding his girlfriend from lesbians.
  13. Hmm... apparently Heka is reconstructed Egyptian for "Magic."
  14. ...so much for my utopian fantasy of polyamory obviating shipping wars.
  15. Darnit, Grace! Urging your significant other to make out with other people is Tedd's job!