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  1. Dan seems to be really into swinging these days...
  2. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    ...yeah, I don't know if I'll ever be able to look at the new Diane and not think "Sarah."
  3. Story Wednesday July 25, 2018

    Yay! Now she just has to wait to be reunited with the accidental creation of the... (the word I'v thought of is unwise)... henchwoman... of the dictator who came within centimeters of skewering her and her girlfriend's brains to a wall!
  4. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    ...she's a magic-using celebrity.
  5. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    ...why does she need to make excuses at all? Everyone knows she's magic now, and everyone knows now how weird magic can be; can't she just say "it's magic"? Commentary reaction:
  6. Main Friday Jul 13, 2018

    ...sometimes I feel like the gods themselves are shouting "NOW KISS!"
  7. NP Wednesday July 11, 2018

    I was scratching my head, wondering if this happens in one of the later games, before I read the commentary to see the joke is that it doesn't.
  8. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    Yeah - that's why it always irks me when people make fun of "duck and cover." That's terrific advice, and basically the advice you'll find in preparedness pamphlets today, trying to steer as clear as possible of the stigmatized phrase. Obviously, if you're too close to the epicenter, it won't help, but that's not whom it's meant for. You can find telephone poles in Hiroshima that show the silhouette of the leaves of trees. Dirk Gently complains about the titanium airplane joke, but the people who tell that joke must know that there's a reason, even if they don't know what it is, why the black box can be built to survive when a plane can't (incidentally, his explanation is wrong: while it's true titanium couldn't fly as easily as steel and aluminum, the plane could be built of a more durable metal, but that would actually be worse for the water balloons inside, as well as worse for the black box), whereas the people who make fun of "duck and cover" truly think they've outsmarted nuclear preparedness experts based on the logic "nuke strong, blanket weak."
  9. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    What I'm not clear on is whether that's Magus's room service or she just thinks it is because she thinks that's his door.
  10. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    I sincerely doubt that Magus isn't into women. The fact that Ellen seems to be considerably more into women than her brother could be said to follow the circumstances of her creation, but it's certainly withstood whatever Nioi did, and she almost seems to be less into guys than he is at this point. I suspect magical burnout can override stomach capacity. But given some of the stories I've heard about Michael Phelps and The Rock...
  11. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    So he does have enough? Only this seems like it's building to him being just a few dollars short...
  12. NP Monday June 11, 2018

    I'm just wondering what exactly will be this arc's inevitable riff on the line "are you a boy or a girl? I can never tell."
  13. NP Monday 4 June 2018

    If Catalina's about to make them all girls, it does. Especially since they have no way of turning them back. (Granted, Susan probably wouldn't mind watching them go at it as girls, either, but right now she could see lesbian PDA anywhere, while this is her only immediate chance to see Elliot and Justin in a non-canon setting with a third sexy queer boy whom at least one of them's attracted to.)
  14. NP Monday 4 June 2018

    Pretty sure she was planning to turn them all female without changing their clothes. After all, I don't think anything involving male bodies would prompt that expression from Cat.
  15. Story Monday June 04, 2018

    Actually, it didn't hit me at the time, but how did Charlotte of all people get roped in before Sarah, Susan, or Justin? Especially since Justin works with Grace...