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  1. ...N! P! N! P! N! P!
  2. This solution seems... unsustainable.
  3. ... "Could a man get two women pregnant in a few days?" ...that's what men are! Just what are immortals...?
  4. So... maybe Liz's power is to make enchantments semi-permanent? It'd fit with her monologue, and complement the current situation with Kitty and (Felix)...
  5. np

    I am shocked, SHOCKED that the bunnies have gotten invested in these two's arc.
  6. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=584 (Permalink doesn't work yet for some reason, but it's on the main page for me.) ...no. Stop. Murder.
  7. I'm sure they're just supposed to be avoiding each other's gaze, but I can't help but think they both seem rather... distracted.
  8. As I said, 3 I won't be linking, for reasons now clear to anyone who's read it. The Beast, G(ish), gen, Lovecraft sendup - fair warning, I might have gotten a little too deep into his style at points, and I don't mean horror. Anyway, I'm leaving the rest of this here so I don't have to necropost:
  9. np

    Shh... can't a bunny dream? Especially since this is already such a weird thing to happen in canon... Besides, it's been established that enchantments last longer if the affected person likes them, especially if they don't already have a time limit in mind.
  10. np

    This has got to be the most I've ever anticipated a Wednesday NP. (Of course, the odds of this not being a scene change...)
  11. np

    Things are starting to get Wotchy. Wonder if he'll stay that way... the more I think about it, I don't see why not... this comic (at least in main canon) probably wouldn't sweep issues of legal identity under the rug, only if he really wants to be her "pet," that might not be such a problem... more likely he'll go back and forth, though.
  12. Yeah, but HarJIT is MIA, so you're up. ...you were saying? (Anyway, we em-spacers must stick together! There are too few of us left.)
  13. The minute I saw this strip, I felt like Dan had lit the JML signal...
  14. Despite what Dan said last Wednesday, I really have a hard time believing Tedd's body hasn't been changing over the course of this conversation, especially from panels four and five...
  15. story

    Well, sure, if humans leave Earth, they'll still be under Magic's jurisdiction, but only by virtue of having evolved here. In fact, I almost said "only to humans," but per Dan the griffins' magic falls to its counterpart, so presumably if there are any sentient races native to the main Earth besides humans and immortals (? native), they also fall under Magic's purview. Heck, even in another universe, humans from the main one would most likely still be playing at least partially by main-universe Magic's rules.