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  1. Story Monday July 9, 2018

    Good old case of introversion, really. But it is neat that now we come to something completely different at a nice, even 300. ... THIS! IS!! SARAH!!! Coming to four years since the card game arc. Gosh, that WAS a long time.
  2. NP Friday 06 July 2018

    Wrong time, really. Come back to him if Justin is really beat.
  3. Story Friday July 6, 2018

    U-Fire-uom? I tried. *does NOT knock on wood*
  4. Story Wednesday July 4, 2018

    Any animal, really.
  5. Story Wednesday July 4, 2018

    THIS IS WHY WE NEVER MESS WITH THE LAWS OF PHYSICS To my friends in the US: Do not burn down the house, or the steaks.
  6. NP Wednesday July 4, 2018

    Feisty. If they cat-slap each other, that is another matter. Must have been loaded with sugar. SuGrace?
  7. Story Monday July 02, 2018

    With all the happenings in Moperville, who even has the time? The publishing company must be cutting its losses then. I blame the Disco Wizard.
  8. NP Monday Jul 2 2018

    Sounds like the dog from Over the Hedge. All fight and no play make Gracemander go something, something...
  9. NP Friday 22 June 2018

    Unusually typical of Nanase with this one. Because dibs.
  10. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    Uh-er, my idea is flourishing (sort of, 1/2, albeit negatively). But hey, easier bag-stuffer? Thine reset, thine reset. When we shut down our computers after using web browsers for so long.
  11. NP Wednesday Jun 20, 2018

    Not the best of skirmishes, we see. Tedd vs Susan, Tedd vs Susan II, Tedd vs Luke (relatively), and then this. Welcome to the club – the last two being dishonorable mentions.
  12. Story, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

    "Rock, paper, scissors" "...Shoot." Single organism reproduction what?
  13. Story, Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018

    "WYSIWYG. No questions." Must have been the mantra post-Sister. Panel 4: *warily knocks on wood*
  14. NP Monday June 18, 2018

    So Justin with the consensus, Nanase with "Rock, Paper, Scissors". +1 with the font usage. -1 on George, again, compounded in perpetua. On subverting age expectations, today's story comic also has to be included. Did somebody say mango?
  15. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    ... between siblings, we shall never be surprised.
  16. NP Friday, Jun 15, 2018

    Consensus says fire? Terrible as in, George as the Avatar?
  17. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    This an oddly neat segue. But panel 5 is a good save. Nevertheless, the last hotel I went to did not do the odd-even method. YMMV, really.
  18. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    More than a stick in the mud. There is a guy named Jon St. John. Figures. Sirhan Sirhan though... *collar tug*
  19. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    No-eared characters. Those were the fuuun times. Two sets of assets are fine enough to handle. Make Tedd an NPC just for show. DId somebody say "the witch"?
  20. Story Monday June 11, 2018

    "Best. Disappointment. Ever." Strikes back?
  21. NP Monday June 11, 2018

    Over time? Figures.
  22. Story Monday June 11, 2018

    "When Ellen gets back, the book shows... nothing new. Odd. Elliot's, however, has been added by the dozen." Not the scenario I want, but still is on my list. Those better be tears of joy. I shall not scrutinize emotions any longer.
  23. NP Monday June 11, 2018

    "Millions of Graces". again. We are miffed that the numbering machine is broken.
  24. NP Friday, Jun 8, 2018

    Nuts. Cat-opia strikes again.