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  1. And would that have been such a bad thing? I guess Rhoda was just too timid to talk to her girlfriend about Diane, and I kind of understand why.
  2. EGS Fandub [canceled]

    If you can get J.K. Simmons, he could probably do voices for Edward, Abraham and Sirleck's host. I hear all three of them as J.K. Simmons. Sometimes I hear Raven as him too.
  3. Pinup, July 3 Sarah -> Vamp!Sarah

    I didn't expect to find this more amusing than hot, but I was wrong. Of course, it is still pretty hot too. Hmm... I wonder, would it be possible for Sarah to turn into a vampire without becoming evil? I'm just saying because this form is way too awesome to be used in only fantasies. I know she could use a watch, but the watch wouldn't give her any vampiric powers like super speed, strength, flight, hypnosis etc.
  4. Sarah and Grace sleeping together. It's just as sexy as it sounds. It's nice to know that even if Tedd decides to become a girl permanently and hook up with Elliot for some reason, Grace will still have someone to cuddle with.
  5. Pinup: Sunday, July 3, 2016 (40s Ellen)

    What a bombshell!
  6. Hot damn! I wonder how Rhoda and Catalina will react when Susan and Diane start hanging out together. I know Rhoda and Catalina are happy together, but I certainly wouldn't blame either of them for having sexy thoughts about their old crush and her equally hot twin sister. Come to think of it, has Catalina ever seen Diane before? I know Rhoda hadn't plucked up the courage to introduce those two to each other yet the last time Diane asked her about Catalina, but surely Rhoda has some pictures of Diane she could have shown Catalina at any time. We know Rhoda knows about Susan and has made the connection between her and Diane, but has she told Catalina about it? Also, surely Catalina has told Rhoda a lot about Susan. Things like these make me really wish those two would get more screentime with the main cast.
  7. Gracelyn, huh? Nice to see her again. She looks really good. Remember, Elliot is a shapeshifter. Gracelyn can look like whatever she wants.
  8. Is it weird that the first thing that popped into my head after seeing this was Tedd and Elliot telling their shocked friends "It's not gay if we're both girls!" Also, it seems I'm not late to comment on these pinups this time. Yay.
  9. Story: Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

    I believe both of Tedd's parents are wizards. I'd say that's a pretty safe assumption, considering what Noriko said about her family having straightforward hereditary magic and her and Edward's bloodlines. Remember, anyone can learn to be a mage, but wizards are born, not made. Tedd and Nanase are probably the first non-wizards in Noriko's family in generations. Tedd is some sort of "mutant", but Nanase's non-wizardness can probably be explained by her father most likely not having magic. I have a feeling that Nanase's mother (who may secretly be a wizard herself) didn't want her children to carry on her family's monster-hunting profession so she chose to marry a non-magical man. Maybe she had issues with her family long before she disowned Noriko as a sister. I'm not sure how she feels about Nanase now, but she seems to have trained herself up a bit, possibly so she can protect her daughter if she needs help. Who knows, she may be just as powerful as Noriko, but if she hasn't used her abilities in a long time, she's wise to train in case she's needed.
  10. NP, Monday June 20, 2016

    Discord, I'm howling at the moon! And sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon!
  11. Story: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

    I really hope Dan isn't going to skip Sunday. All those poor cats in all those bags need to be set free! All the beans must be spilled! Also, I really want to see Elliot wake up to a swarm of reporters outside his house. Also also, how nice to know that this Q&A is still going because Dan doesn't want the next storyline to be as long as The Card Games from Hell and The Best Date Ever.
  12. Story: Monday, June 20, 2016

    I agree, she is a scientist after all. Then again, I think Dan doesn't like sorting his characters into obvious Hogwarts Houses. He made Ashley a Hufflepuff (nothing wrong with that) and IIRC, he said that he wouldn't sort every villain into Slytherin just because they're villains. I personally think Pandora would also make a good Ravenclaw - she's totally cuckoo, but she is pretty damn smart too and she does everything she does because she wants to help her son, so she's not completely evil. Damien and Voltaire, on the other hand? Slytherins for sure. Elliot is such a boy (girl?) scout that he's definitely a Gryffindor, and so are most likely Ellen, Nanase and Justin. I'd say Tedd, Grace and Susan are Ravenclaws, Sarah is a Hufflepuff and Diane would make a good Slytherin - she's definitely cunning and likes getting what she wants, but she can do that without being mean. Noah could be pretty much any of the four, and we don't know that much about Luke and Sam yet. ...Although I probably wouldn't sort Luke into Gryffindor.
  13. Story: Friday, June 17, 2016

    True, but Diane was only a minor character back then. She wasn't relevant to the story until she became interested in Elliot.
  14. Story: Monday, June 20, 2016

    Well, I haven't read any of his other works, so I really wouldn't know. The Cleric Quintet just wasn't my cup of tea.
  15. Story: Monday, June 20, 2016

    I don't read a lot of books, but when I do, it's mostly fantasy. So naturally, I've read Harry Potter. I've also read The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia and the first four Percy Jackson novels. Currently I'm reading through the Eragon series. It's nothing spectacular, but I kinda like it. I do own the LotR trilogy, but I haven't read it yet. I have a lot of time on my hands, though, so I hope I'll be able to read it this summer after I've finished the last Eragon book. I've also read The Cleric Quintet by R. A. Salvatore. I won that book as a prize in high school and thought it would be rude to ignore it, but I kinda wish I had.
  16. Story: Friday, June 17, 2016

    Interesting... So it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for uryuom-hybrids to learn Earth magic. It would take intense determination, lots of time and patience and much more training than any non-uryuom would need. Wow. Noah is even more badass than we initially thought. We already knew he was a prodigy and it was implied that he's taken down bigger foes than the bulldog dragon before (he only lost that fight because Pandora cheated) and now we learned that he's most likely learned to suppress his Uryuom Power in order to learn Earth magic. Now I'm even more impatient to see him again. IMO, one of Dan's writing's biggest flaws is the way he keeps introducing new characters when many of his older characters are still shrouded in mystery. Diane, Ashley and Charlotte are good characters and Luke and Sam have potential, but I wish we'd get to see Noah again before Dan comes up with even more characters who might join the main cast some day. Luckily, now that Susan and Diane are about to meet and Sirleck is targeting Raven, it's pretty much guaranteed that we'll get to see Raven again. The girls might ask him to train them to deal with Moperville's vampire problem. If Raven agrees, we'll most likely get to see Noah too. Maybe he will also teach the sisters some tricks.
  17. Pinup: June 2, 2016 (Tea Lady)

    Thank you. My point was that it's been a while in real time since we learned that Greg has a new girlfriend and I seriously doubt that Dan had designed Téa back then. I definitely did not mean to give the impression that I think Téa is less than one day old.
  18. I thought this pinup was one of the newer ones when I made that post, probably because it had been commented on recently. I just forgot to check this page's date. Sorry about that.
  19. Story Friday, June 10, 2016

    It depends. When did you stop watching? If you've only watched the Original Series (Ash's journeys through Kanto, Orange Islands and Johto), then definitely. Well, the movie pretty much said that the Chosen One (Ash) was the only one who could calm down the legendary birds and therefore stop the world from being flooded. Of course, that was only the second Pokémon movie. Since then, there have been much, much more powerful legendary Pokémon than the bird trio and Lugia with powers over things like space and time itself. So yeah, in hindsight, there's no way the three birds could have destroyed the world without any other legendaries stopping them, but hey, those legendaries hadn't been invented yet, so the makers of the movie didn't know that! Ash used to make a lot of mistakes, but he wasn't the only one. The anime used to be quite lax about following all the same rules as the games, but it's gotten much better now. Ash definitely couldn't do crazy stuff like "Pikachu, the horn!" or that infamous "Thunder Armor" these days. Ironically, neither of those things I mentioned were his mistakes because they actually worked against his opponents. No, they were just the anime being weird. Ash started with just Pikachu again in Kalos. What I meant was that he's just as competent in Kalos as he was in Sinnoh. Do yourself a favor - if you ever decide to catch up on the show, skip the BW series. Trust me, it's for the best. Oh, I agree. I like Ash, but I'm 100% positive that the BW series would have been much better with a new protagonist. It would have been believable for an actual rookie to make all those stupid rookie mistakes Ash did in Unova. It's never been stated how Ash and his friends pay for all the food and supplies they use on the road, so I must assume that the government pays them. In the games, you get money from the Trainers you defeat in battle, but that's never been even hinted at in the anime. And yes, some Pokémon do work alongside police officers, firemen and construction workers, so that does save some money.
  20. Story: Wednesday, June 15, 2016

    *sigh* Okay, I don't want to sound insensitive, but I am getting very tired of Dan's annoying habit of feeling like he has to immediately correct himself when people tell him he got something wrong by creating a new page just for that one purpose even though it wasn't in his script. Not only that, but he also felt like he had to end this page on the exact same joke he used on the previous page, and I didn't find it funny then either. Can't he just apologize in the commentary? Now this Q&A will last longer and delay some sisterly meeting goodness. Also, I'm not even sure how many times Dan has used the "seven billion people" joke, but it's not funny anymore. I know exaggerating can drive a point home, but he's basically saying that every single person on the planet reads his comic and they all felt like telling him he got his terminology wrong. Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this off my chest. I tried to not be too rude.
  21. Story Friday, June 10, 2016

    Excuse me? The Pokémon world has been in danger many times. Mostly in the movies, yes, but Ash and his friends have had to rescue legendary Pokémon from being used for evil many times in the anime as well and by saving them, they've saved the world from destruction each time. My favorite time when that happened was in the DP series when they stopped Team Galactic from creating a new universe which would have wiped the old universe from existence. I think it's pretty obvious that humans are a LOT tougher than they look in Pokémon. Team Rocket and Ash are the best examples of that. They've been through so much abuse over the years that I think they would make many superheroes look like wimps. They obviously feel pain, but they recover ridiculously fast and they never gain any lasting injuries from electricity, fire, freezing, explosions, crash landings, poison, physical and mental attacks or anything else. In short, humans are just as indestructible as Pokémon, they just can't attack the way Pokémon do. The games are not like the anime. In the anime, training Pokémon takes a lot more time and patience, not to mention more improvising. I know fully well that Ash is pretty dumb, but he is a great Trainer. He was still a rookie in the first season, so of course he made lots of rookie mistakes and I am not a fan of how he won most of his Indigo League Badges, but those days are long gone. Ash got progressively better in Johto and Hoenn, and he was brilliant in Sinnoh. He really should have won the Sinnoh League, but because the writers always have to find some excuse to make him lose, they pulled a legendary user out of their asses so Ash wouldn't win - and Ash still beat two of that guy's legendary Pokémon that nobody else had beaten before. Then, for some reason, they made Ash suck again in Unova without any explanation at all. I HATED the BW series. It was complete garbage. I could barely watch through it all. Luckily, Ash is back to his Sinnoh greatness in the current XY series. The Kalos League starts next week and I'm eagerly looking forward to it. Ash has some good, fully evolved Pokémon and his Greninja has unique power that will certainly work to their advantage. However, I fear that Team Flare will interrupt the Kalos League before it's finished, because the episode after the next one will have two of Ash's rivals battle for a place in the semi-finals. That seems oddly rushed to me, so I believe this League will get interrupted and they will try again after they've saved Kalos from Team Flare. I really want Ash to win this time because he really deserves it, but I should probably prepare myself for another bitter disappointment. Too bad the writers of Pokémon don't seem to get that Ash could still stay as the main character in the next series even if he wins the Kalos League. Winning a League Tournament doesn't make him a Pokémon Master, it only gives him the right to challenge the Elite Four. Ash is pretty good, but I doubt he's match for the Elite Four yet, so the writers could easily make Ash go to Alola after losing to the Elite Four. Sorry for the rant. Touchy subject. No, Ash and his friends (or anyone else in the show) don't seem to age. There's no explanation for it whatsoever, we're just supposed to accept it. They're like the Simpsons - we see time pass, but it doesn't affect anyone. Not physically, at least. Yeah. There are lots of Trainer Schools in the show, but since not EVERYONE is a Trainer, it can be assumed that there are also regular schools for people who want to have real jobs. There doesn't seem to be an upper age limit to being a Trainer, however, so many adults can also spend their time walking through forests and mountains catching Pokémon and living off the government money.
  22. Pinup: June 2, 2016 (Tea Lady)

    Actually I meant that they're both equally unlikely if not completely impossible. Téa didn't even exist back when Dex told Grace that Greg has a new girlfriend and she was supposed to be a one-shot character before everyone fell in love with her.
  23. Hahahahaha!!! "I saw all of the things!" I bet you did.
  24. Oh yeah, it was, haha. I guess Elliot and Sarah used to watch MLP FiM together before they broke up. Or heck, maybe they still do.
  25. Hot damn! Er, Carol? You know you're in public, right? Or have you decided to pursue a rather different career or something?