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  1. What's in the Lost and Found?

    My willpower to stay awake for a couple more hours.
  2. Sketchbook: Tuesday April 19, 2016

    And here I thought Tedd and Grace would be the first people we'd see in those dresses. Oh, who cares? These two are adorable together (and they're gonna stay like that forever).
  3. Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    Haha, what is with everyone suddenly being related to main characters? But seriously, nah. He's too young. "Almost?" Not THAT old friends. Still, they might have known each other for a few years. Like I said, anything's possible. ...I could ship it.
  4. More Speculation.

    It's a very good theory and I've thought of it myself. Still, somehow I have a feeling that Magus doesn't want anyone to know about him unless absolutely necessary, especially H&D and Mr. Verres. After all, Pandora did warn Edward, Wolf and Cranium about Magus, calling him a "hawk" and them "little mice". Of course, she was probably lying, but Edward might have taken her seriously and therefore he might not trust Magus even if he came clean about everything.
  5. What Are You Ingesting?

    Spinach soup.
  6. What Are You Watching?

    Binge-watching Steven Universe before the new episodes in June. I think this is my third or fourth time rewatching the entire series. It's sooooo good.
  7. Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    Voltaire, eh? Well, now we know he's definitely evil. So, it was Whitey- er, Volty who let Sirleck know that H&D are no longer watching Elliot all the time. I understand his need for a middle man - if Sirleck knew that other immortals are aware of him, he'd immediately try to cancel the plan because he would know that he's dead meat no matter what. It would seem that Volty's Plan CM involves Magus gaining control of Elliot's body, but I don't see how that would help him stop Pandora, especially since Pandora used to help Magus in the past too. Then again, there are probably many ways he could manipulate someone into attacking Elliot if they believed that would break Magus's hold on him or something. As for Sirleck, he's not getting what he wants, that's for sure. Since he apparently exists purely on the spirit plane, I'm sure Volty could get rid of him by snapping his fingers as soon as he's not useful to him anymore. Speaking of which, Abner seems like a cool dude, so I hope Volty doesn't plan to get rid of him too as soon as he's no longer useful. I'd hate to see Abner kick the bucket on the next page. I actually think he's facepalming because he thinks the PI he hired found out what he needed to know in such a silly way and then told a vampire that vampires are real. Of course, we know that Abner was just trolling him with that remark. I believe it's a trap and I also think Voltaire needs Elliot dead because he's somehow crucial to Pandora's master plan. Of course, emotionally upsetting all of Elliot's friends would also help Volty, I'm sure. Good questions. Abner seems to be a magical PI, which means he's either magical himself, only does PI work for magical clients or both. He might have gotten magic all by himself or he could have been marked by an immortal. As for how these two know each other, it could be as simple as Volty hiring him for this one job a few months ago. They're not necessarily old friends or anything. In other words, we don't know anything about these two yet and anything is possible. However, I don't think Abner is an elf. Sirleck does not want to possess Elliot. That would be incredibly stupid of him. Like I said, I think Voltaire is most likely leading Sirleck into a trap. As for Magus, who knows? Volty might not care if Magus survives as long as Elliot doesn't. Good point. I've never even thought of that before. I guess they're just used to doing everything together.
  8. Story Friday April 15, 2016

    It's possible, I guess. Whitey might be pretending to help Sirleck to get both Elliot and Sirleck killed in the end. Somehow. Still, I think Sirleck's spy is most likely a character we haven't seen yet. Exactly. Just because Helena and Demetrius don't watch Elliot 24/7, it doesn't mean that they don't watch him at all anymore. However, I don't think Sirleck wants to get rid of Magus at all. More like the exact opposite. Hmm, does Magus look exactly like Elliot? We've seen him in his physical form only once and that was years ago. They might look similar, but not identical. Also, it doesn't really matter because Magus would remain invisible while in Elliot's body and after gaining a body for himself he would most likely immediately start looking for a way home. Unless Sirleck manages to take over his body, that is. Also also, Magus isn't really a bad guy and he is smart. I think he would do a very good job impersonating Elliot until he got his chance to slip away from everyone and get to the Diamond.
  9. Story: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    I am very much not comfortable with the idea of immortals messing with relationships and trying to fix people up just to make their own jobs easier, so I trust you'll forgive me for not believing in that particular theory.
  10. The Association Game

    The crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world.
  11. Story Friday April 15, 2016

    No, I very much doubt Sirleck wants to possess Elliot's body. Vampires are afraid of immortals and Helena and Demetrius would definitely be able to notice Sirleck possessing Elliot. Magus probably intends to create a new body for himself by making Elliot touch the Dewitchery Diamond after Ellen's zapped him into Elliot's body/mind and Sirleck intends to use Magus's new body as a host.
  12. Three Word Game

    "Who are you
  13. NP: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that so many of you had never noticed the duck faces before. Anyway, I want that phase to end as much as you, so I won't bring them up again.
  14. Story Friday April 15, 2016

    Sirleck is back. Yay? (Not yay.) And he seems to have a spy working for him, but it can't be the white immortal. Sirleck and Magus need Elliot alive and Whitey wants him dead. So who is the spy? I hope it's not Charlotte, Ashley or Diane! Luckily I don't see how that would even be possible, unless Dan wants to really shock us. So... Let's do a count of all the parties involved in this Complicated Mess: 1) Pandora, who is most likely the one who clogged the magic drain and apparently needs Elliot for something 2) Helena and Demetrius, who clearly have sworn to protect Elliot for some reason 3) Whitey and his friends who want Elliot dead for some reason, possibly to stop Pandora 4) Sirleck, Magus and their spy. Magus needs Elliot alive to gain a physical form, Sirleck wants Magus to get what he wants so he can presumably double-cross him and possess his new body. They are probably the ones paying vampires to go to Moperville to distract Helena and Demetrius 5) Jerry. Although we haven't seen him tonight and he has nothing to do with Elliot, I have a feeling that he would make the most dependable ally against everyone who's out to hurt the Main Eight. I think he could even work with Helena and Demetrius after giving them a piece of his mind and learning more about them and their motives. (The problem with that is, of course, the fact that H&D don't remember all their motives themselves.) Did I forget anyone?
  15. Story: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Yep, now it's certain that this guy is not on Pandora's side. If I had to guess, I'd say that he and some other immortals are working together to bring Pandora down because they're tired of her constantly bending the rules and trying to cause an apocalypse and junk. Elliot is clearly essential to Pandora's master plan, so killing him really would have been the easiest way to slow Pandora down and force her to think of something else. I'm guessing that by removing her players or otherwise making her plan more difficult, they're hoping that they'll make Pandora eventually lose control and break the immortals' rules in such a way that they'll finally be able to confront and stop her. I'm also guessing that Jerry, Helena and Demetrius don't want anything to do with this guy and his lot. They probably don't even know what he's trying to do in the long run and just assume that he wants to kill Elliot for some reason. In other words, poor communication kills. That's an interesting theory. It's certainly possible, but I personally think that immortals and Lord Tedd's group are completely different sets of villains and are not working together. This, exactly. I think the white immortal and his friends don't care about humanity much, but they still have the decendy to kill as few humans as possible while trying to stop Pandora. However, this was only their Plan A. Plan CM might cause a massive bloodbath for all we know and if that's the case, then one thing is for certain - they want to stop Pandora's apocalypse by any means necessary. I'm sure they think they're doing everything for the greater good.
  16. Story: Monday, April 11, 2016

    True, and he has been working on many things over the past year. It seems I phrased that rather poorly. Of course Edward knows that Diane exists, but until recently, he's probably never had a reason to worry about her or mention her to the Main Eight. Now that Elliot, Ellen and Nanase (and Ashley) know that she is Susan's sister and needs protection, he might as well tell them everything he knows. I really want to see the entire Main Eight and Edward gathered together to hear each other's stories in the next storyline. It will be cramped and dialogue-y, but I have faith in Dan. Yes, but I don't think Diane would be very shocked. After all, she already knows one sex-swapping dude.
  17. Story: Friday April 8, 2016

    Are you saying that bullies calling Tedd a girl made him want to become one and later made him realize he's genderfluid? I'm sorry, but that seems pretty far-fetched to me. Then again, I suppose one of the reasons why Tedd doesn't want to talk to Edward about his genderfluidity could be that he has already told him about the bullies before. Maybe he's afraid that Edward will somehow blame him for giving in to the bullies or something other highly illogical nonsense like that.
  18. Sketchbook: April 12, 2016

    Unless of course the boyfriend is dressed as a predator and his date as the prey... Oh wait, I forgot. Zootopia fixed that problem.
  19. Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    Fun? What is this "fun" thou speakest of?
  20. Sketchbook: April 12, 2016

    Adorable. The only thing I don't like is Ashley's mouse costume's feet because they creep me out. Well, actually, I'm not a fan of the face paint either, but it's not so bad. One thing is for sure, this party isn't happening at Tedd's. I wonder who invited these three to their party and why did they not tell each other about it.
  21. NP: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    A while. There were many duck faces in Squirrel Prophet.
  22. Story: Friday April 8, 2016

    Actually, in story time, Tedd only learned that he is genderfluid yesterday. So yeah, you make a good point, Tedd is definitely not ready to talk to his father about it yet, but when they do talk about it, I believe Edward will be much more understanding than you give him credit for. He's just worried about his son and doesn't know how to express it. Let's hope that Pandora or anyone else will not sabotage their relationship any more before Tedd is ready to talk.
  23. NP: Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Dan is still not over his duck face phase?
  24. Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

    I can't believe you're still talking about this. I think it's extremely safe to assume that Noriko's younger children are with her in Europe training to follow in her footsteps. Noah's parents are dead and Raven probably knew them because he has been a teacher for a long time and he has had many other magic apprentices than just Tedd's parents.
  25. Story: Monday, April 11, 2016

    Way to jinx it, Elliot. Eh, who am I kidding, he's probably right. Um, why would Grace NOT have mentioned Diane looking like Susan to Tedd, especially when she saw what a big deal it seemed to be to Ellen and Nanase? Maybe Tedd just wasn't interested in finding out if Susan had a twin sister she didn't know about for some reason. Agreed. I admit that those kids have some reasons to not confide in Edward as much as they should, but they really should realize that everything he does is to protect them. However, I doubt he can do anything to protect Elliot's secret, especially since Elliot was already known as the guy who punches monsters and talks to griffins before tonight. Looks like it's time to "adapt or die" for Edward as well. Let's see if he's better at it than Arthur. Hmm, I'm not so sure. Edward may know about Diane's existence, but I doubt he'd blurt out something like that in front of Elliot and Nanase before he was sure that they know Diane is Susan's sister.