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  1. story

    Because of course universal cosmic forces are always known to be open to compromising. I suppose Elliot's going to negotiate with gravity next?
  2. story

    Wait, wait, wait... Elliot doesn't know about Tedd's mark? He thinks Tedd still uses the watches? Why hasn't Tedd ever told Elliot about the mark?
  3. story

    Or... She could fall out into an infinite empty abyss. She could go into another simulation world from a previous time she cast this spell, or from someone else casting this same spell. She could wind up in another dimension entirely. She could simply cease to exist altogether. Maybe she should start by throwing a rock into it. Or poking it with a stick. Or pulling that half-car out of it.
  4. I notice there seems to be a running theme of computer programs and video gaming going on in Grrl Power's setting. First with Sydney's orbs having a skilltree, then the idea that magic has programming languages, and now introducing a character with the power to hack reality. This has me starting to wonder if the comic's universe doesn't actually exist and it's all just a big computer simulation. That would explain all those things. I also wonder, can the universe crash? Can Krona change the speed of light? Or the value of pi?
  5. Pandora appears to be breaking the fourth wall in panel four.
  6. Ellen's clone beam lets her copy others' spells, as proven when she copied Nanase and was able to cast her Guardian form spell. If Ellen poses as the fake Cheerleadra, she could fly. Or Grace could do it, since she can already fly. And why wasn't Ashley invited to this meeting? She's involved now.
  7. I wonder where the text in the spell books actually comes from. Is there some Immortal somewhere whose job it is to just go around writing articles in everybody's spell books about their new spells? Or are the spell books themselves sentient and writing themselves?