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What Are You Ingesting?

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On 8/30/2018 at 1:26 PM, mlooney said:

I forgot how much I really like good lime sherbert.  In other news, the person that set the size of a serving of sherbert has an eating disorder. 12 serving in a 3 pint box? Your kidding.

I've gotten four servings out of a one pint "half baked" occasionally.  Of course, I've also occasionally downed the whole thing in an afternoon.  Typical for me would be three different sittings to eat a pint, less often two sessions per pint.

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I bought, sort of on a whim, a 135 gram jar of "Pure Leaf English Breakfast Tea".  Got home and made a pot.

My, that is some strong tea.  Good flavor as well.

Will buy again in a month or so, when this jar is done. 

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The day after my foot surgery, I went with my wife to my son's birthday party (actually just the two of us and he and his wife) at a place called Wabi House in Dallas. He turns 32 on Monday, but this was the only day our schedules met (hence the post-op restaurant trip). The place serves ramen and appetizers. Someone online found it for me when I asked about a place that serves takoyaki locally. It had great reviews, so I talked Mrs. Prof into taking our son and daughter-in-law there. She picked the date, but had no idea that I would break my foot a few days before and have surgery the day before. I managed to make it anyway.

The takoyaki got rave reviews from both my son and myself. Mrs. Prof and I both ordered the Spicy Miso ramen, their flagship product. It was excellent - neither of us could finish it all. I had leftovers this morning, and the "better the second day" rule applies in spades with this ramen. Nom.

My son ordered Tonkotsu ramen, while my daughter in law ordered Shoyu ramen. Out of all of us, only my son finished his ramen, along with most of the takoyaki. ;)

Definitely not a cheap place, but worth it for the service and taste. It was even worth collapsing on the sofa after I got my walker put up. Five stars.

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