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    Ah, the Q. When they include a shot glass with the medicine bottle, you don't really need to guess the active ingredient.
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    Story, Friday July 7, 2017

    Just because it will be less violent it's not better idea. If you do change like that, it makes you sort of responsible if it turns out badly ... DO Tedd wants this kind of responsibility? Maybe for one other Tedd, just for experimenting, but doing it on mass scale? That would be pretty hard to do, appearing between Edward and trying to explain something like this He would likely be more interested in who you are. I mean who Tedd is. Not without first observing how exactly it happened. Lot of work with lot of potential for emotionally hard scenes ... Hmmm ... messing with the detector might be most compatible with what Tedd actually CAN do and while it doesn't guarantee Noriko will stay it has quite good chance. Presumably, non-seer wand makers are registered by wand ; he should be able to modify the detector to fake-report him being normal wand maker, which might not be exactly what Noriko expected but much easier to accept for her.
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    Story, Friday July 7, 2017

    Marry - or sue him for sexual harassment and get the money that way. Or, she planed to say she have child with him, no matter if true or not. But in any case, I doubt anyone would be surprised if she got the money, so yes, good host. (I suppose even the marriage is an occupation hazard for woman who try to sue for sexual harassment.) Susan got into the group by dint of being Sarah's best friend, not solely becuase she knows Nanase. True. That's not what he has been told. The power to bend worlds to his will doesn't necessary mean ability to change history (also, specifically said to be impossible in EGS, as Scotty reminded). That said, the speculations are funny so I would comment: Would be funny if Tedd met Elliot in ASMA dojo because Noriko would pressure him to do some martial arts. ESPECIALLY likely if Noriko would realize ASMA dojo works. Tedd would be unlikely to be good in it anyway, but it would be another group activity ... Remember it will be TEDD doing the changes. He would certainly make sure there will be some other reason why he would end up with TF gun - he might overlook some things but he would definitely pay attention to this one. Especially considering TF gun was reason why he started researching magic which lead to him finding out being Seer. Convincing his father would likely be harder, but on the other hand, maybe non-shy Tedd would be better at convincing. He might however be stabler and not experiment on friends so much, or at least test it first. Alternatively, it might be NORIKO who would totally support Tedd getting TF gun as way to give him some way to compensate for his lack of magic abilities. First, why should it happened with different outcome? Second, again, Tedd would pay attention to Grace. Third, Grace might have other reason to end up with Mr. Verres. But it would be truly interesting what would Noriko's opinion on her son practically marrying alien shapeshifter be. Would she welcome shapeshifter in family or would she worry about her grandchildren having harder access to magic? Would it MATTER to her with Tedd not having magic according to tests? ... would Noriko have other child meanwhile? Main reason for Ellen is Magus. I already mentioned that TF gun would likely stay. It would be more work for Magus to convince stabler Tedd, also with Noriko in picture it's less likely Tedd would be alone home to have opportunity to go for DD ... unless, of course, Noriko even when technically home would be out of work even more often than Edward, which is quite likely, so ... I think he WOULD adopt Noah BUT he would make sure Noah and Tedd know each other. In fact, without Noriko leaving, Adrian would take an active role in forming and training main eight equivalent. Wait. Maybe Grace would still arrive at Edward's house but it would be NOAH she would start dating. Or, alternatively, she would find and kill Damien AFTER his attack but long before the story, recovering Grace and her siblings. Which could ALSO end up with Grace being Tedd's adopted sister - especially if Tedd would pay attention to Grace when changing reality but forgot about Westermarck. The probability of Grace dating Noah RISES. Also, better relationship with Sarah and less shy Tedd in general might mean Tedd will be dating SARAH. And you forget that IF Mrs. Kitsune opinion on Noriko was result of her abandoning family, they might be still on speaking terms and Nanase and Tedd would be closer. I think he does have magic ; however, I think he has considerably less magic than Edward, possibly not being wizard, which leaves the factors in behaviour you spoke about. I already said that his reason for not liking Adrian Raven might be that he is jealous he didn't had so good teacher when young ; especially if he blames his teaching and not his lack of talent/affinity for his limited magic.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story, Friday July 7, 2017

    I've already speculated that the real Arthur might be dead and Voltaire has been impersonating him. But Voltaire would have to spend a large part of his time being Arthur, so unless he can be in two places at once, it doesn't seem to be the most likely possibility. Cahoots is more possible. But if Arthur knows even half as much about Immortals as Edward does, he should know that the games they play with humans are all about manipulating them. We really haven't been given a lot of knowledge about Arthur J. Arthur. We don't even know if he has any magic; you don't have to be a wizard to dress up in a pointy hat, a robe, and carry a big staff with a jewel or a big piece of colored glass. The one thing we know he taught Edward was how to cover up magic and alien encounters. Being replaced by a younger who actually does have magic could be another factor in Arthur's behavior now, over and above Edward being a protege of Adrian Raven, someone we definitely know Arthur J. Arthur does not like.
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