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  1. Updated Catalina. Anything else I've missed that has happened during the past few months?
  2. I'm guessing Raven will be the wizard designated to take the barrier down? We don't know for certain about any others, I think (although Noriko is implied to be one), and it's the logical choice when Pandora is plotting. Unless the barrier has a slight explosive risk even with a lower reservoir level.
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2259 Aww, it's great to see Pandora getting along so well with Sarah!
  4. This is more of a case of differing terminologies. I don't call NPs story comics, canon though some may be.
  5. Wow, Susan! We haven't seen her in a speaking role in a story comic since, what, February 2014?
  6. I have to admit that I didn't even think of the wiki option. It certainly would make the revision history easier to see/manage. Feel free to modify my post and upload it there, if you can think of a good way to do so. I think I'll continue with the updates here for now. Sure, I was just assuming that anyone happening upon this topic is currently actively reading new EGS strips and probably only consulting the index to refresh his/her memory regarding older subplots. I'm not really providing any noteworthy analysis or even speculation on new comics. I mostly changed the first three subsections under The main nexuses due to the previous month's updates, and also the text under Grace regarding her dreams. Also added Greg, as I'd forgotten about him, added some new text and a link regarding Tedd's nature, and moved Susan's father from Miscellaneous to Susan/Diane.
  7. Made some small changes in light of recent developments. As before, suggestions and corrections are welcome.
  8. Yup, this makes me happy as well, Maybe it's just nice to see Sarah again. Susan next! (Pandora in cheerful mode when talking of a serious topic is also pretty hilarious)
  9. So far, the entire arc has been a partial redemption of Pandora. I'd say she has anti-villain status by now. Actually, outside that stuff with Magus and the end of Sister II, we haven't seen her do anything too "evil". Except for some of her more violent outbursts, she doesn't even seem as crazy as you'd expect her to be: this conversation has been downright reasonable at times.
  10. story

    Oh yeah! My bet is on Catalina's mark coming up some way or another in this arc, too. I mean, the title can certainly have multiple meanings, and the commentary is a little teasing already... What does the title for part 1, Legacy, stand for? Noriko?
  11. I doubt the storyline will have more than one cover, that hasn't been the case since Painted Black.
  12. Interesting ending for a Q&A. Then again, there's a precedent for the final question being a joke one, last time it was about Amanda's date with Raven. Anyway, Sister III's coming! Or if it's something else, a lot of people will be surprised. I wonder whether the cover at least will be in colour? The previous two were.
  13. q&a7

    The Goo looks better than ever.
  14. Sorry about seemingly abandoning this forum and thread, I've had some difficulties with dragging myself out of a depressive episode. Thank you very much! It means a lot to me if I'm not the only one who thinks this is useful. Great idea! I don't think there's much more to add, you and your collaborators have done a pretty much complete job. I started adding some more links. If you feel that any specific others are needed, just say so and I will try to do it, I've probably got too much free time anyway. I decided to try a shade of grey, that's pretty much the equivalent of a tag. Anyone, please let me know if it seems good, and if something else should be made grey. The line between mindless speculation and a substantiated guess is surprisingly hazy... Also added a little on Tedd's glove and gauntlet.
  15. I was using Mind, in singular, to keep things simple. Nonetheless, I clarified the text a little. Another interesting question is whether the emissary-wizard is an actual person, and not just a form that magic takes when it wants to contact and appear comprehensible to mortals (and Immortals, I guess).