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  1. That was so bad I flounder, not sure just what to say...
  2. This... Or they could be a bit underhanded and have one of their researchers work as his assistant to keep track of his research. This last is a bit risky though. As it is he is the Golden Goose, and if they are smart they will try to keep from rocking the boat and risk Tedd telling them to go pound sand.
  3. I have absolutely no idea how to respond to a question like that. I'm pretty sure there is not one single answer that covers all situations and individuals. What I do know is that there are other forms of dysphoria, though they are not as often mentioned. For instance there are people who have a deeply set feeling that they have the wrong number of limbs. Some has even had perfectly working limbs amputated in order to make their body match their mind, though it takes a lot to convince a doctor to amputate a leg or an arm when there is no conventional medicinal reason to do it. Given things like that happens I'm pretty sure there are people suffering from race dysphoria, but I have no idea how common it might be. If you can imagine it there is a good chance someone somewhere can identify with it.
  4. That's something you quite often has to do. Some players can take hours to decide on sleeping arrangements. We had one six hour session where all that was accomplished was a bit of hunting for provisions. It took ten minutes for them to bag a boar, and the rest of the time deciding if they would smoke, dry, salt or just cook the meat. That was one of the reasons we started using a "not quite realtime" system. If the players started to bog down a swift kick in the butt from the GM usually got things rolling again.
  5. Well, in our group talk wasn't a free action, other than that you could spew an incredible amount of drivel in the time it took to swing a sword. But basically anything said between players was said by their characters, and that included pizza orders... I remember a cunningly laid out ambush that failed as the sneaky halfling that was hiding near the road suddenly shouted that he wanted extra garlic sauce with his pizza... So if the players stood around in a dungeon for too long it was quite possible a wandering monster might stumble on them instead of the other way around..
  6. I used to make up some games to play with the players, though they never knew about it. One time I rolled a D20 behind the screen every minute, made some appropriate (or inappropriate in some cases) noises and jotted down the result on a pad behind the screen and calculated the running average. The players soon noticed about the time roll and that I was obviously taking detailed notes. Soon they started worrying about what was going on that they didn't know about. When some one eventually asked about it I just said that it was nothing to worry about, it probably wouldn't kill them. When they got a bit antsy I started making this roll openly, but I still didn't tell them anything about why, and for some strange reason this freaked them out even more. There's no pleasing some players...
  7. You forget that the exact odds depends on if the roll was made openly or behind the GM screen...
  8. Something like this? Edit: Oh and I think I know why it looks so clunky... I'm pretty sure Dan works at at least twice the resolution you see here. If you do it that way and then resample the image the text looks a lot better. Obviously I didn't think of that before posting this picture...
  9. Let me try to summarize that for you: It's complicated! Not trying to make fun of your comment... OK, you caught me, I am making fun of your comment, but not because I disagree but because I agree, to a degree. People are complicated, and if you even hint at sex being involved the number of permutation's quickly approaches infinity as some people has several, not always easily compatible, leanings, and for some it changes over the years or sometimes months or weeks... So, it's complicated...
  10. That would probably be me. But at least the first few times it would be purely for pervert reasons. The chance to find out what things might feel like to a girl would be just too good to pass up. And then there's the ability to have multiple orgasms... I'd certainly would investigate that most thoroughly! Other than playing with myself I don't think gender bending would be something I went for, but without the experience there's no way to really know.
  11. story

    OK, so am I the only one who finds the idea of Ellen V5 zapping Brownie a bit disturbing? I have no idea just what that would do to her, but it feels like that just might not be a great idea. The thing that might save this is Brownies seemingly unlimited capacity for sleep, and the Dunkel family's usual non reaction to anything weird.
  12. story

    Yes please! Catgirl Heidi and a big ball of catnip infused yarn!!!
  13. story

    Look at the clip from the beginning. Eyes everywhere!
  14. That was my thought as well. Same here, but I wasn't absolutely sure. Grace has a double ponytail like Noah or Second Life Ellen. You can just see a bit of the other ponytail stage left of her waist. However, I did miss the possibly-nude-woman. Heresy! Darn, I have to start carrying a D20 wherever I go, for reasons...
  15. story

    That comment about eyes makes me think of this There can never be too many eyes...