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  1. The fastest submersible thing we've managed to create, AFAIK, are the supercavitating torpedoes. Back in the 70's the Soviet Union started working on a torpedo called squall. It is actually rocket powered and "flies" through the water inside a bubble created byt the shape of the nose cone and exhaust gases that's bled off from the rocket engine. This way it can reach about 370 km/h; 230 mph. As the speed of sound in water is about 5,213 km/h or 3,239 mph they are currently not anywhere near breaking the sound barrier under water. It's been claimed that it's theoretically possible to create a submersible capable of reaching more than 5,000 mph, but I doubt anything like that will ever be built.
  2. np

    And as if that wasn't enough I think I remember that at least one of the "dolphins" in the books actually was an orca, or a orca / dolphin mix that one of the human scientists had secretly brought on board.
  3. And it played nice with Banyan Vines!
  4. This and the way doctors are worn down by all the people who feel they deserve to have antibiotics every time they sneeze. Eventually it all gets to much and they will write out that prescription just to get rid of the bellyaching parents with their coughing kids, even though they all know that antibiotics does absolutely nothing for the common cold. And don't even start talking about large scale chicken, pork and beef production. So much antibiotics used preventively and so much money spent to stop people from researching this. Greed and stupidity is going to ruin our current antibiotics for everyone. And unfortunately it seems like it will be hard to find good replacements. It used to be that antibiotics resistance wasn't seen as a problem. After all they just had to make a new one, right? But we're quickly running out of new and easily researched antibiotics, and the cost of development is rising.
  5. Something I thought was interesting was the claim that in case there is constant rain and full cloud cover it will still sterilize the water, but it can take up two weeks to do it. But if it rains constantly for two weeks then you should be able to collect quite a lot rainwater that most likely is way cleaner than the water you are trying to sterilize. SODIS is not something that will solve the worlds water problems all on it's own, but it is extremely cheap and simple.
  6. If it's just a bacterial soup that needs to be sterilized then the sun can do a surprisingly good job, and that without heating it anywhere near the boiling point. Just leaving a water filled PET bottle in the sun for six hours can be enough to kill of enough bacteria that it's safe to drink. The exact time required depends on the amount of sunlight available, the bottle quality, how clear the water is, and how much bacteria there was in the water to begin with. This is called the SODIS method. Read more about it here on Wikipedia, or on the site www.sodis.ch Note that one of the shortcomings of this method is that it doesn't remove anything from the water, so any poisonous contaminant or particulate matter will remain even though the bacteria is dead.
  7. I have no idea about the tap water quality in Key West, but the Pharaoh and ijuin set it up so nice that I couldn't resist...
  8. Don't think about as water but as protein shake on tap and it's not that bad. Just remember to boil it first if you're just visiting.
  9. Followed the link, though I fully expected it to be about Gamle Ole or Sorte Sara. Being insulated by several routers, not to mention not having any hardware for olfactory stimulation attached to my computer I figured the aroma stench couldn't be to bad. I actually was a bit disappointed...
  10. np

    I agree, that's insulting to all cats. Cats doesn't have owners, they have servants. But in this case my guess is that Rhoda is Catalina's most favored servant...
  11. story

    And my AXE! Eh sorry, Like! I meant have my Like!
  12. story

    But what about our griffin friends and the humans in "the first half" of the EGS universe? They apparently draw their powers from the same pool of magic that Elliot, Susan and all the other marked or awakened magic users are using. Does that mean that if Magic switches things up "here", it will cause mayhem on the other side as well?
  13. story

    It might also take some trial and error before she's able to do something like this without having her expectations and imagination interfere. What we've seen so far suggest that there is a very fine line between just observing and modifying things. I can also see how it may be hard to imagine a X-ray machine and not warp the results presented by it...
  14. story

    That split dog analog is what I was going for. I think it's quite likely that Sarah will see something like that the first time she tries to yank someone or something from the border, but depending on how disturbing she finds it she may opt for imagining a black surface for the cut-off there after. Here is an interesting question... Does her simulation retain data on what's inside things, or is it just a skin deep image? I mean could she take a snapshot of an accident site and check people for broken bones and such? As it's her private simulation she could basically imagine that someones leg was stripped layer by layer until only the bone was left. But would that leave her with what she imagines it would look like, or would it be possible for her to see whats actually there even if she didn't know about it beforehand?
  15. Lucky you. I ALWAYS want ice-cream. ALWAYS!