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  1. You could do something similar in Fallout 3 (and I assume NV but I never really tried there). If you reverse pick pocketed a suit of superior armor on to someone theh the next time the loaded they would be wearing that, and you could pick pocket their original suit. One playthrough I proceeded to replace EVERYONES outfit in Megaton with the varions raider outfits (including the kids) and then steal their original outfits. Some of the kids clothes look a bit weird on a full grown adult.
  2. Or fake a seizure Though knowing Mr. Verres I would half expect a long and convoluted explanation, with many charts, that Elliot eventually loses track of and falls asleep during.
  3. Some of it yes, for graphics. But complaints come in for more then just that. people complain about every aspect that they think should be different. Research how long a weapon actually takes to re-load, to slow. Study the jamming rates, they occur to often. (both are examples of complaints from the same game) Once people are conditioned to expect a lie, they reject the truth. But people complain that unrealistic things are the more real all the time elsewhere, back when the Nanny was on the air they use to get fan mail saying the guy playing the father/boss/love interest (who is from England, and apparently a member of the Aristocracy) did not have a proper accent, and should take lessons from the guy playing the butler (he is from Arkansas). There are similar complaints about Tracer's accent (guess what country the voice actress is from).
  4. But he was still a bit of a jerk in changing the rules on Keichi at the last minute, and demanding Keichi perform a miracle, and all.
  5. Who has? Considering the manga ran for just under 26 years, most people were not going to just pick it up. Though there are better references for Norse mythology.
  6. People have complained about games that try to be realistic not being realistic. On the points that they were more realistic then other games. IIRC there is even a tv tropes page.
  7. Been Done : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dino-Riders
  8. Since his back is nice an level, I half expected WB to just mount a (mini-)gun on his back and let-er rip
  9. Well it is kind of hard to top Mel Brooks. Isn't the Bowler hat more of a British stereotype?
  10. story

    I would not be surprised if someone posted a video online of Elliot transforming from Mall Date form to Cheerledra. It was probably caught by at least 1 security camera, and would likely make Mr. Veres job allot easier, as they simply need to claim that tat is the face of Cheerledra, and possibly plant some fake ID info somewhere like the DMV (say listing a "recently" destroyed building as "her" address) and slip it and the video to Carol.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks Codsworth needs a Monocle, on his middle eye?
  12. np

    As long as there is something about Preston being an idiot. I once had a Minutemen quest to turn in, and ended up having to take 2 new quests in order to do so. Quest says talk to Preston to complete Talk to Preston, new quest Talk to Preston, new quest Talk to Preston, clear first quest
  13. He probably calls everyone Dave, like how the robot in Clone High called everyone Wesley (at least in the first episode, can not recall if they kept it up beyond that). Though this is not surprising considering the "That's what that guy's name is?" comment on the page after Voltaire's mike/name drop EDIT : Though I was expecting there is be a hesitance to link Elliot with Cheerledra due to people outright rejecting the possability that the hot heroine is a man, from the guys so they can fantasize about dating her, and from girls as it would be a women's liberation setback
  14. She has been in all of 1 page since getting to school which was at the beginning of the day as it relates to Ellen and Diane's conversation. We have yet to see how her day went. Also, high schools are rumor mills. they learned nothing.
  15. Is it bad I half expect the only one who will be questioned is Sarah? Ok ashley probably looks approachable as well, but she kicked a soccer ball at a rampaging griffon, they have to be intimidated a bit by THAT. Too true, And from the game before Sephiroth as well. He is from FF 6 (3 on my US Super Nintendo cart)