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  1. My first thought is that he might have had a wife and broke up with her accusing her of cheating when she got pregnant with "someone else's" children causing him allot of heartbreak. with Susan and Diane descended by those kids (it would take at least 2 generations for Adrian's black hair to be replaced with blond) possibly sharing a father. EDIt : Though with regards to immortals lying to themselves if that lie is Elven sterility then it only makes sense if to prevent the birth of elves in some way, or if all elves are male. as it would only take 1 girl elf getting pregnant to shatter the lie.
  2. Are you saying she gets aroused by people speaking in french?
  3. Either that or chest envy...
  4. I am more concerned with the low number of Demonic Duck appearances. Though how do the numbers stack up if (canon) NP appearances are factored in?
  5. np

    He had a good run, I liked him in Canonball Run for some reason.
  6. np

    I think so.
  7. np

    There is always THIS for wacky dice I have a green one. I might have had a clear one 20 years ago.
  8. np

    I was trying to figure out what you meant by more hippy until I saw it. Gained in her Sir Mix-A-Lot approval rating?
  9. But not that much being THAT close to a male while female.
  10. That would come with all the female transformations if his magic works like the gun. Justin was just the first person he noticed it with who was not androgynous enough to not realize it was a reaction to male qualities.
  11. As long as they do not start forcing cross-dressing...
  12. To me it seems more like it is writing so there is only 1 valid interpretation, but going into excruciating detail, and using words with more specific meanings. Sort of like a pretentions snob writing in such a way that when something does not work the way the user thinks it did, they can point to how that was not a valid interpretation of the text. Using simpler text could easily lead to multiple valid interpretations, causing people to use spells in the wrong way and create unwanted side effects.
  13. If she visits regularly...
  14. story

    He knows how much of ellen's personality comes from his after all.