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  1. NP Monday August 21, 2017

    She has enough friends with knowledge of Japanese culture that it could be most of the main 8 (Ted and Nanase have Japanese heritage, Elliot speaks at least some of the language so ellen would as well, Justin could have picked it up from working at the comic book store or Nanase, and who knows Grace has read about to make up for her early life), as well as Greg, Mr. Veeres, Tedsaided, etc. I would expect it to have come up while watching/discussing an Anime so Eliot or justin are my top picks
  2. Brownie

    How many people has he turned into a newt?
  3. Brownie

    I personally think the sudden sleeping due to being so active at night when everyone else is asleep?
  4. Brownie

    Here I was hoping this was about the Dunkel's cat...
  5. Story, Wednesday July 26, 2017

    I figured Tedd could see the whales because he can see magic, and a wizard like edward who can not see magic would not be able to see them, so no knowledge.
  6. Story Monday July 24, 2017

    For all we know all of Pandora's previous selves might have a tendency to push the envelop on resetting. This could be a basic character trait for her... just with a reason this time (though I would think she had reasons before hand if so)
  7. Story Monday July 24, 2017

    Based on Pandora's recolections it needs to be someone who suffered a massive and unexpected defeat. one where their almost everyone on their side of the battle died, I do not think he had any that would qualify. My best guess is that it was around the start of the dark ages, possibly a contributing factor to them occurring. Either that or something like the Bronze Age collapse
  8. Story Friday July 21, 2017

    Also If Dan cared about appearance counts would he include NP and/or Sketchbook appearances? which would bring it over 100
  9. Story Friday July 21, 2017

    It is Ted so FV5, start with the one you know best
  10. Story Wednesday July 19, 2017

    Maybe their agelessness starts to fade once their parent resets?
  11. Story Wednesday July 19, 2017

    When I think about it, it does not sit right with me. If she was leaving because she wanted to protect Tedd, by having anyone who looks on from the outside think she doe snot care for him, but still cared they would have taken steps to help prevent Tedd from developing his abandonment issues, and Edward would have told Tedd the truth once Tedd was aware of Magic. If she cared about Tedd they would have done things in a way so in Tedd's mind he knew she loved him and cared, but circumstances were keeping her away. Now, people lie to themselves about their reasons for doing things all the time, and this might be the lie Noriko told herself to feel better about leaving, but it does not match with her actions. There is also the coldness between edward and Raven, as well as Raven admitting that there is no chance of reconciliation, if she left for Tedds own good these would not be as bad as they seem.
  12. Story, Monday July 17, 2017

    Second, at least his second...
  13. NP Monday July 17, 2017

    It feels like we are close to an end of this "plot line", at least to me.
  14. Awakened and Dreaming

    Considering that being a wizard is something you are born with, and not something you train for. Having the same potential pretty much means she is a wizard.
  15. Story, Monday July 17, 2017

    She was literally torturing her infant child because he did not turn out like she had hoped, left the continent and likely never came back causing said son to have abandonment issues so bad that 2 of his friends breaking up triggered them. Heck, given Mrs. Kitsune's hatred for her I half think the "to expensive to visit" line is Edward covering up the truth, as there is no way that is true unless she is living in poverty. This would be akin to a mother abandoning her kid because he had brown hair instead of blond. Noriko deserved allot of abuse, and that she still has not tried to mend the gap after at least 15 years, probably 17+, means it is not just the Noriko of back then.