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  1. Story Monday November 6, 2017

    For some reason I had always assumed Teds house (but not the basement) for a better editing computer, and a camerman. or Justin's for the same reason.
  2. Story Monday October 30, 2017

    She appears to have some level of Cat fetish... Guess that is why Jeremy likes her...
  3. Story, Friday October 27, 2017

    I had always figured it was Lucy (? the 3rd escort girl) and not Diane whose reaction she was worried about. It only takes 1 person to ruin a group friendship, and Lucy seemed more likely to have a reaction causing a breakup to me.
  4. Pinup Oct 21 - Felix the cat girl

    Well, that one was hard to top
  5. Story Wednesday Addams October 25, 2017

    Am I the only one who thinks panel 6 needs 2 "say no more" effects?
  6. Story Monday October 23, 2017

    you mean diane does not practice ashiatsu massage. Seems like something she might get a kick out of
  7. Story Monday October 23, 2017

    Plus it would be kind of hard to get guys to buy you things if you never let them touch you by either holding hands, or kisses.
  8. Story, September 20, 2017

    Am i the only one that was disapointed Dan did not link to that in the comments?
  9. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    I am hoping the encounter (well its first or second page) ends with another panel of the Astronaut Uryuom, and possibly the space shark
  10. Story Monday Sep 11 2017

    Some things people just need to experience for themselves first, and a warning will not suffice. That and it might have come up in the review show at some point.
  11. Story Monday Sep 11 2017

    Looks like a generic security guard to me. Where has '... and I know Grace" been used before? it is familiar but I can not remember the scene.
  12. NP Monday August 21, 2017

    He obviously knows some vocabulary, and honorifics are important enough in the culture that he might learn their proper use BEFORE full conversation. Intruducitons are kind of important after all. As well it should be safe to assume that he is into Anime enough that he could easily have tried using Chan on Nanase and got shut down while they were dating. The lack of confirmation does not mean a negative. It is possible he learned, his Aunt may have taught him for all we know, but it is also likely that Edward deliberately did not teach him. Of course once you factor in regular contact with Will and Gill (as well as possibly other Aliens) his range of potential languages spoken is extreme. It comes down to how much interest Tedd has in his heritage. Which means she can not negate her, until the story confirms or denies something it is still a possibility. The amount of overlap in what we do know that the sell with anime fans and otaku is large enough that it becomes a real possibility. Pretty much every card tournament I have ever gone to there was at least 1 group of Anime fans there, and they would discuss things about the shows. There is enough cross over that it is something Justin might have learned somewhere. I had listed Elliot and Justin as they are the 2 Susan is most likely to interact with, other then Sarah who seems more into French and european languages/culture then japanese to me. Subtitlers tend to leave in the honorifics, as huge a anime nerd as Greg is then he is likely to know something about them. Why would there need to be? It is strongly implied that he is into Anime however. Really the entire "there is not hard evidence so you are wrong" line of thought is the worst type of argument for this sort of thing. Characters are never fully fleshed out unless the story ends up tracking every aspect of their lives which they never do. All we know is what we have been told, with everything else a possibility, the more something relates to what we do know about a character the stronger the possibility. All i was saying is that there are cases to be made for most of Susan's circle of friends and acquaintances. Greg is a stretch, but we have a 6 month gap in the timeline with almost no information.
  13. NP Monday August 21, 2017

    She has enough friends with knowledge of Japanese culture that it could be most of the main 8 (Ted and Nanase have Japanese heritage, Elliot speaks at least some of the language so ellen would as well, Justin could have picked it up from working at the comic book store or Nanase, and who knows Grace has read about to make up for her early life), as well as Greg, Mr. Veeres, Tedsaided, etc. I would expect it to have come up while watching/discussing an Anime so Eliot or justin are my top picks
  14. Brownie

    How many people has he turned into a newt?
  15. Brownie

    I personally think the sudden sleeping due to being so active at night when everyone else is asleep?