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  1. Sorry, I stand corrected, not certain how I typed the wrong name.
  2. np

    The cards in the counter did not, that I can tell, the comics in the rack Tensaided is looking at appear to be the same as well. though the wall beyond looks swapped from left to right.
  3. that was susan when she was talking to Nanase about "Just Friends"-ing Elliot. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=1569
  4. story

    Kind of feels like someone should just link to a TVtropes page for a list of nominees I always thought Jerry was the real mastermind there... I need to re-watch the show.
  5. story

    The time at the top probably means that a few hours have passed, and Pandora could easily be back in town. We can not be certain due to immortal shape shifting, but the nails make the hand look female to me, and Pandora is more likely to get involved with Susan then Helena.
  6. I think allot of people make the mistake of treating episodes 2 and 3 as individual movies, and not 1 continuous story. Same with the matrix sequels. Though I will admit to finding the clone wars cartoon more satisfying then the prequels, though I do tend to skip Jar-Jar episodes on my DVDs.
  7. Not really, you still need some source/spark to start your access to Magic, Name affinities just shape how your path will go if you ever get that start. I would assume that only a small % of name affinities actually get spells. Also, considering when we last saw Pandora, there might be more going on in those cases then just their name
  8. Compare it to George's mouth, the thickness is the same, are you saying he is wearing makeup as well?
  9. I would prefer a flight pip-boy, which hopefully might also fix the being to small to work outside an area with abundant magic problem, as that would be several times larger then a watch, and larger then a wand.
  10. This, There might be some on Grace, but on Justin I see nothing.
  11. story

    If Diane's father is Susan's Uncle that could explain a resemblance, but we are dealing with identical susan's pre-awakening. Now if Susan's paternal uncle hooked up with her mothers sister, and they gave the baby away to hide a family scandal that might explain it. Though given the illusion Raven put on Grace, I half expect them to both be descended from Pandora through Raven, and he does not know it.
  12. george might be more fun as an NP.
  13. when appropriate and done well lipstick and makeup in general are a fine addition, Though I have seen to many teenage girls who go overboard and do not do a good job of it.
  14. George knows allot. Also aside from Grace's hair increasing, did Justin turn Female?
  15. Do not use her chest to summon "replacement" clothing