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  1. What Are You Watching?

    Recent comments in the History thread inspired me to look this up
  2. This Day In History

    That song was too good, and too funny, for a children's game show on PBS.
  3. Last Post Wins

    And what could be the motivation for distributing Ferengi wisdom without demanding anything in return? Remember the 59th Rule. "Free advice is seldom cheap."
  4. Things that make you go WTF

    Perhaps not... According to a bumper sticker I once read, "Chicks Dig Paleontologists". And as we know, bumper stickers are second only to hats for expressing universal truths.
  5. NP Feb 8 2019

    There are times when one must turn to the literary genius of British theatre to find the right words... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXE8LdXzeHM
  6. Story Friday February 8, 2019

    I'm willing to guess that Sam would eventually reach the decision to tell Sarah. Eventually. Even without Grace's interference. This just accelerated the pace. Sam now likes Grace, and knows that Grace cares for Sarah. If he asks Grace to keep secrets from Sarah, that will hurt Grace. If he acts like he's putting off telling Sarah something she should know, that will make Grace angry. And Grace, forget the bean bags. The effect may not be so bad to a natural shapeshifter like yourself. But for your fully human friends and slumber companions? They will be looking at every kind of back problem if they try to keep up that habit past adolescence.
  7. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds Anybody else remember when that used to mean something?
  8. What Are You Watching?

    There are times when the internet leaves me confused. I just watched a Sci-Show video on You Tube that explained the fluid dynamics of why dogs, humans, elephants, and almost everything in between (specifically, land dwelling mammals larger than three kilograms) will all drain full bladders in about twenty one seconds. I haven't used the stop watch on my cell phone in the restroom yet. But I know that I will eventually give into temptation.
  9. NP Monday February 4, 2019

    Which Q&A crew will we get? Personally, I'm thinking Hecka
  10. This Day In History

    Of course not. Ever since the reign of Victoria, England has been everybody's Grandmother.
  11. The Weather.

    As much as I admire Art Garfunkel, he is not a meteorologist. Current conditions at Sarasota / Bradenton, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ) Lat: 27.4°NLon: 82.56°WElev: 30ft. Fair 68°F 20°C Humidity 84% Wind Speed W 6 mph Barometer 30.12 in (1019.8 mb) Dewpoint 63°F (17°C) Visibility 10.00 mi Last update 6 Feb 6:53 pm EST
  12. Last Post Wins

    Extreme Croquet? In the Alice reference above, the Queen could order any of the players beheaded. Isn't that extreme enough?
  13. The Weather.

    For some people, cold and damp weather will cause a headache. For me, cold and damp weather is a headache.
  14. Story Wednesday February 6, 2019

    Arthur J Arthur already went on television revealing that Magic was real. Admittedly he was doing this under a misunderstanding, both of what would happen when too many people had access to magic and of what would result from a change in magic. But he is a high ranking FBI officer, the statements are a matter of public record, and recent events (has it really been less than a year?) have, if not confirmed, failed to disprove his assertations. Luke and his friends(?) seem to have no qualms about using their recently discovered abilities. Even though those don't involve transformations, it would confirm to their acquaintances that the magic is real. We know very well that, as much as Nanase thought she was hiding her magic from her mother, she made almost no attempt to hide her magic at school. Susan and Sarah have both used the hammers, and Sarah summoned the Duck, in public. Despite resenting that Justin won't share the secrets with him, George claims to know everything that is happening. And I have no reason to doubt him. And who knows what products or services Germahn Labs may be releasing? If most of Sam's family lives in or near Moperville, he may not need to wait that long until the people he wants to tell already know a "friend of a friend" who has magic. That will not necessarily make the "WHY" of coming out for a second time any easier. But at least he won't need to explain the "HOW".
  15. NP Monday February 4, 2019

    Sometimes I wonder if Dan likes to play mind games with the audience. But that certainly can't be the case.
  16. Story Monday February 4, 2019

    Even though Sam now has some real magic, he is still nurturing a fantasy. As soon as I can (finish high school / get my degree / save enough money / et cetera), I'm going to leave this town and go someplace where no one knows me. Then I can be what ever I want to be and no one will suspect anything different. It is a common fantasy among young people. And more than a few older people also seem to cling to the dream.
  17. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-33 Ok, Sam wants to talk to Grace. If Grace can maintain the dialogue long enough to establish the trust, she should be able to arrange a meeting for Sam with people who have a bit of experience with the concepts of Gender-Meh, Gender-Fluid, and Trans-Gender as well as means of addressing those issues outside mainstream medicine or psychology. Or is Sam being a manipulative Bad-Tom who is trying to have his way with Grace and Sarah and who-knows-who else?
  18. This Day In History

    03 February 1943 – A Priest, a Rabbi, and two Protestant Ministers are on a sinking ship... It seemed like such a good set up, but there's no punch line to the SS Dorchester troop transport.
  19. NP Friday February 1, 2019

    As opposed to the Carl Sagan biopic, "The Billions and Billions Dollar Man".
  20. What Are You Ingesting?

    Finished an Egg McMuffin® a few minutes ago and then started to think. Eggs contain Sulphur. It is one of the essential elements found in almost all terrestrial life. And in Birds, Sulphur is critical for feather development. But Eggs do not smell or taste like Sulphur. At least, not until something goes wrong. What is the story behind the rotten egg smell?
  21. NP Friday February 1, 2019

    Sarah? Six Million Dollars. Keep Focused.
  22. NP Monday January 28, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-42 I've fallen and I can't get up!
  23. Story Friday February 1, 2019

    So even if you know that the label you were assigned at birth is wrong, there is no guarantee that the label you choose for yourself will be correct? Why must humans always be so annoyingly human?
  24. The Weather.

    Why has there only been slow and incremental improvements in electrical storage and distribution since the battles between Edison and Westinghouse with Tesla? How we can use electricity has advanced and changed dramatically over the last century. How we transmit and store electricity is almost the same as it was when the Model T was the fastest car on the road.
  25. Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    Edward Verres will, at some point, need to sit down and listen to Tedd. And if Edward does not do that well before Tedd is capable of surviving on his own, Edward may face old age on his own.