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  1. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024

    My Shenanigans Senses are tingling. . . . . . Considering that Hope is attempting to distance herself from Pandora, I may need to reset the filter on that particular sensor. The next few comics will affect that decision.
  2. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Plan anything you want. If the Red Dot shows up, all other concerns hit the litter box.
  3. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024

    Dan's comments threw me a bit, until I realized the point. Ashley doesn't have preferences. She likes anything different and cute. So how long until she gets bored of Elliot?
  4. What The

    Just got off the bus almost two miles short of my destination. Another passenger shot himself. Despite the suicide attempt, he walked off the bus by himself, waited at the bus stop and talked to the responding police and paramedics. Although he left in an ambulance, his injuries will need an oral surgeon more than an ER. And even though I didn't see any, I'm pretty sure drugs were involved. Not sure what to make of all this. I just needed to say something to someone. Thank you
  5. Comic for Monday, Jan 8, 2024

    Parking. Such a pain on society. We MUST eliminate all private passenger vehicles and install HVAC Moving Sidewalk corridors along every street, highway & railroad arround the world. If we each contribute $2.34 (US), we can eliminate the need for private parking by St Martin's Day. Or something like that. . .
  6. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

    For all the high tech anti counterfeiting features US currency currently is known to possess, the red and blue fibers in the paper is still one of the more difficult to copy But if Hope made a magical copy of the stack of Twenty Dollar Bills in the bank teller's drawer across town, wouldn't they be likely to pass any ordinary inspection while still being counterfeit?
  7. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 6, 2024

    Despite the pretext of a Scientific investigation, Nanase is treating learning the "Swap" technique as a game or toy at this point. Eventually she may behave like a useful test subject for Tedd. But for now? If the house of Edward Verres has a swimming pool, Nanase will be swapping Fox's legs for a mermaid tail.
  8. NP Comic for Saturday, Jan 6, 2024

    I am filing this experiment result under "Flair For The Dramatic" and suggesting Tedd makes a wand of this version for the next time Edward argues with AD Liefeld.
  9. Who in the cast has met an immortal?

    Of course, there is the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. No matter how old or sick or injured a person may become, there will always be a version of that person who just fails to die. All of them are, potentially, immortal.
  10. Comic for Friday, Jan 5, 2024

    Have we met a character named Cassandra? Doesn't matter. I don't believe her anyway.
  11. Comic for Friday, Jan 5, 2024

    If memory serves, Luke needs to deliberately focus to see a magic aura. Hope is likely more interrested in the upcomming interaction between Justim & Luke.
  12. NP Comic for Thursday, Jan 4, 2024

    I know Nanase made the suggestion to try the strength swap. But she has worked too hard for her physical condition to ever willingly surrender more than a token degree of her strength. Recall that when she had magical burnout what annoyed her most was having only above average strength.
  13. Science Fiction Double Feature

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is playing as the Midnight Movie at the old Moperville Movie Palace. Which EGS characters are going, and how are they dressed? ( Also, can any of them tap dance or ride a motorcycle? ) Elliot & Ashley as Brad & Janet?
  14. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

    The currency she uses is good enough to pass inspection by a kid working retail. But still I wonder . . . . Perhaps world economics are run by inhuman forces that are unconcerned with human law, ethics or morality.
  15. Holidaze

    Not sure this is a "New" year It feels like a lot of surplus and reused bits from the last few decades Whoever is cobbling this calendar together, could you find some parts with less paranoia and victim mentality? Thanks
  16. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid of the House of Glücksburg, Margrethe II of Denmark, has announced her intention to Abdicate later this month. Resignations and abdications of high offices are supposed to be rare. But I've seen a US President resign, a Japanese Emperor Abdicate, a Bishop of Rome step down and live in the Vatican as Pope Emeritus nearly as long as he served as Pope, and the last Persian Shah flee his homeland to die in exile. I suppose this is one way to deal with unemployment. Just keep cycling through enough of the figureheads at the top until the rabble at the bottom rise up to fill the void.
  17. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 2, 2024

    Ashley has been in some degree of shock or stun every minute she has been in the presence of Nanase. Nanase has been under the impression that Ashley has found her unimpressive. Who will be more embarrassed when they finally get on the same page?
  18. NP Comic for Saturday, Dec 30, 2023

    This was a missed opportunity to draw Nanase with Popeye arms.
  19. NP Comic for Thursday, Dec 28, 2023

    What can Nanase swap to cut the cost of Fox summoning that will not make either of them shrink or lose mental capacity? A few minutes of contemplation led me down some verry dark paths. I think I will wait for Dan to explain.
  20. Holidaze

    Whatever you send the human, make sure the box fits the cat.
  21. Comic for Wednesday, Dec 27, 2023

    Justin, you don't want to be a modern k-nig-ht. A lot of social and financial obligations with no compensation. Then the only thing the royals give you is a medal and a set of initials to tack on the end of your name. . . . . . Counterfeiting is a potential problem that could make mortal governments actively oppose Immortals. While a single Immortal can easily deal with a small group of mortals, if every cop and soldier arround the world knew who they were facing & how to deal with them, Immortals would be reluctant to enter the mortal plane. Mx guess is that Pandora established some sort of hoarde, stash or account to which Hope still has access.
  22. Story Friday, December 22nd, 2023

    Hope is a wandering phillosopher. With a child's question, she can make an adult reexamine every belief.
  23. Sketchbook Comic for Saturday, Dec 23, 2023

    George is bored. Someday we will learn what George has done through life to become so unimpressable.
  24. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    You can't spell NAP without RUN. . . . . It loses something when translated out of Feline. Or so I'm told.
  25. Story Friday, December 22nd, 2023

    Gazing at the flourescent tube, Hope hears an angelic choir. Then, with a commanding voice heard by no one else, James Brown asks Hope a profound question. "Have You Seen the Light?" Hope begins to repeatedly mumble somthing with growing conviction. Finally she looks Justin in the eye and shouts, "The Band Justin! THE BAND!"