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OT14 as an actual tetrakaidecagon

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Transferring the current data (including the stuff suggested here and possibly some more suggested over on the Discord) from Dia into GraphViz allowed me to make use of its layout engines, rather than trying to lay it out myself.

So, here's circo:



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13 minutes ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

It reminds me of some designs for clockwork perpetual motion machines.


Except that this one works, because it is not meant to provide free energy but give an insight in matters of the heart. And love *is* eternal -- or will at least endure as long as humanity does.

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6 minutes ago, ijuin said:

Only if represented in four or more dimensions.

It exists in time...

But seriously, a tetrakaidekahedron (or tetradekahedron), is a solid with fourteen faces.  Wouldn't the ideal representation be an object of fourteen vertices with edges and faces representing the relationship between said vertices?

Of course, if it was a convex structure, there cold be connections between vertices that are not apparent from the exterior.


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