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  1. NP Wednesday Jan 17, 2018

    Honestly, without any mechanic to counter attacks, taking spaces from other player seems ridiculously easy in this game.
  2. NP Monday January 8, 2018

    No undergarments?
  3. NP Monday January 8, 2018

    It's more likely due to size. My six-year-old niece can hardly keep up with me either and that's certainly ~not~ because of a lack of energy on her side.
  4. NP Friday December 29, 2017

    I wonder when Dan will realize that '"implied (partial) nudity" essentially translates to "limiting youself to drawing your characters from bad angles and in awkward poses".
  5. Monday, December 18, 2017

    Pandora: "Susan, I am your grandmother!" Susan: "NOOO! Not a Star Wars reference!!!"
  6. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    Before Friday's comic gets dropped on us: any bets on Captain Koala throwing a boomerang in retaliation to getting hit in the face?
  7. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    Does Mjolnir return to the hand of its wielder in the original mythology?
  8. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

  9. Story, Wednesday December 13, 2017

    Has anyone pointed out yet that it was really stupid of Sirleck to void these bonuses if the related objectives aren't met with 100% perfection? There's absolutely no reason for the muppets to work together now that one of them has been killed. (At least no reason they'd consider valid.)
  10. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Not Barney, I think these guys look more like muppets. Next up:
  11. Story, Wednesday November 8, 2017

    She could just be following Mrs. Dunkel's "keep it between girls" line of thinking.
  12. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2412 Diane is the Mycroft to Susan's Sherlock.
  13. Story Friday September 15, 2017

    So yeah, the scary people who had Jerry in their grasp the last time we saw him? Definitely Helena and Demetrius.
  14. NP: Monday May 15, 2017

    Did she just stick that sign to the inside of Drake's glasses?
  15. Story: Friday May 5, 2017

    The night sky would be spectacular! We'd be able to view the entire Milky Way galaxy in all of its glory, 500 billion stars burning silently in the sky. That's something that really bugged me about the Stargate franchise: at some point in one of the series, the humans acquired the technology to travel between galaxies, and yet they never stopped to simply gaze at our home galaxy.