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  1. Urgent request: Please read.

    Have things subsided already? Kinda went away for a few weeks.
  2. Things You Find Amusing

    My apologies. I keep forgetting this site exists, So for the last 2 weeks I've been obsessively playing Sunless Sea. It's one of them Roguelike RPG thingies set in an underground environment with more than a few nods and homages to the Lovecraft Mythos. So you know, Go insane, eat you crew and whatnot. What was amusing was what happened a while ago: While on a return trip on my banged up and barely afloat starter ship the Sea Beggar I was caught in a winter gale. Engine is slowed, and fuel consumption skyrockets. Not a problem since i had plenty of fuel on me at the time. Bad news was I was on my last rations and the nearest port (that I was aware of considering the map was still mostly unexplored) was probably 20 minutes away. It isn't all gloom and doom though; I managed to find a giant jellyfish with a human face on it. Even my peashooter for a main armament on my ship can kill it, and we did and just in time too. The hull was at 4/75, and the crew were starving. I wasn't out of the woods just yet as I got a bad roll and instead of getting rations that I could use, I ended up getting a "Strange Catch". Now Zee life (that is to say the various animals that live in the subterranean ocean called the Zee) isn't necessarily completely inedible but "strange catches" are a 50/50 shot. My crew were starving, so we'd basically try anything once. I opted to have the crew eat the strange catch in a bid to stave off hunger. So one of my intrepid deckhands puts on her brave-panties and eats it. The game then described what happened next; the strange meat was cooked about as well as we could at the time, she sat down and took the first bite. She paused for a moment, composed herself, courteously excused herself from the table, went below deck, and promptly threw herself into the ship's furnace and burning to death. Her dying words were apparently "Better to die than taste that again!" What's funny was that immediately after that we ran into some pirates and sank them and managed to get several crates of food, so her "brave" sacrifice ended up for naught. What a typical day in the Zee I guess...
  3. Things that make you go WTF

    My brother; my eldest brother, is now 40 years old. FOURTY. Memento mori and all but good Lord I didn't think he was already pushing that old!
  4. On culture appropriation

    WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ! *applies steamroller offscreen* Also yes that will work but I have a few other alternatives, though this one will take a fair bit of legwork. The Aswang Project is an archiving website that focuses on pre-colonial mythology and folklore of the Philippines and has done extensive work in their research; they mix everything from word of mouth of native peoples, a backlog of historical documents written and produced by other archivists from decades of study, and applies geographic, anthropological, and historical context for these things. I'd like you to observe how they disseminate say, a Tikbalang for example. I really love how they do it because they do it in stages: 1. Preliminaries: Where they tell you what the creature is, it's physical traits, and its most well known mannerisms and attitudes 2. Contextualization: By studying the anthropological and historical background of the home country they begin to piece together the creature from bits and snippets from different time periods and watch it slowly evolve into the horseheaded man-beast that it is today 3. Modern usage: Some of the consultants are also authors of local literature and they give their own examples of how they used the creature in their stories 4. Summary: Where they basically evaluate the historical and cultural significance of it, talk about how modern writers are beginning to see the value of the beast, and what it means for the greater scope of Philippine, Asian, and World Literature as a whole moving forward I was lucky to come across the site and the links to it and I'm certain you'll find something similar to the site's equivalent for Chinese or Japanese lower mythology (which is what you should concentrate on if you're looking for beasts and monsters), and considering (especially for Japan) how well documented their mythology is, I think it'll be easier for you to track these down. As a matter of respect and I guess awareness I'd suggest you try to track down the cultural and historical backgrounds of the creatures you'll end up borrowing for your literature. Libraries and other sources are gold mines for this information so best start looking there. Also try to find modern interpretations of them in local media; which I admit will be considerably difficult since there are language barriers, but I'm certain they'll still be found. In fact considering how Japan uses its creatures and iconography so often in anime and manga, I think any of those interpretations will be suitable for the task at hand. In my own work in researching these things I've come to the conclusion that to borrow a mythical creature is to take a part of it's culture's identity and history; the Tikbalang wouldn't have a horse's head if not for Hindu influence; it wouldn't be demonized if not for the Spanish and the introduction of Christianity; it wouldn't have the common name of Tikbalang if not for the consolidation and homogenization of the creature in the early 20th century by anthropologists and historians; and nobody would probably care about it today if not for a shift towards indigenous stories and beliefs in the 90s which still resonates until today. You'll notice that those talking points I brought up are a very short summary of my country's history (Pre-Islamic/Pre-Colonial Era, Spanish Colonial Era, American Colonial Era, contemporary era) which is why some people can get understandably angry if these are misused; not only is the creature misrepresented, but also the culture it came from. Understandably this will take a lot of reading on your part if you're unfamiliar with the culture you're borrowing from, and your [reader's] millage may vary on how good or bad your interpretation is. I personally believe you don't need to have encyclopedic knowledge of the creature and it's background to talk about it but as a matter of respect and to generate real, tangible cultural enrichment, I'd highly advise at least bringing what you know about the creature and it's background up to acknowledge its roots.
  5. Last Post Wins

    I'd imagine it'd have a lasting impact too. Also has anyone noticed how weird it is that we only have one Sun when apparently most star systems are binary?
  6. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    B U G G E R M E This makes me kinda sad, but also surprisingly hopeful. Last week I went to my psychiatrist and talked over a few things. I mostly organized it as a preamble for possible employment. Unfortunately because of the doctor's trip (and several other factors I'll not mention) I'll have to table that. Sadly, I've been diagnosed with severe anxiety, Social Interaction disorder, and I'm still waiting for the results that I got from a test, but I may be AD/HD if what I inferred from my doctor is correct. This is good and bad, bad because this obviously means i have to have extended therapy for a while according to her; good news is this gives me more time to write, and on top of that at least this means I finally understand my random spots of sadness; they were probably anxiety attacks, and since i know what they are now I can finally get treatment. Which is going to be a massive relief since those things have been the bane of my existence since I started college.
  7. On culture appropriation

    You rang, good sir? Well actually now that I've read some of the posts here I can I guess throw my own two cents into this. My best advice is to deffer to people you may know of from the Asian countries/cultures you wanna get material from and observe how they use their lower mythologies and bestiaries in local literature. For example in the home country you can just take the most well-known interpretations of a certain creature, and pretty much just go where you want with it as long as those base traits are acknowledged and respected. I'll get into more detail upon request.
  8. Last Post Wins

    This is a rhyme I made on the spot it's a stream of conscious thought words and ideas I've gone and caught for in them is truth that is sought Or something or other. Pancakes.
  9. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    I really hate double-posting but I couldn't find any better place to post this. And no, I don't think the politics thread is appropriate since personally speaking I don't think this involves politics in the traditional sense. Remember the Maute group? Those guys who attacked my city of residence last August? Yeah they're at it again, only this time they've decided to occupy a city called Marawi and are currently holding it under lockdown. Government forces are up and around the area, and Martial law has been declared. Currently the entire island is under Martial Law, curfews and other restrictions are in place, and everyone's gonna try to keep their heads down for 2 months as this unfolds. Just came by to say that I'm safe and hopefully this situation will blow over soon enough.
  10. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Nope I actually mean Cumulus the Nimble, though they are related last I checked. Cumulus the Nimble has a habit of appearing somewhere, doing something ridiculous, then leaving before you even know he's there. Actually sad story; Cumulonimbus is his brother and they also tried to enter him in the races, however he fell in love with a mare who sadly passed away due to complications with a cold-blood stallion she knew and a trench. He hasn't gotten over it at all, and still weeps his life away even now. ._.
  11. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    Does that mean it's children can be called Skywalker? EDIT: Actually now that I think about it Computing must be cousins with Cloud Strife, Cumulus the Nimble, and Featherfoot or something.
  12. Last Post Wins

    OOC: Where did I leave off again? Something about a confrontation? Also Spoony makes me sad; he hasn't been producing videos like... at all for almost a year now and while he hasn't lost his touch when he made that last Reb Brown review... idk he's just been so... caustic lately in his live-wires, like moreso than he was during the Final Fantasy VIII review. I miss the guy.
  13. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    My apologies that I kinda went missing for a while guys; I keep forgetting this site exists. :S As to why I've been missing, I've been fairly busy lately. Also while I haven't gotten a job yet (I still have to pass requirements and I've been put on hold until at least August), I've started working on my novel!
  14. Last Post Wins

    Iver: I will accept any aid given. As of right now I am not entirely certain of what is occurring but whatever it is is affecting the extradimensional portals of three neighboring parallel dimensions and causing fragmentations in spacetime. *head plops out of a portal* ???: And it's pretty bad. This is like the Time-Sunder, only worse. *another head plops out* ???#2: In case you don't know, the Time-Sunder was an accident what occurred Agents of Task Force Proctor's anti-paranormal and psionics division created a splinter-tangential timeflux with their time-traveling machine that caused all the Earth in it's past, (then) present, and future iterations to be erased in the local timeline, this had the bizarre and as yet unexplained consequence of scattering fragmented partitions of Terran history into the temporal structure of all nearby alternate timelines or dimensions. *head portal* ???#3: Ergo, the main "Earth" file was deleted, but some dingus decided to copy-paste elements of it into other similar documents at random intervals. Meaning Vikings vs. Samurai vs. Medieval Knights actually happened somewhere. That may also explain some or other persons having "Egypt dropped on them" for no adequately explained reason. *portal* The Old Guard: *crap-eating grin with thumbs up and exit* Celia: Does that mean Rex and I are... byproducts of this? ???#2 and #3: You could very well be; if not directly affected you can easily be descended from people affected by the event. Iver: What are you three even doing here? Had I not assigned tasks for you to perform beforehand? ??? #1-2-3: We were but considering that we just lost the ability to travel to dimension #27 we kinda ran out of ideas. That and we could only really create a stable portal to this place your Kingliness. *the three strangers are pulled back into their portals by a force; their respective portals closing immediately afterward* *a Naginata blade rips a hole through space time and a female warrior clad in robes and armor with a certain rose motif enters the scene* Strange Warrior: Walang hahadlang sa pananakop ng Reyna ng Paglupig! Humada kayo! *several more portals open as six more warriors enter the field* Rex: They're working for the so-called "Queen of Subjugation" and as you can probably tell they're not messing around. Prepare yourselves.
  15. Things That Make You Happy

    AD VICTORIAM If you ask, yes that's me looking at the Camera, and furthermore I'm dressed in Victory Regalia, you can guess why I am dressed like that.