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  1. Iver: I will accept any aid given. As of right now I am not entirely certain of what is occurring but whatever it is is affecting the extradimensional portals of three neighboring parallel dimensions and causing fragmentations in spacetime. *head plops out of a portal* ???: And it's pretty bad. This is like the Time-Sunder, only worse. *another head plops out* ???#2: In case you don't know, the Time-Sunder was an accident what occurred Agents of Task Force Proctor's anti-paranormal and psionics division created a splinter-tangential timeflux with their time-traveling machine that caused all the Earth in it's past, (then) present, and future iterations to be erased in the local timeline, this had the bizarre and as yet unexplained consequence of scattering fragmented partitions of Terran history into the temporal structure of all nearby alternate timelines or dimensions. *head portal* ???#3: Ergo, the main "Earth" file was deleted, but some dingus decided to copy-paste elements of it into other similar documents at random intervals. Meaning Vikings vs. Samurai vs. Medieval Knights actually happened somewhere. That may also explain some or other persons having "Egypt dropped on them" for no adequately explained reason. *portal* The Old Guard: *crap-eating grin with thumbs up and exit* Celia: Does that mean Rex and I are... byproducts of this? ???#2 and #3: You could very well be; if not directly affected you can easily be descended from people affected by the event. Iver: What are you three even doing here? Had I not assigned tasks for you to perform beforehand? ??? #1-2-3: We were but considering that we just lost the ability to travel to dimension #27 we kinda ran out of ideas. That and we could only really create a stable portal to this place your Kingliness. *the three strangers are pulled back into their portals by a force; their respective portals closing immediately afterward* *a Naginata blade rips a hole through space time and a female warrior clad in robes and armor with a certain rose motif enters the scene* Strange Warrior: Walang hahadlang sa pananakop ng Reyna ng Paglupig! Humada kayo! *several more portals open as six more warriors enter the field* Rex: They're working for the so-called "Queen of Subjugation" and as you can probably tell they're not messing around. Prepare yourselves.
  2. AD VICTORIAM If you ask, yes that's me looking at the Camera, and furthermore I'm dressed in Victory Regalia, you can guess why I am dressed like that.
  3. Celia: *notices Arcanimus's person plop in and out in mere seconds* Huh, reminds me of that time we had to summon Iver in case of an emergency... *A fist literally punches a hole through reality and a tall Asian-looking man with red hair, gloriously long beard, and mean build, dressed in something akin to a Skyrim cosplay, exits the rip* Iver: Princess Myron, Rex, I hate to interrupt... whatever you two are doing at this time, but I come bearing bad news; we have a crisis. Celia and Rex: What kind of crisis? Iver: On Infinite Earths level crisis. *to anyone in earshot* I would suggest that if any of you have any experience with dealing with dimensional travel, that you come with us. Rex: *as an aside* By the way, this is Saintly King Iver the Varl, the Southern Dragon and Great Conqueror. Long ago near the end of his reign he threw himself willingly into a chronosyncratic flux back in Celia's homeworld and became a time travelling hero, returning at will to our plane of existence in a time of great need, or if a crisis is to great for him alone to handle. This is looking more like the latter, and that's a bad sign.
  4. I learned how to do digital art in one night. Mostly by spending said night working on a colored version of my avater. Still have a lot to learn about digital art but I think I can pick it up pretty quickly
  5. You know things just got weirder because you tell me to check this out, when about a day or so after graduation, I remember reading the first 2-3 chapters of Misfile. Are you sure the timeline isn't collapsing?
  6. Considering I'm about to post this, this obviously didn't happen but this made me wake up in a cold sweat earlier. OK, so as I'm sure you're aware I'm about to graduate from college and finally get my own job. For better or worse i had a good run, could have done a lot of things better, but it could have been worse as well. OK so here's what happened supposedly. I woke up at 6 AM in my old house, and by old house I mean from my hometown. It was early, it was nice and cold and all but it felt weird. I get up, check the calendar and it's March 2012 I looked at that and thought to myself "What is going on?". Then my mom enters the room and asks me if she wants me to heat up the water for me to take a bath and make it special because today was my graduation day. I thought to myself "Wait, no. God please no." and checking on another calendar it was indeed 5 years ago on the day of my high school graduation. I was in a full blown panic and despite my mother's chagrin I was doing my best impression of the Tourettes guy and just not cooperating, I was legitimately worried that my life up to this point was reset to my high school days and that I'd have to go through college and all its pitfalls all over again. To that end I told my incredulous mother that, and told her basically every minor detail I could remember from the days afterward to the point where I convinced her that I was sent back in time. Not that I could do much from that point besides get ready for the commencement exercises later that day, unfortunately that's where the similarities ended because on the way to graduation and trying to think of how i could do college better while I was there, we got into a really, really unpleasant car accident. I ended up losing consciousness, and woke up in bed, from what I think is my home timeline, and no worse for ware. Then I made my second impression of Tourettes guy.
  7. Celia: Didn't he end his own life at the end of the first half of the movie? Rex: Dude! Spoilers! Celia: Wait, I thought you had seen the entire movie... Rex: The training parts of the movie gave me PTSD. *cringes* Celia: ...I am uncertain if I wish to know more about that...
  8. Well if it means anything the rainy season is usually October-through-December, and the harvest is usually Late March-Early April. Though honestly what you're saying generally applies only to rural areas as far as I'm aware. Otherwise, it's because summer is a time of seriously hot weather down here; drought levels at times. However, because reasons, I'm one of the last batches of Students to use the old format (that being, 2 years Kindergarten, 6 years Elementary, 4 years unified High School, 4-6 years of college) and using the regular international format (essentially the same but with High school divided into Junior and Senior high school); which also means that they're changing when school starts and ends (to similar time tables that most states in the US use) Oh trust me, I'm playing the long game - my arsenal of knowledge will be used unsparingly in the days of distant tomorrows.
  9. My country doesn't have spring; but classes usually end late March/Early April over here
  10. A Bachelor of Arts degree in English; maybe a year late, but it's something.
  11. It's past 2:30 AM local time, and I'm kinda really freaking sad again but this time I have a perfectly good reason for it. "Good Lord, this is my last night as a college student." The 17 year long campaign, from Age 6 to age 21; the reading, the crying, the laughter, the screaming, and the horrifying stains left in my mind of thesis citations, all of it will be all over the next time the moon rises over the horizon. Can't help but feel a bit... melancholic after all of that. I don't know what I'll actually miss more; having the freedom of just learning about the things I love or the great freedom that comes with being a student, and all of the... missteps and pitfalls I jammed my feet into along the way. It'll all be over... well, except maybe for the crying.
  12. RR: How does a Pharaoh have a marine? Did the Egyptians ever have a Egyptian Imperial Marine Corps? CM: I am willing to wager... what is it called again? Civilization Logic? RR: OK hold up, who's screwing with the timeline this time?
  13. *several hours of paperwork and boring things later* RR: Well, they're going back into orbit with fresh stocks for the next week or so if the sushi lasts, the Kaaneph have taken the literal titan-ham as a peace offering, and we're still stuck with the laundry-anomaly that's probably not going to dissipate anytime soon. Boar-dome. CM: Indeed; I have not had this many paper cuts since the time when this brash young lad clad in yellow with odd green heart knee and elbow pads attempted to kill me using playing cards like throwing knives. RR: I'd drag us along for... something, but I don't think I should this time. CM: That's oddly anti-proactive of you. RR: *shrugs* I don't know, I want something to happen but i don't want to initiate it, fair? CM: Fair...
  14. To be fair I haven't gotten out of the house as much as I used to so there's that, and more interestingly (to me at least) that's given me a few ideas I can work with.
  15. Does anyone else just feel... sad, at semi-random intervals, for no adequately explained reason?