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  1. I get the impression that this is why the Hammerchlorians arc happened. I think his endgame is trying to confront magic and resolving the conflict once and for all, by forcing magic's hand. This neatly coincides with many of the other plotlines reaching their end. I am, however, surprised that Elliot has grown to the extent that he is able to plan that far ahead.
  2. yeah, the gay penguin couple just....stole eggs from other nests
  3. It's not 100% guaranteed, but I can confirm that it is entirely possible under the right circumstances. cough.
  4. My Good Shive, Usage of both "trans" and "transgender" are accepted in this case. Use whatever you think is appropriate for the situation. ~ Dee
  5. fingerlegs fingerlegs fingerlegs fingerlegs did sirleck mention something about this plan costing him a lot of his resources earlier? i forgot where that was.
  6. it was a joke
  7. clothing changes are a free action
  8. np

    I think she's more focused on the other girl here than on herself right now.
  9. np

    when your brain has been blown so far out of your skull that the eyes start clipping through your hair
  10. Given the propensity for ridiculous wizard robes and European swords, I think it's safe to assume that there's some extremely vague European connection, given that the DW diamond was created to stop a werewolf curse, and that Pandora's husband was killed by one.
  11. np

    yaaaaay that's all i got, i don't need narrative pacing to tell me what my heart already knows
  12. y'see, this is why i don't keep changing pronouns for tedd until i'm sure of what they've picked for themselves but they've got plenty of time to grow up so i don't feel too disappointed in them shying away from the deeper parts of their psyche
  13. story

    1. be safe precious mad science cinnamon roll 2. Is Tedd subconsciously giving themselves larger boobs out of anger?
  14. story

    they actually ask the first question of noncis children irl, with the added question of whether or not it is worth giving up reproductive capabilities for possibly the rest of their lives also shit's all real and heavy yo
  15. story

    i welcome the glorious return of the :T face