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  1. it was a joke
  2. clothing changes are a free action
  3. np

    I think she's more focused on the other girl here than on herself right now.
  4. np

    when your brain has been blown so far out of your skull that the eyes start clipping through your hair
  5. Given the propensity for ridiculous wizard robes and European swords, I think it's safe to assume that there's some extremely vague European connection, given that the DW diamond was created to stop a werewolf curse, and that Pandora's husband was killed by one.
  6. np

    yaaaaay that's all i got, i don't need narrative pacing to tell me what my heart already knows
  7. y'see, this is why i don't keep changing pronouns for tedd until i'm sure of what they've picked for themselves but they've got plenty of time to grow up so i don't feel too disappointed in them shying away from the deeper parts of their psyche
  8. story

    1. be safe precious mad science cinnamon roll 2. Is Tedd subconsciously giving themselves larger boobs out of anger?
  9. story

    they actually ask the first question of noncis children irl, with the added question of whether or not it is worth giving up reproductive capabilities for possibly the rest of their lives also shit's all real and heavy yo
  10. story

    i welcome the glorious return of the :T face
  11. the form actualized by the spell is based primarily on his own thoughts and feelings, so he doesn't have to adhere to those preconceptions if he just lets go of them and focuses on himself side note: "masculine and feminine traits" thank you
  12. Of course it's never simple, but this is already more choice than people have IRL and Tedd still has the TG gun for day to day variances. I'm just talking about his overall comfort in his default FORM. He doesn't have to be technically correct by any contrived measurement, it's about how he feels. Seriously, how would you even measure human feelings by some quantifiable form? Tons of pseudoscientists have tried to judge folks like me using numbers and questionnaires but none of them have ever considered that the only people qualified to make those calls are, well, ourselves. Seriously, is anybody in this discussion right now trans or genderfluid? He doesn't have to necessarily pick a gender, he's picking what his base body will be like without modifications, which may or may not happen to align closely with feminine/masculine forms. It doesn't even need to have a majority of characteristics specifically locked to the concept of the gender binary. Also, there isn't even a "scale" or anything, it's just a combination of preferences which are based on his needs, not anybody else's. It feels like I'm reading a discussion between a whole lot of cisgender guys speculating on how this works like people don't already face these kinds of decisions on a daily basis.
  13. I mean, if he's gender fluid, that just means that he should find a body he's most comfortable staying with (the least amount of body dysmorphia) and do what he wants the rest of the time. That's what a lot of folks I know ended up with. I don't think that it's going to be that easy to bully whatever choice he makes either...I guess it's down to having The Talk with Edward.
  14. story

    I'm assuming that Sirleck's current host is already braindead, but because of Sirleck's method of manipulation, he can keep running bodily functions as long as they will last.
  15. Actually, there's many more now (sometimes nsfw), but thanks for the sentiment.