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  1. NP Monday June 17, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-31 A game less traveled. Strats galore
  2. http://egscomics.com/comic/party-024 Self-esteem: Sunk. (Wow, today is such a fall from Grace ) The cruelty is in the paneling, Dan. The paneling! Also, it is hard to imagine everyone having enthusiasm on conversations.
  3. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-29 Self-esteem: Sunk. *saves game* Well, I am dead. I bequeath everything to my Teddy Ruxpin. Also, it is more than mutant. Now I need uni-acorns for this giant mutant uni-skank.
  4. Q&A / Story Friday April 5 2019

    I cannot blame Elliot. I can blame another first kiss, however *squees* Then again, Elliot is such a nutcase that there are too many technicalities with him.
  5. http://egscomics.com/comic/qa8-06 Late 2012 Confusion: Susan vs. Sarah Late 2010s Confusion: Sarah vs. Diane Transitive property of those two: Flat-out No .
  6. Story Friday March 22, 2019 Q&A#8

    Unless it is the barbarian still showing in Amanda, "Diane has not shoulder-length hair" just made me go in a tizzy. I do not think light can ever be at rest, even at time itself.
  7. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-66 Guilty...
  8. http://egscomics.com/comic/qa8-05 No promises in being shocked. And so, the timeline problem progresses.
  9. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-65 Meanwhile...
  10. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-64 Those mileage points do not come in that easy.
  11. http://egscomics.com/comic/qa8-04 *talks in 8 kHz*
  12. NP Wed March 13, 2019

    And thus, 2-3 references are canon in this temple. There is a television set here?
  13. NP Friday, Mar 15, 2019

    The surgery was successful, but the patient was not too happy.
  14. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2019-007 https://www.patreon.com/posts/25196767 So very first kiss. Also Catalina taking this pic or anything?
  15. Rhoda and Diane kissing each other (non-can as it may be). The simple things.
  16. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2019-006 https://www.patreon.com/posts/25144116 one of us one of us one of us
  17. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-55 ... makes sense.
  18. http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-43 Brave Sir Smokey ran away, ran away... Now I want the sandwich that Camdin is eating.
  19. NP Friday, Feb 22, 2019

    Even as a magical being, "Ashley" is too nice. I wonder if she forgot to return a book, again, but this time on making crypts.
  20. Story Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    ... Lemme guess... Smokey Robinson is not too pleased with Grace not becoming Cheerleadra.
  21. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Either Dan is smoking Smokey Robinson over there, or his smoke IS Smokey Robinson. So, Cam-Dan?
  22. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-52
  23. http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-40 Slow down, eager beaver.
  24. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    ... and equipment. Magic.
  25. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    It IS the Executive Edition. It just went up in smoke.