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  1. Story Friday December 2, 2016

    Arguably with Sarah's 'timestop' spell's logic it's not impossible to have a suspiciously accurate simulation of the past while magic sneak edits the history books and fossil records and the wikis when nobody's checking. Less travelling through time and changing history, more magic having a sense of good humour about requests but being utterly terrified of the events that arise should paradoxes form. There is evidence to suggest such paradoxes have already happened in gone timelines. After all, when was the last time anyone thought about towels in EGS? Totally not froody. Seriously though you could probably find localised hacks through the EGSverse secret agency databases on time travel esque effects that do not involve actual time travel. Much like zombies, if you be loose on your definition of 'zombie', anything is possible.
  2. Story Friday December 2, 2016

    Betting it's Tom.
  3. NP, Wednesday November 30, 2016

    You make teenage girl cliques sound like the Mafia. This makes too much sense.
  4. Story Wednesday November 30, 2016

    Yay I predicted the 'she gun be angry' in last comic's thread! What's that? Literally everyone predicted it before me? Well, peanutbrittle, that blows. Side note: Angry Susan looks increasingly Raven-ish. Probably the black hair, but hey, if immortals can have kids with mortals and they draw a lot of their inspiration from Shakespearian fairies... I make baseless accusations as to her parentage. Truth roll to save.
  5. Story Monday November 28, 2016

    'none of your damn business' anger incoming. Maybe them being related isn't a big deal and the meddlers need to stop meddling.
  6. Story, Wednesday November 23, 2016

    ... What is the vwm sound effect? ... Vampire Weakening Mode engaged? Very Weaponised Murdering engaged? Violent Wight Mugging engaged? (I'm guessing it's the 'thum' of a sword suddenly pushing aside air after being conjured from magical sources)
  7. Story Friday November 18, 2016

    I know of one movie that is arguably without any content worth arguing over! Sleeping With Minako! It's literally just 6 hours of a random teenager tossing and turning while she sleeps, designed to make the ciewer fall asleep. It's boring but fascinatingly so.
  8. Story Wednesday Nov 16, 2016

    just realised that angry Lord Tedd had an eye glowy thing when angry. Probably not relevant but might mean that Alt universe Tedd had the same powerset. Cool. Or that forbodes. Eep. DOOM On the subject of Nioi... Did Kaoli ever show up to hang out in Ellen's universe with Ellen? People linking to the older comics makes me realise suddenly that for us a lot of these plot sensitive time bombs were set up in back in 2004 (12 years ago!) but for these teenagers with attitude it was only a few months back, a year tops. Probably due at some point for some of these 'I will meet you at some point' open stuff from the old days of the comic to be resolved.
  9. NP Friday November 11, 2016

    Although to be fair, the capacity to 'boiiing' out one's bust does have combat potential if she does a training montage. Flesh creation to absorb hits that would hurt one's allies... Catalina is melee DPS Catgirl Rogue, Rhoda is maybe a ranged tank... with specialisation on power that does body scale morphs. They just need a cleric and they could have an adventuring party going!
  10. Story Monday November 7, 2016

    Heh, Tedd's getting a little bit Spacebattles forums there. 'Overkill gets the job done'. Very close to the SB axiom of 'one can never have enough dakka.' Still, good. All the secrets are unveiled, we're exploring options without too much exposition or rehashing points, and the facial expressions on the characters is really good.
  11. Story: Friday November 4, 2016

    So things who aren't blocking her scan... Shoot, was hoping it could be used to detect invisible immortals. Heh, to those with magic sensing ability Sarah is like the scanner fish sensor in Finding Nemo. [ANALYSIS] "Forsooth, what is that girl doing, Prismagic Wizard?" "I... I think she's trying to scry the entire area... How is she..." [ANALYSIS COMPLETE] Also I only just remembered the thick black line on Sarah's hair is a hairband. I had abstracted it in my head as just 'Sarah's Hair'
  12. Story, Wednesday November 2, 2016

    Probably related to the time differential... Maybe the longer Sarah's in the sim the more her brain overclocks with potential of overheating?
  13. NP, Monday October 31, 2016

    Goes by Pym Particle rules, I reckon, and the only Pym Particle rule is that there is no rule but what seems rad enough to be plausible.
  14. NP, Monday October 31, 2016

    Or just revel in it and ride her head, Shadow of the Colossus style minus the stabby and Rhoda's just 'haha forgot I had a doll of my girlfriend ignore me please' if anyone asks.
  15. Story: Friday, October 28, 2016

    You know, this spell actually does fit Sarah pretty well, in retrospect. Looking at her character across the whole of EGS, her role has largely been to be the perhaps the most normal person in a group of people who are, to be honest, weird, and gaining power at an alarming rate in-universe (albeit years out of universe). The observer to their weirdness, the Jane to their Tarzan. This ability kind of expands on the same lines as her character: she has phenomenal cosmic power, but mostly to cogitate and reflect upon what those around her are doing. She dreamed of being a wizard once... And she will continue dreaming of being a wizard. Only better dreaming... Come to think of it, would a mind-entering power allow someone to see all this? Pandora could maybe piggy back in Sarah's mind as she did with Grace and have a looksie. I now start to realize that she may have been making a bit of a lie when she was saying 'I must find a way to observe what you do in there'.