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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!

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Found 6 results

  1. theheroesofcrash.com It's time for my annual fan art contest, but this time there's a twist! ALL entrants will receive a prize! Want the full rules? Well, here they are: How to Enter Step 1: Create some awesome fanart Step 2: Attach said awesome fanart to an e-mail with the subject "Birthday Fanart Contest - [Name of Category]" Step 3: Send that e-mail to heroesofcrash@yahoo.com Step 4: Tell all your friends how awesome The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. is (Optional) Traditional Fanart Category Traditional Fanart means any fanart that you've painted/drawn/sculpted/etc. You could send drawings, sketches, paintings, pixel art, sculptures, or decorated cupcakes. Your medium could be pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, clay, Play-Doh, Model Magic, jelly beans, metal, gelatin... whatever! What DOESN'T count for this category? Only something that falls under the... Generated Fanart Category Generated Fanart means that you've created a character using a video game (Such as a Mii or a wrestler from a WWE game) or some sort of online character creator (Like Hero Machine or Gaia Online). Essentially if someone else has created the artwork and you just choose to use the pre-made goggles, cape, helmet, tights, etc. and color them appropriately, then it's eligible for this category. This category requires very little in the way of artistic skills, so it's pretty easy to enter. Prizes 1. The winner of the Traditional Fanart category will have their fanart posted on the main page, and they get to choose the next HoC Desktop (As long as they keep it appropriate - no gratuitous sex/violence - and keep it HoC-related). 2. The winner of the Generated Fanart Category will also have their fanart posted on the website, and they will get a special filler drawn based on their submission. 3. Any contestants who follow the rules but don't win the main prizes will each win a surprise character sketch to be sent via e-mail (It could be a digital sketch of one of my characters, but I could just as well draw something based on your avatar, username, or - if you're another webcomic artist whose work I'm familiar with - one of your own characters...! You won't know unless you enter!) 4. All contestants' submissions deemed appropriate are guaranteed to be put on the Fanart Gallery page Submission Guidelines 1. All submissions MUST be received by May 19th! If you don't send it in time, you won't be eligible for prizes. Sorry! 2. Please e-mail all submissions as stated above in the "How to Enter" section. Do I need to repeat myself? 3. All submissions must be Heroes of C.R.A.S.H.-related. DUH! It's a FANART contest! 4. No adult material will be accepted. Keep it G-rated. PG at the most. PG-13 is majorly pushin' it. 5. Last year's winners are NOT eligible to win prizes in the same category in which they previously won (In other words, if you won the Traditional Fanart contest last year, you can only win the Generated Fanart contest this year, or vice-versa). 6. NOTE: Unless you specify otherwise, I will use your username/e-mail name when I credit you as the artist of your work on my Fanart Gallery page. If you prefer to go by any other name, please mention it in the body of your e-mail!
  2. May be NSFW https://egspinups.tumblr.com/tagged/egspinup-fan-art Our favorite author of the Chronicles of Moperville has included some Fan Art on the Pin-Up page. We need more frequent updates from Germahn Labs.
  3. TheSlugCar is the winner of the Generated Fan Art Contest, who created generated avatars meant to resemble Necros and the Supreme Master. As my contest entrants know, the prize for this category is a drawing based on their generated fan art, and this is it! Don't let Necros' harsh words get you down, TheSlugCar - I think the designs are pretty cool (And Necros doesn't seem to like much of anything, anyway). Thanks for your submission! And in case you're wondering, canonical comics return next week!
  4. 5/21/16 - Birthday Fanart Contest Winner: Autumnotopia! Well, folks, my birthday has come and gone, and with it, the contest deadline. And now we have our winner! Autumnotopia has created this beautiful picture of Cannon, initially intended to be part of a triptych - a three-part picture. While she was only able to submit one section of the triptych before the deadline, it still looks amazing all by itself (And I'm certain Cannon agrees!). I hope that she's able to follow this up with parts 2 and 3 at some point...! Thanks again for your submission, Autumnotopia! :-)
  5. It's hard to believe it, but this is the tenth anniversary of The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. (Well, technically, it turned ten sometime in January or February, but I'm not sure what day my site actually went online, so I just celebrate it alongside my birthday. But I digress.)! It's been an amazing ten years. While I may not have made any money or gained the notoriety of many of my peers, I can say that it's been fun challenging my brain's creativity lobe to come up with loveable characters, cool stories, and funny jokes on a regular basis. As you can see from my filler, my art and characters have evolved quite a bit in that time. Who knows how they will look ten years from now...? Here's to finding out! I want to thank everyone who's supported me during this time: my family (especially my Mom, whom I got my artistic genes from), my girlfriend Melissa, my friends (Including my computer-fixer Chris and my #1 commenter Gill, who also inspired Cannon and Sugar Rush respectively), all the cool comic artists I've met and chatted with over the years (There's way too many to list - go see my Links page and read their amazing work!), the folks at the 910CMX forums for hosting my own forum (and subsequently helping me to start growing a readership!), many of my teachers (Particularly my patient Junior High and High School art teachers, Mrs. Eichelberger and Pam Grumbach... as well as one IMpatient 5th grade teacher who told me I was too creative. I not only showed her wrong, but I based Battle-Axe Beatrix on her. Heh heh heh...!), and the many cartoonists who inspired me (Once again, too many to list, but I do want to give extra kudos to Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Warburton, Butch Hartman, Chuck Jones, Charles Schulz, and Walt Disney). And of course, I couldn't have done it without Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden. Thanks for everything, guys! :-) Anyway, if you want to help me celebrate my comic's tenth anniversary AND my birthday, then you should enter my fan art contest or my fan avatar contest by May 19th! You don't have much time left, so do it A-S-A-Now! Oh, and to all my friends who follow me on social media, here's some bonus factoids about today's tribute: - In case it's not obvious, my characters on the left are drawn in a style meant to emulate that which I used when I first started the comic. Back then I drew with a mouse! I was going to use a mouse once again, but Manga Studio lacks the auto-smoothing capabilities of Flash, so I still used a stylus - Retro Belt Boy lacks a "mullet" in the back, TM's got different eyes, shoes, hair, and abs, and Cannon's got stripes on his shoes. And of course, they have thick, sloppy outlines and diamond-shaped muscles. - I wasn't sure how to fit Cannon in with Belt Boy and TM on the sides of the big number 10 without blocking them, and I wasn't sure how excited he'd get over this milestone... so I just had him sitting in front of the lettering and reading comics obnoxiously. - Cannon's having a greater interest in his comic books than the world around him is largely inspired by Jason Grey from the webcomic The Wotch. Cannon's comic cover resemble's Jason's shirt, which was also used as the logo of the 910CMX forums, which hosts my forum, of course!) - The background is gray, just like in the first HoC desktop and the 5th anniversary picture, albeit with a different gradient look to it. - I still want more fan art, folks! Okay, that may not qualify as a "bonus factoid", but it's still true. Send me your entries!
  6. Both for those (attributed) which we may have saved from the old forum, to which it was posted by the author before it (the forum) died (suggesting the author's intent for it to appear here), and for our own (new or old). Nitehawk's renders (NOT MINE): http://imgur.com/a/vRASD My works (featuring ChibiMaker for the first one): http://imgur.com/a/KRgNb