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  1. NP Friday Sep 15 2017

    ........Remind me to never tick Rhoda off. Just moving Catalina across the table, sent chills down my spine.
  2. NP Friday Sep 8 2017

    This is going to be interesting.......
  3. Story Wednesday July 5, 2017

    Um, Pandora? You're scaring him..........
  4. Story: Monday April 24, 2017

    Jerry, stop trying to use loopholes........
  5. Story Wednesday April 19, 2017

    Justin's reaction in the 4th panel was hilarious. There's no way he's going to tell Susan that. She'll kill Diane. That used to be Nanase's opinion about Diane also. Before the Christmas Party anyway. Then it turns out Diane wasn't like that at all. At least, the story stopped displaying her like that.
  6. Story Friday April 7, 2017

    ..............How does Tedd's parents not know about this yet? Just are rare are Seers anyway. .............At the very least, his mother doesn't know. I'm not sure his father's caught on yet. It might be one of the reasons he fakes a seizure. Assuming he did know something about his son's magic. ........Or I could be going overboard with this thing. Who knows.
  7. NP: Wednesday March 1, 2017

    Strangely enough, I was expecting them both to act this way. The difference is, last Friday, I was expecting them to have reversed reactions.(with Kitty reacting like Felix, and Felix being the first random guy[who was only introduced Monday, btw] that freaks out from their sudden, out-of-place transformation)
  8. NP: Monday February 27, 2017

    ..........Wow. I was expecting him to change into a Cat Girl version of himself. Like Elliot into Ellen, but with ears and a tail included. But this is insane!!!!! The only thing that looks similar to his old form is the collar that she's wearing!!!!!!!! Even the makeup looks different!!!!
  9. Story: Wednesday February 1, 2017

    *Stares at the guy eating a hotdog and talking on the phone while driving at same time* ....................Really? You're not getting things done faster. You're just ending your life sooner.
  10. Story Monday January 23, 2017

    I understand how Sarah feels in the second panel. This is the reason I don't leave a lot of comments online, because of how complicated my comments become. It's either I leave a short comment, or don't leave anything at all, because my long comments(going on forever pointlessly, trying to correct myself) could fill up a whole notebook.
  11. NP: Friday January 20, 2017

    I wonder what Kitty's reaction would be, if option C were to happen......... I mean, she's chasing two real life cat girls,(which are too small, too fast, and too cat-like altogether to be normal humans) and suddenly, out of nowhere, her chest leveled up to a H-cup size.(they're too big to be natural) What would her reaction be? They're Magical Cat Girls? A Cosplay Doll from Inukami is running amok? We've lost fighting the Elder Gods in Mortal Kombat and we're being taken over by the Other Realm? ..............................................Yes, I've thought too much into this. But how would you react, if that happened to you?(since some people don't believe in magic)
  12. Story Monday November 28, 2016

    I feel like I've seen this expression before......... oh right. When Susan first thought that Nanase might be a Lesbian. This will be interesting.
  13. Story, Friday November 25, 2016

    It kind of makes you wonder just how young Diane was when she got adopted. Or orphaned for that matter....... It wouldn't surprise me if she was a month old when that happened. One of my uncles(he lived in another state from me) pulled something similar before, and didn't tell the rest of the family(his parents and siblings) for about 15 years. When he found a recent reference to the kid. And yes, this actually happened. And Mrs Pompoms didn't learn about the cheating till later, when Susan was a few years old. At least, assuming this guy is her actual father, and not some random second guy that got thrown in later.
  14. NP Wednesday November 16, 2016

    Even if Pandora 'wanted' to tell them about the rookie mistake, she couldn't. Because technically, Rhoda and Catalina are 'alone' in the dressing room. She'd have to explain what she was even doing in there, spying on them. Besides, Success is not built on Success. It's built on Failure. It's built on Frustration. Sometimes it's built on Catastrophe. I'm thinking Catalina-strophe here.
  15. Story: Friday, October 28, 2016

    The simulation spell seems to be running off of her subconscious, cause Sarah's clearly not using logic anymore. She's never gone this far with the spell before, so this was......... .......Okay, I'll admit. I wasn't expecting this, but I should of expected it.