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  1. NP Wednesday August 21, 2019

    I do find all of this fun, but I increasingly wonder just how long its going to be before Dan just gives in and goes full SlipShine? I still remember how much I enjoyed "Penny and Aggie" and how disappointed I was when Gisele literally cashed in with M3 and SDB, which had basically zero content that didn't involve outright titillation.
  2. Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    And now Ashley and unconscious Ellen are alone inside the big box of hair trigger plot hammers...
  3. Story Monday March 26 2018

    I'm finding Elliot the most interesting part of this segment. Panel 2-3 is basically "wtf is this?" while taking a defensive stance. Panel 5, he's checking on Ellen. Panel 6, he's finished making sure his girlfriend and sister are nominally ok, and that expression is all, "Do I hit you first, or should I wait for you to monologue some more?" Its reminding me a lot of Ellen's expression while "holding" Sirleck.
  4. Story Friday March 23 2018

    I shared this reaction, but as I think about it, it seems right. Ashley is still very new to the deeper reality of the magic and monsters that she has discovered through dating Elliot. This is their second date! She's a remarkably level headed and intelligent woman who has really shown the ability to think on her feet. She is also a teenage girl who has been kidnapped by a mage and a vampire, had her fight or flight reaction magically suppressed for hours, and then, very shortly after that dampening is lifted she is, without warning, confronted with the true appearance of the scariest monster Mr. Shive has yet depicted. A scream really does seem in order here.
  5. Story Wednesday March 21, 2018

    Just wanted to comment on the level of art that Dan is putting out these days. What jumped out at me from this particular strip is the composition and flow of the first four panels, as the focus and perspective shift to emphasize the interchange between Ellen and Sirleck. I'm always impressed with the way Dan draws, but this set of panels was just something else.
  6. Story, Monday February 26, 2018

    "That sounds bad." "Yes, people would stop using magic." Is anyone else finding it maddening that no one is asking a follow-up question, like, why would that be bad? Has this been addressed previously?
  7. Story Monday October 30, 2017

    Only if the sessions are done in EGSNP, otherwise the main comic would be nothing but until the sun goes cold.
  8. Story Monday October 30, 2017

    So what I'm left wondering here is where the distinction actually lies. Is the issue "things" or is it doing "things" herself? She has no issues with "sexy" when it involves others, but she has a definite issue with sexual acts involving her. Is the issue that it involves her, or is it sexual acts? Maybe I'm putting too fine a point on it, but this seems like a significant distinction to me. All of this also raises a question I don't think I've ever considered, which is whether its ok for someone to simply have no interest in sex. My gut reaction is that must be the result of some kind of defect or injury/trauma. But given the much broader range of gender identities that EGS has opened my eyes to, maybe its just another range on the spectrum?
  9. Story Monday October 23, 2017

    Susan is a vampire hunter by birth, yes? Is it possible that her aversion to touching and the acrobatic ability to avoid same is an instinctual defense mechanism that will kick in when the very unexpected attack comes? Seems more likely, given that its being put on display just now...
  10. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I think it closes the loop on the internal dialogue with what amounts to a decision by all of Pandora, not just the two subsets represented by Empathy and Chaos. If you track the sequence, when Tedd leaves, the dialogue starts as Empathy appears, followed by Chaos. What's particularly fine about this whole sequence is that it combines aspects of multiple personalities and the devil/angel-on-your-shoulders trope without being limited by either conceit. What I came away with was the sense that this is an abstract representation of Pandora's inner process, what the roiling, unstable emotional core of her looks like when it looks inward. Empathy and Chaos are not at war, they are having a discussion, indeed, they finish each others sentences at a few points. The shift back to Pandora actual at the end signifies resolution and decision in a very neat, show you don't tell you way that adds dimension and tone to what is being conveyed.
  11. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Dan = sneaky I didn't see it until about the fourth time I read this strip, the Pandora who speaks at the end is the one who has been standing silent in the background throughout.
  12. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    I would offer an alternative viewpoint/attitude about the whole resetting = death idea. Just consider, depending on your age, how much like yourself as a child/youth/young adult you are now. I'm closing on 60, and while I share basic characteristics with my 20 year old self, I'm really, really not the same person. A reset sounds like a transition, not an ending. Many things are lost and gained over a lifetime, and after a certain point, there are things you wish you could lose but can't. What waits for immortals sounds to me more like a transformation to a new state, rather than a rending transgression of the self. All that said, I'm wondering about the end point of Pandora's internal dialogue here. She seems to be working towards a higher/deeper level of self awareness about her actions and motivations. What happens if she decides she did something wrong? Like, against "immortal law" wrong? My understanding is that she would reset right then and there, as soon as that realization hit. All the foreshadowing - "when will I see you again," and "you're a good friend," may be about to pay off a lot faster than anticipated.
  13. Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    Ditto the comments about panel 8. The intense amount of mutual support and bonding between these two is both giving me all the feels and making me really fearful for Pandora. Also, this conversation has now lasted over a month real time. I was pondering when it started that we might get to the big vampire hoedown by Christmas. Maybe Easter?
  14. Story, Friday July 7, 2017

    The continuing development of Pandora's character is really becoming my favorite thing in EGS. The constant struggle with the self she's come untethered from over centuries of manic isolation, her various aspects dividing and combining with increasingly less control. Very nice.
  15. Story, Friday June 23, 2017

    I mentioned in a previous comment thread that we are only one day from a potentially huge plot hinge, and it was rightly pointed out that we are talking about a Moperville day. This strip convinces me that we are probably going to experience a very, very long Moperville day. The Vampire attack will likely come late at night, so we have an entire day of Pandora checking in with Tedd and who knows who else. Just the conversation about to take place here is likely to take a full week of strips. Then you have Tedd talking to Grace/Sarah/Elliot about wtf is going on. Cue Mr. Verres for an expositional interlude. Oh, and hey, if we are setting the table for a truly game changing event, we need to get most of the others involved, so Ashley, Justin, Susan, Nanase, etc. will be on deck. Lots and lots of moving pieces, and at least three characters who urgently want to talk to various others about really important stuff. At this point I'm thinking we will be lucky to get to Sunday by Christmas.