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  1. Elliot used HUG. It's super-effective!
  2. I'm just going to add my agreement to the people who've said that Tedd needs to have a serious talk with his father. It sounds like he's being cornered into choosing a permanent/default gender for himself, and if that's the case, then he really needs to make sure his father won't freak out about it if Tedd chooses female instead of male. (Grace should be fine with it either way. Her shapeshifting means that even if Tedd is never male again, they could still potentially have kids together someday.)
  3. story

    MRW I finish reading this comic
  4. story

    After seeing Edward lay out those facts like that, I literally went "d'oh!" and smacked myself in the forehead because it's super-obvious in hindsight.
  5. Dan is after a logical explanation for the Scouters exploding when they detect a power level that is rising very rapidly. As a long-time fan of DBZ (since the show was airing on Toonami with Bruce Faulconer's music back in the '90s and 2000s) I think I can provide one. Simply put: The power levels it is sensing is rising at a speed and towards a number that the creator of the Scouter simply could not fathom was even possible. In a universe where 10,000-15,000 put you among the elitest of the elites, someone suddenly powering up to 40,000 would be unthinkable. Thus, with this power level rising at a pace the device simply wasn't programmed to handle, the circuitry shorts out, and poof, it explodes. So it's not just "a cool visual indicator." It's demonstrating that the person being Scouted has reached a level that the inventors and programmers of the Scouters didn't believe was possible. Which means when Vegeta's power-up destroyed Zarbon's Scouter on Planet Namek, he literally broke science. Just in case you needed another reason to find Vegeta awesome.
  6. Huh. So just by explaining to her why her plan is a bad idea, Pandora changes her mind and decides to fix the whole thing. Who knew the crazy immortal could be so reasonable?
  7. Confusion seems to be a normal state of being for those of us trying to figure out where Dan's going with all of this. Also: Good to see the forums are back up, though slightly annoyed I had to completely re-register my account.