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  1. This Day In History

    Some accents lack distinctions between words which others distinguish (cot-caught is one of the more notorious examples). I believe Recieved Pronunciation has most of the word distinctions though (with some odd exceptions such as wine-whine).
  2. This Day In History

    IPA is quite overprecise for general English use. The Deseret alphabet is more designed for English specifically, but still doesn't quite equate across all accents (for instance, the "long a" (fAther), "short ah" (bOx) and "long ah" (cAUght) are the same sound in some accents and two or three different sounds in others) and has a few additional flaws, as well as a few letter shapes that sorta got displaced in a chain at some point (en→short a→short e→"short o"→er) between earlier and later charts.  It also can't be posted on this forum due to non-BMP characters not being allowed by the software (the same reason why most Unicode emoji can't be posted).  Not that anyone (likely) would be able to read it, since it more or less fell into obscurity. Although one of the more frustrating things about standard English orthography, though, is that it's somewhere between difficult and impossible to unambiguously specify the pronunciation of (say) a given foreign name using it.  Deseret is at least much less ambiguous.  IPA moreso of course.
  3. Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    Yeah. Although Aramaic was at that point spoken in Judea / Galilee.  The Greek texts of the New Testament are regarded as the original, which makes some sense (Greek and Latin were widely used in the Roman Empire, with Greek being stronger in the eastern parts of the Empire).  A fair amount of what Jesus said, he probably said in Aramaic though.
  4. Last Post Wins

    Well, people have been occasionally mentioning elsewhere that they had tried to make a forum account but it hadn't let them, for over a year now. So I've just tried it in a Firefox Container tab, purely for the purpose of seeing whether I ran into that problem also: https://files.catbox.moe/t15j0y.png Notice the "Security Check" header with nothing under it. https://files.catbox.moe/g3vq6o.png Trying to submit gives me a "You did not pass the security check. Please try again." despite there being no security check to pass.
  5. Transferring the current data (including the stuff suggested here and possibly some more suggested over on the Discord) from Dia into GraphViz allowed me to make use of its layout engines, rather than trying to lay it out myself. So, here's circo:
  6. Word of Dan

  7. Crazy Counting Guy

    The… umm…
  8. This Day In History

    By their fruits ye may know them, eh?
  9. This Day In History

  10. What Are You Watching?

    I am Number Four. Sorry, had to be done.
  11. This Day In History

    The Magna Carta was annulled on the basis that John signed it under duress, but his successor re-issued it voluntarily to secure support iirc. There were several monarchs who clashed with the pope, John amongst them, Henry VIII is noteworthy here insofar as it was suddenly politically tenable to break from Rome. Issue being that Pluto turned out to be in a belt of objects, and if Ceres was classified as an asteroid rather than a planet (as which it otherwise qualifies) purely due to being in the asteroid belt, then same would apply to Pluto. So there were at the time either eight known planets (MVEMJSUN) or eleven (MVEMCJSUNPE), but not in any case ten.
  12. Would post in Word of Dan but I'm cautiously putting it here seeing as it concerns the fanservice topic.
  13. EGS Strip Slaying

    Inflammable means able to be inflamed (in the sense of set on fire), which is in turn taken more or less straight from Latin. Problem is that the Latin prefix in has two different meanings, so we're talking about the other one here.
  14. This Day In History

    It's… slightly more complicated than that, but yes.
  15. We Begin Anew!

    @Thom Revor @Robin I've been contacted by someone who is attempting to sign up for the forums but is unable to, giving this screencap, suggestive of a CAPCHA API which is no longer operational: Could this be looked into?