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  3. The hair of the guy is frizzier. It also tells he is quite lucky today. Glad it tamed a bit. That or she lost her gloves
  4. story

    Je pense que les immortels sont juste Pandora elle-même. Pas le premier à deviner, il semble. "Glurk" is a word that tried to grab a letter and succeeded.
  5. Accidentally typing 'v' instead of the space bar on my phone, followed by auto-correct. Turning "...and it gets the point across..." into "...and it Herschel point across...". Thank God for the backspace key, but it's annoyingly inconvenient. My other phone has an odd obsession with ordinal numbers and is especially fond of replacing 'with' with '29th'.
  6. I let my coffee get cold. I [redacted] hate cold coffee.
  7. How come I don't get that sort of result when I roll a nat 20?
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=608 Girl in the back no longer has a sleeve, and I'm pretty sure the guy got fatter.
  9. story

    Maybe Sarah has a bigger trunk. As I recall, her basic spell magical summons things from a container she has marked. Or maybe it's a new spell. Or maybe it isn't Susan or Susan's magic after all. My last three amazing crackpot plot theories have one thing in common: They're all strongly connected to Susan. And the three suspects would all be very, very upset to discover an intruder in her room, particular one while she appears to be helpless in sleep. Pandora doesn't have any direct connection to Susan anywhere in canon. Of course, what Heka told her that we didn't hear could have provided that connection.
  10. story

    ... ok. I was afraid of scene change. I wasn't expecting that we will see who's hand it is and STILL know just as little ... Do they still REMEMBER what they knew of Jerry's work before reset? Except there seem to be THREE entities. Although they may just pretend that ... or it may be Pandora pretending all three ... or Voltaire pretending all three ... ... but I'm starting to suspect this might after all be someone new. Or at least relatively new, like Sirleck's vampires. It WOULD make sense for vampires to try to attack the summoner ... Susan can't summon anything which won't fit into her trunk. This seems bigger. ( ... and of course there are few more reasons why it's unlikely ...) Especially considering it was likely already several hours ago.
  11. story

    We last saw her in Egypt, yes. Considering how quickly she seems to have gotten there in the first place, that is probably not an impediment.
  12. story

    Yup, chaotic, and that fits Pandora Chaos Raven Box. Any other candidates? Dipping into my endless barrel of amazing crackpot plot theories: Susan's dad, ol' blackface. Susan's mom. Definitely enough anger to do something like this if she could. Susan--it's something like Nanase's duplicate, particularly the "urge to kill" version in Sister II.
  13. story

    I don't think so, mainly because she is in Egypt right now and because she seems to have a soft spot for Tedd's friends. Of course she might not be aware that Jerry is on Susan's side so she might be in defense of Susan right now. Of course The Dan is under a bridge right now, so it will be a few days before we know one way or another.
  14. story

    It's probably just Helena and Demetrius, the whole chaos thing is something they could pull off just as easy as Pandora.
  15. story

    Way too chaotic for Les Immortals, IMO. And too many other eyes. Hello, Pandora.
  16. np

    Prophets are always a problem. I'd enumerate, but this is not a Religion Round Table Thread.
  17. If Susan did have most of her consciousness in a fairy, could she summon other things from the chest while in the doll? Or are the Fairies as a group one summoned item, and she may still be limited to summoning one item (or group of related items) at a time?
  18. np

    Thank goodness for them. It would be simpler if the Prophets just put a moratorium on invasions, though.
  19. How can you tell the difference? ;-)
  20. story

    Nonsense. They are alive and well and in a new alliance with the vampires.
  21. story

    Deux visages mystérieux? Ce doivent être Les Immortels. We know they have begun watching a wider circle around Elliot. And Susan is someone they were watching even before Elliot. We know that Les Immortels in their past life were aware of Jerry's work. But will they realize this Jerry was that Jerry? Of course, getting these two to apologize to and make amends with Susan would almost certainly get New Jerry off the hook from Old Jerry's vow. After all, he only agreed to be her ally because the immortals who used her unfairly were not present to account for their actions. Well, now they are present.
  22. Hm. I don't see how. All that says to me is that Susan has some understandable fears and concerns when it comes to dating, especially when it involves someone she barely knows. Still, point taken. Sarah might have interpreted it that way.
  23. story

    All werewolves were wiped out because of Pandora.
  24. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  25. No, but I do tend to get a bit Crabby when I'm using it.
  26. But we don't know if her fairies can summon stuff...
  27. story

    Unless Pandora is totally beside herself, my record of incorrect predictions remains intact.
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