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  2. Sure, and you are entitled to it. I was just mentioning it for completeness' sake. I think it's the fact that while Grace pointed out the glow, Tedd never took it seriously, I dunno if it was a side effect of being certain he had no magic potential that he'd blow it off. But I don't think Grace knew that back then, so she wouldn't think it'd be important to push the subject. I imagine if Sarah saw Tedd glow like that before he had told her she'd be all "but hey, if you have no magic potential, how come you can glow sometimes?!" Elliot had already told Tedd that in the age of smartphones, it'd be very difficult to keep Magic secret, so Magic would have to compromise eventually of it wants to continue to be used by people. Elliot's statement about possibly getting Immortals involved is an extension of that.
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  4. I get the impression that this is why the Hammerchlorians arc happened. I think his endgame is trying to confront magic and resolving the conflict once and for all, by forcing magic's hand. This neatly coincides with many of the other plotlines reaching their end. I am, however, surprised that Elliot has grown to the extent that he is able to plan that far ahead.
  5. I just blocked my credit card because I inadvertently gave away too much information due to being overtired. The most irritating part of that is that I am 99% sure that the person in question was legit and would not have abused the information. But I woke up in the middle of the night and had a minor panic attack when I realised what I had done, and so I called the credit card hotline and had them block my card. *sigh* It will be two business weeks before it is replaced. Ah well. At least everything seemed in order on my account, so there's that. Unnecessary precaution or not, my finances are safe for now.
  6. Sure, and you are entitled to it. I was just mentioning it for completeness' sake.
  7. *wince* It's especially bad there. The Caffeine Investigation Agency decided to place an embargo on strategic and weapons grade espressos and cappucinos from there. Anything you get from there is 99% likely to be decaf due to overzealous enforcement of the embargo.
  8. And, of course, not actually being disabled, have a natural advantage in manipulating it.
  9. Fortunately, we have no high cliffs or piano moving companies in the Garland area. I think we're safe on that count. Seriously, we are in a borderline area for urban encroachment onto wildlife territory. We see coyotes, skunks, rabbits, possums, raccoons, bobcats, hawks, eagles, and the occasional venomous snake (most of our snakes are of the garter snake variety, thankfully).
  10. But ... but ... Costa Rica!
  11. I remember that, yeah. Still doesn't change my interpretation. I'm not insisting I'm right or anything; that's just how I've always looked at it.
  12. By the way, I was wrong. It was in this comic and the following that we saw the first examples of Tedd glowing. And back then, Grace could see it, too.
  13. Pretty sure its been confirmed in the comic that other people can see that.
  14. I always considered that leaning-on-the-fourth-wall style joke about the way Dan will visually represent emotions and things. I never once assumed Tedd was literally glowing.
  15. If you spot one dragging large crates marked ACME around, I advise going into a shelter until the dust settles.
  16. Government cutbacks. They slashed 40% of the caffeine budget. But since the cuts were unevenly distributed, there is a good chance of getting coffee that is entirely decaf. Especially if you live in Minnesota, Texas or Eastern Zealand.
  17. I believe it is older. We first knew there was something unusual about Tedd way back here when he started glowing. And since we have by now learned that Tedd's oddity is connected with possible magic resets...
  18. I want to think that Dan's had the idea for the Magic reset back in Hammerchlorians when Jerry first mentions Magic having a flair for the dramatic, it seems like Dan had already figured on Magic having a will that could effect outcomes when it seemed appropriate.
  19. That could have been just a metaphor for her finding Magus trapped on the Immortal plane.
  20. np

    My source was what you linked, I just forgot to link it, hehe. But yeah Greater Chimeras aren't enchanted by tranformation magic because they basically make the transformation their own, it's got nothing to do with resisting a spell but being a full on shapeshifter. Hedge and Guineas can shapeshift but only because they have animal and human DNA and the fact that it's possible must mean that the Uryuom eggs have a way to correct any incompatibilities between species, being able to shapeshift between human and animal form might just be a side effect of that, but since they're lesser chimeras, the TFG wouldn't fix their transformation ability further. There's also this part just after Vladia revealed herself to the others and Grace said "you're like me, you should stay that when until you concentrate really hard to transform again." Yeah, the way I read that was, if someone was zapped by the FV5 setting on the TFG, and then Ellen zapped them, they'd return to normal, because Ellen can zap herself once to V5 herself, and then a second zapping cancels it, the TFG would need to be set to "normal" first before zapping again. Maybe because Elliot knew about the "normal" setting on the TFG at the time he touched the diamond, it automatically gave Ellen's beam a "second shot on same target=normal" feature.
  21. They actually know about 5 imortals: Helena and Demetrius from the mall, Jerry from Susan, Box from Sarah, and Voltaire from When he showed himself in Tedd house.
  22. Just drank a cup of coffee. Now I feel sleepy. WTF?
  23. Between the Maine Eight, they are aware of at least four Immortals. And one would think Edward and Adrian have probably encountered more. But did any of these immortals leave a business card? Mention a phone number? Or write a return address on the spell books?
  24. Well, there have been possums, raccoons, and lord knows how many species of birds. Pre-camera, I know that roving dog packs would pay it a visit. I don't know about local coyotes.
  25. Also didn't Pandora say she caught him? She might have prevented Magus from going to the intended destination (or maybe the intent was for him to continually fall between universes or something, or be stuck in between universes forever).
  26. np

    Hedge and Guineas are lesser chimeras, they have no Uryuom DNA, so they wouldn't be considered Uryuom hybrids. Enchantments applied to them will likely affect them as enchantments should. Source? They can transform. Only between those two forms they have, but still, they must have some Uryuom power. And noone TRIED to use TF gun on them. On the other hand, the bit about correcting greater chimera flaws was only about greater chimeras, so maybe lesser chimeras are stuck with imperfect morphing BECAUSE they lack Uryuom DNA ... and for the same reason anything else will enchant them. It has, but it was not used on Ellen and there is therefore no reason why she should be able to mimic it. When explaining Ellen, it is said her beam will replace different uryuom magic morphs and cancel out identical ones, but the explanation what TF gun will do was different.
  27. Huh, that's an interesting theory. Weren't parts of "this storyline" present basically at the same time as we started learning about magic? Remember, we started with aliens and their technology, magic appeared quite late, unless you count ASMA, Susan summoning sword, hammers and the diamond, which was so arbitrary he could put anything in and it would still worked. While getting huge storyline out of wanting to explain some early mistake would be typical of Dan (Hammerchlorians), I think this is more about "what I want to write doesn't really make sense unless I make it new". Presumably, if he started with the rules as they will be after reset, everyone would already know them and there wouldn't be any headstart available for main eight. And Tedd wouldn't need to be seer, which started to be hinted basically with Tedd being scarred from magic analyzing wand ... if not sooner (remember, his glowing was linked from his analyzing ability). It's hard to be sure with Dan, as he apparently plans years in advance or is very good at pretending it (probably both), but I would say "probably no" on this one. We will see what exactly will change, though ... I would be only little surprised if it would be "surprisingly little". Did they told him? Yup. This is very bad idea. I mean, sure, it's logical and I might think about it on his place as well, but giving random person magic mark and possibly cause him to awaken later ... sure, it's exactly what Pandora was doing but it's also exactly why Greg stopped with ASMA dojo. They may START with changing gender but who knows what will be their second spell. And yes, there is danger it will cause magic reset. And they will still only help ONE person out of how many, millions? ... but the good part of this idea is that Edward might never know they had something to do with it.
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