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  2. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    On the plus side I am a child of such immigrants to Denmark, and I actually did manage to pass the test. (I was curious so I tried it.) Maybe that is why the Danish People's Party are so scared of people like me. They know I am a better Dane than them just a generation or two after arriving here.
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  4. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    That puts you miles ahead of a great many other Republicans. Yes, how horrible, offering people a safe place to live when they could just stay home and be killed instead. Speaking as a child of a refugee family, you will not garner much sympathy from me with that argument. After all, my grandfather and grandmother could just have stayed in Denmark and be sent to the concentration camps instead of illegally going to Sweden.
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  6. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

    If it had not been for that one clause, Nanase probably would have been asking Tedd for help as soon as the system changed. . . . . . That Death Glare. I don't think that is either a magical or martial arts technique. No, that one is from a place in her soul that very few have seen and survived.
  7. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    I don't doubt that. I don't think many of the voters in the US could pass the citizen test. My understanding is it is fair, but comprehensive, and covers a lot of ground. And tests have been abused here as well, used to keep dark skinned folks from exercising their rights as citizens.
  8. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    I was referring to walls around properties or housing developments. Walls with no razor wire, no monitoring cameras, no patrolling security folks... I believe it was documented that Trump's walls were encouraging illegal immigrants to cross the border at other places, where there were no walls yet. Ya know, a gate across the path doesn't keep people out if they can just walk around it because it's a standalone gate with no fence or other barrier in sight - but that doesn't mean an actual fence won't keep people out. But I doubt that a completed wall, even with adequate security patrols, would have had sufficient effect to be worth the expense, as long as we continue to reward people for entering the country illegally. And we've done even more of that since Trump left office than we were doing before he was elected - because the Democrat and Republican leadership keep cutting deals where we'll increase those rewards now, in exchange for a promise to think about tightening immigration rules later.
  9. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

    I think that that aspect of Tedd's vision is when powered up only. It's Uryuom projections that he can see through normally.
  10. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    Thinking about it, I haven't lived any where with walls or wooden fences since grade school
  11. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

    Not sure that would help. Especially since Tedd can see through transformations.
  12. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    Well I live enclosed by walls. I use them to keep wind and weather out. Anyway, can you cite figures for how much good Trump's wall fragments have done?
  13. Comic for Monday, Oct 2, 2023

    Ed had to be desperate at that point. And he lucked out--Elliot took Tedd under his wing.
  14. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Checking out the tea. Sigh, it's not the good kind. The Human says that good tea is only for middle of the night drinking. What's 'caffeine' mean any way?" - Explorer the Cat.
  15. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    These tests are typically used to raise artificial barriers against allowing immigrants to become citizens. Here in Denmark the Danish People's Party helped to institute a test so stringent that only about a third of all native born Danes could pass it.
  16. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    The Wise Ass is not wrong.
  17. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

    It didn't seem like anyone wanted it. But Nanase's otherworldly dark eyes and laser glare seem a bit much. Bear in mind, Tedd would be cool with 'just among us girls'. Or perhaps giving her adequate fur prior to the test.
  18. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023

    It is a hazard of doing magic in Tedd's lab. However Nanase seems to not give consent to it, so it's not going to happen.
  19. NP Comic for Tuesday, Oct 3, 2023 We are not getting nekkid!
  20. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Gonna stare up at something The Human can't see. Freak him out a bit" - Explorer the Cat.
  21. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    City & castle walls have been far more effective than frontier walls throughout history. And even those share the same weakness. Their own guards and others permitted to use the gates.
  22. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    The dynasty that built the wall between China proper and Manchuria was the one before the Manchurian dynasty. That appears to be the pattern for several other segments of the Great Wall. The surprising thing, though, is how many people who claimed that Trump's proposed wall would do no good, live in properties with walls around them.
  23. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    It looks nice from orbit, mind you.
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  25. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Actually the part I like most is The Human's shoulders. I lay across his ribs up to the right hand shoulder most mornings. That part doesn't disappear when he moves. " - Explorer the Cat.
  26. Comic for Monday, Oct 2, 2023

    Plus the whole not telling Tedd about DGB wanting to take the TF gun back.
  27. Comic for Monday, Oct 2, 2023

    It feels more like Edward is worried that he has become emotionally distant due to focusing too much on work and too little on family.
  28. Comic for Monday, Oct 2, 2023

    Meh, we all have some doubts and make some mistakes with our kids. Edward has been close to Tedd for the entirety of Tedd's life. Edward trusted him enough when he was much younger to work with the Uryuom tech. I don't see this disconnect as justified by the narrative.
  29. Comic for Monday, Oct 2, 2023

    Kids don't come with owner's manuals, and all-but-motherless, shouldabeena wizard Tedd presented unusual problems. Ed's been flying ay night through a blizzard for a long time. Of course he has doubts.
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