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    Uryouom energy is a different class of "magical energy" altogether. It is not a ruleset for Earth-magic. Grace, who uses Uryouom energy, cannot cast spells. She cannot even use Tedd's watches. Noah is a greater seynoulu like Grace and he does cast spells but he seems to act under the same rules as any other earth-magic-magic user, not under Uryouom rules. Interesting to note: We have never seen Noah shapeshift. Did he exchange one magical energy system for another? Both the griffins we know cast spells. They seem to have some instinctive insight like Immortals. They most closely match the rules for elves to be honest. We also know that there are humans over there because of the casual way the Griffins treated Nanase. EGS-Prime's Earth still has a lot of weird stuff in the margins. EGS-Prime could even have a native griffin population. I don't know how behind that I am but it's a possibility. Adrian Raven uses magic. Did he Awaken or simply unlock that ability? Maybe Griffins unlock the ability to use magic at a certain age as well... I tend to think there's 3 rulesets. Rules for Immortals/Ancients, maybe others. Rules for magical creatures (Griffins, also half-Immortals like Elves) Rules for mortals (commonly humans). I tend to want to think the rules are the same on both sides of the world. The common general rules tend to have specific implementations for each type that follows it (Even if all elves "taste" magic with their ears, for example, If Griffins have that same sense, it would work in an unrelated way) I would speculate that a mortal with a magical affinity makes the possessor of that affinity a little bit of a magical creature in the narrow sense that the affinity, not the possessor, follows the magical creature rules and remains through Magic resets. Edit: Though how and affinity expresses itself would depend on the current mortal-magic ruleset and could/would change when Magic resets.
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    Either way, I still think that her level of connection to Tedd means that PCRB should be "Grand" and not "Great".
  5. Fri. Jun. 23, 2017 Tedd: 690 Pandora: 87 FULL COUNT:
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    Oh good, so it wasn't just me. I wanted to talk about something else, too, namely Dan's renaming of this part of the story. Am I the only one who prefers the original "Fairy Great Godmother" over the now official "Great Fairy Godmother"? The latter sounds like it's describing a Fairy Godmother who is exemplary, while the latter sounds like it's describing a Great Godmother who also happens to be a fairy - a situation that I believe is literally the case here.
  7. The Moderator: Please do not necropost. If a thread has not been posted in for about two weeks, it should be presumed peacefully dead and left alone. If you must comment on something in an older thread, there are usually relevant threads therefor in the General EGS forum, or one may be started there.
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    No, she already gave Adrian that job back in An Unkindness.
  9. You got it. There's room at the vet. Animal control doesn't open until 10am, so she's got to wait until then to get the cat transport ball rolling. She'll have to pay a $40 transport fee, but it's worth it to get the cat out of the potential danger that it's in now.
  10. Only because we don't have a "Things that make you rage against the heavens" thread.
  11. 6:46 a.m. CDT 20170623. My "dry GERD" test and my compound prescription fill are still on the agenda for today, after the salon trip. We know where a compounding pharmacy is. We just need to find a Quest Diagnostics place that stays open after we get haircuts. In other news, Mrs. Prof finally got a chance to wash my moon boot with Woolite last night. It had passed the point where Febreze worked anymore. It had to be washed. So, overnight, while it dried and I slept, I had to wear the shoe I normally wear in the shower. I'm definitely not ready to go full-time on the shoe, thanks to the snapped sesamoid bone. It still hurts, as does the top of my big toe. That's why the podiatrist ordered the boot 24/7. I agree. Mrs. Prof will be putting it back on when she gets back from retrieving cats—hopefully, including the one she sponsored so she can move it to the vet. My shoebox containing my medications is starting to fall apart. I think I'm going to have to get a new one. Believe it or not, I wrote a poem with the shoebox at the center of attention of the work, if not the actual subject. If anyone wants to see it, I may post it here. It's a bit emotional, so brace yourself if you do want to see it.
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    Is it possible that "Box" will try and use Tedd to break down the magic dam, therefore making him her catspaw (in a good way)?
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    Does anyone else think Tedd looks like Elliott in this strip? I thought he was Elliott when I first glanced through it.
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    For some reason Tedd looks extremely masculine in today's strip - is that just me?
  15. The sad part is that he's really not a "boss," per se. He's in charge of Animal Control. The Pet Adoption Center is a separate entity. It's a cross-department situation here. BTW, Mrs. Prof is going to get the cat she sponsored out of Animal Control tomorrow and move it to our personal vet, if there's space.
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    Well, if she did come to talk to her great godson, I think she might be checking off her bucket list. That is, Pandora may have decided that she's doing so much harm to the people she cares for that it's time to reset at long last. Talking to her son tomorrow could even be the last item on her list. This theory assumes Pandora doesn't know about Sirleck and Magus' plans for tonight. That's right, tonight! We have at last crossed over into Friday. Busy day ahead. I'm calling this T Day, in reference to the naming convention started way back by Dan with T Minus the Demon Ally.
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    He may want to do some additional experiment? Maybe the "what's the point" question is why he's not exactly enthusiastic about it. I think she wanted to talk with him, so yes she intended to reveal herself. PS: Anyone having link to where it was said? I though it was sometime around Susan mentioning she's Tiffany but seems it wasn't. I think it was mentioned once on "lunch" in school and once much later Grace used whole name addressing Tedd. PPS: Found it.
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    Tedd is enchanting one of his spell watches. Why? What's the point? He knows that even if magic doesn't reset, the watches won't work any more once the clog is removed and the excess magic drains. He's worked so hard to get this far, and now... I'm not sure Pandora intended to reveal herself, but maybe after observing Tedd making a watch that won't work soon and knowing that he knows that, Pandora decided it was time to get personal.
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    Exactly. And personally I would suspect Tedd is NOT aware. Although ... wait. Tedd doesn't like to think about his mother. Maybe he is repressing some memories but when Pandora mentions it he will remember. Wait again. Tedd is named Tedd Drew Verres ... does it mean "Drew" was Adrian's idea? I don't think EGS is THAT kind of comedy. Not enough people slipping on bananas, for example.
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    I need to have a more fundamental question answered. Tedd knows of Adrian and that he is magical. But is Tedd aware of Adrian Raven's status as The Godfather? If the departure of Noriko and the falling out between Edward and Adrian happened when Tedd was young enough, Tedd might not even know that he has a Godfather. If Tedd is aware? Then any comment from Mrs Raven about being a grand fairy godmother will be enough identification or confirmation for Tedd. If Tedd is not aware? This could be a repeat of the recent Sarah conversation. And if Pandora discovers that Adrian is actually Jeremy's Godfather and not Tedd's? Then we will finally know for certain why this story arc was named "Catspaws".
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    Of course she wouldn't be talking about details. But just mentioning he's her grant-godson implies she has child. The alarm doesn't need to be audible. And she was invisible in all other cases. Yes, obviously, wards detecting magic wouldn't detect her. Doesn't mean those are only wards Edward installed. ESPECIALLY after Voltaire showed up.
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    Is that really that obvious? Maybe the way Uryuom power (which is technically magic, the analyzer wand is mistaking it for magic for example) works for Uryuom IS in the list of possibilities Earth magic may work for humans after reset. Like, not the possibility most likely to be chosen, but Uryuom might get to where they are only due some reset. What makes you think the other half of world didn't had any reset? Maybe it wasn't always so ok with being public, or maybe it had other reasons for reseting. Of course, that makes both systems being same LESS likely, not more. And I already mentioned: Griffins obviously can use spells and are able to research magic ; they may be magical creatures, but only regarding their flying (and possibly some other aspects of their bodies), not their spells. They can loose that if their magic resets again, but it's unlikely it will AND the last reset was probably even more in past than last reset on "our" half of Earth. Agree. Griffins still being able to use magic - and not even complaining about something working differently - is another argument (first being the magic flowing between halves) for the "core" magic being same and just the interaction with "humans" changing. Our only disagreement is how strictly "humans" should be taken. I think that it would include any other earth-native sapient animal (like, maybe dolphins? Maybe they can awaken just as humans? Angst-induced awakening because whalers killed their parents? Where the legends about merfolks came from on EGS? Is apologizing to dolphin magic users for coral reefs destruction something Edward is now supposed to do, as part of his diplomacy job?) ... and, more importantly, I think that aberrations, former humans, still work by same rules as humans. Oh, and werewolves would too, if Pandora didn't killed them all.
  23. Always a pain when the "boss" sees subordinates as imminent threats, potential competition, or expendable resources. I would like to say it will get better eventually. Really, I would like to say that. But you know that boss, or an indistinguishable clone, will always be around.
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    Personally, I don't think she cares if Tedd knows who she is, I don't think she'll go into details about Adrian because she told Sarah she couldn't tell anyone before she told him. So I'm certain she's going to keep the conversation mainly about Tedd. As for Edward's wards? I'm not sure, Pandora's probably powerful enough that she may have no trouble circumventing them. I mean, this isn't the first time she's been in the house, and we didn't hear any alarms go off when Voltaire showed up. Then again, Adrian couldn't detect his own mother's magic when she was disguised as Wolf, so maybe the wards only function by detecting magic, and thus can't detect Immortals at all.
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    Question is if she deliberately decided to risk Tedd will connect her identities or if she just didn't though about it. I would suspect the later. I mean, it would totally look weird if she would appear as child and talked like this and possibly declared herself his grant-godmother - wait, is she going to tell him about having son? Hmmm ... will Edward's wards alert him of immortal being present in house? ... they probably can't detect immortals when invisible, but maybe when visible?
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    If this was a game of tag, Pandora would have been in trouble.
  27. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2364 I said on Discord that I think she's looking like she is because she wants to be as sincere as possible with Tedd. I think Tedd already knows that it was Box that marked him (Grace mentioned her as the creepy girl from TV and suspected her of marking people, and Sarah confirmed that she was responsible for the energy levels in Moperville), so don't think she hide that from him, she might not say anything about being Box but I don't think she needs to. Anyway, her child form wouldn't be taken as seriously, she usually comes across as either mischievous, or emotionally vulnerable, and her older form it too serious sometimes, and has had the habit of coming across as condescending, Pandora doesn't need any of that right now.
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