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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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    Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    See Dan Commentary... All that says is that he's decided to stop avoiding calling them vampires. I find it more in character for certain groups to call them aberrations and others vampires. There's no point in completely retconning calling them aberrations when it still makes sense. + Susan grumpiness
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    Word of Dan Discussion

    Oh, God, the toxicity. I stopped visiting for the same reason and more or less retreated to the Off Topic forum. I'm just now getting back into the main forums.
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    NP: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    The only reason that works is because he expects all his "romantic" partners to be severely brain damaged.
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    Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    See Dan Commentary... That doesn't need to mean he's retconning the aberration name. Can mean either that vampires would be used as kind of aberrations, or that main eight will start calling them that without changing it's not "official" term, or can refer to griffins calling them vampires ... we will need to wait for what Edward will say.
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    Purple Smart

    Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    I'm pretty sure vampires and aberrations aren't synonyms. All vampires are aberrations, but not all aberrations are vampires. It's really a matter of taxonomy.
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    The Weather.

    Well we managed to be in a part of town that isn't underwater. Yay. Still, Houston is officially a disaster area. So that's fun.
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    Story: Monday April 18, 2016

    "I knew she was trouble the moment she walked into my office. Legs that went on forever, a body that won't quit topped with hair the color of spun gold. I said to myself 'Abner, this is your lucky day.' I just wasn't sure if it was good luck or bad luck. My business, the luck's usually bad..."
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    I think this is Ellen trying, once again, to differentiate herself from Elliot. By deliberately not going to the dojo she establishes another difference in their behavior patterns. It might be reaching a bit, but given how desperate she was to not just be female Elliot locked out of her old life, it is rather understandable to me.