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  1. question, do you have a link for info on the ur-duck? I keep looking for information on it but google is uncooperative.
  2. Ducks are, in fact, dinosaurs, which is cool.
  3. Thanks. I was wondering if it was something about Tedd letting him pick up information from his alternate self actually. Skunk girl made a connection there, which could explain why it happened then and with that reality. Voltaire doing it is also a possibility...
  4. does anyone know where Tedd's dream involving visiting a grave (and lord Teddishness I think) is? That + 'seer' is making me suspicious.
  5. Well, that`s ambiguously Tedd`s spell
  6. np

    Is the list a reference to Sidney from GrrlPower, or something else entirely?
  7. Don`t forget the round dangles turning into spikes
  8. np

    I think she awakened him before that, once his power level had increased to the point that she could.
  9. np

    How hard is Linux to use? I`m... very much not interested in Windows at this point
  10. Do you have a better description of it?
  11. ...that`s about right
  12. Well there is precedent for people not noticing that they have tails
  13. np

    Well, they moved a bit from where they were in the last comic, but we don`t know when Tedd was marked exactly... So tied is reasonable.
  14. story

    I'm just going to take a moment to appreaciate how awesome Edward is in this comic
  15. Some of these sets of faces tell priceless stories on their own. For example: and