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    Mother's Day Gift 2019

    My son and I conspired behind his mother's back to commission another webcomic artist (Kittyhawk, http://montrose.is/sketching ) to draw his mother as one of the sailor senshi from Sailor Moon. I've always associated her with Sailor Jupiter because of her kindness and her strength, so we had Kittyhawk try and adapt a 56-year-old woman to a sailor senshi. The results were remarkable. So, I give you my wife's mother's day present: Sailor Brenda, a.k.a. Sailor Scorpio! She's not really that skinny and her legs aren't that long, but hey - artistic license, okay? Anyway, my wife loves it. She's gonna get it printed on slate to match the Kittyhawk drawings of our two cats I had commissioned last year.
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    Tom Sewell

    Story Monday, May 6, 2018

    Nanase used to have a spell that gave her total control over her hair before her first burnout. I assume she got it back. Or Ellen could have zapped her, or she could have borrowed Ellen's ring, or gotten one of her own from Cousin Tedd. Or her hair could have gotten longer because her magic is building up. Now she needs to get her ponytail back. I assume the skirt is a pleated kilt. Her whole outfit reminds me of the kind of thing Ashley goes for, especially if she's wearing pants under the skirt. Ellen Dunkel. Dunkelzahn?
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    Story, Wednesday, May 1, 2018

    I'm wondering now, since Elliot's feeling bad about Susan and bringing up the idea of a party, will Ashley pick up on it and just instinctively want to reach out to Susan, and then the two of them end up talking about their experience together. Ashley isn't really up to talking to Elliot about it, and she doesn't really know anyone else, but I'd think if she believed that Susan was dealing similar trauma, she might open up to Susan first.
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    I made grits this morning. Susan, my cat, assuming I was making something she liked went her normal crazy as I was going into the kitchen and back. I got a phone call while eating the grits. When I returned I found the cat up on the desk with her face in the grits. She didn't seem to have eaten any but she is mad at me now.
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    Don Edwards

    Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    In a totally unexpected twist, it will... tell the time.
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    Story Friday, May 17, 2019

    Everything is fine!
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    NP Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Quoth the commentary: Grace....Verres?
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    Liz seemed to think so. "Technically" uryuoms have magic magic again.
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    Story Wednesday, May 8, 2019

    I'm tempted to write Dan to let him know that some people (well at least this one) were confused by the previous comic even after reading the commentary and following the links. (Incidentally it's very strange to be in the "confused by the comic because I forgot things from previous strips" camp; I guess I need to re-read the last few years of the comic.) I'm glad the comic points out why Grace was so distracted, though I still think it would have been better for those of us reading it as it comes out if it had been explained in the previous comic or commentary (it won't be much of an issue for those reading it in the archives). (I also still wish Dan wasn't jumping around in the timeline so much.) As for Grace's goodness, Justin wouldn't be so surprised she doesn't see herself that way if he knew about how she reacted to her part in Damien's death. Of course her feeling guilt over a foe's death is a sign of her goodness, but it also means her assessment of her own goodness will not be as high as that of an outside observer. And while the most dramatic instance, that was hardly an isolated incident; Grace is well aware she is a flawed individual, and the flaws she sees in herself weigh heavily on her. Incidentally, I hope Justin was just kidding about Grace defending her "title". For one thing, bragging about being the most good individual around is not the sort of thing one would expect the most good individual around to do. For another, when used seriously "goody-two-shoes" is an insult, usually directed at those perceived as self-righteous - not exactly a title most people would want to fight for.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    NP Monday 06 May 2019

    You had a few too many words in there
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    Story Monday, May 6, 2018

    Lobster is not just for breakfast any more.
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    Don Edwards

    Things You Find Amusing

    Snerk. "While the question itself wasn't necessarily stupid, it's clear the circumstances that apparently led you to have to ask it certainly were."
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    NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    I remember this one movie "40 days and 40 nights" where the main character gives up sex (any forms, including mastubation) for lent after a really bad break up with his girlfriend. During the course of the movie, not only does he fall in love with another girl and have to find other ways to romance her, but the vow gets a lot of attention from his friends and other people who apparent make it their life goal of sabotaging him. At one point, the main character asks one of his friends to tie his hands to the bed to ensure he doesn't give in and masturbate, and then while sleeping, a girl (I can't remember if it was the ex, or if it was someone else that had their eyes on the main character) gets into his room and has sex with him which causes him to freak out when he wakes up to see her on top of him. The big problem with that scene was that was a case of a woman raping a man, but it's not followed up as such, there was no consent from the man, she took advantage of the position he was in, and yet no charges were laid.
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    NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    It seems also that our society has an attitude that a man can not be raped by a woman because no heterosexual male would ever wish to withhold consent for a sex act with a "non-ugly" woman, or alternatively that no man worthy of respect is wimpy enough to submit to a woman's coercion. Yes, well over eighty percent of rape incidents are perpetrated by males, but that does not mean that we should say that "woman rapes man" is nonexistent.
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    Glad the news was relatively good. We'll all be waiting for you to get fitted out with bionic feet that let you run really fast in slow motion. ;-) Please tell me I'm not the only one old enough to get that reference. I've bern hanging out with the younger techs and kennel staff too much lately, they don't get the simplest refs.
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    NP Monday, Apr 15, 2019

    That's assuming you are unable to stop it. But you have a point. Usually, there is the element of guys being physically stronger ... but it's true this may not be limited to guys, and we are talking about Nanase ... It's not just a question of physical strength, either. If one is blackmailed or otherwise coerced through non-physical means into having sex, it still counts as rape. (And of course there's situations where the person is in no state to make a decision about consent one way or another, but that's been touched on already in this conversation in relation to alcohol and mind-control.)
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    Things That Make You Happy

    What's better than getting a new house is finally moving all your things into the new house. As of two days ago, the last storage unit has officially been emptied. Now comes the matter of finding out where to put this stuff...
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    New roof, new heater, new a/c, new owner. What does that add up to? $25.00 more per month starting in July. On the good news front, however, I renewed my lease. I don't know why I worry about that as much as I do, but It's good to know that I have a roof over my head until July 2020 at a price I can afford.
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    Story, Wednesday, May 1, 2018

    She doesn't have to specifically find out, the next time she see's Elliot, she'd notice he's not as cheerful as the last time she saw him so she'd ask whatsup, Elliot can at the very least say he was hoping he could get everyone together an do something on Saturday (he doesn't have to say anything about it being a party) and he feels bad about Susan's response. Dan himself said he's not exactly sure when and how Elliot would have found out about Susan's experience in France, he mentioned the fact that Susan had told Sarah and Grace, but it's also possible he heard it from Nanase and/or Ellen cus we know Nanase told Ellen about Susan's angst induced awakening, she could have told Ellen about France as well since she was involved too, Nanase has just as much right to choose who to tell as Susan does and Susan didn't ask for Nanase's permission to tell Sarah and Grace so I don't see why Nanase would need permission from Susan to tell someone. Ashley's been pretty resistant so far, she opted for seeing a movie in a public place rather that in private where there could be a chance of Elliot transforming for fun or something. That'd be a big reason to avoid attending a get-together with people she recently learned has experienced magic in some form, she's trying to avoid temptation, probably not out of fear of giving into it, but out of the possibility of having a breakdown in front of everyone. Considering Tedd's main reason for wanting to make magic public was so that it could be used to help people, "Gung ho" might still be apt.
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    EGS Strip Slaying

    Been a while since we had a Skyrim related slay.
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    NP Wed April 10 2019

    Mythbusters made a balloon out of lead foil, so there is that.
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    This Day In History

    /me makes a note on The List, with the added note "trying to hard"