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    Raven has had magic long enough to have unlocked it on an Atari 2600.
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    5:21 p.m. CDT 20170619. I managed to shock a doctor today. My own primary care physician, no less. I told him the story of what happened to me over at UT Southwestern, including at their "Pain Clinic." He was absolutely stunned that anyone, much less THE premiere research medical hospital in the area, would want to use acupuncture and biofeedback on someone with my level of pain. Mrs. Prof, while looking up the name of the person we want me to be referred to, found a rating (1–5 stars) for the UTSW pain "doctor." It was two stars. The new person is rated at 4½ stars. Needless to say, my doctor agreed to the new referral. I shall not be returning to UT Southwestern. My PCP also looked at my right leg and agreed with the podiatrist's diagnosis of mild venous stasis. No need for Lasix this time around. Compression stockings will do. To wrap up for now, @The Old Hack: your gift of Parmesan-coated sausage arrived about 30 minutes ago! The picture and description were a bit deceptive—it showed a whole sausage, but they sent pre-sliced sausage—however, the amount they delivered was 4 ounces (113.4 grams), as advertised. (The description has since been updated.) The temperatures around here have been in the mid-90s (in the mid-30s in Celsius), so the frozen-paks were melted. The sausage is therefore chilling in the refrigerator until it comes down to a safer temperature (it's cured, so it's probably safe anyway). Regardless of all of the unusual aspects, I still appreciate your gift very much! I will be relaxing with some of it later tonight, as will Mrs. Prof as soon as she's finished a cycle of syringe-feeding the kittens.
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    I would have and think I did, bet scores of $Q that this chapter was going to end with all the feels. The feels are starting now. Either this is going to be over faster than I suspect The Dan is capable of doing :-) or the real end of the arc is going to make me VERY glad my anti-depression medication seems to be working way much better now.
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    Nah, I think she did it on Stonehenge. Waaait, she needs to unlock her achievements after every reset, doesn't she? So, both may be true.
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    Not a trail camera image, but a photo of our current backyard feral colony feeding: Took them a while to get along together, but they've finally calmed down.
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    For this trick, I need a special keyboard and at least one extra hand. And sorry, some of you might have to leave the internet for a while.
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    I'm guessing Elliot's theme (now that the effects of the diamond has worn off) is superheroes. This will EVENTUALLY give him a variety of spells given how varied the types of powers superheroes get are. However, given that he wants to be Superman I bet he runs through THOSE powers FIRST.
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    Oh, man, can I ever sympathize with you there. All the medical feels, mate.
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    I'd be really ticked off if I spent however much money it cost to get a cat prepped for adoption, only to find out it had to be put down as part of a broad retaliation over the fact that a parent didn't follow posted rules and kept their brat away from the cages. Oh, the story gets better. Read on. The brat mentioned above was the child of an Animal Control worker, as I've said. That worker was one of a group who recently had reprimands placed in their files for failing to properly take care of a group of four kittens over last weekend (claimed they didn't know how to syringe-feed—were told they could have Googled it and learned in five minutes). Two of those kittens eventually died after being taken out of the Shelter. The other two kittens? They wound up at our house. You may have seen pictures of them. Mrs. Prof saved their lives. Retaliation? Methinks it's a probability. Anyway, Mrs. Prof's sponsored cat is now out of harm's way and at the vet, but not before she paid $70 to the Garland Animal Shelter ($10 tacked on for quarantine fees, and $20 for I don't know what). Mrs. Prof is now at the GPAC, helping to clean it to prevent a possible outbreak of some sickness (not sure what). It's been a rough day for her, but hopefully one with good consequences. Hopefully.
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    Wait, testing what might as well be my default OK Rage works, what about happy, happy, joy, joy? So close. How about my standard stuff? :/me: :the_list: Oh, wait There we go. :gruntled: :less_than_gruntled: :not_my_happy_face: OK @HarJIT, you see what you need to fix now Plus :my_cup_of_joy_overflows: All kidding about my mutant brain aside, good work dude.
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    He. Did. What. That's really not a good sign. That's a tell the medical board level, not a good sign. That might even be a sic a land shark 1 on him level bad sign, which is not something I normally say about doctors. 1That is to so sue his ass.
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    A couple of days ago we had a thunderstorm with the by now way to familiar close strike. Closer than I thought I found out today. One of the "old growth" oak trees in the area between the apartments and the park took a hit. About 1/3 of it is laying on the ground now. Not sure if they are going to try and save it or not. I suspect they will, just based on how may strikes that tree has taken. I can count 4 scars on it, including this one.
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    It's probably what happened back in Egypt as well, but it was easier to blame it on the gods.
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    Was it Little John thrashing you with a quarterstaff? Were you the cymbal on a on a teenager's percussion set? Or did the band Styx challenge you to a spelling bee?
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    Hmmm. Needed to do a reload of Firefox, but I think we have decided that is what happens any way. very much gruntled.
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    If it was a choice between being raided by him, or Nazis/KGB agents. They'd probably go with Indy.
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    Update just for you (accepts your made up shortcodes as well as hyphens in asciimotes). Also changed what :) / :-) and :( / :-( map onto (the database of asciimote-to-emoji conversions I was using was seemingly based on b&w emoji and didn't quite get the best matches for graphical ones).
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    I dunno, I would think that some Pharaohs and Kings wouldn't mind being raided by Lara Croft.
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    Pandora, on the other hand, unlocked her achievements on the Antikythera mechanism.
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    The question is, will Elliot get the ability to fire laser beams from his eyes, or FV5 beams from his eyes.
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    This now sounds like an infomercial, with all that jazz. Nicely enough, it did not take me long enough to see that Rhoda is in the background of panel 3, hopefully.
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    I like her fine as a brunette but anything for SCIENCE!
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    More stick poking That worked. Seems that a restart of Firefox may have been in order :mutant: Damn. Hoped that last one would go "Grrr Arrrrg" :-)
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    And needing Lawyer, Guns and Money. He rocked hard.
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    I don't think I've done ALL of those things in one day.
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    Warren Zevon and R.E.M covering Prince. There were parts of the late 80's and early 90's that just freaking rocked. And rocked freaking hard.
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    Dr. Do-Not-Want from UT Southwestern is an appropriate name. Oh, I just got the standard "Please Rate Our Doctors" questionnaire that most of the medical shacks in the D/FW Metroplex are using nowadays for Dr. Do-Not-Want. I'm going to let Mrs. Prof help me fill this one out. We're going to have great fun. I've finally finished the ENT doc paperwork, although for a time there I thought I'd never make it through the first page. Picture this unpleasant scene: opioid-induced constipation vs. antibiotic-induced diarrhea. Yep. Three trips and lots of pain each time before I'd finished half of the first page. The battle rages on, and I don't dare take anything stronger than a gas pill lest I risk ripping myself a new hole, literally. Hell, I haven't eaten anything other than pills and coffee (does coffee qualify as eating?) today. Maybe I should. Maybe it'd sponge things up.
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    While we're waiting for more current pictures, here's one that popped up on Facebook from three years ago. We called her Mom, and she was the feral mother of our current cat, Baker: Very graceful. If only her rambunctious son had carried over that trait.
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    Well, Sarah did actual say "Is she Raven's mother?" rather than "She is Raven's mother!" so yeah she's guessing based on what she knows, she only knows about Adrian being an elf, there may be other elves in the world, but Adrian's in Moperville, Box is in Moperville, and Box is responsible for the ambient energy and magic marks in Moperville. That would be enough to make anyone wonder if they're related. Edward knows Adrian as well and he might have been introduced to Pandora as Adrian's mother, but he might not realize that the child that appeared in the woods and on TV is her. I would suspect that if Edward did know that it was Adrian's mother causing problems in Moperville, he'd be on Adrian's case to get her to stop. This just occurred to me, If Grace has told Sarah about her experience with Adrian and the boar, being under an illusion that made her look a lot like Susan, and being told that Elves can't have children. Sarah is in a position to guess what Box was talking about, the lie she passed on, the "of course they were his!" line. Though Sarah might jump to the conclusion that Adrian is Susan's dad which might not be too far from the truth (more likely grandfather or maybe great grandfather) but Sarah doesn't know enough in this case to be as accurate.
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    The kittens have been placed with another more experienced foster home as of tonight. Thank goodness, on behalf of both Mrs. Prof and myself. Cute as they may be, they consumed way too much of her time (she even admitted that) and interrupted her sleep to the point that she's going to probably crash out hard tonight. She's in the process of cleaning up the cage and feeding syringes. Our cat is going to be happy about this as well.
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    Where do we post about getting smileys back for the board? It's been ages since the board crashed. There should be time to put them back now, I would hope.
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    Especially the EGS-themed smileys that users have made and contributed to the community.
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    Wow, does that site have a lot of video ads trying to play! Do they assume everyone has optical connections now? Me, I'm hoping whenever it is Pandora resets, she'll turn into the college-student-persona from "Marker" and end up roommates with Sarah and Grace. :-)
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    Not to worry. As long as she is happy with the camera, all is well. Concentrate on getting your life to work and on getting better.
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    I must engage in one of my own addictive / compulsive behaviors Waiter! What is this fly doing in my tea? The Backstroke.
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    6:56 a.m. CDT 20170620. Mrs. Prof is having tremendous difficulty putting my compression stocking on my right leg. Brief interruption: I just found a fly in my Crystal Light lemon tea. Mrs. Prof is fixing that situation now as well. Disgusting—I took a sip of that tea before spotting the fly. Back on topic. Mrs. Prof had to take two breaks in order to finish pulling on the stocking, and it's just a moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) stocking. This is only the third day she's had to mess with it, and I don't know how much longer she'll be able to handle it. I know for certain I can't put it on myself. This is going to be a difficult situation. As if we needed another one. (Case in point: I had to wait for her to feed the kittens before she'd put on my stocking.) And the hits just keep on coming. Remaining medical fnordage to deal with today: find (literally) and fill out the new patient questionnaire for the ENT doctor's appointment tomorrow. It'll probably take forever, as it always does, even with my "see attached" printouts. Very tired right now. Only got about five hours of sleep. Every time I'd wake up, Mrs. Prof would wake up and start feeding kittens. I'm going to require more sleep before I fill out the ENT paperwork. Good night.
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    We've been getting back into the Florida pattern of some rain every afternoon. Four days last week, a rainbow was visible where I was working. But only once was the Violet line distinct. I blame the FCC for taking Violets out of our rainbows.
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    I got lucky. During my 10ish years in the Army I only had one bad mess hall, and it was at the battery I spent the least time at. C-2/1 ADA, on the other hand was freaking great. The mess sergeant was planning on opening a fine dining place and was using us as menu testers. Some fails, but all in all, very freaking good Breakfasts and Dinner. Lunch, depends on which E-6 was in charge. I don't remember "SSG Red" real name, but if you knew he was on duty, you didn't eat lunch.
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    On a generally good note, my current meds, aside from the dizzy thing, which I can deal with; Live within reach of a wall or be ready to do a PLF on command; seem to be working just freaking great. I've been on the longest "upswing" without a bad crash is years. 1st clue, I'm not identifying with the protagonists in "Behind Blue Eyes", "Splendid Isolation" or several of Simon and Garfunkel's songs about being alone is A Good Thing. Still IDing with a bunch of REO Speedwagon working class songs and more Blue Oyster Cult than I should, but it's a thing. I am a howler monkey.
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    Eep. That sounds scary. Very seconded. I would suggest strategically placed plush area rugs, for future such events.
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    Yes. It is. Very much so. There was a reason for the media storm Danish Crown was desperately trying to weather at the time. And my suggestion for a new name was by no means the only comment or suggestion they received. Many of them had to do with exactly which orifice they could shove the meat they tried to sell into, and how hard.
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    I'm not 100% up on Prince's discography, but based on his name change and such like, I suspect his heirs are looking at a large collection of songs that are "you suck and here is why" directed at various record management people. And they are wondering if they can release them with out getting their ass sued off.
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    I have already gone on record predicting that Hecka will host the post Sister III Q&A comics in that parlor.