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    A world altering crisis has just occurred and Tedd's first reaction is to take a nap. Tedd is my hero.
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    Why not Mr. Pompoms?
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    For once, Loudmouth wins a round of the Game of Thrones over Baker (whatever Game of Thrones is, I've never seen it): It is my understanding that the battle did not end here.
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    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Baker, not to be outdone, gets up close and personal ...
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    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Loudmouth shows himself in all his regality ...
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    Tom Sewell

    Story, Friday January 19, 2018

    There's no guarantee that Magus' magic will work any better after The Change than any other human mage on Moperverse Earth. And if the change changes the enchantment on the Dewitchery Diamond, Magus may not be able to separate from Elliot at all...at least in the Moperverse. Remember, Nioi used another Dewitchery Diamond to create Kaoli. Maybe the next arc will feature some crossworld travel. After all, Dan has been talking about other universes for fifteen-odd years now, so it's kind of overdo for the gang to pay at least one of them a visit that isn't a dream. (Incidentally, Kaoli's name really should be Kaori; no "L" sounds in Japanese.)
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    What Are You Watching?

    I've been trying to watch the various "Ancient Aliens" and paranormal shows for back ground information for "Edge of Imperial Space". I've been failing, the sound of my eyes rolling drowns out the TV's sound...
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    Tom Sewell

    Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    Wombats and chipumunks are far too cute. Lets talk slug.
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    Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    I got this image of an Old West Immortal. "Low down horse-thieving varmint. Resettin's too good for ye...."
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    EGS: The College Years

    Okay, supposing they all go to the local college, who would stay at their parents' places, and who would move out to dorms, apartments, etc.? I think Nanase would be eager to move out, and would go with dorms if she couldn't afford anything else. Susan doesn't have any problems with her Mother that we know about, but she does like to be independent, so she'd also probably consider moving out. I doubt she'd settle for a dorm, however, so she'd need a job that would pay enough to afford an apartment or some other housing that didn't leave her sharing her space with a stranger. (Although if she could arrange to share a space with one of her friends that might also work.) One the one hand Ellen and Elliot are laid back enough they wouldn't mind continuing their current living arrangements. On the other hand it would probably be good for them to have a little more space, and depending on how the finances work it might be less of a burden on their family if they moved out. (Or does the money Mr. Verres arranged to support Ellen put them in a better position than they would be without her? In that case, that would be incentive for her to stick around a while longer.) Tedd would be torn - on the one thing he has a little bit of friction with his father, and would probably enjoy having a space where he could be himself without worrying what his father would think. On the other hand, he'd have to either recreate or go without his lab, and there's the question of if he would be able to keep the TFG and other alien or government tech if he moved out. I'm pretty sure Grace would go or stay wherever Tedd went. Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    Ah, that's the stuff they used to fake wine glasses of blood for the vampires on Forever Knight. Geraint Wyn Davies said he'd get sick to his stomach from drinking it undiluted. One recipe I've heard since then to make it more tolerable, and more properly opaque, is to mix in some chocolate syrup. :-) Ooh, go for it! See if you can get video of their reaction! And finish up by demanding fish fingers and custard.
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    Got one of my rare orders from a purveyor of British foods in the Houston area today. They tossed in a free pack of Chewits orange flavor. Mrs. Prof made the point that they taste like a Starburst. I agreed, except that they're much softer (perhaps due to one of their ingredients: " Hydrolysed Pea Protein." Odd, but last on the ingredients list. To wash it down, I'm having my usual Crystal Light lemon tea, but with a big twist: I've added Ribena Blackcurrant concentrate to make blackcurrant lemon tea. They don't sell the stuff at regular strength. You have to dilute it by one part blackcurrant concentrate to four parts water. Not easy to mix with lemon juice and tea powder, but it sure tastes good when you do. I also ordered something I'm going to use to prank a super-serious Doctor Who fan. I bought a couple of packs of Jammie Dodgers. Next time I go over to his house, I'm going to pull the prank from the episode when the Doctor used one to make the last two remaining Daleks think he had a destruct button for the Tardis. Should be hilarious.
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    Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    I think Sirleck is unaffacted because he is in the spirit plane, rather than the physical plane. Dan did make sure to point out that all the Immortals were pulled into the physical plane before casting the spell, so that detail is probably important.
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    Things You Find Amusing

    Growing up, people almost always guessed I was older than I was. For a decade or two, it was pretty consistently three years older. I had friends who were college students, we'd go out as a group and they'd order a pitcher of beer, and I'd be given a glass with the rest of them (which I'd hand to the waiter, pointing out that they shouldn't be giving one to a sixteen-year-old ;-). The only place that ever carded me was the comic book store, when an issue of a manga had some innocent nudity in a bathtub that only Americans would get uptight about. Then, for a few years, people guessed my age fairly accurately. For a while now, people have been guessing I'm younger than I am. This led to a running gag that I've stopped aging and am now going to age backwards for a while instead. I'm amused today in particular because, despite my hair still having a lot more dark brown than grey, I seem to be shedding the grey ones much more than the dark ones lately. I've plucked loose hairs off the back of my jacket and had six grey and no dark. I've even noticed a couple that transitioned between the two from one end to the other, and it was the root end that was dark! Aging backward? I'll take that deal! ;-)
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    Story: Friday 12 Jan 2018

    Poor Adrian. He's lived such along time, and his mother was the one constant, the one person who's been there the whole time. Even when they weren't seeing each other, he knew she was out there. He may even have wanted her to reset, although he never said anything to imply it. And now, she's gone, and she's likely told him all about resets and that she'll basically forget him, that his mother will be gone if she resets. He's an orphan now. Which is basically what happens to every child who outlives their parents. Even if they're eighty and their parent was a hundred. Does multiplying those numbers by ten or twenty make any real difference?
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    Story: Friday 12 Jan 2018

    Personal theory is she's using her power and the connection to hijack the Reset process in order to actually remain herself through the change. It'd be less of a Reset and more of, I dunno.... Oooh, we can use the word Regeneration, I bet! Say, is that a demonic duck in a funny blue box over there?
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    NP Friday 27 May 2016

    "I'm hear to give out toys and smite heretics, and I'm fresh out of toys....."
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    Gave up on the chkdsk. Turns out Windows isn't even recognizing my drive anymore. I bought a replacement cheap 2TB storage-only drive (WD Blue 5400 SATA 6GB - $71 including tax) and plan to transfer the Clonezilla partition to it as soon as my son can make it over here.