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    I think we need to assist Elliot with his "reasonable doubt" defence.
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    Highlight of tonight's Family Feud: Grant: Name something you might find in ancient Greece. Contestant: Ruins It was the top answer with 27, which struck me as really stupid because the buildings wouldn't be ruined yet in ancient Greece.
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    Something within your specialty that is done badly in a movie or comic is always more annoying than other slips. I have the same experience myself. When someone uses language in a pretentious way in a story I read and does it badly, it sends me straight up a wall. (*grumble grumble* Bloody C.J. Cherryh's Morgaine who couldn't conjugate 'thou' and 'thee' properly and just used 'thee' all the time. Maybe Cherryh thought Morgaine sounded cool, but to me she sounded like frigging Jar-Jar Binks.)
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    I passed the last stone of my current set. I've been straining my pee for the last couple of days. The last stone was about 1.5 to 2mm is size. I had forgotten how painful that passing one over 1mm is size can be at the moment of passing. The relief of pain after that makes it all worth while.
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    Clearly, tOH, Susan and Elliot need you! Quick, jump through your computer screen and moderate their forum comments for them! Wait, no, that would mean you wouldn't be modding our comments any more! Never mind, forget I said anything....
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    Occasionally you will see a Colonel Appliance behaving eccentrically. But anything truly bizarre from appliances is usually not tolerated until they reach flag officer status. Watch out for any appliances from Admiral or General Electric.
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    WHAT! You have a birthday and don't tell anyone until afterward? What kind of person are you! You're supposed to tell us these things in a timely manner! But since you didn't... .... Happy berated birthday. ok I'll go hide now
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    That is easy to disprove. Just arrange for still another duplicate and have all three show in public at the same time. ... ...what? >.>
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    I like the notion that it might be Nanase. Failing her, the easiest way to fake the C-Girl is to have a wizard do it. Since wizards can learn the spells of others, one would only need spells of flight, disguise and strength, and these all seem fairly common. Of course, that would mean that when Elliot asks Mr. Verres how the DGB pulled it off, he will only answer "A wizard did it."
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    I am still waiting for someone to introduce a second person shooter.
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    I think this is under the jurisdiction of CONTROL. Hopefully they'll send Agent 99 and not 86.
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    For calming people down, it's hard to beat calming pies.
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    The proper way to state a genus and species is to capitalize the first word, the genus, which is the broader category; use a lower case for the species, which is a narrower, more specific identifier; and to italicize both. Homo sapiens, Homo habilis, Pan paniscus, Gorilla gorilla (yes, that's really the scientific name for gorillas), Tenebrio molitor, Escheria coli.
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    I got XFCE4 to play nice with other applications.
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    For those using my interface fixes, you may upgrade to my latest revision, which uses a different host for images, as a matter of caution. Again, there is probably no need to worry unduely here, it is unlikely to be an actual problem (as I explained above), but I'm following what I feel to be good procedure.
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    I just had one of those times when you know exactly what a link leads to without clicking it...
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    Indeed. They didn't even manage to capture the loose cat.
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    My concordance, NSFW, primarily relies on Pratchett, Gaiman and to a lesser degree GRRM. Normally the pastor reads from the Buggre Alle This bible.
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    Eve's been around 15 years, the dishwasher could have started playing long before you, the chanting is it's way of lamenting the memory of B.O.B
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    Maybe it isn't actually as sinister as we think. They might just be playing EVE Online together.
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    Well, our replacement for it is a Kenmore Elite, purchased from a Sears Outlet (read: scratch & dent) store. I don't think it took too kindly to being scratch & dented, because it's been making the weirdest copper-tinged gurgling sounds ever since we got it ... I swear it might be doing some long distance communicating with mlooney's dishwasher on a higher frequency. It's an unholy conspiracy, I tell you.
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    Good luck. Really dude you are getting the short end of the body problems stick. Hope they can fix some of them
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    This time I did read the whole thread. I was going to post a link to that.
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    I was born on March 14th. Possibly because pi is needed in a lot of hacks.
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    The "sighting" rumor could have been started by something as simple as a Tweet. It's more Edward's style. Hey, pretty much the same methods have kept Elvis alive for four decades now.
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    *cackle* Good work, mlooney, we reeled another one in! *high fives*
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    Damn you, now you've gotten me hooked on The Whiteboard and I've been on an archive binge all week! As for the page you linked, Doc certainly does arcane things when brewing his caffeinated beverages, but the "trademark evil laugh" thing does not seem to be his style so much.
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    Another "The Whiteboard" that amuses me every time I see it. I'm not sure which is funnier, Doc in panel two or Swampy with the cross in panel 3.
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    Glad to hear it. Now we just need to get the Prof back on the right track, too.
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    In Family Feud, the objective is not to choose the answer that is the most logical, but rather to guess what answers the people polled have selected. Facts don't matter--what matters is whether the poll agrees with you. This makes it a bit like predicting the stock market, since you are trying to predict what the other actors (investors) are doing.
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    I'm sure it will. It doesn't seem it will happen soon, of course, but the universe is still young. Actually, maybe it already happened and just not in this remote corner of galaxy. (Well ... ok, not really corner, the spiral arms are round ...) The question if it will happen on EARTH is harder, as Sun is close to half of it's life. And hardest is question if WE will do it (I mean humans, not EGS readers, although why not, perhaps popularity of EGS will go up in next centuries ...).
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    If The Dan hadn't already pooh-poohed the idea, this would be a good place for Elliot to summon an inner demon.
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    Thank you. I've downloaded the latest revision, and all seems well. Bravo.
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    I sometimes get that way with Internet comments.
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    I wonder if Magus is artificially enhancing Elliot's rage? And if so, to what end?
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    In fact, once you decide to leave your current planet, space is pretty much the only thing that is NOT far away. Other planets - far away. Other stars - seriously far away. Other spiral arms - way far away. Other galaxies - yeep.
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    It's a good thing that Tengu fleet was with the good guys, Nanase and Ellen wouldn't have had a chance against those even with Guardians. See what I did there?
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    No, but there must be some delay for message propagation, decoding, and reply encoding/transmission.
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    My favorite monocle gag was from "Young Frankenstein," where the town constable (or whatever his rank was) wore a monocle on top of a patch over an eye.
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    No, it happened. Therefore the chance of that incidence is unity. The expected odds and what happens are not the same. Once you collapse the wave function, the expected odds have no bearing on reality.
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    No complaints from me. I love worldbuilding to a fault. In fact, I'm having to write some of it out of a novel I'm trying to create. I've viewed comic strips as something apart from your standard literature. They tell a story, yes, but they tell a continuous story. I'm not in it for the ending of the strip: maybe for the ending of a plotline, but not for the strip itself. No, I'm in it to see how the characters live their lives, given the circumstances that affect them. When a strip ends, like "Candi" did recently, the characters effectively die, and to me that's a sad thing.