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    In honor of Earth Day, I shall be spending this entire day on Earth.
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    Warn her, apologize in advance, and let her know you appreciate her. In fact, even when everything is going great, let her know you appreciate her.
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    I thought it took a Constitutional Amendment to remove something that is already in the Constitution. Besides, the Preamble is the only part I ever memorized.
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    We can look at our own history to know that different cultures developed unique fighting styles with various weapons, and for europeans at one time, honorable combat involved both sides lining up their troops on the field. What Klingons used for weapons and how they fought would likely have worked for Klingons just fine. But comparing how a Klingon fights versus how a Human fights would be like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones was confronted by a swordsman trying to be intimidating and Indy just pulls out a gun and shoots him.
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    BBC Archives, 1970s. Borrow the lost episodes of Doctor Who, bring them back here, copy them, give them to the current BBC, and return the originals to their historic doom.
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    I just turn off any "feature" that threatens to change what I type. They're just not worth the hassle, and I usually know correct spelling and grammar better than they do.
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    For the first time in many years, I have an internet connected device that has a functional GPS. Remind me not to take it with me if and when I go on a crime spree.
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    The whole "WHY ARE YOU HERE" line suggest that whoever it is thinks that Jerry is intruding. As stated before, Pandora likely considers all of Tedd's friends as a kind of extended family and would protect them.
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    We are having a thunderstorm. Oddly my body didn't give me any warning. No body aching and, thankfully, no migraine. Must not have had that much of a pressure change. Meh count this as a win.
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    /me gets out the list. Stops, actually pretty funny. Puts list away.
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    I was pleased when I heard about that court case. The Oxford comma has always been useful in delimiting lists. For a simple proof that it eases the ability to distinguish things, try writing a sentence that contains a list within lists, omitting both the Oxford comma and the Oxford semicolon. It's difficult to make sense of things, which is why it is proper to include it. Rule Number One of writing: if you can't understand the meaning of the sentence properly after reading it once, you broke one of the rules of grammar.
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    Remember the immortal words of Marcus Cole. "I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, 'wouldn't it be much worse if life *were* fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them?' So now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe." You didn't do anything. Crap happens. It sucks. If we can help make it suck any less with distractions, audience for venting, and sympathy, we're here. *virtual hugs* ('cos virtual ones don't make anything hurt more, unlike real ones might)
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    And damn did it work. The Q is one of the best sleep aids of all the many drugs I take.
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    As mlooney has said before, that is more or less what this entire thread is for, as well as several others. So you're very welcome. Keep us posted!
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    For those of you people that think the AP guide is the say all, end all of modern usage, sorry, it's not. The Oxford comma is legally required. I don't care what the AP guide says.
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    This reminds me of an experience the father of a friend of mine had. This was due to computers in the Danish Bureau of Taxation not handling rounding very well. One fine day he received a letter from the Bureau of Taxation informing him that he had an outstanding tax of 0.00 Danish crowns, to be paid no later than the first of the following month. He shrugged and filed the letter vertically. (In Danish office lingo, the wastebasket is also fondly known as the vertical file.) Two months later he received a very strong letter warning him that since he STILL had not paid his outstanding taxes of 0.00 crowns, now six weeks overdue, the Bureau of Taxation demanded that he pay within the next two weeks or face a ten percent additional tax as well as paperwork fees, and if he still refused, they would take him to court. For some reason, the local post office refused to let him send a money order for the Bureau of Taxation for the sum total of 0.00 crowns. So he called the Bureau of Taxation and asked them what he was supposed to do, or if he should just wait until the case went to court. It took some fifteen minutes of panic on the other end to find the case and kill it. Apparently they were not very eager to present their end of the case to a judge.
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    I am now picturing a new subspecies of alot, perhaps one with an extra pair of horns to go with its pair of 'L's? :-) (Thanks for reminding me of a fun and perspective-giving cartoon!)
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    While I will be doing that also, I really don't find it amusing, rather depressing as a mater of fact.
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    I have never heard of a program's behavior called a rash before, but I can see it. Some thing very irritating but after a bit of time it either goes away or you get used to it. Then it comes back. Rinse and repeat.
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    I love it whenever a gaming personality tweets about going outside and including a picture: Responses range from "What kind of FPS do you get? to "Nice graphics" My favorite one:
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    Simple. Daggers are a sideline business of rapier manufacturers. They deliberately make the daggers particularly vulnerable to the much more expensive rapier so that dagger owners will be compelled to either keep buying more daggers or upgrade to the premium rapier.
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    So, it was dry walking to the train station, and from Union Station to the Daley Center. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how impossible it is to avoid being engulfed in tobacco smoke on city streets. The whole downtown trip I was being passed by smokers, walking past people who turned out to be smoking, or having a smoker in my path and no good way to avoid them. I'm allergic to tobacco, and still had a little bit of a cough lingering from my cold. The combination meant that I was coughing a fair bit by mid-morning. I wouldn't mind serving -- it would be interesting, and I trust my own judgement better than a lot of other peoples' *coughTrumpvoterscough* -- but we were told the trial they assigned my group to was likely to last a whole week, and it would be awfully hard on the practice to have the number of appointments cut in half for a whole extra week! I wouldn't lie to get out of it, even so, but I did manage to get asked a couple of things I could honestly answer that one side or the other might not like. The plaintiff was clearly going for big bucks, including not just medical expenses and pain and suffering but "loss of future income," and I believe that such things are very difficult to predict. (I worked with someone who went to law school, was a lawyer for a few years, then quit and went to vet school, then after a few years of practice quit seeing patients and went to work for a pet food company. Friends with excellent computer skills have been unemployed for extended periods. That sort of thing.) They also asked about hobbies and passtimes, which include a lot of Mensa meetings -- my dad always said as soon as they found out he was a professor of mathematics, one or the other side wouldn't want anyone who could think that logically and he'd get dismissed, so I was hoping the same would apply to Mensa! The girl next to me just slipped in the phrase "tort reform" and was dismissed. I consider the phrase "jury nullification" to be the "nuclear option" so to speak, and wouldn't resort to it unless it was an even worse burden -- one of our techs once got assigned to Grand Jury duty, which meant having to report one day a week for eighteen months! But if I had to, I could honestly say that there are cases where I would not in good conscience follow the law, something the equivalent of antimiscegenation laws perhaps. If the law says it's legal to fire someone for using medical marijuana, or for being gay or Trans, etc. I'd have no problem nullifying. :-) I was in the first group to be considered and questioned, and that took until lunch time. I walked to the food court in the Thompson Center across the street, an architectural wonder I'd seen on TV, and wound up inhaling more tobacco smoke despite it drizzling. I was pretty miserable by the time we resumed. We're not supposed to drink anything in court (although I was annoyed to see that the judge and lawyers had glasses and pitchers of water in front of them!) but I asked the bailiff for permission to keep me drink and take discreet sips as needed. She'd stared at me when I coughed several times, and she reluctantly said okay, as long as it was discreet. Luckily, first thing they did after lunch break was to announce who had been dismissed, and along with the tort reform girl and a few others I knew would get kicked off, they also announced my name. Not sure if it was the lost future income, Mensa, or the fact that I kept coughing while they were talking. ;-) I got my check for a whopping $17.20 for the day. With Metra fare of $7 each way, that will leave a whopping $3.20 compensation -- good thing I didn't take the bus from Union Station! I had originally thought about going to Lincoln Park Zoo or Navy Pier or somesuch, but I was feeling bad enough with the coughing that I decided to just go home. Texted my boss that I was done and would definitely be at work the next day, walked through a very faint misty drizzle to the train, and by the time it got to my stop the rain had let up completely and it was just threateningly dark grey for the walk home. Got home by 5pm, took a long nap, and felt a lot better. I was impressed by the protected bicycle lanes they have downtown now. If I'd known how safe it would be, I probably would have taken a Divvy bike. I may yet do that in some weekend off in the future. Go downtown on the train, get around by Divvy bike, stay overnight at the downtown hostel, and just play tourist! Edited to add: Here's hoping that your grandkids are amazed that anyone would see that as at all unusual!
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    My Dad used to volunteer to give rides to people who had medical appointments, not just in town but in nearby towns, too. I have no idea what group or charity organized it, but you should look into whether that's an option in your area. If it's someone who volunteers regularly, they might be more flexible about having to know the person, and if not maybe you could take them out to lunch ahead of time and then just describe them as "a friend." Ask your town/village senior services, ask your church, ask the hospital if they have (or know of) any sort of services for those in need. Several towns around here have vans available for transport for seniors even for non-medical things. Your local public transit system might also have something for the disabled, which your doc should be willing to declare you!
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    Next you'll tell me he never had a brain transplant with a bank robber and a chicken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_uM87NTFW4
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    A witch's broom is, of course, a thinly-disguised magical staff.
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    Mrs. Prof has been thanked in general and on behalf of the forum. She got an extra round for doing my end-of-day nebulizer cleaning. In other news, I only have to wear the cardiac event monitor for one more day before mailing it back! It gets in the way sometimes, but it's been catching some of the problems I've been complaining about. I hope the electrophysiologist will be able to come up with a treatment plan based on the data it's been recording. One other thing: I asked Mrs. Prof if our son knew how sick I am. She said, "Not that I know of." I asked her to let him know, just in case I start getting worse.
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    The nurse from the hospital said she'd call and talk to him. I haven't heard anything since she called me yesterday. I assume that I can't be the first person to have gone through this with those medications. How many CT myelograms have been done in medical history? There's bound to have been someone in the same situation as me. I'll bet they didn't enjoy it, but I'll also bet that they survived it.
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    I'll try to avoid the venting. I've done enough of that already. Music doesn't help, believe it or not. I have too many counter-ideas about what I could/should be writing instead. My head has its own jukebox, 24/7. Good idea, nevertheless. I try my best, on both counts. I know I'm putting her through hell. All I have to do is remember what I put her through when I almost died back in 2009. I base my appreciations on that. Thanks for the reminder, though. 'Tis much appreciated.
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    Yes. 1) On Halloween. 2) On any sci-fi on fantasy convention. Also, just antennae might likely be considered weird hairstyle ; she was in public with them before the clone form gave her ability to hide them.
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    When you nebulize, do you experience any star formation? Sorry, couldn't resist...
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    Jerry, stop trying to use loopholes........
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    In postdrome. With any luck no more for a week or so, but there is a front coming.
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    You said a double-red-tape mouthful, which must now be recorded in triplicate, signed, reviewed, stamped, reviewed again, re-filed, and submitted to the appropriate department head who will stamp one copy and send the rest back through the whole damned process. I told you I worked for the Internal Revenue Service (the U.S. tax agency). I got to see it at its worst when I was something called a "Payment Tracer" back in the mid-to-late '80s. That's sort of a White Hat position among the IRS staff. Lots of authority to go digging through records, looking for records of lost payments. I got to see just how relatively ancient some of the technology was during that time. Case in point: some payments had problems with their identification that made them "unpostable" to an account. Those were recorded on trays of punch cards, which were Xeroxed after being run through the mainframe. Usually, if the taxpayer provided sufficient proof and we could match it to an unpostable record, we could "force post" the money onto their account. However, we had a long-standing problem with a certain range of unpostable ID numbers—no one could match anything in that range to any documentation the taxpayers sent. One night, I went back to the dusty hall where the records were kept (yes, it was an old, poorly lit, brick-walled, dusty dead-end hallway) and did some deeper-than-normal research into the issue. You won't believe what I found. Someone had dropped a pair of punch card trays and had put them back together out-of-sequence. It resulted in Taxpayer A getting Taxpayer B's money, Taxpayer B getting Taxpayer C's money, and so on. At least a thousand taxpayers were affected by this "slipped unpostable" problem. My finding resulted in the closing of a metric crapload of lost payment cases. Ahem. Back to the topic at hand. Going back to my primary doctor for my laryngospasm cough today. I'm expecting him to prescribe a nebulizer plus some medicine to go with it.
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    How? The one who is grabbing him may stay on astral plane. He doesn't need to scream: he only need to imply he could wake up Susan if the grabber would follow him to material plane. I think she killed that vampire quite thoroughly, but yes it could be his brother ... or friend. I mean not literal brother but someone who considers him his brother. Abner was just lucky. I think we need to call professionals. Charlotte's Angels.
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    She needs to get into the spirit of it. Tell her that she should give them a "no worries, she'll be right."
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    Update: we got lucky. Mrs. Prof tried the one trick I hadn't thought of—going into the pharmacy and saying, "We're supposed to have a discount card on that." It worked. They'd left off the discount card codes. They re-ran the prescription with the discount card and came up with the old price. Hallelujah. We both feel so relieved. I feel so dumb.
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    There is positive effect of your soldiers morale if they don't see that they didn't hit target. If one in the line will hit, multiple soldiers may think they did. I repeat my suspicion that rapier would be only able to cause light injury to Klingon. Remember that if you stick your sword into someone, the sword is blocked and you can't parry with it AND your own movement is also limited unless you drop the sword. Klingon will survive the stab, you won't survive when he beheads you with the bat'leth meanwhile.
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    I dunno, I think Mamma Kitsune would be more concerned with whether Nanase went too far with anyone, rather than with how many boys Nanase "tested out" but never went beyond kissing. Her rather conservative attitudes seem like they would mesh well with teaching her daughter that premarital sex was to be avoided, and a Nanase who couldn't even openly wear clothes she thought her mother disapproved of would see dating and kissing as rebellious enough; she's too strong and self-confident to give in to pressure from a boy to do anything she didn't want to do. Nanase was looking for the Right Guy and believed when she found him she'd be attracted to him; she could tell she wasn't attracted to any given boy without having to go as far as sleeping with him. Of course, it's also possible she was desperate enough to convince herself she was attracted to a boy that she would sleep with one or more of them, but I don't really see it happening, or if it did, it wouldn't happen more than once or twice before she'd wise up.
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    Yes, I didn't caught that one either. I mean, the title text obviously told me it's about Skyrim, but I didn't realized the game title is parody of the Skyrim name. Nail, maybe. Klingons have extra set of kidneys, an eight-chambered heart, a third lung, and even a secondary brain stem, as well as an extensive and hardy skeletal structure. I don't think you can kill one by thrusting him with rapier faster than in hour even if he's not defending himself and you have Klingon anatomy book. I'm not entirely convinced Bat'leth is better than traditional sword, but I wouldn't describe it as silly. The author of that concept was martial artist with experience in oriental weapon design (see memory alpha article for details) and what is best for fight between humans will not be same as what's best for fight between Klingons.
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    Not sure what has Chuck Norris to do with Charles of Wales, but the difference is that Adrian nor Pandora are not AWARE of this. Elizabeth II is perfectly aware. I'm pretty sure outliving lot of Heirs Apparent speaks more about family relationships than about who's fictional. Even in most fictional settings children usually outlive their parents unless some accident happens (like, falling from stairs with dagger in back or being trampled to death by enraged elephant). ... I feel I'm missing some obvious reference ... ... you mean Elliot doesn't? And way to touch without being touched.
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    I know it would really catch my attention if they in any way rode bareback on horses with saddles. That must be really uncomfortable, not to mention annoying for the poor horses.
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    I know when the iPads first came out, my first thought was "I wonder of Paramount's lawyers shifted their gaze onto Apple?" for how close they came to creating the iconic PADD from Star Trek (TNG-VOY), there were even LCARS themes made for them.
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    After much deliberation, thought, naval gazing, and procrastinating I have decided on exactly which OGL I will be using and have declared a halt on looking for more. I have also decided on three books to start with, a player's handbook, a referee's guide and a starting universe. First project is to go over current work and remove universe unique references, then really start on getting the core rules finished. I am seeing more ADD medication in my future. When I get at least the player's handbook done and most of the referee's guide done I will be doing a Kickstarter and looking at Patreon. Expect spam notification as things are progressing. On an unrelated note, this should be my last attempt at using the tablet as a posting method. Way much bigger problem than it should be. I might see how using article mode in LaTeX then converting that to HTML works.
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    Do not use her chest to summon "replacement" clothing
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    This, @hkmaly, is how one parodies The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
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    Engineers in a secret lab developed the means to bring biological specimens forward through time. After bringing forward several dozen plant samples from the Late Carboniferous period, the team went out to celebrate. Unfortunately, they didn't secure the equipment properly. By the time the lab crew returned, a swarm of Dragon Flies with two foot wingspans had destroyed their research. When all the damage had been cleaned up, the director could only look at the crew with disappointment and say... "Time Flies. While you're having fun."
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    I once had to set up an address database that included a person named "Boland" My spell checker insisted it was "Boulevard".