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    Things That Make You Happy

    Baker the cat's ordeal is over! The vet removed his feeding tube today and pronounced him healthy. We don't have to give him any more medicines or anything like that. All we have to do is keep his neck collar on while his feeding tube hole heals up. We were afraid Baker was going to die on us when all of this began. If it wasn't for a group of great vets and Baker's will to live, we would have lost him. We nurtured that will to live - Mrs. Prof, especially - and now, Baker is back to his sassy self. Thank goodness.
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    So every post on this message board has a little bent-over butt in its lower right corner, and if you like what you see you express your approval by tapping that?
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    The Old Hack

    Story Friday February 1, 2019

    It is almost as if the label attached to a person can't be relied on to accurately define them.
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    Maybe it might have in the 1970s. But most government work enforces No Smoking rules now.
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    Baker asleep with his feeding tube visible:
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    The Old Hack

    This Day In History

    I popped into my PANTARDIS to find out who ruled Denmark at the time. Turns out it was me. I arrived just before the coronation and accidentally squashed the about-to-be-King flat. Seems like nobody liked the guy that much anyway so they drafted me as a replacement. That turned into a big mess and it took me months before I could find a better replacement so I could make my escape.
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    Actually, we had a GREAT waterpark. What you now call the Second and Third Cataracts of The Nile were specifically designed to be white water rafting facilities. We probably would have enjoyed far more repeat customers if we also included helmets, life vests, and other safety gear with the ticket. As for the hippo rides? We tried. We REALLY tried! But the hippos simply refused to wait in long lines.
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    I would greatly appreciate it if those with suggestions of how to improve it attempted to implement them!
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    The tightness in my back is almost gone, which is nice. Another nice thing is the fact that I can once again lift my left leg more than about 4 inches off the ground. Before, I couldn't lift it onto a chair or other raised surface to help with putting on shoes, getting into a car, or drying off after a shower. This was due to pain linked to one of my spinal nerves. Now that those nerves have been ablated, I no longer feel the pain and can once again lift my leg. It's like someone hit a light switch and turned off the pain - a wonderful sensation.
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    Update: the burning sensation has gone, leaving only the tightness, which is fading. Problem areas remain just above my hip, with continued sensations of tightness there. The hospital called to check up on me - they said this was more or less a common reaction that I should be done with in no more than a week or two, if that long. I've been sleeping with my head on a pair of stacked pillows to keep my spine straight. Seems to be helping, since I wake up from each oxycodone-induced nap with a little bit less tightness.
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    This Day In History

    It just occurred to me you forgot an important event yesterday: 2002 - The first strip of a webcomic we're all familiar with was posted.
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    The Old Hack

    This Day In History

    I remember him. He was surrounded by scandals. Surely the most scandal haunted president of all time. He brought a locker room atmosphere to the Oval Office. A blemish on its reputation it may never live down. I bet he also used locker room talk, which is so unforgivable that he should have been impeached for it. Then it got worse. See? He was so unbelievably unpresidential. Surely the United States will never see a president who is more unprofessional and undisciplined than that.
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    This Day In History

    Well, she sneaks around the world from Kiev to Carolina She's a sticky-fingered filcher, from Berlin down to Belize She'll take you for a ride on a slow boat to China Tell me, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
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    Things that make you sad.

    Both within two days? Ouch! I hope it wasn't something bad that took out both of them, although I guess I don't even know if that would be any worse or better. May you find comfort all the happy memories the three of you shared!
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    The Old Hack

    Things You Find Amusing

    I am so juvenile. I can't stop snickering at this.
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    Overdue update on Baker the cat: Baker has been through a lot since my last update. He's home, being fed through a tube by Mrs. Prof several times a day. He's also finally eating on his own to supplement the tube feeding. Mrs. Prof thought we were going to lose him at least once, but I reminded her of what the vet told us (especially when he found out we have pet insurance): Don't Give Up. Sure enough, Baker pulled through on the night in question and has improved steadily. He's now off his pain medication and back to climbing his cat exercise tree. The vet did blood work at yesterday's follow-up appointment and was very happy with what she saw. Baker's white blood cell count is getting back to normal, as are his BUN numbers. Other numbers are still slightly out of whack, forcing him to remain on some medications (ursodiol, for one). He's also going to get a booster dose of appetite stimulant. He'll be back in the vet in a week to have his abdominal stitches removed, then again a few weeks after that to have his feeding tube removed. All in all, we're not out of the woods yet, but we can at least see the highway from where we're standing. Attached picture is of Baker (feeding tube not visible) with Mrs. Prof in the background.
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    EGS Strip Slaying

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    OT14 as an actual tetrakaidecagon

    Transferring the current data (including the stuff suggested here and possibly some more suggested over on the Discord) from Dia into GraphViz allowed me to make use of its layout engines, rather than trying to lay it out myself. So, here's circo:
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    Last Post Wins

    Croquet mallets are all wood. Golf clubs are a mix of wood and iron. On the other hand, in Croquet there are times you can knock your opponent's ball off the playing field. In Golf, you need to wait for your opponent to drive his own ball into the rough. My opponents don't need to wait very long for that...
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    The Old Hack

    The Weather.

    Fucking polar vortex. And those anti-science morons claim that this is proof there is no global warming. On a related note, I just ate, so world hunger is over.
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    Note: overall, we're both glad we have very good pet insurance. Mrs. Prof took the prudent step to call and confirm Baker's coverage this morning. The agent on the phone said we are covered, thankfully. There's a $250 deductible, then everything is covered at 90%. We're already approaching (if not exceeding) $5,000 in real world charges for Baker, so this takes the sting out of that and makes decisions about his care much easier. We haven't had to say no to a procedure yet.
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    Eek! My heartfelt sympathies. My Pippin got into dark chocolate twice, xylitol gum once, and oatmeal raisin cookies once. Oh, and an entire pound of turkey once, and this was the dog with the shunt on a low-protein diet. A vet I know, her newly adopted dog ran out the front door and got hit by a car right in front of her. It can happen to anyone! The important thing is that she took good care of him and is taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. Pancreases are funny things, sometimes they go through bad stuff directly and are fine, sometimes you just look at them funny during surgery and they get inflamed. The section of gut where the pancreas is may have gotten folded up and pinched the wrong way, or they may have needed to make an incision in a place they couldn't help but handle it. I'm glad he's at a place he can get such good care, with ultrasound and 24-hour staff and all that. I'll be sending good wishes his way in hopes it's not too bad and he recovers soon!
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    I'm having a back procedure done today (radio ablation of the spinal nerves, L2-S5, left side) to help alleviate my chronic, severe back pain. I'll be in the hospital at about 8:00 a.m. CST and for a few hours afterward, if things go well. I'm hoping for no adverse side effects from this procedure, because there is at least one (a nasty, prolonged burning sensation of the affected area) that I definitely do not want. Please wish me health and luck through the procedure - I need all of both that I can get.
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    Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Omega I'm pretty certain is the form Grace used to fight Damien, yeah, there's spines on the tails, but judging by her dream, the spines are probably not from the Jeremy form or the legion form used against the goo. Omega form might also apply to the non-spikey "Shade Tail" form as well, the spines not actually adding to her power.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Meh, it's all Greek to me.
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    It IS the Executive Edition. It just went up in smoke.
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    NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Gosh, it's almost like someone has a prejudice against name-based affinities..... ;-)
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    Story Monday February 11, 2019

    We see most of... I'm pretty certain...her father. ... while technically true, we saw more from Noriko than from him. ... but yes, I should probably reread EGS soon, I'm starting to forget
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    It's been a week since my last post, and Baker continues to astound us with his progress. He has returned to his pre-thread-eating weight of 13.6 pounds and has, to a limited degree, resumed running through the house again. Last night was the first night that he broke out into a sprint, albeit a somewhat hampered one. He also showed interest in his laser pointer for the first time since all this began last night. He's eating more kibble, however he got into his housemate's kibble and wound up throwing up yesterday. Fortunately, there was no damage to his feeding tube. He's still being fed through the tube several times a day, and he's getting wily about feeding time - he runs off and tries to hide, even though he is docile during the actual feeding. His stitches are out, so now he just has a shaved tummy and some minor scabbing. He's also got a new feeding tube collar which Mrs. Prof mail-ordered. He's not too keen on it: he keeps scratching at it. The old one is in the wash, so he's stuck with this one until the old one dries. I'm watching him closely - right-side scratching is okay, but left-side ist verboten. His body has finally filled back out again, thanks to the weight gain. He was looking very gaunt when his weight was in the mid-12-pound region. You could feel the bones along his back and see that his face was very angular. Now, his face is round and full, and his back and shoulders/hips have some muscle on them again. His next trip to the vet will be Thursday of this week to determine when his feeding tube comes out. He may have to be weaned off of it, because even though he's eating kibble, he's not eating enough to sustain himself. All will be told at the vet's office.
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    Things That Are Just Annoying

    Anybody remember when postal workers actually got decent pay and benefits?
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    This Day In History

    You are a class A rat.
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    Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    It will get worse if you read even as far as the headline. Knowing who Roosh is is enough to make me not click it.
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    The Weather.

    Since it's that time:
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    This Day In History

    They say we're young, and we don't know; we won't find out until we grow. On February 2 in History... 880 - King Louis III of France is defeated in Saxony by the Great Heathen Army. If you're thinking I included this purely as an excuse to mention the giant pile of awesome that is the Great Heathen Army, you would be correct. 962 - Otto I is crowned Holy Roman Emperor. The first one in forty years, in fact, and under much pomp. Downplayed is the fact that no one really noticed the lack. 1536 - Buenos Aires is founded. Just a quick math note: Jamestown, often considered the first "American" colony, is still 71 years away. 1653 - New Amsterdam is founded. We know it now as New York. Why they changed it, I can't say; people just liked it better that way. 1848 - The U.S. and Mexico sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, a.k.a. the "Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic", a.k.a. the "Treaty of We're Taking Half Your Land and What Are You Going to do About It". 1876 - The National League of Major League Baseball is formed. With only 8 teams and the American League still 25 years away, playoffs remain slightly anticlimactic. 1887 - Americans come under the sway of one Punxsatawney Phil, a malevolent groundhog in small-town Pennsylvania who demands yearly festivals and sacrifice lest he hold pleasant weather hostage for an additional month and a half. 1925 - Dogsleds reach Nome, Alaska with diphtheria medication from Anchorage. The annual Iditarod commemorates this feat. Several Academy Award statuettes are...what? Animated? Oh, never mind. 1935 - Polygraph lie detector tests are accepted in U.S. court as evidence for the first time, leading to decades of lazy police work, false convictions and acquittals, and worst of all...contrived screenwriting. 1942 - The first acts of anti-Nazi resistance take place in Norway, protesting the inauguration of Vidkun Quisling. He is adamant that more people showed up to the latter than the former. 1952 - Park Geun-hye, future South Korean president, is born, though the numerous strings attached to her limbs make the process difficult for all involved. 1989 - The last Soviet armored column leaves Afghanistan, leading to decades of peace and prosperity for the region. They say we're young, and we don't know; we won't find out until we grow. On February 2 in History...
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    Story Friday February 1, 2019

    Very good point.
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    Story Friday February 1, 2019

    Didn't occur to me that Sam would assume he was a lesbian first, it makes sense though, but it's certainly not the case every time as we have Nanase and especially Justin as examples. This also sheds light on why he's been so secretive about being trans, everyone he knows already believes he's a lesbian and there was very mixed and unpleasant results with that, some of the people that reactive positively to Sam being a lesbian might have been doing so for the wrong reason ("Hur..lesbians are hot") and the ones that reacted negatively, even if they eventually accepted it, probably won't take Sam saying he's trans male any better.
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    NP Monday January 28, 2019

    Humility? From players? BWAHAHAHAHA! "Enough humility to ask" might not be THAT much.
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    Story, Wednesday January 30, 2019

    My thinking is that Ms Pompoms dislikes men so much she doesn't see why anybody (male or female) would want to be in a relationship with one.
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    Don Edwards

    The Weather.

    That is a perfectly acceptable outcome. And frankly I'd like to see us using less fossil fuels, particularly coal because it's so polluting. Oil and gas, my concern there is that they are also quite valuable for a variety of other uses, such as lubricants and chemical feedstocks; on the other hand I think we'll eventually find ways to efficiently synthesize them from air and water, possibly but not necessarily with the assistance of plants - and gasoline and diesel oil still have several rather large advantages over electricity for transportation, at least one of which I expect will continue indefinitely (because it's about the human-interface side of the technology).
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    NP Wednesday January 30, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-43 Slides and rubber tubes? This isn't a crypt, it is an ancient water park.
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    We know that Nanase's mother knows far more about magic, Tedd, Adrian Raven, and what Edward Vere's department at the FBI actually does than she has ever admitted to Nanase. She could have minimized contact between Edward and Nanase, instead she let Nanase become Tedd's tutor. She could have kept Nanase out of contact with Adrian just by sending her to the school on the other side of town, instead she let Nanase into his class where Adrian would take an interest in Nanase, just like he did with her and Noriko. We don't know why Nanase's mother does not appear to be an active practitioner of magic. But for what ever reason, she is encouraging (or at least allowing) Nanase to pursue those fields without actually acknowledging the effort. My guess for a long time has been that Mrs Kitsune is attempting to leave her daughter a way out of magic into a "normal" life. And her understanding of "Normal" does not include lesbian relationships. So how much of Mrs Kitsune's negative reaction to homosexuality is her genuine belief, and how much is a show to allow her daughter to be "Normal"? ? Having said all that, it seems that Nanase has long passed the point where exaggerated morality plays would be the most effective teaching tool.
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    Don Edwards

    NP Monday January 28, 2019

    I personally never saw a conflict between gamist and immersionist styles in RPGs. I usually did both, simultaneously. A character doesn't have just a class, he also has a particular role in the party which may differ from character to character and party to party, even if the classes and levels are identical. A minmaxer will maximize certain abilities available to the class, and define the character's role to fit; an immersionist will let the role develop and maximize the abilities needed for that role - the result is about the same, with a character whose abilities are well tuned to his precise role in the party. Where I saw a conflict was when the player had one idea of their character's role in the party, and another player tried to push them into a different role. (Note: D&D4E categorized classes into roles - but that isn't what I mean as those roles are FAR too general. As becomes apparent when one considers a large party. Your two Wizards will both be effective but in different ways. Your two Rogues will have different specialties. And so on. Your two Leaders, a Cleric and a Warlord, will be vastly different.)
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    This Day In History

    Yeah, I'd much rather see politicians attacked for their policies and prejudices, rather than for silly mistakes like believing a card handed to him by a teacher must have the correct spelling on it. Their actual policies, mind you, not sound-bite strawmen.
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    Pharaoh RutinTutin

    This Day In History

    Quite true. The man was no idiot. But his ability to make statements that could so easily be misconstrued out of context made George XLI look like a genius by comparison and made Johnny Carson's final years on The Tonight Show so much easier to write.
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    The Weather.

    It was probably in someone's cupholder in their car. I know I've forgotten drinks there. But pointing that out kinda steps on the joke in an unfriendly way.
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    Story Monday January 28, 2019

    I think since Sarah jumped to the conclusion that Adrian was Pandora's son, and Pandora had told Sarah that she was going to talk to him on Satruday, that Adrian was likely the wizard that Pandora was going to have remove the clog and that it was going to be done Saturday. Sarah certainly would have passed that info along to Grace and Tedd, and since Pandora was reset/refreshed on Friday, it'd be easy for Sarah to also conclude that Pandora never got the chance to do what she had planned. I think we only saw what, 1-2, 3-4(the blonde in the white shirt was seen in the previous link), 4 students aside from Ellen and Grace in the history class? What are the chances of it being one of them? Victor has been mentioned later so he already has reccurring character potential (also being named helps a bit), would he consider not answering Sam's inquiries about Grace a form of censorship? Maybe the people Sam asked were thinking that Sam liked Grace and was trying to build up the courage to ask her out. Wouldn't be the first time someone's done that. Well it has been over a week since the incident, Dan's also said he's going to address this again later and Sarah's talk with Adrian is something I really want to see, so it would seem likely that Sarah asked Adrian about the clog and was told that he had no clue where it was or how exactly to remove it. Do you think Adrian would has instructed Sarah to continue using her spell in the meantime to keep the ambient energy relatively low so that it'd be less likely to attract monsters?
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    Blood tests and ultrasound results are back for Baker. The diagnosis of severe pancreatitis has been confirmed, with his pancreas described as "angry" on the ultrasound. Pancreatic numbers were around 25, way above the zero-to-threeish normal range. No other problems were found in his abdomen. The doctors are now going to insert a feeding tube into Baker's neck so he can be fed liquids to prevent fatty liver development. They'll then send him home so that we can take care of him. They said they want him out and about, and no longer cooped up in a kennel. Fortunately, our other cat should avoid him just because of the odd smells. He's not out of the woods yet, but he'll be out of the hospital soon enough. Any step forward is an encouraging one.
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    Back procedure went off successfully. I'm dealing with some tightness and pain in the affected area, which I'm supposed to be treating with ice, but my cat is sleeping next to me and I don't want to disturb him, especially since he's caught an upper respiratory bug. (Both cats ill now - it never rains, but it pours.) I'm sitting still instead and letting the oxycodone take care of things.
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    Things that make you worried.

    As it happens, just a small leak in the cold water input. Been fixed.