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    In honor of Earth Day, I shall be spending this entire day on Earth.
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    2, that is to say two packets in the face. Get at least one half of a packet up the nose1. 1Rubber hose optional.
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    Dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's. And before that, Coq au Vin from Trader Joe's. Now I want to go eat there both to see the ceiling and to support a business with a sense of humor and the knowledge and willingness to play with the English language like that. :-)
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    In the story I'm familiar with, originally biblical but declared apocryphal by the Church in one of their big editing splurges, God created Adam and Lilith together, from the same materials at the same time. But when Lilith expected to be treated as an equal, Adam complained to God, who, instead of telling Adam to be a good husband and accept an equal companion, kicked out Lilith and made Eve out of spare parts with a message from day one that she was subservient to Adam.
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    A Tex-Mex place I like which has a totally original and unique special. Taco Tuesday. They have cartoon like paintings on the acoustic ceiling tiles. Today, I was intimidated by the message "Ceiling Cat is watching you masticate".
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    And the understatement of the month award goes to Professor Tomoe. Tell him what he's won John....
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    Oh Elliot. You want so badly to apologise but can't make yourself reopen an old wound. So you do all you can to show Tedd now how much you accept what he is. I think I love Elliot more now than I ever have before.
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    Warn her, apologize in advance, and let her know you appreciate her. In fact, even when everything is going great, let her know you appreciate her.
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    I thought it took a Constitutional Amendment to remove something that is already in the Constitution. Besides, the Preamble is the only part I ever memorized.
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    We can look at our own history to know that different cultures developed unique fighting styles with various weapons, and for europeans at one time, honorable combat involved both sides lining up their troops on the field. What Klingons used for weapons and how they fought would likely have worked for Klingons just fine. But comparing how a Klingon fights versus how a Human fights would be like that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones was confronted by a swordsman trying to be intimidating and Indy just pulls out a gun and shoots him.
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    I'm hoping this means that they're getting to the root of things rather than just going by rote.
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    This, @hkmaly, is how one parodies The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.
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    "Hello, would you be interested in my 1518-pages manifesto on why goatees are the best beard?" I don't think he has 1518-pages manifesto. I think he copied the look from Commander Spock.
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    The Pharoah should be an expert on old cloth...
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    I tweeted back at Dan that he should has just done it an not mentioned it until after the change blindness story is done, it was the perfect opportunity to do so and see if anyone noticed.
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    And that trope is a bit more credible for kids age 16+ than it is for, say, Linus Van Pelt.
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    Parrots are well known Divas. And the African Grey is the ultimate Prima Donna. If it weren't for the feathers, they would be cats.
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    Yes, that spot does seem to suit the cat quite well.
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    Meh. This is my preferred kind of catsuit.
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    And if you aren't actually trying to write unreadable code (and aren't writing in APL or Lisp) there are few things worse than to have some electrical-engineering calculations written in Cobol by a Fortran programmer and then patched into a Cobol program by a person who understands neither electrical engineering nor Fortran (and isn't all that great at Cobol either). Now add in that there's a suspected bug somewhere in that mess, and the person assigned to fix (not one of its creators) it is an immigrant whose skills as a Cobol programmer are sound but is unfortunately lacking skills in English. (She begged me for help. It took me all afternoon to figure out what those two pages of code were doing, then all the next morning to be confident I had deciphered it correctly. And even though I know almost nothing of electrical engineering, it looked wrong. So I sent my explanation of what it was doing to the clients, asking if it was correct. The next day I got a response back - the code was wrong and they provided the correct formula - and spent an hour writing a third of a page of straight Cobol to do the same calculation. I delivered that to the lady assigned, and she actually could understand it.) That was, oh, probably somewhere around 1995. Anyone just starting out in programming, take away this message: the MOST IMPORTANT audience for any given piece of code is NOT the compiler. It's the programmer who has to fix or alter that piece of code. You or someone else, in a few hours or in a few years. That person has to be able to read the code. If the code is readable, it can evaluated for correctness and can be fixed as needed. If it's unreadable, it can't be fixed and nobody can be confident that it's correct.
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    Luck, Prof, and please give our regards to Mrs. Prof. I hope things will improve soon.
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    I just like it because I am horribly nostalgic. There is this too:
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    Was closer to 6 hours, but seemed to have worked.
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    AD VICTORIAM If you ask, yes that's me looking at the Camera, and furthermore I'm dressed in Victory Regalia, you can guess why I am dressed like that.
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    Screw what other people think. I eat what I feel like when the time feels right.
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    Also, with the asking for Tedd to make it into a clone form, Elliot is implying "hey, I want to share this fun form with you too". While there's no harm in Elliot doing that, I would think that what Elliot told Tedd the day before was enough for Tedd to know that Elliot no longer thinks that way.
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    I don't know ... I'm afraid that if you put any more symbols on my page, it might spontaneously combust.
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    Spine doctors tend to be overworked. Think of all the politicians that have their spines surgically removed. That is a lot of work.
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    Also don't forget the alien probe that nearly destroyed the Earth because man had wiped out humpbacks.
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    Sure, but I meant that we shouldn't declare them to be a lost cause without really trying.
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    People who should know better and refuse to change would be represented by Rich, while those who are ignorant and confused but willing to learn would be better represented by Larry. There are a lot of both kinds in the world, but we shouldn't let the Riches' douchebaggery prevent us from trying to reach out to the Larrys.
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    On Windy City Live, Neil deGrasse Tyson just solved the whole conundrum. "Maybe aliens did come and visit Earth, but they just happened to accidentally show up during San Diego ComicCon."
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    Neil deGrasse Tyson just speculated, "Maybe aliens did visit Earth, but they just accidentally happened to show up during San Diego ComiCon." ETA And in Out-Of-Context-Quotes territory, in response to a question about time travel, he said "Bill and Tedd are real!" And spellchecker knows how to spell deGrasse! How cool is that?
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    For the first time in many years, I have an internet connected device that has a functional GPS. Remind me not to take it with me if and when I go on a crime spree.
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    We are having a thunderstorm. Oddly my body didn't give me any warning. No body aching and, thankfully, no migraine. Must not have had that much of a pressure change. Meh count this as a win.
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    I have never heard of a program's behavior called a rash before, but I can see it. Some thing very irritating but after a bit of time it either goes away or you get used to it. Then it comes back. Rinse and repeat.
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    The Red Dragon is the National Symbol of Wales. Your boss was insulting the third most interesting principality in Europe.
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    I suspect that if Heka went through with manipulating Pandora, and she discovered the deception, she wouldn't be able to kill Heka, but she could easily still be a thorn in his side while at the same time just being out of reach of any retailiation. Immortal law does seem to prevent Pandora from outright killing Heka, but Heka seemed confident that she would die by his will as well if she attempted to force her way past him so he's probably strong enough to do so, but then Tara was prepared to fight Voltaire and Edward said that odds were in favour of Wolf, Cranium, himself or any skilled magic user winning if an Immortal played fair or didn't have the safety of multiple planes of reality to retreat to. So it's possible that Heka doesn't have any advantage that negates Pandora from doing things to him from outside the physical plane. I will concede that it's not clear whether Heka can also travel to other planes of reality, but even if he can, I would expect Yakety Sax to be playing as he attempted to find Pandora.
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    Except for cockatoos, who would be bichon frise dogs. Very sweet little white things that want to be held and petted 24/7 and get neurotic if they can't be. ;-)
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    I'm half expecting the being before Pandora to turn out to be Noah Wyle or John Larroquette. Though I totally wouldn't be surprised if it was another Immortal and this form is something they like to use to greet visitors. This does go back to the theory that some Immortals vowed to maintain all knowledge in some form or another.
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    Well, I am back from my trip for my mother's funeral. While that itself was not the happiest thing in the world, there were some good times to be had and I can finally move on with my life. My uncle, with dementia, told us stories about his secret work for the government. On the way north, for about ten minutes while sitting on the tarmac at Newark, I got to see a ghostly silhouette of the Manhattan skyline through fog and rain. I believe this is all the New York City I need for this particular lifetime. Bought a pint of pure maple syrup and few pounds of assorted jerky produced at mom and pop operations near my hometown. The Syrup includes directions for how to save it if the syrup develops mold. If mold should form on the top of the syrup, it can be restored to nearly its normal flavor by reheating to the boiling point and skimming. The jerkies are made from venison, elk, buffalo (bison), pork, beef and hillbilly. No, really. I bought a pack of Hillbilly Beef Strips. The Peppered Elk strips are made with Elk and Pepper. The Pork Barbecue strips are made with pork and barbecue seasonings. The Maple Beef is made from beef and maple syrup. So this must mean that the Hillbilly Beef is made with Beef and Hillbillies. Right?
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    If you don't like him, he;ll grow on you. Like a fungus. An enthusiastic, boss and GM hybrid, rules-evoking alpha-geek sort of fungus.
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    Hawaiian Pizza(invented in Canada) That's right, I'm eating pizza with pineapple on it.
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    The reception and lunch following my mother's funeral was in the church fellowship hall. Several dishes were served and no one was openly offended by the offered fare. But one thing troubles me. It has troubled me since early childhood. There were deviled eggs on the buffet line. No matter the event. if food is being served someone at that church almost always brings deviled eggs. Don't get me wrong. I like deviled eggs. They were actually one of the first dishes I learned how to prepare on my own as a child. But it still feels wrong to have deviled eggs in church.