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    HEY! Be nice to the members of the Danish Parliament! You can't just... just... ...excuse me. I was trying to come up with a reason as to why you should be nice to them, but for some reason I came up with a complete blank.
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    Story Monday July 24, 2017

    I dunno, the way Pandora said "memoirs from my...previous self" and Disco Wizard's "Previous self? But magic last changed...." seemed to strongly imply that it was the life just before Pandora's current one. Compare that to when Pandora was talking to Sarah about the lie, Pandora said "Some earlier version of me" which would admittedly be very vague about which past life decided to pass on the lie to the next, could have been her previous life, could have been 5 lives back. Sarah seemed to has assumed previous life as well, but I don't think Pandora would even know what point the lie started to even try to correct Sarah, I doubt Pandora was in the mood to make any expositions about it either. I feel like saying "my previous self" as opposed to "a previous self" might be a big difference in context.
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    Page size is an important factor here. A paperback novel sized book is better one column per page. An 8.5x11 or larger handbook or text is usually better either two columns, or with lots of boxes and charts and graphics that break up the monotony. If a column of text gets too wide, then it's more difficult to track back from the end of one line and find where the beginning of the next is, instead of accidentally re-reading or skipping a line. It can be done, but it slows the reader down unnecessarily.
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    Story Friday August 4, 2017

    While I would be on board for Edward walking in on them as I don't want Tedd to continue hiding how she feels about Edward's reactions to her genderfluidity. I don't think that would happen after Dan had just gone through the trouble of adding an extra page to show us that Edward and Grace are still sleeping soundly. Keep in mind that Pandora's going to be talking to Adrian on Saturday, she's got all of Friday to deal with other things, she's got to have planned on chatting with several people throughout the day. Also, I did some colouring:
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    And then pounces upon them because dancing lesser beings are irresistible to cats. Lord Borwnie never plays for long before suddenly falling asleep. Much to the relief of the lesser beings.
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    Urgent request: Please read.

    Snifff. Sniff. I smell an upgrade. Yeah, got one.
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    Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    Once Tedd adds the FV5 beam to the wand, she's going to need to test it, to demonstrate how multiple spells in one wand works, right? So I wonder who is getting zapped, herself or Pandora? I think it's likely a little of both. He gets the drive to help people from his father, but due to him being half-immortal, he can't act directly in most situations, so he instead seeks others to train to act in his stead.
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    Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    Maplestrip made a comment on discord about this being the first time Tedd's been praised for changing sex and it got me wondering if Pandora's trying to build Tedd's confidence to be able to talk to Edward about being genderfluid? The way Pandora's going about teaching Tedd about his abilities seems so much different than how she taught Adrian, Panel 2 of the last page of the Legacy chapter shows Pandora looking like she's being very strict, very serious about training Adrian to be able to defend himself and such. My guess is she's realized that how she taught Adrian might have influenced how Adrian taught Edward and Noriko and how they turned out. I can see her wanting to make sure that didn't get perpetuated through Tedd.
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    Tedd's smile in panel 8 means the world to me. Pandora is actively encouraging and supporting Tedd. I know Grace tried to during the tournament, but she was limited by "magic in public = bad." Pandora's unconditional support really seems to help Tedd, and I might be too happy because of it?
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    The Old Hack

    What Are You Ingesting?

    Fair warning to everyone: the opening shots in World War Tea have been fired.
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    The Old Hack

    Story, Monday August 21, 2017

    Today's strip reminds me of a Darwin Awards tale... Upon seeing the officer, the would-be robber announced a holdup, and fired a few wild shots. The officer and a clerk promptly returned fire, covered by several customers who also drew their guns, thereby removing the confused criminal from the gene pool. No one else was hurt. From this it may be inferred that if you have to rob a gun store, you had better be the Terminator.
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    9:09 p.m. CDT 20170818. I am home, and I seem to be okay. I'm a bit sore, and I will be for 3-5 days until the cortisone kicks in on the proper nerve endings. Thanks for the good wishes. I'm going back to sleep for now.
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    Pandora's dilemma definitely reminds me of Ashildr, from Doctor Who, a Viking girl who became immortal sort of by accident. Infinite lifespan, finite memory. She started keeping a journal with the most important things in her life, to re-read when she had forgotten who she used to be. It filled a respectably-sized library in her home and spilled out into the halls the second time the Doctor encountered her. There were places pages were stained with tears, places where pages had been torn out because she wanted to forget what those pages held. But she only knew what was in the diary as something she had read about. One wonders whether someone like that could actually learn the important lessons in life, or whether they too would be forgotten along with the details of how they were learned. Apparently she could, though, because the person who the Doctor met at the end of the universe was very different from the girl he saved from dying. They did something visually similar with Methos's diary in Highlander, kept since writing was invented, with parts of the diary on papyrus scrolls and cuneiform tablets. In that series, however, Immortals have excellent memories so I never really got the impression Methos needed the diary. From what Pandora and the Emissary of Magic said, it sounds like an Immortal only passes along what the most recent incarnation chooses to pass along. There isn't an ever-growing library of mental tomes. Or, if there is, the older ones must be much harder to access than the most recent one. Perhaps they're nested, like a hard drive archive with files for a previous archive that contains a previous archive which contains the recovered files from a crash which contains.... Hmm, wasn't there an xkcd on that? ....yup, there sure is!
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    The Weather.

    There are times that I'm glad I don't have a TV. This sounds like one of them.
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    Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Unfortunately,I think you're going to have to share now. Also, I did it again:
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    Things You Find Amusing

    Doc and Roger work in that town. They need 101 members.
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    Thank you, thank you, good sir. Your moderatorly support has allowed me to hijack a forum thread to post the details of my screwed-up physical life, and everyone's support (yours definitely included) has given me the strength I've needed to go on when things looked most bleak. There will never be any way I can fully repay either, yet I hope that I can still count on everybody's support in the future when it's needed. In the fullest sense of the phrase, thank you, one and all.
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    The Old Hack

    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    *singing* If you're feline and you know it, groom your paw! If you're feline and you know it, groom your paw! If you're feline and you know it and you really want to show it If you're feline and you know it, groom your paw!
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    What Are You Watching?

    The Green Hornet, complete with Bruce Lee as Kato. "The Green Hornet and the Firebug" was the name of the episode, I think.
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    Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    This comic made me smile for that reason. It's just so sweet. The way Tedd blushes, that grin. I know exactly what Tedd is feeling there and it's just sooooooo good.
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    The Old Hack

    Story Friday July 21, 2017

    This is the attitude that promotes so much drivel with the justification that 'it is a good story.' Helicopters on the Moon (vacuum? what vacuum?), 'historical' fiction where lack of research and basic comprehension are handwaved with 'but in my world, it doesn't work that way' and sparkly vampires that attempt to replace romance and emotion with stalking, abuse and codependency. I am fully aware of the fact that one can make a good story based on "what if magic worked" or "what if J.F. Kennedy had shot Lee Harvey Oswald first" or the like. But merely because this is possible is not a license to ignore all facts, physical laws and historical events if one considers them inconvenient. The more you do so, the less convincing your work becomes until in the end it is the sheerest idiocy. Mind you, at times idiocy will sell quite well. That does not make it any less idiotic.
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    Story Monday July 24, 2017

    That's what makes it so weirdly endearing. I love the fact that her character combines genuine love and affection with a twisted view of the world and a need for excitement. It's a mess but it's one that I have to love.
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    Oh dear. This reminds me of an old story. I was in the kitchen getting a bottle of Coke from the fridge. My old Burmese Catso (on sight nicknamed 'Fatso' by my wife, and instantly changed into 'Catso' by me, and stuck with that for the rest of his life) was doing the 'rub against Daddy's legs for attention' thing. But somehow when I opened the bottle it let out a loud hiss and poor Catso instantly fled, looking horrified. "Oh no! Daddy is mad at me! What did I do?" I had to find the poor thing and coax him out from under my bed to reassure him. He was a very sweet-tempered and gentle cat. Just not terribly bright.
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    Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Wait. Not "suggest". "Imply" is the word I meant.
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    Out for 20 minutes with an hour and half recovery time is much better than out for 2 hours and 4+ hours recovery. Glad to hear that.
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    3:56 p.m. CDT 20170817. Whew. Just talked to Baylor Scott & White's Pain Management department and cleared up one rather big point. I'm not going to be unconscious for two hours tomorrow. I'm only going to be out for 20 minutes. I will be there for two hours, though, mostly in post-op as they make sure I'm in good shape after the procedure and don't have any spinal damage. It's still a scary thought, as tomorrow's 12:20 p.m. CDT appointment time approaches.
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    Story Monday August 14, 2017

    The simple fact that Immortals can lie to their future incarnations through these memoirs would imply they have some degree of control over what they pass on. If everything was automatically passed on in a proper death, then the lie would have been nigh-impossible to pull off(all it would have taken to break the lie is for an Immortal to check the memories after their elf child had a child) If an Immortal can choose what to pass on when they die, then they can leave out or generalize the more personal parts of their history if they so wish. Similar to how a human writing their memoirs can omit or alter details to be passed on to future generations. Also, we've seen that an Immortal has to actively reference the memoirs to get the information from them. They don't automatically know the contents. Though likely some information is automatically known after a proper death, otherwise the new Immortal wouldn't know how to reference the memoirs, as we saw when H&D didn't know how to reference their ancestral memories after an improper death.
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    Well, she accepted it, as long as it came from a nurse. We're switching back to 4x a day dosing, though. 4am/10am/4pm/10pm, if it works, 15mg per dose. That'll start tomorrow, because I've already taken my 20mg dose for this morning. Quite frankly, the nurse was perplexed at why I wasn't taking the full dose. I didn't get a chance to explain Mrs. Prof's paranoia over the whole thing. Besides, I'm only going to be at that level for two days prior to the procedure. I'm more scared over the procedure than I am over the medication, to be honest. She doesn't seem to be worried at all over the procedure.
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    Things That Make You Happy

    I just finished the writing of the Edge of Imperial Space Player's Handbook. Doing my first real proof read and will be giving it to my editor "soon". Because she wants it in dead tree form, I've got to get my laser printer first, but that's on track for right after I move, assuming no hidden costs in moving. Now I've got to really crack down on doing the fiddly bits that go in the referee's guide.
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    Mrs. Prof caught a good shot of Baker and Loudmouth on a cat tree: Baker is up in the tree, while Loudmouth is sitting on the carpet below. Loudmouth would be so mellow if Baker would just let him be ...
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    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Well, whatever it was, I calmed Loudmouth down with a good ten-minute-long nuzzling session (him doing the nuzzling, not me). Mrs. Prof and I agree: Loudmouth's probably the equivalent of an old geezer—like me—and, like me, he can't stand this darned kid chasing him around on the lawn.
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    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Maybe it is short for "Makes me feel like a dumbass trying to capture him"
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    Found more bed pee, this time on Loudmouth's mattress. Don't know when it happened, but Mrs. Prof thinks he did it right after she prevented him from making a dash outside. He was pretty pissed at her (hands /me the list). I got him to calm down and slow blink at me. BTW, on the subject of nuzzling, Mrs. Prof says she's never got Loudmouth to nuzzle her. Then again, Baker is really her cat, while Loudmouth is turning out to be mine, affection-wise.
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    What are you learning?

    This weekend I learned how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel. My first attempt was, of course, inconsistent and sloppy. I am told that the result is "art yarn" and that people actually pay big bucks for handspun art yarn. The thick and thin bits, the not very well twisted sections, all of that is seen as a plus in some circles. I also got to make a frit glass piece which is a dark blue background with glow-under-UV flecks and slightly larger stars, to make it look like a night sky. There's also a paw print in there, but it's black on a dark background, so you can only see it if you know it's there. Made an Arduino robot, but it didn't work and they ran out of time trying to diagnose why, so I'll have to bring it to the next con that the Blinkies guys come to. www.2Dkits.com is the main source for their various soldering projects, and the guys who make the kits were there. The robot, which is supposed to be controllable via bluetooth by a smart phone, was a new product, and they wee revising the instructions as we built them and they discovered what was missing and what worked better done a different way. Also did chain maille jewelry, which was fun but is likely too fiddling for me to take up as a regular hobby. Then again, it's fairly simple and repetitive, migt be good to do while watching TV. I got some extra rings and figure if I use them up, then it mightbe worth ordering some rings myself. Double-pointed needles for knitting. You can knit tubes, like socks, arm-warmers, and daleks, but they're rather fiddly and get in each others' way. Haven't done enough DPN or enough circular needle knitting to know which I like better yet. I signed up to build a bat house, but was so busy with other stuff I never got around to it, so they sent the kit home with me.
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    The Weather.

    Thanks, but I don't need it right now. If you want to give to the Red Cross. I'm good.
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    Sounds like a very productive appointment, with at least reason to be optimistic that you will finally get the help you should have gotten from the start! Hooray! I'm always amazed how many medications have widely varying uses and effects. There's a wonderfully effective anti-vomiting drug which Ih have learned is also good for both pain and coughing. there's a med good for nerve pain, storm phobias, and anti-epileptic. Even valium, given I V to a cat, can stimulate the appetite!
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    The Old Hack


    I still hold to my theory that Brownie is secretly Lord Brownie, ruler of this entire dimension and secretly the one that pulls all the strings (of yarn) on which all lesser beings dance.
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    That wand made a lot more noise, I wonder if it was enough to carry upstairs? It still feels like Tedd's dad waking up and coming in should happen at some point. Maybe not this visit, maybe another night, but before the night of Hell Rains Down seems more appropriate. Only question is whether he'd come in wand blazing at the very idea of an immortal with his son, or whether he'll pause on the stairs long enough to overhear the conversation, perhaps just as Tedd is explaining that he doesn't want to tell his dad and why. I can definitely picture Edward hearing that, and quietly backing up the steps again, needing time to digest this new information. Hopefully not leading up to a tearful deathbed forgiveness for one of them.... :-P
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    You do sound more together! I hope it continues and that you can be an active participant in your appointment. I think you've put up with the Lyrica's effects better than I would have, but then again I don't have a Mrs. Prof to help me if I were to fall apart. Here's hoping the pain management guru knows what to try next to get a more reasonable yet effective response! *hugs*
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    The Old Hack

    Loudmouth's Journey Inside

    Loudmouth is such a beautiful cat. Please tell Mrs. Prof that both I and my wife think so.
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    That is a little drastic. My wife merely instructs me to go sleep in another room when this becomes a problem.
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    So Ellen was shocked that a significant number of respondents were left in a more confused state by the explanations? And then she merrily FV5's herself and runs off panel? ... I've seen this public speaking strategy before. "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull." - W. C. Fields
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    As for the "Teaching Style"? Tedd knows a lot of the basics of magic, although much of that was learned in a non traditional manner. And the magic Tedd does have doesn't work like the magic of most other spellcasters. So a significant portion of the normal basic training would be redundant or useless anyway. Also, much of what Pandora has done so far isn't really teaching as much as telling Tedd, "This is something you can do. Now do it." Is this the point when Edward walks in unexpectedly?
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    The polite vampire is such a rarity these days. *sigh*
  45. 2 points
    No pain medication ladder needed today. I suspect that the minor amount of rain we had this morning is related to this.
  46. 2 points

    Story Monday July 24, 2017

    As opposed to Emperor Norton I....
  47. 2 points

    Story Monday July 24, 2017

    It's better than bad, it's GOOD!
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    What Are You Ingesting?

    I made kettle corn "from scratch". Assuming I have enough sugar in the house at the time of making, that will be my pop corn of choice for a while.
  49. 2 points

    What Are You Ingesting?

    Bailiff, whack that comment with a large mallard duck.
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    Finally, we have a short (and I do mean short) video on my YouTube channel of Loudmouth and Baker, filmed and narrated by Mrs. Prof! Here's the link: