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    Matoyak reacted to Arcanimus in Who else thinks Magic is a d*ck?   
    I'm fairly certain magic is actually a duck. A certain demonic duck.
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    Matoyak reacted to Drasvin in Story: Wed, Aug 10, 2016   
    This comic also reveals an interesting tidbit about Immortal law. They're not allowed to directly depower.
    The energy clog is empowering Moperville. Nothing about Immortal law as we know it says they have to stick to empowering people.
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    Matoyak reacted to Wanderer in EGS Strip Slaying   

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    Matoyak reacted to CritterKeeper in Story: Monday, August 8, 2016   
    I think you meant to link to this comic.
    I don't think Magic can do "anything."  Best analogy might be a mosquito or biting fly.  A horse is a lot bigger and stronger than a biting fly, but they can't see them well enough and move fast enough to bite them, and they may not be able to swat the fly hard enough with their tail to kill it.  They can't invent a tiny cannon capable of shooting down just that one fly, nor can they build a box and lure the fly inside -- they are limited in what they can do.  But a lot of animals will deal with one persistent biting fly by rolling in mud, thus caking their skin and blocking not only that one individual insect but also all the other flies, mosqutoes, gnats, etc. in the area.  The system change is going from bare furred flesh they can get to easily, to mud-caked skin the insects have a hard time finding a way to get through.  I'm sure if enough critters stayed caked in mud long enough, so that it became the usual, then the insects would evolve ways to deal with the change; likewise, humans will eventually figure out how a new magic system works, but in the short term, they'll be at a severe disadvantage compared to now.
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    Matoyak reacted to Avistew in Story: Monday, August 8, 2016   
    I was confused for the same reason. I didn't read "child-like" as "looking like a child" but "childish". I was confused why Pandora thought he meant "looking like a child" at first.
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    Matoyak got a reaction from Ser Pentrose in Story: Monday, August 8, 2016   
    Is Disco Wizard Greg?
    Also, Child-Like doesn't only have physical implications. I was confused by the last few panels due to this, as I assumed it meant mentally child-like, which Pandora def qualifies as having.
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    Matoyak reacted to mlooney in Discussions regarding Pacing, Scheduling and Fanservice   
    Come on Dan, post some cute and/or amusing comics.  I really need them today.
    ObWebGeek I'm not quite sure I fully follow the logic this editor uses when it "cleans up" HTML. It moved the underline to out of the red span. Weird. Also if you have an out of place close, it helpfully assumes you mean to turn on that flag for the rest of the message, instead of nuking the bad close. I've got about half a mind to start doing my messages in SeaMonkey's composer and just dropping the HTML into a source box. This editor is just good enough to be frustrating.
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    Matoyak reacted to tuoteg in Story: Monday July 25, 2016   
    I'm wondering if the Disco Wizard might have made a mistake here. If he is aware enough of Grace's dreams to have identified Pandora's intrusion so quickly. It would seem to me that he would have no problem remaining hidden in Grace's dreams from Pandora. But now he has shown himself and removed all doubt for Pandora about who or what has been feeding information to Grace.
    It is common tactic to provoke an enemy to see exactly how they will respond. Did the Disco Wizard just stumble into Pandora's trap here?
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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in Story: Monday July 18, 2016   
    The Moderator: 'Leninade' was one of the posters who made the environment so very toxic in the old days. I have renewed his permaban and will request of the admins that they do not allow him to register a new account.
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    Matoyak reacted to Drachefly in Story: Monday July 18, 2016   
    Mary Sue does not apply to any of the immortal characters.
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    Matoyak reacted to mlooney in Story: Thursday, July 14, 2016   
    There is no canon evidence that Abraham was alive during the Pandora Blaike romance.  The fact that Blaike died facing a beast does not automatically make the beast Abraham's noble friend in werewolf form.  For all we know it was another magical lion bear.  Or for that matter just a really big normal brown bear aka a Grizzly bear.  Even European Brown bears get big enough to be a major threat to one armed person and a handful of unarmed people.
    One thing I'm some what twitchy about EGS fandom is it's habit of assuming that "new" character or monsters don't happen.  There was a beast, it must have been Abraham's noble friend or the beast created by the diamond.  We have seen 2 non related to any known monsters in the Pandora back story, that being the dragon and magical lion bear.  No need to drag all the plot lines together just to make for a smaller cast.  Some times you can have a one shot monster or spear carrier.  This might be the dungeon master in me talking, but not every encounter is with one of the story line's is with the parties arch enemy  or his minions.  Some times a random encounter is just a random encounter.
    Another example is who is Greg's new girlfriend?  There is no reason it's a person we have meet.  Moperville is fairly large town, large enough to support two high schools with multi thousand count student bodies.  The odds of Greg's new GF being one of the maybe 20 people we know are rather slim.  And it's not like Dan doesn't like drawing one off or low usage characters.  See "Good Tom and his girl friend" for example they have been it two comics, total each,  and only one of those had both of them together.
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    Matoyak reacted to banneret in Things You Only Noticed On Reread   
    In retrospect, that is a deuced unlikely ban. Women's clothing is probably sold at the majority of the outlets in the mall, which are always spread out geographically. He would have to be banned from stores specifically catering to women, and the women's sections of stores which provide clothing to men as well. Not all stores have the resources to keep a list of banned customers, and few malls have enough security staff to enforce a mall-wide ban, much less one dealing with a subset of the establishments within. Anyway, I very much doubt Dan will revisit the gag, for it was from an early phase of the comic and it wasn't well executed.
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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in Story: Thursday, July 14, 2016   
    I disagree. What makes for a hero isn't success or failure but the act of entering danger in order to protect others, if need be at the price of one's own life. A fireman who is killed the first time he enters action is still a hero.
    I fully agree with the tragic part, mind you. *sigh*
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    Matoyak reacted to mlooney in Story: Monday July 11, 2016   
    Adrian being up tight about grammar is canon
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    Matoyak reacted to Kazzellin in Story: Monday July 11, 2016   
    I'm not inclined to think its a case of "may not" - Adrian Raven strikes me as someone who tends to be rather precise with his speech; he'd have to be, to keep Pandora from playing around with double meanings/homophones, and we know she would, if only for amusement. If Adrain said half immortals "can not" than that's precisely what he means - they lack the ability to do so. 
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    Matoyak reacted to CritterKeeper in What Should Diana's Mark Be?   
    Um, I don't really understand what that means.  Metal?  Are they putting gold leaf in their flags?  Stitching metal daggars to the cloth?  Are they saying you can only have a black or white background, rather than, say, blue on red, or green on yellow?
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    Matoyak got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story Friday July 8, 2016   
    I think the implication was the other way 'round. That she was the one who pressured or tricked or forced him. I don't think either is at all likely.
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    Matoyak reacted to mlooney in NP: Friday, July 8, 2016   
    Just for the record, Red Pandas are called, some times, Fire foxes.
    They don't need any help in being adorable.

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    Matoyak reacted to Avistew in Story Friday July 8, 2016   
    I got the impression that she cared about him not getting hurt because she had started to like him, not because she cared that much about everyone.
    Either way, I'm rooting for them. They're already cute together. I hope Adrian's father is going to fall in love with her too and not something darker, but with this comic things don't usually get very dark, they mostly get very cute, so I'm not too worried.
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    Matoyak reacted to mlooney in NP: Friday, July 8, 2016   
    Glasses can and are being made to be shell fragment proof today and are standard issue to combat troops on the US Army.
    Give Corning a few more years to tweak Gorilla Glass and the glass part of your face is going to be the unbreakable part, unlike that crunchy bone bits.
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    Matoyak reacted to Drasvin in NP: Friday, July 1, 2016   
    The only reason we see tiny DLC these days is because digital distribution is cheap enough and easy enough to allow for that business model. Before digital distribution, the cost of printing the content to disk and shipping it to stores, on top of the costs to develop the content, would have required a price point too high for gamers to be willing to pay for such a small amount of content. So the companies would have to create enough content to stuff onto the disk to justify the cost of making the disk.So if one of the developers came up with a really cool idea for a few additional missions after the product has already been sent to the printers, that idea will get discarded unless they can find enough crud to pad out the space on a disk. Digital distribution and DLC allows for small concept additions, as well as for concepts and content that didn't make it in the original product due to time and/or budget restrictions.
    The tabletop business has similar concerns. Splat books need a large-ish amount of content to justify the price to cover the printing and shipping costs. Though, as mlooney mentioned, some tabletop companies are taking advantage of digital distribution to allow for smaller content releases. I've seen a pdf full of story seeds (just the ideas and concepts of stories to get you started) for a few dollars, though admittedly it was dozens, if not, a hundred or so story seeds. Something that's nice to have if one is experiencing writer's block, but largely unneeded otherwise. Tabletop RPG's even have an equivalent to cosmetic DLC: miniatures. They're largely unneeded though can be really nice to have. Miniatures can help with immersion for some people, though the same could be said for cosmetic items in a CRPG. It's even technically possible nowadays to get miniatures through digital distribution, though that requires you to have access to the equipment for 3d printing.
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    Matoyak got a reaction from Danny Beans in Discussions regarding Pacing, Scheduling and Fanservice   
    As someone who tends to be slightly turned off by the Jessica Rabbit body type, I'm also relatively happy with this month.
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    Matoyak reacted to hkmaly in Pinup: Saturday, July 2, 2016 (f elliot x f tedd)   
    Is this another dream where Tedd advises Elliot about his live life?
    Funny how we ended with two cases of "characters being more sexy than (supposedly) told to" this month.
    The relief from not having four breasts more than compensates the annoyance of not being cat girl.
    Actually, I think Rhoda interrupted them little too early for that ...
    ... well, two boys kissing girls can't be gay, right?
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    Matoyak reacted to Danny Beans in Discussions regarding Pacing, Scheduling and Fanservice   
    On the subject of fanservice:
    I must say, I like this month's pinups a lot more than I have in a while.  Not being a fan of the Jessica Rabbit body type, it's nice to see everyone with their own proportions.  (And I know that puts me in the minority - these are chosen by vote, after all - so please don't construe this as a complaint about other months.  I'm just very happy with the way the voting turned out this time.)
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in NP, Monday June 20, 2016   
    Yeah, I'm not sure what version it's at right now.
    And download the app rather than use the browser based version, the app has more features and the browser version doesn't like being unfocused