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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Story Friday April 15, 2016   
    And Grace is too perfect for Tedd if you want to go that route. She shows up on Tedd's doorstep out of the blue, isn't phased by Tedd's snarkiness. Knows Tedd better than he knows himself, is interested in the same stuff he is, and encourages his scientific research. The only thing that makes her not some evil spy is the fact that Edward knows her history.
    Nanase and Ellen, while they've had that one fight over hair. They've been pretty much inseparable, you could say they're perfect for each other as well. Why is it when Elliot finds someone he clicks with it must be someone who's intent is to use him?
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story Friday April 15, 2016   
    Ashley comes off as relatively normal, if surprisingly open minded.
    if anybody's impossible it's Elliot. the only reason he's not a mary sue is he has internally consistent limits, and his 'too perfect' personality and history are balanced out by his becoming a walking doormat around certain types of people.
    case in point most people will never have even one amicable breakup, he's had two, and is still close with both his exes. how do you even DO that?!
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story Friday April 15, 2016   
    He's not THAT creepy. the 'mind control creature' thing has been something I've been reading about since i was 10 (Animorphs), It's long since lost it's creepiness. and other than having fingers for eyebrows being a bit on the weird side, there's not actually that much visually thats all that disturbing about him.
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    Matoyak got a reaction from SeriousJupiter in Story: Wednesday, April 13, 2016   
    It sounds the opposite to me...
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    Matoyak reacted to AFNB in EGS Strip Slaying   
    Mkay, uploading a few of my old ones that I seem to remember being popular:

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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Things You Only Noticed On Reread   
    It was I think one of the first things people thought when they saw it, I still don't think that's the case and that there's a real world explanation for it, but it hasn't stopped people from speculating.
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Sketchbook: April 12, 2016   
    Very cute. And yet, I'm sadden that there isn't a 3 character pinup category on Dan's patreon.
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    Okay, I suppose you have a point there, but if the situation were that desperate i would expect more active effort towards recruiting individuals known to have powers. to go with your superhero metaphor, where's the JLU? The kids have been seen saving the day, it's shown up online and on tv, some of the incidents are weeks or months old at this point, DGB supposedly keeps tabs on them, and Susan has experience 'hunting' yet there hasn't been a peep in canon.
    I dunno, maybe refusing to accept Xeno's theories is just me being cynical or stubborn, but they're full of holes and what if's, and every answer I've been hearing to those holes just raises more questions...
    It just doesn't add up for me. I know there's nothing concrete, but at-least to me, It makes more sense for it to be false than true.
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    Matoyak reacted to Maplestrip in A new Which EGS Character Are You quiz   
    It needs to be well balanced. It's fine not to give a score on every question for every character, but your chance of randomly getting any character should be approximately equal, or so I would feel. It would take some math...
    Actually, I don't even know if that's a rule for this kind of thing - that's really just the game design-aficionado in me talking. 
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    perhaps because the roundabouts way of revealing the twins similar birthdays wouldn't work if he didn't? the cast said it themselves, how many people would actually remember the time they were born?
    why is everyone so hung up on egg-theory relatives anyway? while the hidden relative thing works for a few (well, just the twins in my eyes, but whatever), for several of them, particularly Noah, they actually work better if they're NOT related to that many of the other cast members. noah's back story works fine as it is, but him having additional family just raises the question of why he didn't track them down to ask for help during his whole revenge kick. If he had a parent who wasn't dead, it's conceivable he would have tried, but there isn't even a hint of that.
    It doesn't actually fill any plotholes, the only important question it would answer would be in a lackluster way, it actually adds a few new plotholes, and it weakens the characterization of the existing cast.
    It's newbie-fanfic-level bad writing, it takes away more than it adds.
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    Matoyak reacted to Don Edwards in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    No, that page and the previous would require no changes if Damien both parents, or only one. (and the next page - ??? )  His post-Swedekea conversation with Elliot says that both are dead, but nothing that indicates when or how either of them died.
    On another note, don't forget that Noriko stayed with Edward and Tedd long enough that Tedd has some memory of being a great disappointment to her. That says to me he was probably at least three or four years old when she left. I seriously don't see Edward telling his preschool son "your mother left because you are such a disappointment".
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Sketchbook: April 7, 2016   
    Nope. Never heard of it before.
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    Matoyak reacted to RainbowWizard in Story: Friday April 8, 2016   
    Edward: You guys have the weirdest questions. First zombies, now this... And it's not my secret to tell. Ask Susan.
    (I may be forgetting how Mr E... Oh goddamnit his name is Mystery Verres. Headdesk. In any case, forgetting how he speaks)
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    Matoyak reacted to CritterKeeper in Story: Friday April 8, 2016   
    Even if her mom is her birth mom, it's still an awfully important secret to keep from Susan, that she has a sister, a twin, and for some reason they not only separated them, but never told either of them about the other!  They stole an incredibly important relationship from her, years and closeness which can never be reclaimed, and I have a very difficult time coming up with any sort of adequate justification for doing that to both of them.  Her mom would have been lying to her her whole life.  That sort of revelation irrevocably damages a relationship, and she'll never look at her mom the same way again.
    (By the way, folks, let's be careful about using terms like "real mom" in our discussions.  If you have to make a distinction, use "birth mother" and "adoptive mother" or something else descriptive rather than judgemental.  We try hard to use the right terminology in regards to gender, sexuality, and identity; we should show the same sensitivity and accuracy here.)
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    Matoyak reacted to partner555 in Story: Friday April 8, 2016   
    I dread how the conversation with Edward will go.
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    Matoyak reacted to Xenophon Hendrix in Story: Friday April 8, 2016   
    I believe Elliot is assuming that Edward and DGB have done background checks on all of Tedd's friends who are in the know about the paranormal. Way back in one of the early comics Tedd warned Elliot that their phone conversations probably were bugged.
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    If it is, than they've got one job and they're failing it. badly. Neither is even slightly funny.
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Is EGS:NP becoming too important?   
    I think it'd be kinda both, Dan could have done "Squirrel Prophet">"Playing with Dolls">"So a date"> then have "Question Mark" after that either making it clear that it happened during the "Playing with Dolls" and "So a Date" arcs, or state that it happened later in the timeline. Either way we wouldn't likely have seen "Question Mark" until at least the end of 2016.
    My point mainly was that the NP allowed Dan to show us how characters not in the main story are developing, and also lets him create canon stories that fit in any time jumps in the main story, like the MV5 story.
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    Matoyak reacted to Wildcat in Story: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   
    These are all possible of course, but none of these characters look at all asian.
    I also dislike tying them back in like that thematically. They all have reasons to be there already, it kinda decreases the depth and breadth of the world instead of increasing it by making things spiral more closely around Noriko. As it is, Noriko's family is important and likely a driving force to the story, but not the only thing that's important.
    I'd much rather see a new character fill the role, or have it turn out to be a minor character. Though I don't think there's any minor characters currently that fit.
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    Matoyak got a reaction from InfiniteRemnant in Story: Friday, April 1st 2016   
    That's my thoughts on this as well. I think the chances of Carol having magic are very very low. But eh, with EGS it's hard to know.
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in Story: Friday, April 1st 2016   
    Which is something I do, and I've seen other people do, to calm down when in a stressful situation. She just lost a shot at would have been a good story, i think that counts as stressful. and the interview idea could just be her desperate attempt to salvage the situation.
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    Matoyak reacted to Vorlonagent in Story: Friday, April 1st 2016   
    My personal opinion is it's a long shot that Carol is even Marked, really long for her to be a magician who is aware of magic and has spells...
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    Matoyak reacted to InfiniteRemnant in We Begin Anew!   
    A quick and dirty stopgap fix, would be to go through the boards code and replace all instances of white text with light gray. The bits that are on black & dark blue backgrounds would still be clearly visible, but the ones on light/white backgrounds would just be faint instead of completely invisible.
    Cause the edit screen isn't the only place this site missuses white text. Go to someone's profile and hit [CTRL] [A], you'll see words appear outa nowhere for an example most people probably missed.
    It's not perfect but it's better than what we have.
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    Matoyak reacted to showler in Story: 2016, April 4th (Monday)   
    On a topic other than phone integration, Tara memorizing the configuration of the trees is another level of badass for her.
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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in NP, Monday April 4, 2016   
    Don't. Just... don't. When people have had a very bad experience with something, the last thing they need is someone telling them that it isn't all bad just because they had their lives badly damaged or ruined. Trust me on this.