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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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    Did Elliot and Sarah spend this much time talking to each other while they were dating?
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    Bugger. Keep us posted, okay? I don't trust that damn thing. With our luck you will soon have cultists beating down the door to have their dishes done.
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    Yeah, between Siegi's, Perry's Meats, the weird guy that makes "novelty" sausages for Reasor's and Hebert's Specialty Meats (a Cajun place) we do have a lot of good sausage makers in town. About half of the BBQ places in Tulsa make their hot links and sausages that they then do a hot smoke treatment to. So, yeah, we have "Secret Sausages."
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    Thank you for your report, citizen. The Illuminati will be contacting you shortly. Please do not attempt to leave your domicile, as our snipers can drop you at any time. Have a nice day.
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    You live in one of the secret sausage Shangri-Las of the Americas. Recognize your luck in that matter.
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    Of course, in some parts of Europe, Pi Day is observed on July 22.
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    The faction I start with does make some fast ships and have a sort of sleek supercar look about them. As far as more than one ship, yeah, that's a given. My "permanent" character did the "career" missions and ended up 8 or 9 ships, plus two that were deliberately destroyed as part of training.
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    Clearly Signor Mlunatico is keeping busy. Maybe you should suggest to him that he should slow down a little, try an MMO or EVE Online or something.
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    I mainly just talk about my experiences playing in Eve.
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    That explains everything! Eh, I'm a little surprised to find that I am interested, at least in the process Dan went through to come up with the little forewarned guy. :-)
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    Not a patina in Clodsworth. Some futuristic tech he has. Mee moo.
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    Is the coverup Edward planned still necessary?
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    Day one of the tournament and I have already lost the perfect sheet. Kansas State has denied me of my chance at that most elusive of all prognostications. Not likely. I have filed the paperwork with an accredited institution. This process is recognized as a University club under the supervision of the Art department. Welcome to Bracket Weaving.
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    You need to be careful, Pharaoh. If you keep this up, you risk getting charged with bracketeering.
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    Possibly if Tensaided hits on him in Cheerleadra form, though considering that Tensaided now knows Elliot's secret (unless of course Edward's plan convinces him and if Susan didn't say anything to confirm it) Elliot may have other reasons to avoid Tensaided
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    Well ... how long ago he read his spellbook? He may already have Star Power upgrade to Cheerleadra ...
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    Make sense to me. Isn't the standard procedure to blame Tedd any way? Are you saying that Elliot is FTL capable?
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    You are stepping on my territory lady. I'm the one that Doesn't Do Video Games. :-) I'm Spartacus!