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    Matoyak reacted to Drasvin in Story, Wednesday March 28, 2018   
    ...I'm not sure. On one hand, I hope that he learned his lesson to adhere to the spirit of his vows instead of the letter of them. On the other hand, Abraham has shown himself to not be that good at thinking through his actions.
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Story, Wednesday March 28, 2018   
    Ooooooh....I just realized something else.
    When Abraham tried to kill our Ellen, Nanase convinced him to swear not to hurt her. Abraham's exact words were "I solemnly swear to never harm Ellen Dunkel". What do you all think Abraham might think if he walked in thinking Magus was a threat only to find out his name is Ellen Dunkel?
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    Matoyak got a reaction from Servant of Tara Gilesbie in Story Monday March 26 2018   

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    Matoyak got a reaction from Servant of Tara Gilesbie in Story Monday March 26 2018   

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    Matoyak reacted to ProfessorTomoe in Story Monday October 9, 2017   
    It sounds much, much closer to OCD than it does an allergy, I believe.
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    Matoyak reacted to TamarTree in EGS Strip Slaying   

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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017   
    I am not... quite certain this is how it works. At the very least that is oversimplifying it. Admittedly pain is a potent motivator, teacher and protector but it is possible to get too much of it. Mental traumas may result if it comes in the form of abuse, particularly systematic abuse. One of these is sociopathy which is noted specifically for its complete lack of empathy with others.
    That being said, there is something to it. For many people it becomes easier to empathise with a particular sort of pain once it has been placed in a perspective where they can understand it. Humans have different methods of doing so. To mention the three main ones there is experiencing the pain yourself, directly observing others experience that pain and through study learning the nature of that pain and how it acts on those who suffer from it.
    Of course, the very simplest way of shutting down that empathy is to convince a person that the ones experiencing the pain are not actually people. Once this has been accomplished, it is amazing with just how much stoicism people may endure pain and wrongs not done to themselves.
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017   
    I don't think it's really new to her either, just that she had buried it for a while, empathy would have made her reset when she turned 200, but she pushed it aside because she was afraid of the idea of "total abandonment of self".
    It's kind of ironic really, because what Pandora ended up becoming over the years was not the same person that spent 16 years of her life with Blaike. That Pandora has just recently returned to the foreground.
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    Matoyak reacted to Nayl in Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017   
    I think it closes the loop on the internal dialogue with what amounts to a decision by all of Pandora, not just the two subsets represented by Empathy and Chaos.  If you track the sequence, when Tedd leaves, the dialogue starts as Empathy appears, followed by Chaos.  What's particularly fine about this whole sequence is that it combines aspects of multiple personalities and the devil/angel-on-your-shoulders trope without being limited by either conceit.  What I came away with was the sense that this is an abstract representation of Pandora's inner process, what the roiling, unstable emotional core of her looks like when it looks inward.  Empathy and Chaos are not at war, they are having a discussion, indeed, they finish each others sentences at a few points.  The shift back to Pandora actual at the end signifies resolution and decision in a very neat, show you don't tell you way that adds dimension and tone to what is being conveyed.  
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Story Friday August 18, 2017   
    Well yeah, I would imagine that after a while Pandora would again get to the point where her power and knowledge will result if boredom, and it's quite possible she could then do another "refresh"
    I don't think that the reason that Immortals decided to go the route of "abandonment of self" style reset because it was risky to do otherwise. They probably decided to do it so they didn't have to carry any emotional burdens throughout their lives. Pandora is a good example, she fell in love with Blaike who then was killed later, she could have reset and her next life wouldn't have to mourn at all. Maybe most Immortals chose to avoid getting emotionally involved with mortals because it would be too much temptation to not reset, but at the same time, living as long as they can and having everyone they ever cared about live, grow old, and die would probably still take it's toll on them despite "refreshing" their power.
    So it's really a matter of "Go insane with boredom and power?" or "go into a depression over everyone you've ever cared about dying which might probably lead you to just resetting completely anyway?" Immortals probably figured just reset anyway and avoid both situations.
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    Matoyak got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story, Friday June 23, 2017   
    The coloring alone would be enough for most, I feel. "Oh, you're going to rob me...darn...but ooo! I'll look sawheeeet while you do it!"
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    Matoyak got a reaction from The Old Hack in Story, Friday June 23, 2017   
    The coloring alone would be enough for most, I feel. "Oh, you're going to rob me...darn...but ooo! I'll look sawheeeet while you do it!"
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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in Story, Friday June 23, 2017   
    But Hellboy is drawn by Mike Mignola. That gives him a considerable edge.
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    Matoyak reacted to WR...S in Story Monday June 26, 2017   
    All indications are that having been alive since medieval times hasn't made Pandora some mental superbeing, it's made her senile.  Sure, Jerry's new incarnation might not still be "as insightful as a self-help guru," but there's a huge gap between being able to tell that Sarah and Susan have issues with repression and that Diane and Susan are whatever the heck they are.  (I still think counterparts is most likely, since twins makes no sense at this point and half-sisters wouldn't explain their identical phenotypes or simultaneous births; that would suggest at most one was conceived by this Adrian Raven, and since both Susan and Diane have rigid gender identities...)
    Anything Pandora knows that we don't know she knows is incalculably more likely to concern Tedd than Susan.  The only reason to think it might concern Susan is based on evidence we've seen and she hasn't that her conclusions might pertain to Susan.  For that reason appealing to the fact that she probably knows things we don't could only bolster the notion she refers to Tedd, to the extent appealing to knowledge we know nothing of could bolster anything at all.
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    Matoyak reacted to Illjwamh in Crazy Counting Guy   
    Fri. Jun. 23, 2017
    Tedd: 690
    Pandora: 87

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    Matoyak reacted to Illjwamh in Crazy Counting Guy   
    One more before I go to bed for the night. 2005:
    New Characters Introduced
    Susan's Curiosity
    Susan's Logic
    Matt Cohen
    Mr. Bleuel
    Characters Returning After Not Appearing for More than a Year
    Dr. Germahn (2003)
    Goo (2002)
    Tony (2003)
    "Ronin" (2002)
    This Year's Count
    Elliot: 65
    Tedd: 63
    Grace: 59
    Susan: 54
    Sarah: 47
    Nanase: 44
    Justin: 42
    Ellen: 40
    Jeremy: 13
    Hedge: 10
    Vlad: 9
    Demitrius: 8
    Guineas: 7
    Helena: 7
    Magus: 6
    Principal V.: 4
    Greg: 4
    Demonic Duck: 3
    Dr. Sciuridae: 3
    Susan's Curiosity: 3
    Matt Cohen: 3
    Mr. Verres: 2
    Second Life Ellen: 2
    Second Life Kaoli: 2
    Second Life Archie: 2
    Second Life Tedd: 2
    Susan's Logic: 2
    Dr. Germahn: 1
    Amanda: 1
    Goo: 1
    TC: 1
    Tony: 1
    "Ronin": 1
    Brownie: 1
    Melissa: 1
    Mr. Bleuel: 1
    Lisa: 1
    Full Count:

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    Matoyak reacted to Illjwamh in Crazy Counting Guy   
    I always did have fun doing this.
    Might I be so bold as to request a sticky?
    Anyway, 2004!
    New Characters Introduced:
    Specialist Steve
    Commander Jaguar
    Mr. Pompoms
    "The Woman"
    Second-Life Ellen
    Second-Life Mrs. Dunkel
    Second-Life Kaoli
    Second-Life Archie
    Second-Life Tony
    Second-Life Tedd
    Returning Characters Who Did Not Appear Last Year
    Principal V
    Demonic Duck
    This Year's Count:
    Grace: 78
    Ellen: 56
    Nanase: 45
    Elliot: 42
    Damien: 32
    Vlad: 30
    Hedge: 30
    Guineas: 27
    Tedd: 22
    Dr. Sciuridae: 19
    Susan: 15
    Sarah: 13
    Justin: 11
    Mr. Verres: 9
    Nioi: 9
    Second-Life Ellen: 7
    Second-Life Kaoli: 6
    Jeremy: 5
    Commander Jaguar: 5
    Second-Life Tedd: 4
    Noah: 4
    Brownie: 3
    Specialist Steve: 3
    Diane: 3
    Mr. Pompoms: 2
    Principal V: 2
    TC: 2
    Mr. Guyur: 2
    Second-Life Archie: 2
    Rhoda: 2
    Lucy: 2
    Amanda: 1
    Greg: 1
    Demonic Duck: 1
    Gen. Shade Tail: 1
    Melissa: 1
    Mrs. Pompoms: 1
    "The Woman": 1
    Second-Life Mrs. D.: 1
    Second-Life Tony: 1
    Full Count:

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    Matoyak reacted to The Old Hack in Crazy Counting Guy   
    Bless you, Illjwamh. I was just sitting the other day thinking about how much I missed your count and wondering whether I should start one myself.
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    Matoyak reacted to Illjwamh in Crazy Counting Guy   
    New Characters introduced:
    Mr. Tensaided
    Mrs. Pompoms
    Dr. Sciuridae
    Mr. Brown
    Mr. Guyur
    Original Grace
    This year's count:
    Elliot: 102
    Tedd: 88
    Ellen: 85
    Grace: 79
    Nanase: 73
    Sarah: 71
    Susan: 61
    Justin: 48
    Mr. Verres: 29
    William: 25
    Gillian: 25
    Hedge: 19
    Damien: 13
    Brownie: 12
    Jeremy: 11
    Dan: 8
    Mrs. Dunkel: 7
    TC: 6
    Guineas: 6
    Duck: 6
    Mr. Dunkel: 5
    Dr. Germahn: 4
    Amanda: 4
    Bill: 4
    Dr. Sciuridae: 4
    Nioi: 4
    Tony: 3
    Melissa: 3
    Vlad: 2
    Gen. Shade Tail: 2
    Lord Tedd: 2
    Mr. Tensaided: 2
    Drake: 2
    Minion: 2
    Mr. Brown: 2
    Screaming Girl: 1
    Mrs. Pompoms: 1
    Mr. Guyur: 1
    Original Grace: 1
    Full count:
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    Matoyak reacted to Scotty in Story: Friday, March 10th 2017   
    Maybe Tony and "Ronin" Tony will make a comment and "Ronin" will be like "Oh no, I'm not falling for that again."
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    Matoyak reacted to ProfessorTomoe in Discussions regarding Pacing, Scheduling and Fanservice   
    No complaints from me. I love worldbuilding to a fault. In fact, I'm having to write some of it out of a novel I'm trying to create.
    I've viewed comic strips as something apart from your standard literature. They tell a story, yes, but they tell a continuous story. I'm not in it for the ending of the strip: maybe for the ending of a plotline, but not for the strip itself. No, I'm in it to see how the characters live their lives, given the circumstances that affect them. When a strip ends, like "Candi" did recently, the characters effectively die, and to me that's a sad thing.
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    Matoyak reacted to HarJIT in Grammatical Overhaul: The Wiki   
    The history sections on some pages (Tedd for example) are far too long, and kinda duplicate the individual arc pages.  Merging them with the arc pages and then abridging is the way to go.  My initial attempts at abridging didn't get very far though.
    However, before copying/moving anything, consult https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Copying_within_Wikipedia.  While Shiveapedia is not Wikipedia, it uses the same BY-SA licensing and therefore what is said on that page does apply.  In short, in the edit summary, put a link to the source page from which you are copying/moving, so people browsing the target page edit history can consult the source page edit history for the original authors of the content, thus fulfilling the attribution requirement.
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    Matoyak reacted to CritterKeeper in Grammatical Overhaul: The Wiki   
    I could see having both -- a non-spoiler History section which tells stuff that happened prior to the comic's start, and a Spoilers section, preferably hidden when the page is opened (like TV Tropes' closed folders or the spoiler protection here), but easy to open to read, which covers stuff from the comic itself (including padt history stuff that would be a spoiler to someone reading EGS for the first time).  Seems like a nice thorough wiki should have both.
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    Matoyak reacted to Xenophon Hendrix in Grammatical Overhaul: The Wiki   
    My thought is that if someone has already but a lot of work into a given page, you shouldn't just delete it. That way lies hurt feelings and discouragement. Perhaps, as CritterKeeper has suggested, just hide any spoilers.
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    Matoyak reacted to TamarTree in EGS Strip Slaying