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  1. NP Friday November 24, 2017

    So in this game, Ashley is playing the role of Sarah while Susan is ... Rich?
  2. Story, Friday November 24, 2017

    To travel to Europe, Magus was condemned to the carry on compartment in coach with an American high school French Club. I know the guy has a LOT for which he must atone. But THAT has got to count for something.
  3. NP Friday November 24, 2017

    I believe this is the point where 80s Bart Simpson is supposed to remark "Don't have a cow, man."
  4. Things that make you worried.

    In a recent NP thread, I made a joke about the puppified Rhoda partying at the Kennel Club. And then I mentioned Dog Racing. I am worried that someone reading that might think I was a fan or supporter of Greyhound Racing. In our world, Dog Racing as an organized gambling industry shows signs of dying. Many dog tracks now actually make their money off the Para mutual horses OTB, video slots, and poker rooms. But various state regulations can't let them simply become casinos, so they need to keep up the pretense of racing. There has got to be a better way.
  5. NP Wednesday November 22, 2017

    That joke bites.
  6. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    I never claimed to invent mathematics. I just learned early on that it is a most useful tool for politics. And as for breaking up marriages? There were always several options available to royals. But I must concede that England's Henry VIII set a standard that puts him ahead of the rest of us.
  7. NP Wednesday November 22, 2017

    But Rhoda always acts like this when part-ying at the club. The Kennel Club, that is. Is there Dog Racing in or near Moperville?
  8. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    The Butterfly that triggered Darth Irma better hope it's already extinct. Otherwise I and a few million of my neighbors are going to give it such a stomping.
  9. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Is this where we join the debate about whether or not the concept of the infinitesimal has a place in legitimate mathematics?
  10. Story: Wed Nov 22 2017

    "I'm hoping you die horribly" Your mind controlled victim is more hostile and rude to you while under your "control"? Is this some sort of limitation to the spell to reduce casting cost or karmic payback?
  11. NP Wednesday November 22, 2017

    So if the player is not inclined to act in a certain way, personality modification cards can only affect the player so much. But once the card affects the player a little, it makes the player more likely to act that way. You are not required to act in a "Ditzy" manner. But unless you consciously resist, you will act that way more and more. And as you act more and more "Ditzy" it becomes harder to consciously resist. Nice bit of insidious mind control. What can take weeks or month for a team, club, cult, or military training to accomplish can be done in a few turns by this game.
  12. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    So what we need is a nuclear powered, sausage making, airplane that caries an entire parliament while they debate legislation? That would probably be easier to understand than Goonmanji II.
  13. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    So many years of speculation. And then "Tedd and Elliot are AU Parallels of Magus and Terra". This is somehow disappointing for me.
  14. NP Monday November 20, 2017

    This ditzy player piece could become Susan's Dorian Gray portrait. It goes on to physically express all the emotions. While Susan herself becomes ever more Stoic, distant, and detached.
  15. Story, Friday November 17, 2017

    Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin could barely make that premise amusing for the duration of one movie.