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  1. story

    There was no fake seizure. When Edward said he didn't know, then he did not know. Of course, there have been no more whale sightings of which we know. Have the government's "Top Men" been studying the whales behind our backs? If Edward reported this, with the expectation that someone else would look into it, then he may have requested to kept out of the loop on the investigation and preliminary findings so that he would not need to lie to Tedd.
  2. story

    As the old adage goes... "If at first you don't succeed, you're not Tedd."
  3. Has anyone told him that this can result in a dishonorable discharge?
  4. When Tedd first explained the concept of "Wizards", he only said that the Wizard had to see the spell enough times. How many times is enough seems deliberately vague on the part of the author. But if the Guardian Form spell truly does require divine intervention, then the number may be never, very high, very low, or one. Never would possibly indicate that the granting entity does not give that seer permission to use that spell. Very high would be similar, but might be overcome if the seer began a lifelong quest to find every spellcaster with their own guardian form and study each of them repeatedly. A daring do adventure across the physical world reflecting the seer's esoteric journey into that which man should not know. A low number might indicate that the granting force may allow the "mechanics" of the guardian form to be studied and even understood, to a point. But actually using the spell still requires mystic permission. And one viewing would essentially mean that the granting force has given Tedd permission to understand the spell, just like it gave Ellen permission to copy the spell.
  5. Rude and offensive language like that belongs on a different sort of forum.
  6. No, that was how they treated Pope Innocent VIII in 1492.
  7. That's no mere "stick". It's great for a snack, and fits on your back. It's Log, LOG, LOG!!!
  8. Could someone who knows something about how magic works tweak a spell to be self perpetuating by drawing on ambient energy without additional attention or involvement from the caster?
  9. There could be a practical reason for that diagnosis. Would listing the cause-of-death as "Vampire" be sufficient to ward off the undying hordes of malpractice attorneys?
  10. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  11. Perhaps because Ellen's contribution to the conflict will be vital and dramatic right up to the point where the system resets. Then knowing what she did to save the day and how much she lost will make the consequences that much more dramatic.
  12. Wrong Thread? Perhaps, but perhaps not... Writing a post which actually requires thought is a bit of a job. Discovering that I sent that post to the wrong thread is among the "Things That Are Just Annoying".
  13. A dominant military force suffered a massive and unexpected defeat 500 to 1,000 years before the present (Moperville Time). The Vikings dominated trade and war across Northern Europe. Their fall from intercontinental relevance to defeat by the Slavs and the Rus would have been about the right time. Later academics wrote that the Viking decline was due to changing politics, trade, or even climate in Southern Europe. Later academics also wrote that magic and other "unnatural" events were merely legends.
  14. Vowel sounds are one of the most used part of language. Almost every word has at least one vowel sound, even if the written form of the word does not acknowledge the vowel's presence. With consonants, the speaker is actively using different parts of the mouth. There is a distinct sound. Vowels are just the spacers between consonants. There are a relatively small number of vowel sounds compared to the consonants. And this small sample is used repeatedly. When describing a river, you expect that the listener knows that water is involved and what you want to describe is actually the things in and near the water. From a certain point of view vowels are the water. Consonants are the rocks, fish, algae, birds, boats, crocodiles and so on. Including the vowel sounds in writing would be similar to describing each individual drop of water in the Nile.
  15. I would alternatively suggest a large maillard duck. They are delicious.