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  1. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    The spines look cool and intimidating. That alone is more than enough power.
  2. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Doesn't the Omega form include Jeremy Spines? That's what I was thinking.
  3. Story Monday February 18, 2019

    Perhaps a multi part transformation? First into squirrel form to slip out of her clothes without destroying them. Then into the Omega form. Because despite knowing that it is wrong, we all like to see the rude and stupid jerks of the world get so scared once in a while that they run home to mommy.
  4. NP Monday February 18, 2019

    So Ashley is writing EGS Fanfiction?
  5. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Or even worse... What if this is all just a dream of some crazy comic artist working on an obscure website?
  6. NP Friday 15 Feb 2019

    Maybe the magic is that they never really lost their equipment, or even went through transformations? Maybe it was all in their heads?
  7. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Meh, it's all Greek to me.
  8. Story Friday February 15, 2019

    Second! Are there any objections? Will the chair allow this motion to pass through acclamation?
  9. This Day In History

    You do realize that this sets the humor bar impossibly high.
  10. This Day In History

    Almost correct. But this was far from "Phase One"
  11. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Apparently you aren't receiving the Executive Edition... Or are you one of those who insist that the things I see, that other people don't see, can not be real.
  12. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    Maybe it might have in the 1970s. But most government work enforces No Smoking rules now.
  13. NP Wednesday February 13, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-50 ******* If I am not mistaken, this is the first time we have seen Nanase in a Fox form. Considering that her family name is Kitsune, I find this incredibly odd for this comic.
  14. Story Wednesday February 13, 2019

    My early thought for "Smoky the Intruder"? Voltaire. Then I saw Dan's commentary. Why do I think that this could be worse than Voltaire's return?
  15. This Day In History

    The movie was about the Veep The musical was about the guy the Veep shot